Are you an entrepreneur, want to start a startup company or a small business? Want to build a new website according to your choices? with a limited cost? With Proper SEO friendly and Mobile optimization? Finally, are you searching for the best Web Design Company for Small business?

If all the above questions answered are YES! Then you are in the right place.

We are here to help you out. We will take all the agile hard work from zero to grow your business to the next level with the most benefit.

It is our priority to make you profit through web design which can help you to rank in Google and other search engines to get more traffic and grab the audience for a long time.

Here is your Packages aid you to choose!

Our Best Web Design Company for Small business Packages

We have built a four-step service for you so that you can start your work with us from now. Besides, We have seen and compared with other web design companies and make this best offer for you.

Custom web development packages


  • Custom design
  • Homepage slideshow
  • Featured services in home
  • 5 to 7 informative pages
  • Contact form with google map
  • Built with cms
  • Social media integration
  • Search engine submission
  • 1 domain name
  • 512 MB hosting space

Price: $399 USD


  • Custom design
  • Homepage slideshow
  • Featured services in home
  • 8 to 20 informative pages
  • Interactive Feature Pages
  • Image Gallery
  • Contact form with google map
  • Built with cms
  • Social media integration
  • Search engine submission
  • 1 domain name
  • 1GB hosting space

Price: $499 USD


  • Custom interactive design
  • Home product based slideshow
  • Featured products in home
  • 5 to 20 informative pages
  • Contact form with google map
  • Interactive Product listing page
  • Interactive product detail page
  • Inventory, stock management & all necessary features
  • Built with cms
  • Social media integration
  • Search engine submission
  • 1 domain name
  • 2 GB hosting space

Price: $599 USD

Custom web development packages


  • Newspaper
  • Job websites
  • Classified websites
  • Deal websites
  • Directory listing
  • Real estate
  • Reviews & ratings
  • Custom CMS
  • Social community
  • Video channel
  • Digital downloads
  • Forum & blog
  • & what you can think

Price: $999+ USD

High-Quality Websites Built to Generate More Traffic and Leads for Your Business.

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Why Chose US?

Having a nice looking website with beautiful images is all about that? No! As a professional web designer, we need to have in our back of the mind is that: 

  1. Loading website fast: Google’s one of the most common SEO ranking factors is website fast loading. If your website loads slowly then all your website can go down from the google page 1,2,3. Our highest priority for your website is to be lightweight so that it loads fast in less than 3 seconds and you can rank website google fast page.
  2. Quickly and easily navigate:  An excellent and good web designer always thinks about visitor quick and easy navigation processes with a better experience. It will not overwhelm and confuse the user. Through that visitors will be interested to submit their email and come back to the site again and again. However, Sitemap is externally momentous for fast navigation through your website, particularly if the website contains a lot of content.
  3. Responsive Web Design: It is undoubtedly and a non-debatable topic to focus on responsive web design. Right Now, Google is more focused on mobile to give the main priority to the mobile for Search Engine indexing. Google recommended the Responsive web design for the websites to be available on the very website in multiple browsers. 
  4. Image optimization:  Because of the big image size, the Website stack and takes a lot of time to load. For any website image optimization is the key component to load faster websites. There some rules we always follow when we build a website: 
    • Using a perfect Vector format 
    • Compress and Minimize the SVG assets
    • Use the proper quality image with a low image size 
    • Remove unnecessary images
    • Experience with best quality range image for the website

Those things have to know all the professional web designers. We are experts on that stuff and able to bring the best for you with limited cost and must efficiency. 

Creative Designers

AtZ Technology designers have expertise on a different level. Besides, we already have worked in multiple web design projects which were more tuff but we have done according to the clients’ needs. If you think we are bragging then you can check out our work. After that, you can decide, will you work with us or not. 

Quick Development

Hand-coded design and development 100% time consumption than the WordPress design and development. Once you finalize your design then it is going to and launch your website within the limited time frame. OK, To make it easier let’s see some advantage of it: 

  1. Ease and easy to use
  2. Control or manage your website from anywhere or any Computer 
  3. No FTP software needed or HTML editing 
  4.  Various search engine love the WordPress sites
  5. You have full control of your site 
  6. 100% customizable website design 
  7. A very simple way to start a blog like a start – go – blog – ready 
  8. Use different types of plugins to make the website more perfect

Experience in Online Marketing

We create various types of websites by researching the market place. We know the cuts and bolts of the market as we are in this industry for the last 7 years. Questing and giving the highest focus to Google rules so that we can do the best website which will rank google the first page.

Expertise comes with the experience. Through the year we have learned a lot of things which vague our work more. You are most welcome if you want to see our project and then take the right decision. 

Low Costs

For small business owners, it is better to build a custom design website with WordPress with limited cost and extra getting the free plugins. WordPress is the most cost-efficient CMS platform and we are also here to help to deliver you the best with limited cost. It is a win-win situation, isn’t it?!

As you can see above, we offer to create a website along with it giving you various profitable services. If you go to any other place to take that service then they will take plenty of money from you. We ( AtZ Technology) cares about small businesses owners. 

Total Control to You

The best way of using WordPress is that you have full control of your hand. Add multiple content writers for your content, WordPress has the user option where you can give the position of the person in your site and according to he/she can play the role without interfering with your admin panel. There are 5 options in WordPress user roles: 

  1. Administrator 
  2. Editor 
  3. Contributor
  4. Author 
  5. Subscriber 

It is quite similar to Facebook page roles. If you are familiar with that then it will be much easier to understand. However, sometimes you need to give your full access permission if your Website faces any technical issue. Otherwise, We can work from remote positions. 

Reliable Support

 If You read all the things as we have mentioned in this content then you must understand that we are open about our services, even if you don’t want to take our service, it is also ok with us! but you should know all the stuff before you choose any other company services. 

AtZ Technology is sufficiently confident of our technical credibility and high stander working services. If you want to know more about us before taking us or facing any problem you can call us or email us. We will be happy to assist you. 

Benefits of a Professionally Designed Responsive Website

Professional responsive website design focuses on the audience’s point of view and how they will interact with the website. The goal of the website will be how many visitors will come through the device and using which devices. According to that designer will design your website with its size, search engine optimization, and found it easy to use. There some advantage to build a professionally designed responsive Website: 

  1. Getting a good amount of mobile traffic 
  2. Creating a faster mobile development at a low cost 
  3. Small maintenance need 
  4. Fast page load speed 
  5. Down the bounce rate 
  6. Increase in SEO 
  7. Boost on conversion rates 
  8. An improved online browsing experience
  9. Easy to analysis report 

Before taking the Best Web Design Company for Small business you should see leverage of you business profoundly.

FAQ of Best Web Design Company for Small business

1. How do I Find a Web Design Company for my Small Business?

For your small business you search on google and it will show your location based company which is natural. And, you would be bound to select one of them as you don’t know which company is best. 

For your better idea we love to suggest you to choose Bangladesh or India or USA based companies mostly they used to work with various clients around the world. 

Now, we are suggesting you choose our company as if we give the service around the world and have been working for a long time in the US,UK and Canada. As a matter of fact, you can trust us.

2. How Much Experience Do You Have?

If any of the web design companies or persons have 1 or 2 website design experiences,  it does create value but  it is always better to choose those experienced companies more like 5 to 7 years as you are preparing to create a small business website. 

3. What kinds of Websites Have You Designed?

This is a highly valuable question and most small businesses asked all the time. 

The question is WHY? 

Because, if any of the company has created various types of website design that means they have all the pros and cons regarding website design. 

The advanced work is to create an e-Commerce website from niche website to big commerce website. 

We are ( AZTechnology) have experienced all the fields not only one single niche and we have various clients regarding web design. 

4. Why Website is Important for Small Business?  

There are 3 very simple reasons why websites are important for small businesses! 

Showing professionalism: 

All the customers exist online right now. If your company or service doesn’t have a website it is tough to connect with the audience or customer on a regular basis. 

For a long-lasting relationship, it is necessary to have a website so that you can retarget your customer through FB or Google ads. In addition, it creates reliability and credibility for your brand. 

Increasing your selling opportunity: 

Everything is now online from food to cars. And, Covid 19 also gives us a lesson and we have become used to online more than before. 

Through online business or service definitely, you are one step forward from traditional selling. No doubt, after 2 to 4 later people will buy more from online e-commerce shops rather than going to the shopping shop.  

So, here is the change to take the advantage of the early opportunity. 

Less cost in marketing: 

In traditional marketing, you can’t know which one of the person has converted and which one isn’t. 

However, in online marketing, you can analyse all data and be able to know which one customer is converting and why he/she is converting. Moreover, it takes less cost from the regular marketing.   

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