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Buzz Marketing: Types, Example, Advantages, Disadvantages, Tips, Words & Agency

An Overview of Buzz Marketing

Ana Gotter, one of the writers of Single Grain, says that, of all the messages that she receives regularly, in almost all of them, one certain thing is really common, which is the passionate interest to go viral. 

Nowadays, everyone wants publicity, every business wants to stand out in the crowd and it is believed that going viral can help achieve that goal.

The reason for which this issue of going viral was brought up here is that buzz marketing, about which I am going to talk about, is actually a viral marketing technique. In addition, let me tell you various Buzz Marketing tips for your better understanding.

Buzz Marketing Definition

Buzz Marketing Definition:
Buzz Marketing Definition

According to Morrisey (2007), “The buzz marketing is like a virus, it is ideally spread with a predefined target which will relay the message to the people who love surrounding the same products and services that carry the message”. 

In addition, Gicquel (2006) says, defines buzz marketing as a technique formerly called “street marketing”, it aims to promote products and services in public places in order to develop a “word of mouth” with a large population-focused.

What Is Buzz Marketing?

As the name suggests, buzz marketing is basically about creating a buzz about a product or service. 

What brands or companies will try to do this thing is like implementing all types of activities and strategies that are possible to execute.

With a view to creating a buzz, to prompt a new product among people.

One specific thing to put a focus on is that, while doing buzz marketing, maintaining excitement or generating marketing ideas that are very unique and not-so-conventional types are really important. 

What Is Buzz Marketing?
What Is Buzz Marketing?

Because without ensuring this particular stuff, we can hardly expect that people will be very much interested in the product and suggest their friends, family members and other known figures use it or experiment with it.

So clearly buzz marketing is more like a chain reaction, where the first initiative will obviously be taken by the marketers themselves, by introducing a very unconventional type of marketing campaign about a product, but the rest of the process will automatically be done by the users and the customers. 

After they themselves come in contact with the product or use it, they will suggest it to others and thus there will be a hype among the mass, which will continue until the product gets outdated or useless.

Buzz Marketing vs Viral marketing

The main key difference is how the message reaches the potential targeted audience between Buzz and Viral marketing.

Buzz Marketing vs Viral marketing
Buzz Marketing vs Viral marketing

In the case of viral marketing, massage reaches the audience slowly, gradually, and builds momentum. On the other hand, Buzz’s marketing starts with a huge explosion in massage the audience at a time.  

YES! There are some other differences in how the companies or organization sends the message.

While viral marketing depends on social media, Buzz marketing chooses an event to do a campaign and send the messages million of audiences all at once.  

Example of Buzz Marketing 

Example of Buzz Marketing
Example of Buzz Marketing 

Football Game Bidding: 

Football is played all around the world and people love to know about player prices when the transfer window opens every season. 

Do you remember PSG Football club buy Neymar junior at a high price where it creates a huge buzz around the world? 

And because of that buzz PSG sell Naymer T-shirts more than his buying cost. It works in word – of- mouth and media coverage. 

Consumer Forum: 

Buzz marketing is not all about positive word of mouth to prompt the band. For better understanding what the customer segmentation happens to be in future.  

Clorox has made that perfect with the building of the Clorox Lounge. 

It is one of the most interactive websites which has a survey, contents and forums. The purpose of this is to help brands to connect with consumers by providing thought, share advice, and talk about the pros and cons of the Clorox products. 

Blogging Outside: 

There are plenty of bloggers with various niches in the demographic. These outside bloggers give a better review of the product within their forum. Companies give free access to use the product before it is released in the market. 

They give a review of the product and how it performs is generally expected. Most of the time those blogger reviews create more buzz. In addition, those reviews create a good impression on brand loyalty as well. 

Types of Buzz Marketing:

Lots of criteria are out there regarding buzz marketing. Let’s get to know at first that what are the types of it:

Types of Buzz Marketing
Types of Buzz Marketing

Buzz Campaigning:

Campaigning that has the potential to gain the attention of the mass and also providing the essential information regarding the product will certainly be contributing to create a buzz and thus make the marketing of the product more effective than traditional marketing. 

For this, at first, the marketers should try to find out the ongoing trends, especially among the youths and do something creative based on the findings. 

The audience must see something interesting and out of the box type of ideas during the campaigns, and ultimately, what we can expect to happen through these campaigns, is that people will try to be a part of the hype that will have already been created and inform others about it as well.

Online Campaigning:

This segment requires a great amount of concentration, considering the fact that the online presence of people is increasing day by day in an exponential manner. 

Since a huge part of the overall audience will be staying online for quite an amount of time, the marketers need to capture this customer segmentation and design marketing campaigns according to it. 

Offline Campaigning:

While executing online campaigns, don’t get too much easy with that since you still have an audience who might not be a part of the virtual world. So, to serve these offline customers in the right way, you have got to take some measures. 

What you can do in this situation is introducing a totally different type of strategy to market the product like arranging a musical, flash-mobs, street-drama and so on.

The motive is to attain attention and to do it, you have to come up with something different.

Also, apart from doing the marketing activities, you can try to get some customer feedback in a person to person conversation, which will obviously make the customer feel special and attracted to your brand.

Using Influences and Famous Bloggers:

Affiliating with the influencers and famous bloggers will be helping a lot with your buzz marketing activities. 

The influencers always have a certain follower group and people belonging to that particular group are always interested to know which product the influencer is using, which service is being used by him/her. 

Now in such a situation, if you can manage an influencer to advertise your product by using it and telling the followers about the features, then chances are there that this will make the buzz more effective and a huge number of people will be interested in the product, they might even turn into potential buyers and customers.

Just like the influencers, there are some bloggers who achieved huge publicity among people. 

You might want to offer these bloggers your products to use and share the experience in their blogs. 

When the blogger will incorporate the product and the name of your brand in his/her blog, it will absolutely gain lots of attention from those who are readers of the blogger. Thus you can manage to reach a great number of customers and let them be a part of your buzz marketing. 

Creating a Demand for the Product:

Just look at the example of Lamborghini, this car manufacturing company will not be making unlimited amounts of cars for the customers, rather only a few of them. 

As a result, the customers feel the want to have one of those cars, which they consider being very much special.

The same thing happens when a mobile phone company announces that the number of phones that they will bring to the market will be very limited. We can see that people start making pre-orders without making any delay. 

The psychology of the customers works in such a way that whenever they see a gap between the demand and the supply of a product, they feel a special kind of attraction for the product.

As a buzz marketer, make the best use of it. Create a buzz among people in a way that will tell the customers that your products are exclusive and only a few in numbers, as a result, the hype will be created among them to buy it as soon as possible.

Advantages of Buzz Marketing

Among the positive aspects of buzz marketing, we can consider the fact that, in most cases, buzz marketing campaigns don’t require a huge amount of capital or investment, even it can be done totally free in some cases. 

Advantages of Buzz Marketing
Advantages of Buzz Marketing

Through this type of marketing, you can make the best reach to your potential customers.

The process enables the product to be sold very quickly. Also, receiving proper feedback from the users and re-designing the product can also be one of the advantages of buzz marketing. 

Last but not the least, this marketing will represent a better understanding of your brand to the customers, which will contribute to the increase in your profit margin eventually.

Disadvantages of Buzz Marketing

Disadvantages of Buzz Marketing:
Disadvantages of Buzz Marketing:

Standing out in the crowd is of course not going to be an easy task. It is a very complicated job to actually create a buzz and go viral. Also, the financial stability of the company is needed so that the investment for the goods and distributions can be done properly.

Another thing is, in buzz marketing, we have to totally depend on the customers for the sale of the products and services.

How to Make Buzz Marketing Effective

If you want your buzz marketing words campaigns to be successful, then you should have a look into these Buzz marketing tips. So, here is the deal: 

How to Make Buzz Marketing Effective
Buzz Marketing, Types, Advantages, Disadvantages, Tips
  • Widening the Reach of the Product through Communication:

The more consumers you can engage in your marketing campaigns, the more beneficial it will be for your business. 

For this reason, while you are planning to run a buzz marketing campaign, first make sure that the means of communication with the consumers, who are your primary focus in the scenario, are effective enough. 

A wide range of communication will certainly let more people know about your product and thus increase the overall reach.

  • Maintaining the Matching of the Product’s Satisfaction Level with the Buzz that’s been Created:

In case you have been able to create a massive amount of buzz among the customers but when they started using the product, they feel that the whole hype was completely overrated, then the outcome is certainly not going to be good for your brand. 

So, the mountain the quality in such a way that when a person will be using a product by being influenced by the buzz, that person won’t be dissatisfied after using it.

  • Emphasizing on the Uniqueness and Superiority:

Without serving something different from the others, it’s hardly possible to attract the mass, let alone create a whole buzz. 

So, use the creativity of your marketing team and generate ideas that will leave the audience spell-bound.

  • Virtualization and Online Presence:

To get the best result, you should try to incorporate some other types of marketing strategies to accompany your buzz marketing, like, advertisements, referral campaigns, social media campaigns, influencer marketing and so on. 

Also, make sure your whole marketing procedure has strong online visibility to the netizens.

  • Measuring the Success of the Campaigns:

Don’t just keep executing your plans, keep a record of how much success you are gaining from those. 

The ones that seem to generate more reach to the customers focus on those and the ones that are not being very much effective, cut them out from your budget.

Buzz Marketing Group

For learning and understanding more about there are a lot of buzz marketing groups available online. Before hiring someone you should need to know a bit about buzz marketing so that nobody can cheat on you. In addition, from those groups, you can find some experts who can work for you at a cheap price as well. 

After trying so hard to find out some buzz marketing groups and we weren’t able to do that. though, there are some groups that are still not trustworthy. 

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Buzz Marketing Agency 

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Final Words:

The ultimate motive of buzz marketing is basically to stand out among the crowd. If you are successful, then people will be talking about your product, or be discussing the service, eventually notifying others about it. However, the process is not at all easy, a massive amount of effort will obviously be needing to execute the strategies. 

Buzz Marketing FAQ


How does buzz marketing work?

Mainly, Buzz marking is the concept of viral technique with the use of huge word-of-mouth of the product or campaign. While these communication or conversation can be online or offline both are useful. If this strategy works perfectly to increase sales, leads, traffic,  social media followers as well.

What is brand buzz?

Brand Buzz sells, manufactures and reaches the various products to the consumer. The brand uphold and maintain the quality, relevance and design for millions of consumers.

What is buzz value?

Buzz marking is the concept of viral technique with the use of huge word-of-mouth of the product or campaign, whether that gets conversion from consumer’s friends, family or in various group discussion sessions on social media platforms. 

What does buzz marketing and innovative campaigns do?

Buzz marketing is trying to increase the word – of – mouth marketing to work in your favour, building something very useful and interesting that people like to talk about it and sharing it by themselves. While most of the campaigns of buzz marketing don’t go viral every time. Through Buzz marketing goes close to the other plenty of businesses.