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The Advantages of Cause Marketing: Examples And Elements 

Cause Marketing

Today, customers are more critical. Product quality is not enough to satisfy them. They care about the social influence of a brand as well. Customers care about what the brand stands for or what are the norms of the company. What idea you promote is connected to your business.

Many brands have lost customers as they could not relate the customers with them. On the other hand, many others have taken advantage of this. They have grown exponentially. This change in the behaviour of customers is a challenge. It can be both beneficial and harmful to you. 

What can you do to take advantage of this change of behaviour? The answer is- Effective Cause Marketing. The advantage of cause marketing is lucrative. If you are interested to learn about Cause marketing, then keep scrolling. 

In this article, you will learn about the following:

  • What is cause marketing
  • Advantages of cause marketing
  • The elements of an effective cause marketing
  • Examples of effective cause marketing

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What is Cause Marketing?

Cause marketing is the collaboration between a commercial company and a non-profit organization.

What is Cause Marketing?

In other words, it is the charitable activities of commercial organizations. 

Cause Marketing helps businesses in 2 ways:

  • You fulfil your corporate social responsibilities.
  • The non-profit organisation raises visibility for your organisation.

The Advantages of Cause Marketing

There are a number of pros of effective cause marketing. Here is a list of 6 significant benefits of cause marketing. Number 5 will surprise you the most.

Let’s get started.

1. Social Responsibility

One of the essential advantages of cause marketing for firms is social responsibility. Consumers want to know what firms are doing for society. Are they making a difference and fulfilling their social duties? 

Studies show that, at present, 70% of consumers are concerned about social and environmental challenges. They want to know how the firms are addressing them.

A Cause Marketing campaign will show your concern about the welfare of the people. Customers will know about your contribution to improve society which will create a positive image for your brand.

You can post your contribution on social media and create a buzz. People will engage with your brand emotionally. An emotional bond with your customers leads to long-term profit.

2. You Can Target A Specific Audience

Different people can have an interest in your brand. It depends on the cause you collaborate with. For example, a non-profit organisation works to prevent child abuse. You make a partnership with them. 

People who think about this problem will believe in your brand and want to be a part of the cause by being your customers. 

It can be applied to any problem. Each theme will attract various customers to your door. You can relate your business to reduce different issues, and all of them, in return, will provide you with new customers and other benefits. 

3. It Boosts Employee Morale

Many employees work in companies that they have no respect for. It is not good for business.

It Boosts Employee Morale

Business psychology suggests that if employees have respect for the company, they enjoy their work and it increases productivity. 

Arranging cause marketing events will boost your employees’ morale and increase their respect for you. 

They will feel proud to be a part of your business. 

Organize an event where people will get to buy your products and declare that you will donate a share of the profit to a charity. 

Your workers will feel good to work on such events too. You can also give your employees the same opportunity to buy your products. To make them happier, you can announce an extra discount for your staff members.

4. Build Trusting Relationships

Trust is the foundation of every relationship. The same goes for your relationships with customers, employees, and the community. 

Failure to keep promises can undermine confidence. It can result in a drop in earnings. You have to give your best effort. Developing long-lasting, trusting relationships with everyone is essential. 

Cause marketing can help you develop trust with your community, customers, and workers. Campaigns involving local charitable groups will increase your town’s visibility. It also allows members of your community to take part. 

If you keep your promises, people will remember what kind of company you are in. Thus, trusting connections will grow. 

You must ensure that your company is frequently engaged with cause marketing so that people can see you are constantly doing charitable activities. 

Share on social media what you believe and urge your customers to do so. People will share your posts and spread your brand’s name, and subconscious trust will grow among them.

5. Stand Out

To stand out from the competition is a specific aim for businesses. Cause marketing can help you to achieve this goal.

Stand Out: Cause Marketing

Your company will stand out if you help non-profit organisations and spread awareness among people regarding social issues. 

Customers will see that you care about things more than making sales. 

Post about your cause and your goals on social media. You will be able to get people to put down their phones and pay attention to what you have to say. It will differentiate you from your rivals.

Stay ahead of the curve and make a difference by utilising Cause Marketing. It is still a new concept. 

Only some businesses are familiar with this. Therefore, you must plan your cause marketing strategy and execute it as soon as possible. 

Every company runs advertisements like display banners and posters, so these are not unique strategies. They are good for exposure, but they do not grab much attention.

Another benefit of cause marketing is that people often overlook the fact that you’re doing marketing for business. Rather, they feel you are doing something positive for society. It creates a good impression about your brand.

6. Increase Brand Loyalty

Effective cause marketing promotes a positive relationship with customers. Cause marketing lets you make a positive impact on society.  By doing this, you encourage brand loyalty and trust.

Loyal customers are vital to a business as they are your regular source of revenue. And they will do marketing for you. And that, too, is free. 

They will discuss your products, and as per human psychology, they will also try to convince their friends to use them. 

More people will know about you. And your loyal customers will bring more loyal customers for you. 

You alone cannot make your business grow to its peak. Instead, you need your customers to help you. Cause marketing gives your customer a reason to help you. They will boast about your charity work, and thus your brand name will spread more.

What Do Statistics Say?

Numbers make it easy to understand. So let’s see what the numbers show the path.

What Do Statistics Say?
  • 3% of consumers have boycotted companies because of their positions on social issues. So, you need to clarify to your customers what your position is. 
  • Companies now place 81% more emphasis on sustainability than they did three years ago. Because people care about the environment, it would help if you showed that you also care.
  • Consumers in the US are 79% more likely to feel connected to businesses that share their values. Now it is not just a buyer-seller relationship. You need to show that your customers are your families. Prove to them that you care. Cause marketing can achieve that goal for you.
  • Consumer loyalty to brands that share their beliefs is at 84.3%. It is also related to political views. Your products do not say what you stand for. Your cause campaign can say that. So, you must run “cause marketing” campaigns. Let your audience know about your ethics.
  • Trust is the basis of 66% of consumers’ relationships with brands. And because marketing helps you gain that trust.

The importance of cause marketing is beyond question. Because of the pros of cause marketing, it is becoming trendy. Now let’s see how you can start an effective cause marketing campaign.

The Elements of An Effective Cause Marketing Campaign

You need to develop a good strategy for an effective cause marketing campaign. Without a proper strategy, your campaign will fall flat and won’t bring the expected result.

The Elements of An Effective Cause Marketing Campaign

Therefore, make sure you do not miss the following elements while planning:

1. Give It A Name

 It matters what you call your campaign. Every movement has a catchy, straightforward handle. For example,

  • “The unforgotten” promotes gun safety; 
  • “Not a Bug Splat” fights against drone attacks on humans; 
  • and the #ITouchMyselfProject encourages breast cancer awareness.

So you need to decide what message you want to spread. Then make sure the message is clear and everyone can understand it. Also, give it a name that people can easily remember and pronounce.

2. A Solid Visual Narrative

There is so much news online. Readers only have time to read some of them.

According to studies, individuals only read 20% of today’s online pages. And they are more influenced by an image or a quick video. A text-based, entirely logical argument is not enough.

You can think of “The One Shot on Cyberbullying” campaign from UNICEF Chile. It brought a contemporary twist to conventional imagery of dread and subjection. 

A series of dramatic black-and-white images with the titles “Fatty,” “Nerd,” and “Weak” portrayed groups of teenage students. They aimed their smartphones at one another as if they were in a firing squad. 

These images were on billboards and magazines. In one, the victim is on her knees, facing a firing squad of her classmates while holding her hands behind her back.

The presentation was eye catchy and attractive, and the message was clear. People were talking about the campaign. The visuals made the campaign a huge success.

You need to be creative in visualization to make the campaign a success.

3. A Concrete Component or Display

Digital media is an essential part of modern life, and everyone spends considerable time on social media. So, you should spread your campaign online.

A concrete Component or Display

However, there is still room to include a solid component. Something that people can actually experience in the real world. 

The Unforgotten’s concept was straightforward but terrifying. Position faceless dummies in the clothing of gun violence. 

There were faceless dummy victims throughout Chicago in the exact locations where the real victims were shot. It drew the attention of the passers by and they got to know the stories of the victims. It gave the families of the victims a powerful voice.

There is another advantage to this. You can post photos of these components’ photos online. And people who pass them will also share them. So, you are getting publicity from the public. It will help your campaign draw more eyes.

4. Strong Emphasis on Earned Publicity and Social Sharing

The award-winning campaigns use a variety of media types. Each of these is created with an eye on what works best on each social media platform.

Let’s think of the music video named “Dumb Ways to Die,” the 2012 music video that went viral at the time. The video had a significant impact on social media.

The song was actually about telling people to be careful about various things. It had a good beat that people enjoyed and went viral on social media. 

Most significantly, it inspired people to take ownership of the campaign. They showcased their talent by making parodies of the original safety videos. Each clip went viral and more buzz was created. 

You must keep in mind that today is the world of the internet. It gives you a huge advantage. People on the internet can make any campaign a huge success. 

5. Make A Modest Call for Personal Action

Most campaigns aim to draw attention to a significant issue.

Make A Modest Call for Personal Action

They also include a simple request as a follow-up and a declaration of commitment. 

You should ask your customers to take action. To come forward. Tell them the importance of their participation. You can`not do it alone. It is they who can do it. You need them. Urge them to help you. 

It will trigger emotion, and people will participate in the campaign willingly.

Examples of Cause Marketing

Now you know the elements and advantages of cause marketing. Let’s see some of the best examples of cause marketing. And analyse why they had success. 

1. Uber: Move What Matters

It was the time when Covid- lockdowns started. Uber ran a “move what matters” campaign. 

Uber: Move What Matters

Uber urged users to avoid using its service and instead stay at home. Additionally, the corporation promised to give 10 million free rides and food deliveries.

Uber developed an advertisement in collaboration with Wieden+Kennedy and Prettybird. 

It featured filmmakers stranded at home documenting their “new normal” at home. They thanked the public for remaining at home on behalf of others who had to leave for work.

It created a saintlike image for Uber. They were asking customers not to use their rides. It shows how much they care about the people. They also gave a good number of free rides.

It made people love the company. After the lockdown, Uber became their only choice to ride. So, the corporate image is essential even if you face less revenue for the time being.

2. Starbucks: #Whatsyourname

Transgender people make up 1% of the population. But only 0.3% of TV commercials feature a transgender person. 

Starbucks: #Whatsyourname

Starbucks introduced #WhatsYourName in 2020. It was a campaign that depicted the experience of a young trans person taking on a new name.

The commercial won the Diversity in Advertising Award from Channel 4. It tells the tale of James, who does not identify with his birth name, Jemma. 

We finally witness James develop acceptance and comfort in his new identity. It drew the actual Starbucks experience (where baristas ask customers for their names).

The Ad triggered an emotion among the watchers. Along with transgender people, other people also joined the movement. The beautiful presentation of the issue and cause helped them get immense support.

It gave a clear message that Starbucks is not prejudicious. They are open to accepting all. 

People received the message warmly. Starbucks was trending on social media as people shared the campaign online and talked about it. It also helped their brand marketing.

3. JetBlue – JetBlue For Good

Every November, JetBlue commemorates “JetBlue for Good.” 

JetBlue – JetBlue For Good

It is an initiative that showcases the airline’s humanitarian work.

They do it on behalf of their neighborhood non-profit partners and local communities.

JetBlue said that as part of its 2020 campaign, it would give three million TrueBlue points to several organisations. It allows them to utilize the points for whatever travel is required to further their missions. 

In addition, the airline requested that passengers donate their reward points to support non-profit organisations. 

JetBlue has made a name for itself as a corporation. People know that it works to make a positive impact on social and environmental issues. 


Cause marketing offers you many benefits. You must intend to get all the advantages of cause marketing. These benefits are for the long term. It puts you ahead of your competitors. Connection with your customers is critical. It establishes you as a trustworthy brand. 

Take your steps now. It is still the best time to begin. 


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