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AtZ Technology is the best CBD marketing company working with the experience of 6 years in the CBD industry. We have a strong team to know and work all about the CBD digital marketing industry. 

In the CBD team, we have SEO Experts, Web designers, experienced content writers, social media experts as well. 

We believe in long-term client benefits with long visionary work, not short work for our clients. We have a strong thought that if you win we will win.   

From 2014 to 2022, the total US customer sales CBD (cannabidiol) 108 Million to 1918 Million dollars. And, it is estimated in 2022  it will reach around 1.8 billion U.S. dollars according to statista.com

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CBD Digital Marketing Agency Price Package 

What is CBD?

Cannabis’s short form is CBD,  according to the US National Library of Medicine, Cannabis is chemically mixed with the cannabis Sativa plant, which is also called marijuana or hemp. It has been identified in the cannabis Sativa plant over 80 chemicals.

It helps to reduce the anxiety of mental pressure. It is a non-psychoactive compound which means it will not harm anyone or have fewer side effects. CBD product can be approved if it is less than 0.3% of the cannabis in the food. 

These chemicals are created naturally and that’s used in products like edibles and oils to give a calm and relaxed feeling. 

Why CBD Marketing is So Important? 

The CBD market is growing day by day. The cannabis business will reach around 16.32 Billion Dollars in 2026. CBD products are getting popular and their use has increased a lot compared to the last 4 years. 

People used CBD products for the calmness and relaxation feelings in their body and mind. Without marking your brand cannot flourish as much as you want. There is some reason why should starting CBD marketing right now: 

  1. To Get More Traffic to Your Site: The popular term in the online world is getting more traffic than get more sales. Without getting traffic people will know about your product or brand. 
  1. To Know People About Your Brand: If you do good marketing people and customers will know and remember your website or brand for a long time. Further, if your product is good then moe peolpe will do auto marking in a mouth of marketing way.  
  1. To Get More sales: To make and visit the website is the main purpose of selling. Without selling products there will be no benefits. To increase more sales you need to do the first 2 things and behind those you should do marketing. If all the things work hand in hand after that you can get more sales than you want. 

CBD Social Media Marketing

A few years back marijuana and hemp were illegal around the USA and both the federal and state levels. Through, According to, CBD advertising laws 2021 ballot and voting system in the USA 33 states legalize marijuana. Yet it is still federally illegal.

However, at the commercial level hemp cultivation was legalized around the U.S following the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, still, there is some confusion regarding the issue of whether or not hemp CBD products legally can be marketed and sold.  

The CBD is legal if the product has less than 0.3% of the cannabis and this is the recent update in 2021. 

Facebook & Instagram CBD Policy 2021

Facebook and Instagram are the biggest social media which has 2.6 billion active users on Facebook and Instagram 1 billion. This means you have a huge chance to get your CBD or other related people. 

Facebook and Instagram are evolving and for the new brand to promote themself on their to reach more customers. We know brands like advertisements on Facebook on a regular basis. 

But in terms of the drug-related product having some of the restrictions there, we have identified 2 Facebook policies that can create a contract with this CDB product advertisement. 

Facebook Policy Image Source

If you try to find out the exact CBD product-related policy mention topic, then you will find it. 

Here is the example of the CBD product restriction: 

Instagram Policy Image Source

Maybe you have seen some of the CBD product ads on Instagram or Facebook. The process of giving ads in CBD products is too complex in the Facebook ads section. 

Sometimes for giving these types of ads your account can be restricted for a few days.

Google CBD Ads Policy

Google ads are one of the biggest ads platforms to advertise your product or brand or give ads for other purposes as well. 

In Google ads there 3 big platforms that are related, 1. Google search engine 2. Youtube ( Search engine and Social media) 3. Google Play ( Apps). 

Unlike other Advertisement companies which haven’t directly told CBD, product Ads are prohibited but Google has listed in the prohibition list CBD product ads policy. You can see the image, here it is: 

Google Policy Image Source

To make it more precise that the United States Government rules hemp and CBD products are banned in the 2018 Farm bill, there is still some sort of misunderstanding or confusion about the effect of the CBD product. 

CBD Twitter Ads

This is pretty interesting, Twitter improves CBD products in the USA according to the rules of the Government.

However, there is an option if Twitter thinks it is a good CBD product for the people and the manual person you can show your ads on Twitter. Here is the Image: 

Twitter Ads Policy Image Source
Twitter Ads Policy Image Source

That means the same as the Facebook ads. It has some sort of option still on but it is too complex to do that work. 

In the back of the mind, you have to think about the CPC of the ads as well. It can happen, after giving the approvement a Facebook and Twitter ads then they start charging more money than the regular ads cost. 

CBD Amazon Prodcuts

Everyone loves to get more sales by using the biggest eCommerce platform like amazon. Listed their products on their website and earned a good amount of money.

However, in terms of Cannabis products, it is quite a complex process like Facebook ads. 

Here are the restriction rules: 

Amazon Ads Policy Image Source

NOTE: After all the restrictions of social media and google Advertising, yet we can do the PPC campaign for your CBD products with our unique methods. For that, you can contract with us.   

CBD Marketing Solutions

CBD marketing is very critical to promote in online platforms. However, there are some ways by which you can do that. In this method you have to have a website, if you are not yet made it then you can contract with us. 

We will have CBD marketing experts who have 7 years of experience in the Digital Marketing industry. Here are some of the marketing methods by which you can get more traffic and sales.  

Aim at SEO 

There is no secret that SEO can give any of the website tons of traffic in a day. For doing that your website has to be perfect for CBD SEO. For CBD website SEO is the perfect form for marketing. 

You May Ask How? 

By organic process, you get more than the paid traffic and once your website gets the top position you will stay for a longer time on there. 

Most of you will see that amazon eCommerce comes to Google or search engine ranking in an auto process, isn’t it? So, as like that, we will go the same way with the relevant search CBD relevant keywords which people search. 

Further, we will make sure that it will be in the google search ranking with your website. For detailed SEO, you can use our SEO Service. 

Build Your CBD Barding Around Content Marketing 

Yes! Content marketing can crate your CBD branding. Content marketing is one of the best and perfect processes to get more traffic and sales.  What is the process we will follow in the content marketing and content building strategies for your CBD product or website? 

So, Let’s Hear it out: 

Find Main CBD Reatled Keywords and Write on Focus Keyword

Without finding a good Cannabis keyword or main keyword a writer can’t write in a proper way. However, the keyword search part is not the writer’s work but if the writer thinks he has a better keyword to rank easily he suggests it to the SEO expert. 

Around that main keyword, he will write about it. That main keyword we can focus keyword or you have the main keyword for a long term plan now you choose one focus keyword to rank on that. 

The writer will write on the focus keyword and there will have the main keyword motive as well. Before starting writing to give the writer the right direction so that he can write easily with a clear mindset. 

You can know and get CBD Content Writing Services from us.

If you are interested to know more about CBD Content Writing. We try to help you create a CBD Brand as we are the best CBD Branding Agency working for the last 7 years.

Find Related LSI Keyword

Sometimes these LSI Keywords give an SEO expert or the writer can find in between their research so he/she can add it. Most of the time writers add a lot of LSI keywords because of their need to complete the article. 

Condition is applied if the writer is good and we are aware of the SEO a little bit if not then you can’t count on it. We do that in our Written Search as our writer knows of the SEO and they add LSI keywords from time to time. This LSI helps to rank on Google in various keywords. 

Do Research Before Starting The Content

Reaching is a big part of any Content writing. There are some processes for researching and we write in-depth articles by using some methods. In the research process, there is a bucket system for our writing.  

With the Purpose of Main and LSI Keywords

Now, time to write content and this is a draft, so we try to write an article with the purpose of the main keyword with  LSI keywords.

The question is why do we need to add related ( LSI Keyword) keywords around the main keyword in the content?

The answer to the question is very easy: LSI keywords create a perception about the content how the article is interlinked with the main keyword and it gives Google and other search engines an indication of why this should content should rank at the top of the first page more precisely in top 3.

Write In Depth Cannabis Article

Write regular CBD Content won’t give you traffic to your website. For that, you need a viable content writer who is able to write an in-depth article on a particular topic with a Good understanding of SEO and give feasible traffic. The low range of content can’t fulfill the audience thirsty to know knowledge about cannabis.

Use Influencers For Your CBD or Cannabis Porducts

As you have already known CBD products cannot be sold through advertising on Facebook or Google or any other platform.

So, you have to choose some popular influencers who are willing to promote your CBD products. In our CBD branding company, we can also do that if it is needed.  

Grow Your CBD or Cannabis Affiliate Network 

Almost all eCommerce have an affiliate network on their website.  The benefit of affiliate is your product will help others and they will keep coming from the affiliate. 

If they can sell your products. Sometimes they use it by themself and give a good review and because of that, you can get plenty of sales without doing paid marketing.   

This is a great process to create some buzz around your niche so that interested people will like your product.

Once they get good benefits from the product then this customer can add a ton of value to your Cannabis products. So, you have to open the affiliate marketing process of the publisher.  

CBD Company Branding

Company branding doesn’t come in a single month, it takes time to recognize your company name in everyone’s mouth. 

Yes, you can do that in paid advertisements but as the CBD PCP model is a bit critical, you have to make a good plan. We have various CBD Branding ideas to set up the mind brand name in your head. 

Once people recognize your brand they will buy from your website automatically. But before that, you have to make sure of your product quality and marketing strategies in the proper way.

The Upper 4 steps ensure your Company’s branding in an organic way but for a long time.  

CBD or Cannabis Email Marketing 

Convert your traffic to a profitable customer. The question is: How? 

Through email marketing, not cold email marketing. The process is simple. When people visit your site we will collect the email who are interested to learn your CBD.

And store those and from time to time we will send those emails with various products with some discount or offer. 

Quora CBD Digital Marketing 

Quora is the best method to do marketing your product without doing any sort of paid advertising. Quora can work in an organic way and can get plenty of traffic on your website as well. We have different plans for the various marketing style.  

Why Should You Choose Us? 

Work should be done in proven methods and know-how to do the marketing so that you get the most benefits out of it. We know where we are experts and we are confident enough to give the best CBD marketing agency. 

CBD is a critical product to promote in social media for high-level advertisement. With the government law, we have to do the marketing process.  

As we have done a lot of CBD marking services so that we know how to deal with it. We have a unique CBD digital marketing agency that has a different team to handle all the work according to your needs from PPC campaigns to organic methods.



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