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Ways and Styles of Content Writing

Content Writing

Content writing is a process of writing, editing, discussing or explaining any content on the purpose of digital marketing, teaching, thought sharing etc .It can be done in the form of tweet, blog ,article, journal etc.People think content writing means article writing only but this is not the case it can be video description,social media content,web page copy,land page copy,podcast titles,email newsletter,keynote speeches anything .

Enriching the Content

A content can be enriched by a good structure and for that it should be outlined nicely.Outline gives a shape,idea and brief of the writing.outline gives highlights to the writing.It covers all the major points of the writing.It also speeds up the writing process.

Ways to Follow

A good way to write any content is to first go through all the existing guides and facts.Analyse the guides and existing works and identify major key points and which part should be added.Using templates can also help a lot to write easily and nicely.

Understanding the Audience

Now the question is will people get the message of the content?For well understanding of the written content it should be the way how people will like it.The words of the writing should be very easy and common so that people don’t find it difficult or unusual .It must be eye catchy ,rich and entertaining as a content so that people can get interested to read it.

Making it Interesting

We can use visuals.Videos,pictures can make the writings colorful and interesting.The formats and layouts are also important to give a good structure to the writing.

The paragraphs are better to be short. Quotes can be use too.Some portions of writing can be highlighted to make the sentence interesting for people to read.Contents should not be very bog rather it should be simple,short and informative .Points in writings looks nice and pointing out make the keypoint of writing look good.

Examples can be used to explain things.Because examples make things easier to understand .Besides,the writing should be up to date,for example the common sample,situation are easy to  understand for all and can be used as example also.The writings also should be grammatically correct .

The introduction and title of the content is very important .The introduction should be innovative, interesting, informative and so enrich as a content that it attracts the reader.We can add up feelings and emotion to our titles so that people can feel the topic and want to read it .It should be short and simple yet effective.

How should the Writer be?

A writer can write in any way they like but if in order to be recognized as a good writer they should try something different and worthy ,for example-

  • Very first thing of a good writer is originality .Copying someone can’t make you a good writer.
  • You must have your own unique style of writing
  •  At the same time,you need to know other styles of writings also because articles,journals,news writings ,personal blocks etc everything has different styles so it’s good for a writer to know all the styles.
  •  Picking up the written subject is also very important ,they can’t just choose any random subjects.
  •  The writer needs to have the knowledge of SEO,HTML,KEY PROMINENCE etc basics steps to write contents
  • Understand your audience well to write according their choice
  •   Use simple words and informative things and get the right length of the writing based on context etc.

How does it Help?

Content Writing is not just a hobby based job, it can be a useful thing if we take it seriously .Content writing has so many scopes to explore. People can do freelancing, website writing, website contents, social media handle,business article writer, teaching in every profession there  is scope to do content writing professionally specially in this digital world not just nationally but also international jobs are also available on online as content writers .And the writers can even work from home without going to the office in some cases.

Even if you are a student and not doing content writing professionally still its helpful because it teach you the research methods, the ways of writing styles, format and improve your skills .Content writing help a student to understand how to brainstorm,how to think about a topic ,in which way to progress ,what to write and what not .It also betters your academic writing style and timing. It can be also a source of part time earning for students who need it. It also provides experience of professional writings sometimes in the very student life which is also an achievement for a student.

Content Writing for Websites

Content writers are responsible for the web site owner and the business as their writing puts an impression on the product .The writing shows all about the business , if the writing is not good it will affect the brand .Their writing will gain the trust of people and only and only the content writing make the difference .Only taking care of few things can make a writing weak or strong .

For example ,the use of keywords, SEO properly, Not using passive forms, avoid complexity and make the content simple and yet make the audience connect with the writing .Using keywords are good but it shouldn’t be so excess that irritates the reader, the writings also be something so engaging that it call for action like-subscribing, clicking, share or purchase .

Being updated about the language is also important as the audience will change their choice so the writing should be up to date also, using the hyperlink and citation is also needed. The key information matters not the length of the article .That’s why keep the paragraph short to keep the attention of the reader. The reader will not read everything in the writing so using keywords and highlighting is also important.

Marketing with Content Writing 

In this digital world everything is online .Even marketing of one brand is also possible online and in fact it is the more effective way.

Content writers are a very important part of marketing.Content writing is simply expressing the information in different forms,visual or writing, video etc which is very effective way that people wants to go through and the marketing in this way becomes easy. In social media it has so demand that people hire content writers for their social media marketing.

Advertisements on newspaper an TV is backdated now. Social media contents-video,descriptions,reviews all these attracts people more because more of the time of an individuals is spent on social media and on the internet and that’s the reason where the marketing with content writing in digital platform shines above all.


Content writing is not any random style of writing your diary taking a sip on the cup of tea,it’s a proper writing process with proper format and style .Content writing is not just about writing, it can be a visual,a speech, description, review, video anything. And as we know articles, journals, news, reports everything has several formats that’s why it is very important to know the style and rules of content writing to enrich the contents and to be introduced as a good content writer.

Content writing is not only a hobby or option any more, it is spreading as a profession also. If a person’s practices content writing he can be benefited in many ways  may it be developing his skills, learning new ways of research,speeding up the academic writing, using as part time job,freelancing and lots more. It is needless thus to say that if you are a good content writer in today’s time then you are not less than any skilled employee or less eligible than any other talented candidate. Content Writing is a very important thing and it is a must learn skill according to me.


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