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38 Most Important Copywriting Tools For Professional Copywriter (Free & Paid)

40 Copywriting Tools (Free and Paid)

I know that you are really tensed because you want to know and learn about the copywriting tools for your copywriting content.

I want to reduce your tension in a very short time and a very simple way.

In this context, I am going to tell you about the 40 most important copywriting tools which are really needed to write up perfect content and to become a successful copywriter.

This article confers you:

  • The most useful tools for studying topics and improving tone
  • Steps to translate effective copy into great SEO content
  • A professional technique that departs experts from beginners

Let’s now try to know about the copywriting tools. so,

What are Copywriting Tools?

What are Copywriting Tools?

Copywriting tools are those functions that are used on copywrite up for Plagiarism checking, grammar checking, keyword research, word count, readability, image editing, finding clients.

Creating a strong message is the most essential part of marketing, and copywriting tools can support you to plan, compose, and give it more productively. A good toolbox could protect your time, improve your content, and assist you to scale your content retailing.

38 Best Copywriting Tools!

Writers are usually hunting for different software and copywriting tools. At the same time, start-up and business owners can take help by using these tools if they have a minimum idea about copywriting.  

Miscommunication is the result that businesses fail to communicate their value. So copywriting tools are as much important for your copywriting business as important water for your body.

  • Step 1: Examining Your Topic
  • Step 2: Writing Perfect Copy
  • Step 3: Experimenting Your Copy *Pro Secret*
  • Step 4: Trading With Writer’s Block
  • Step 5: Guiding Clients and Running Your Business
  • Step 6: Copywriting Tools and Artificial Intelligence

Copywriting Tools For Examining Your Topic

There’s no duration in writing something great if no-one is continuing to read it. So, before you begin writing, you have to make sure you’re working on an interesting topic.

The analysis stage is also important for assuring that your content appears high-up in the Search Engine Results Sides. Your SEO policy should include long-tail keywords as strong as more general higher-traffic terms.

These are the copywriting tools that can assist you to pinpoint viral subject material with the potential Topics. So here is some:  

1. Google Trends (free)

2. Adwords (free)

3. BuzzSumo (paid)

4. Ahrefs (paid)

1. Google Trends (Free)

Google Trend | Copywriting Tools
CopywritingTools (google-trends)

Google Trends tells you how many points a specific topic has been “Googled” in recent months. Whilst that may not seem impressive, this easy tool can give you some unusual data and new keywords. 

2. Google Adwords/ Ads (Free)

Google Adwords/Ads

Google Adwords/Ads is the broadcasting network that companies use to feature on SERPs and create Performance Ads. But if you don’t have a trade, you can still apply the platform’s built-in tools to do public research. Unlike Google Trends, which only gives corresponding increases or decreases in searches. Adwords gives the total number of quests for a special term in any field. 

So, if you are deciding between two different topics to write about, Adwords can help you determine the most common one. It can also explain to you how several other people are expected to be writing about the identical thing.

3. BuzzSumo (Paid)

BuzzSumo | Copywriting Tools
Copywriting Tools (BuzzSumo)

BuzzSumo is a program created for every phase of content matching. It gives you the most experienced and “liked” content on a provided topic and presents a selection of tools for performing keyword research. 

You can also utilize the platform to get the most important channels, pages, and websites for your production. 

4.Ahrefs (Paid)

Ahrefs | Copywriting Tools
Copywriting Tools (ahrefs)

Ahrefs has the biggest content file. You can refine results by topic, word count, shares, time, traffic, and others. Ahrefs is the most useful keyword research and link structure tool but it begins with a heavy price tag.

Copywriting Tools For Writing Perfect Copy

There are hundreds of online examples of copywriting and they all want the 100 out 100 points in copywriting. Excellent copywriting depends on the context.

Writers definitely want to know the readers thoughts and build a story that enforces them, and readers can read in a short moment through their delivered words. 

5.Google Docs (Free)

 Google-docs | Copywriting Tools
CopywritingTools (Google-docs)

Google docs are the best copywriting tools so far because in google docs one can save his/her write-up without pressing the saving button again and again. 

The clients can also see the work that you are doing on docs because you can share the link and they see your real-time work by that link.

It’s like applying Microsoft Word for lettering copy but on the cloud. You don’t have to bother about missing your document because the changes are virtually immediate.

You can also send Microsoft Word records and update them in Google Docs. It’s quick, fast, and easy to share. Great of all, it’s free!

6. UberSuggest (Free)

UberSuggest | Copywriting Tools
CopywritingTools (UberSuggest)

UberSuggest is an all-purpose SEO and content marketing program that gives you search data, SERP rankings, and other technical aspects about your rivals’ websites. Yet, it also holds a number of exciting specialties that give it a great copywriting tool.

One of the most valuable pieces is the “Keyword Ideas”  which provides instructions for issues and words based on your keywords.

7. Goodreads (Free)

Goodreads | Copywriting Tools
Copywriting Tools (Goodreads)

Goodreads is an online list of books and writing with some extra social characteristics. 

Yet, it performs as a copywriting research tool and shows the user-generated examples of quotes. 

If you want a fast part from an author on a particular book, you can search for quotes in any special edition and sort the possibilities by using filters

8. Stock images (Pixabay) ( Free)

Stock images | Copywriting Tools
CopywritingTools (Stock-images)

Online content can not be clear and tore feathers without it. The best image gives your message quicker than words.

It prompts the reader to keep scrolling and increases the urge of reading the full article. According to Copper, images increase readership by up to 94%.

Images drive traffic from the image search engine when you’ve optimized the model Alt text.

Shutterstock is a premium stock site with the greatest number of images. You can see images for about any subject under the sun.

If you need high-quality free pictures like Pixabay then here some more : 

  • Flickr 
  • Unsplash 
  • Pexels 

If you love customizing images with writing and other editing purposes, Canva has an excellent free version where you can upload pictures, and edit for your blog support.

9. SEMrush (Paid)

SEMrush | Copywriting Tools
Copywriting Tools (SEMrush)

Most digital marketers, Explore marketers, and SEO copywriters can get good support from SEMrush for the purpose of their website research work.

For a Guru plan, you have a lot of toolkits that assist you to manage social media, SEO, content marketing, PPC, dynamic research, and more.

You can do keyword research, analysis, find your targeted topics keyword, get semiotic objects, learn word count, and lessen the readability of your copy.

If you want to watch all the colours in one box then this is the tool which can help you do all the things in one packet. If you run a WordPress section or do Google Docs, you can integrate SEMrush from these machines.

10. LongTailPro (Paid) 

If you have a main keyword and you need to make a ton of keywords, LongTailPro can support it.

Start a drive, add a main keyword, and filter events by keyword volume, match, length, profitability, and added.

You can also transport your keyword list to Excel, import keyword files, and run multiple operations in LongTailPro.

11. Hemingway App (Free)

Hemingway App | Copywriting Tools
Copywriting Tools (Hemingway-App)

The Hemingway App is a wonderful way to increase self-awareness as a writer. It is a very easy app in which you insert text to understand which sections are highlighted as too large or complex.

The app also identifies words with more suitable synonyms and provides your content with a score for readability.

Since the document examination is based on single mathematical formulas. If you think of this tool like a “game” app and you want to win the game automatically then you can complete the race with a high score of copywriting without really developing your writing. Some questions can arise in your mind about this tool: will it perform good or bad.

Besides this, it’s essential to learn that the app does not have semantic knowledge of documents; it doesn’t know-how knowledge and plans are structured. Still, the interface is an efficient calling board for finished content, and the integrity of this one is of the most user-friendly copywriting tools.

12. Yoast (Free & Paid)

Yoast SEO | Copywriting Tools
Copywriting Tools (Yoast-SEO)

Yoast is a different text analyzer that provides you visible feedback about your work. Unlike Hemingway App Though Yoast is largely concerned with building the content Google-friendly. To do this, it uses an alternative collection of mathematical equations, based on keyword frequency and other metrics. 

The plugin for CMS has the same WordPress issues with additional specialties that control your posts and pages for major SEO elements (like H1 and H2 tags, inbound and outbound links, meta content, and alt text). It’s one of the few copywriting appliances that you do not need to pay to work. 

However, for advance suggestions to improve reliability and writing you have to pay.

13. Thesaurus.com vs Power Thesaurus (Free)

Thesaurus | Copywriting Tools
Copywriting Tools (Thesaurus)

Thesaurus.com and Power Thesaurus are both great online copywriting tools for getting synonyms. Both tools also provide you antonyms and allow you to file returns according to word species. Thesaurus.com has a built-in reporting tool that holds your grammar and gives you exchange words for words by floating over them.

14.Grammarly (Free & Paid)

Grammarly | Copywriting Tools
Copywriting Tools (Grammarly)

42.5% of respondents in a UK study of 1,003 web users were fired by grammar and spelling errors. First responses matter.

Research explains that an error in a sales text could cut your interest in half. According to BBC news a huge amount of money loses UK businesses’ sales industry because of grammatical mistakes.

There are some expert copywriters who think that Grammarly sucks. However, other Some expert copywriters argue that Grammarly chooses ingredients that produce the content differently and interestingly.

To an amount, they are right. The method is to use Grammarly with attention. It’s not a replacement for a personal editor but the premium version gets close. If you work with Google Docs,  you can use Grammarly adding the tools from the Chrome browser.

15. Coschedule Headline Analyser (Free)

Coschedule | Copywriting Tools
Copywriting Tools (Coschedule)

Coschedule produces a number of copywriting tools that help you to workshop headlines and subject files, but the headline analyzer is the popular copywriting to understand and analyze it. . 

The tool does the same sets of mathematical ratios that the Hemingway App does, but it too carries from a database of word divisions.

16. Webfx ( Readability) (Free)

Readable | Copywriting Tools
Copywriting Tools (Readable-webfx)

Readable helps you to check the reading period of your writing both by copying in a URL or opening the text manually.

Unlike any of the other scientific copywriting tools, Readable provides specific data on how all of its metrics are determined.

17. Rhymezone (Free)

Rhymezone | Copywriting Tools
Copywriting Tools (Rhymezone)

Rhymezone acts like a thesaurus for counting words. Still, it is important and more resilient than that single-use; you can also create quotes, synonyms, simple phrases, and bookish sources from your first word. 

18. Stack Edit (Free)

StackEdit | Copywriting Tools
Copywriting Tools (StackEdit)

StackEdit is a Markdown editor, aiding you to generate Markdown files without paying hours pouring into a reference index.

What is Markdown?

Certain platforms, before-mentioned as Github, do a type of recording in which the formatting is set by codes in the document. For example, the document’s principal heading (which would be an “H1” tag in an HTML file) is marked with a single hashtag. Following headings (“H2” tags in HTML) are charged with two hashtags.

The platform also saves your data and enables you to cooperate with colleagues. Doing the “handlebar” templating shortcut, you can apply your Markdown data into HTML files. 

19. Flickr (Free)

Flickr | Copywriting Tools
Copywriting Tools (Flickr)

It’s the unique website where you can get images for the model submitted to your clients. Detecting and crediting images on Flickr is easy and painless, and the place is unmatched.

20. Un-Suck It (Free)

Un-Suck | Copywriting Tools
Copywriting Tools (Un-Suck)

Un-Suck It is a free web app that enables you to change words that don’t move well in your copy and return it with fun words that finish.

Principally, it’s a large tool for you to get quickly words or definitions of tiresome words.

21. Inspirational Folder (Free)

Every copywriter has an inspirational folder where they take all of paid and free promotional inspirational copies. The intention is not to copy and paste all the work of their rather take motivation and through that writing his or her own copies. 

22. CopyDoodles (Paid)

Seldom, a hand-drawn graphic is worth 2000 words while a property image is only deserving 1000. At those events, head above to CopyDoodles.

23. Keyword Revealer (Free & Paid)

Keyword Revealer is a paid keyword research tool but in the free version, you can search 3 keywords a day and can see 10 results from your 3 search keywords that is why I called it free. I think you will love the tool as it has a lot of things in a single keyword research tool. 

24. Live Keyword Analysis (Free)

Live Keyword Analysis is a fast easy SEO tool that will assist you to calculate the frequency of keywords. If you think your keyword is too much or too expensive within your copy, use LKA to prove that.

25. Google Drive (Free)

We all require some way to give a copy to our consumers. For me, Google Drive is an excellent answer. Not only most of my clients use it now but also a large amount of accommodation and a simple UI gives it a far more suitable option for me than Dropbox.

26. EMV Headline Analyzer (Free)

EMV Headline Analyzer is a very cool yet very underrated copywriting tool that enables you to control the EMV (emotional marketing value) of your headline.

Essentially, it examines your headline to understand what percentage of words in it requires emotion. To give more importance, get a better result.

Live Keyword Analysis is a fast easy SEO tool that will assist you to calculate the frequency of keywords in a sample of writing. If you think as though your keyword is too many or too expensive within your copy, use LKA to prove that.

27. Test My Marketing (Paid)

Test My Marketing is crowdsourcing with an excellent twist: a pair of expert marketers assessing your copywriting review.

Simply spend $69, upload your copy, and see reviews from proven specialists!

We all require some way to give a copy to our consumers. For me, Google Drive is an excellent answer. Not only do most maximum of my clients use it now, but a large amount of accommodation and simple UI gives it a far more suitable option for me than Dropbox.

28. Word Counter (Free)

EMV Headline Analyzer is a very cool yet very underrated copywriting tool that enables you to control the EMV (emotional marketing value) of your headline.

Essentially, it examines your headline to understand what percentage of words in it request emotion. The more important, the better.

29. Conversion Ninja Toolbox (Free)

Conversions are a high preference in expert copywriting. The Conversion Ninja Toolbox is actually a website with a huge library of conversion optimization support.

It’s a large place to haunt whenever you want some CRO information.

30. Copyscape (Paid)

Copyscape | Copywriting Tools
Copywriting Tools (copyscape)

Copyscape is a paid web-based tool that enables you to control the content from plagiarism if it includes any duplicate content found outside on the web.

Copywriters’ strength also needs to check out the pay-as-you-go version, which enables you to hold a part of plain text rather than an already-published webpage, for a copy.

Testing and Re-Writing Your Copy *Pro Secret* Copywriting Tools

Copywriting offers a set of unique challenges, particularly when it arrives at web marketing. 

  • You only grow to publish one story of your content
  • There’s no method to know if it’s really working
  • It’s hard to determine how important your work is

Because of these three difficulties, copywriters strive to hold the same authority as a top web-developer or programmer. Yet, in the past decade, expert copywriters have started to use those tools that immediately answer all three problems.

31. A/B Testing – Convertize(paid)

32. Google Analytics (free)

33. Google Search Console (free)

31. A/B Testing – Convertize(Paid)

Convertize | Copywriting Tools
Copywriting Tools (convertize)

Convertize is an A/B testing device employed by content marketers and copywriters to add content to their work. It allows you to create multiple alternatives of the relevant content, examine their appearance, and then take the best version.

How Does Convertize Work? See “What Is A/B Testing“?

A/B testing examines two variants of the same page. Your companies are split into two groups, each discussing one variant of the page, and the data from each account is analyzed. An A/B testing machine does all of this automatically, so you simply have to center on writing alternative versions of your content.

Expert copywriters use A/B testing in a number of methods:

  • As a way to test risky content with an automated back-up 
  • To make a marketing proverb or headline more powerful – using existing companies as test examples. 
  • To show, with clear evidence, that expert copy is more efficient.

32. Google Analytics (Free)

Google Analytics | Copywriting Tools
Copywriting Tools ( Google-Analytics)

Google Analytics is a free analytics program that gives you information about your readers, how people act on your website, and which platforms are getting you the most visitors.

Yet, whilst these roles make Google Analytics one of the several popular digital marketing tools in the world. The program points out that it executes a perfect copywriting study.

First of all, your work should consider your audience. Google Analytics gives specific demographic data on the people who attend your site, including age, gender, and location.

You can change audiences’ thoughts that could have a big influence through your data or analysis. 

33. Google Search Console (Free)

Google Search Console | Copywriting Tools
Copywriting Tools (Google-Search-Console)

Google Search Console is a free tool that any website proprietor can do research for their content. The Console gives you the opportunity to show on Google’s date, performance and  explaining how your content stands on the search phrase. 

The most valuable piece for copywriting is the “Queries” tab, which tells you, which search terms are people visiting your website by using Google search engine. 

By getting the terms people use to explore your website, you can tailor your content to agree with their needs.

 For example, if the research term “best copywriting tools” is practiced frequently, you can imagine that your readers want technical knowledge linking to expert copywriting.

Dealing With Writer’s Block with Copywriting Tools

Notwithstanding the discussion surrounding its survival, most professional writers have felt “Writer’s Block” at some time in their work.

Signing for the psychoanalytical journal American Imago in 1950, Edmund Burgler advanced generative and neuroscientific evidence for the “blocking” consequence.

By contrast, in 1984, the cognitive psychiatrist Mike Rose issued a monograph showing that the outcome was created by inflexible planning, policy, and opinions. 

However, the purpose and nature of the difficulty, expert writers still want a way to defeat the “blank page result”. Luckily, there are copywriting tools that can assist you over the limit.

34. Copywriting Forums: Warrior and Copy Chief (Free)

Warrior Forum | Copywriting Tools
Copywriting Tools (Copywriting-Forum)

Warrior Forum is an online program promoting simple topics, strings, and topics that any copywriter can strive for. It also includes useful tools and training support, including “Ask Me Anything” gatherings with marketing specialists.

Copywriting Forum is a related kind of program to Warrior, with a slightly more collaborative nature. It also has games, downloadable patterns, and a part for discussing high traditional copywriting.

If you’re trying to put one word in the search box, these forums help you to find out new content ideas on various topics easily. 

Copywriting Forum is a related kind of program to Warrior, with a slightly more collaborative nature. It also has games, downloadable patterns, and a part for discussing high traditional copywriting.

If you’re trying to put one word in presence of different, these forums are transcendent places to workshop content and take some ideas.

35. Inspiration Folder (Free)

Social Media is a severely under-rated tool for expert copywriters. If you get lost writing a title or making some ad copy, you will be amazed at how active your followers are to share ideas. Just invite them to make the tagline and follow your hive-mind approach to work.

Copywriting Tools for Managing Clients and Technical Issues 

There’s more to obtain an expert copywriter than just writing. You also have to gain clients, offer content, and run a business. These copywriting tools assist you to do all of that with zero dispute– so you can concentrate on writing. 

36. Copywriting Tools For Finding Clients

37. Tools for Pitching

38. Tools For Running Your Business

36. Copywriting Tools For Finding Clients

You are soon a B2B marketer, selling your services to possible clients. But, till you have received your own expert niche, you want to make yourself as obvious as possible. You’ll want a website, a targeted LinkedIn profile, and a variety of listings. 

  • Indeed – the most extensive UK job listing website for freelance copywriting.
  • Upwork – a simple matching place for copywriters and businesses regarding freelancers.
  • Worksome – related to Upwork, with an AI algorithm intended to better compete.

37. Tools for Pitching 

Once you have gained a possible client, you will have to give new ideas and content to them. These are not common copywriting tools, but they can assist you to get your copywriting industry.

  • Inspect Element – this universal tool, produced by every web browser, enables you to edit the text on any website. If you are working around with several H1 titles or CTAs, the Inspect part tool lets you see specifically what it would look like. 
  • Gyazo – a single tool that makes gifs and short videos from screen recordings. If you are considering a plan with a potential consumer, Gyazo will enable you to get an idea or give an original more immediately. It is particularly useful when connected with the Inspect Element tool. 

38. Tools For Running Your Business

Handling receipts, accounts, and taxes can be trouble, so any tool that does some of that for you is helpful. For a very modest monthly fee, these tools can provide you more time and increase your peace-of-mind. 

  • Clearbooks – a reasonably-priced alternative for small businesses.
  • Freshbooks – highly-rated for both usability and extent of characteristics.
  • Sage – general accounting program with a full range of pricing methods

Copywriting Tools and the AI Debate

Copywriters are often wary of digital technologies, concerning them as an obstruction or a warning. The problem has been increased by software firms who request that their effects can provide AI-generated text, equal to the written content. In truth, not of these thoughts bear examination.

Machine knowledge is not a practical way to create compelling content for the same reason that copywriting methods always fall short: because words take their interest from the setting.

So, sooner than embracing new technologies as a possible opponent, copywriters should concentrate on combining them into a living toolkit.


Copywriting tools essential for a writer. A copywriter cannot do any perfect write up without those tools because those tools are made for creating perfect Copies.

So now it is  your turn to learn more from this content and implement them in your copy for being a perfect copywriter. Best of luck!