4 Steps to The Best Sensual Massage

Not sure how to give the best sensual massage? You’re not alone.

Sensual, intimate massage should be in your foreplay repertoire. Massage gets you feeling close and open to your partner, releases tension and muscle soreness and allows you to relax and receive love.  It’s a luxurious way to connect physically, emotionally, and turn your partner on, at the same time.

“Massage is great because it alleviates tension and relieves muscle soreness, but, it can also help relax the mind, our largest sex organ.”


Massage is great because it alleviates tension and relieves muscle soreness, but, it can also help relax the mind, our largest sex organ.  Not only is stress is one of the most common reasons partners use to avoid sex, stress is real and can attack your sex life on many levels so be aware. Stress makes it more difficult to orgasm and can prevent climax all together.

Erotic messages are quite similar to regular ones, except they are aimed to not just release tension, stress and relax but also to arouse your partner. Don’t overthink it. Follow the steps below and ask for feedback from your partner along the way. 

1. Set the mood 

You want to create a comfortable, relaxing and serene environment. Set the mood in a warm room and bring in romance with dim lights or candles. A soft blanket or clean sheet (massage oils can be messy), relaxing music, silky blindfold and essential oil diffusers are a nice addition also.

2. Get the massage oils ready

Look for oils specifically meant to enhance sexual pleasure. If you’re open to it, try CBD massage oils. These oils have Cannabidiol as a secret seduction weapon that relaxes your partner’s body more than typical massage oils. These oils soften the skin and allow your hands to glide making it easier to massage the muscles. In addition to relaxation and muscle release, blood flow is increased and the sensation is tranquilizing.


3. Warm Up Massage

Ask if there are sore spots or any specific points of pain in the body, and focus more of your attention there. The first few touches should be soft and lingering.  This type of touch will reassure your partner and make them feel safe. The first 10 minutes you’re helping them relax, so by the time you do get to massaging the sensual parts they’re in a physical and mental space to accept you. Take time to focus on each muscle before moving on to the next. Take care of knots and sore areas as you find them. Ask for feedback along the way on what feels good and what does not. Once you have given a full massage; back, neck, arms, wrists, fingers, feet, legs, the whole body, it’s time to move on to the fun part.

“Once the tease is at full speed, move on to the sexy parts.”

4. “Intimate” Massage

When it’s time to move from massage to more, ask your partner if they are ready to get more “sensual.” Here is where you want to tease them. Get really close to touching their sexy parts without actually touching them. Massage around the nipples, the thigh crease, the inner thighs, instead of going straight for the genitals. Once the tease is at full speed, move on to the sexy parts. Your partner should be highly aroused by this moment so make the most of it. Even the lightest touch should bring out some moans. Use a CBD lube or more massage oil and begin with some soft hand work on his penis or stroke the clitoris between well lubed  index and middle fingers. At this stage, your partner should be exploding with sexual desire and ready to move on to more. Your erotic massage has completed the foreplay mission and your partner is aroused, relaxed and ready for lovemaking.

Pro tip-Don’t expect a massage in return. Your partner will be so relaxed they may not feel up to reciprocating. Enjoy the passion you built during the massage and where that leads you.

Next time your partner is stressed out, try an intimate massage that maybe leads to more. Relieving stress for your partner is one of the most loving things you can do and mastering the four steps above can be rewarding for you, your partner and your relationship. 

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