About Us

Cowgirl Soss™ is a craft-level cannabinoid production business founded and located in Colorado, U.S. - widely considered the cannabis and hemp capital of the world.

Proud to be Local, Woman-Owned, All-Natural

We are a community-oriented CBD business, proudly independent, woman-owned, woman-empowered and committed to the health, safety and prosperity of people everywhere.

"We are honored to navigate, grow and prosper in this important and disruptive industry."

Being part of a community is critical to all of us, it’s at the heart of sharing, caring and well-being. And when it comes to making the best CBD products in Colorado, at the heart of it all, is a community of trust. A neighborhood of common good, common exchange and mutual support.

Cowgirl Soss™ is part of a wonderful, local community, headquartered in the frontier capital of Denver, Colorado, USA. The Rocky Mountain state, renowned for its active, thriving, outdoors lifestyle is the ideal community for what we love to do.

Thank you for supporting your local Denver CBD oil company.

Development and Growth

Plant-based cannabinoid remedies are the New Frontier of Health and Wellness, and our team will continue to break the trail and lead the way.

Our company and product line are growing quickly, and we are actively seeking distributors and onboarding retail accounts in the following business categories:

  • holistic health centers
  • private fitness and massage
  • high-end lingerie
  • craft boutiques
  • local novelty gifts
  • hair and wax salons
  • specialty grocery
  • dog grooming/boarding
  • dedicated CBD storefronts

Licensed Colorado dispensaries can order through the IDY APP. We also have an affiliate program for athletic trainers, coaches, and health practitioners seeking to earn commission income by sharing these clean, safe, and effective products with their clients. Trademark and patent work are in process, and the company expects to offer an initial round of friends and family funding in 2022.

Hand Made in Boulder (1)

Soss™ products are hand-crafted to maintain the quality assurance of every batch.

Made only with superior quality oils and the purest certified organic Hemp from the finest biomass sources in Colorado. Free of any artificial ingredients, and always third-party tested for both potency and microbial contamination.

Rest assured, we did our part to make sure what you put on or in your body is safe.