Catch More Zzzs With CBD for Better Sleep

Cowgirls and cowboys work hard and so do you. You deserve to sleep well and recharge for the day ahead. Cowgirl Soss's CBD for sleep can help you fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and sleep longer. Continue reading to see how CBD for sleep can help you rope in more zzzs!



Reduces Stress/ Cortisol Level

If you're someone who lies awake counting sheep instead of finding deep restful sleep, then Cowgirl Soss™ CBD & melatonin based Sleep Soss™ or CBD & CBN based PM Soss™ could be your new best friend(s). Our all-natural CBD products for sleep help fight insomnia and relax your body. CBN's naturally relaxing qualities will help your brain slow down and provide relief to high cortisol or stress levels! It's time to turn off your brain, put the sheep back in the barn, and get the rest you deserve!



Increases Full-Body Relaxation

CBD oil not only helps wind down your mind but also assists in the physical relaxing of your body. These gentle effects suggest that CBD oil and CBN make for effective sleep aids. Our P.M. Soss™  is carefully crafted to ease anxiety, muscular discomfort, restless leg(s), and tension that might be keeping you up at night. Stop stirring about and start using CBD oil for a better night's rest.



May Decrease Acute Pain

CBD oil may assist with decreasing acute pain. CBD oil has been suggested to positively interact with the body's endocannabinoid system and may soothe inflammation and pain. Using CBD oil for sleep may be your golden ticket to a more restful and pain-free night. 

May Reduce Inflammation 

CBD oil is also popular for addressing inflammation. Using CBD oil before hitting the hay may ease the tension caused by inflammation and help you sleep better. Looking for a suggestion? Check out our P.M. Soss™.


If you want an organic, Colorado-sourced CBD product to help you catch more ZZZs, Cowgirl Soss™ CBD oil might be the right choice for you. Shop through our CBD for better sleep products today to experience the relief you have been craving!