Topical vs Ingesting CBD for Pain

CBD for Pain

All-Natural Pain Remedies

CBD administered topically does not enter the bloodstream, it connects with nearby cannabinoid receptors through the skin pores.  CBD ingested sublingually enters the bloodstream quickly.  CBD ingested though the digestive system enters the bloodstream slowly.

If you are you trying to find the best way to take CBD to help with pain management, here's the lowdown on the difference between topical creams and butters, sublingual oils or tinctures, and edible products.

  • Topical CBD products are most commonly used for spot treatment targeting specific sore muscles, usually associated with exercise or arthritic symptoms.  For example, our Sore Soss™ spray oil is most commonly used on hands and feet, or the back of the neck. CBD topicals also have the potential to help manage pain and skin conditions like eczema and acne.
  • CBD oil administered by absorption under the tongue is the most direct and efficient form of taking CBD for pain, having the highest and fastest absorption rate.   Oils taken sublingually target your body’s endocannabinoid system and may provide relief for internal pain and chronic pain.
  • CBD that is swallowed (gummies, capsules, etc) must pass through your digestive system and the CBD is far less bioavailable and less predictable for dosing.
  • CBD Bath Salts can also provide pain relief by absorption through your skin - but only if the CBD is water soluble (which is rare!).

    SOAK SOSS™ uses Nano-encapsulated, water soluble CBD isolate.

If you’re feeling unsure about using CBD and/or THC for pain relief, please contact us.  We are here to make suggestions and answer your personalized questions.


CBD Muscle Relief Spray Oil

Sore Soss™  is most commonly used on hands, feet and back of the neck for arthritic type symptoms because of it's easy topical spray applicator and the liquid format makes it easy to massage into the affected area.

Sore Soss™ has 500 milligrams of CBD in two ounces making it one of the most highly concentrated CBD muscle relief oils on the market.

Sore Soss™ is intense and potent but has a great smell!

Sore Soss™ Wins Award - Judges Speak Up

Smell-20 (out of 20)

Like a peppermint mixed with some citrus hints. Definitely a very opening smell. Opens up the sinuses for me as well which is impressive. Two in one combo. The smell kind of made my eyes water a little with how intense it is. Still very refreshing though.


I went off the presentation of the product packaging for judging on the look. I believe packaging plays just as big of a role as the rest. If it’s not appealing to the client, then they probably will be skeptical. Seems like this comes in a good quality spray bottle for application. I like the presentation of this product very much. Everything flows on the bottle from the lettering of the words to the company logo. Definitely an oil based product. Leaves a oily appearance to the skin, but I like it because its not uncomfortable like some of the other hemp infused topicals I’ve tried.


Changed the category to Effectiveness since we aren’t out here eating muscle melt lol. I applied to my arms, neck, and back because these are problem areas for me. Could definitely start to feel the product work about 3 to 4 minutes in. I went with the recommendation on the bottle and used an ice pack to help intensify the effect. 10 minutes in and its like I rubbed icy hot all over. Definitely effective in soothing the muscles and doing its intended purpose. 35 minutes in; my muscles went back to feeling cold again. I reapplied 3 hours in but the effects weren’t completely gone from the first application. Got the same effects second go around.


Very potent compared to some of the other CBD topicals I’ve had in the past. Kicked in faster and was definitely a lot stronger in effect and intensity. Lasted a lot longer for me too. Initial effect was like a really cold soothing feeling and then it was followed up with an intense amount of heat.


Super smooth topical. I’m impressed with this company. Definitely will be buying some of this stuff. Relaxing and soothing on the muscles and body. Amazing work.

Overall Score of 100 out of 100 Points-🎉💯🔥

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Sore Stick Porduct Image Trans

Roll-On CBD Muscle Rub

Our super-potent 1000mg Sore Stick is  convenient to keep with your athletic bag or work gear.

Sore Stick CBD is quick, clean easy to self-apply before during or after your sport or workout.  Most commonly used on large muscle areas but can be applied anywhere.

Sore Stick is intense and potent but has a great smell and fast acting!

Soak Soss Square

Nano CBD Bath Salt

The ultimate CBD experience

This is Cowgirl's favorite new product.  Nano particles are absorbed through the skin and provide ten times more bio availability than regularly sized CBD particulate.  You have never experienced anything like this!

Each bag is approximately 4 baths.

Full Spec Pain Relief

Full-Spectrum CBD for Severe Pain

Cowgirl's "Big Guns" for Pain Relief - contains <.03% THC

Severe or chronic pain is best treated by combining THC with CBD and other minor cannabinoids for the "entourage effect."

14ER Soss™ is affectionately named for our famously tall mountains in Colorado, providing a towering 1400mg of full-spectrum, unflavored, complete cannabidiol including trace amounts of naturally occurring delta-9 THC.  The whole plant formulation enhances and magnifies the health and wellness benefits of CBD and the complete hemp plant.  Enjoy the beauty and awesomeness of our organically grown, hand-crafted whole plant recipe.

5280 Soss™ is Cowgirl’s “Mile High” extreme potency full-spectrum recipe utilizing whole plant extract to provide your body and mind with an all-natural health and wellness experience.  Staying true to our Colorado roots and the hemp plant origin and species, we keep the oil unflavored and allow the trace amounts of naturally occurring delta-9 THC to enhance the user experience and magnify the effects and benefits of 5000mg of CBD and multiple other minor cannabinoids.




"Effective for golf"

"I spray it before I play golf to last a whole round without getting a stiff back"



"Sore Soss is the best I've tried"

"Loving the Sore Soss. It works great, and it smells amazing"



"Great for massage"

"My husband massages me with this and I do actually melt.""