Fireball for Your Vagina

Fireball for Vagina Sign

True story:  on a whim one day we changed our local marketing sign from “Award Winning CBD Lube” to “Fireball for Your Vagina.”  People went CRAZY!  Lots of smirks, winks, laughs and social media posts.  EVERYONE (men and women) asked “What is it?”

You know how you’re a little more interested, playful and turned on after a couple drinks?  That’s the effect Sex Soss® has on your vagina!  It gets it a little buzzed and excited and primed for fun!

What is Fireball for Your Vagina, really?
Sex Soss® (aka “Fireball for Your Vagina”) is an award-winning CBD infused personal lubricant and arousal oil that helps women of all ages enjoy more pleasurable and comfortable intimacy and intercourse.

How do you use CBD Lube?
-During foreplay apply 2-3 sprays directly on the vulva.  Massage gently into the labia, vaginal wall and onto the g-spot with fingers.  Spray liberally on the penis before insertion for more intense internal effects:  Spray. Rub. Insert!

How does CBD lube work?
The mixture of organic essential oils have a warming and stimulating effect on the labia and clitoris.  Internally, the CBD molecules are major vasodilators that relax blood vessel muscles, and send a rush of blood flow to your sexual organs.  This increases nerve sensation.   Combined with the warming and comforting lubrication, many women find orgasms that are much longer and stronger than they have ever experienced.

Does Fireball for Your Vagina burn?
Sex Soss® is formulated to be both a stimulant and lubricant, creating a welcome warming and tingling sensation for 95% of women.  A small minority report that is a little too “hot.”   If that happens you just dilute slightly with MCT oil.  Or, you can spray it on your fingers or a toy in smaller amounts and apply indirectly rather than spraying directly onto the vulva.

Is CBD infused lube safe?
Sex Soss® is made from 100% all-natural plant-based ingredients in a licensed Colorado Department of Health food grade kitchen.  It is much safer on and in your lady parts than typical drug store lubes that are filled with artificial chemicals.  Sex Soss is made in small batches to ensure cleanliness and freshness, and every batch is 3rd party tested at Botanicor, the most respected cannabis testing laboratory in Colorado.   Each bottle is labeled with a QR code that proves it is 100% THC free and has no harmful microbial elements.  Yes, it’s safe, and it works!

What do men think?
Sex Soss is formulated specifically for women, but men enjoy it too!  Many men like feeling and hearing the sensation of a woman reaching body shaking climax and orgasm.  Also, Sex Soss is made to smell and taste great, so oral sex is much more enjoyable (for her too, spray it all over his part).  Watch for a big smile when you finally open your eyes.  (Psst:  If you want to share the enhanced sensations and physical rush with him, give him a Cowboy Cap to eat one hour before sexy time.  Takes a little planning but it worth it!).

Why is it called “Fireball for your Vagina?”
The natural cinnamon bark oils give a faint smell and taste that is exactly like Fireball®

(Pssst…Cowgirl Soss has no affiliation with Fireball®).

Here are the top six reasons why women LOVE Sex Soss®
1.     Stimulates libido and sex drive for both partners
2.     Alleviates pain or discomfort during intercourse
3.     Helps getting “back in the saddle” postpartum or post-menopause sex
4.     Makes oral WAY more enjoyable because of the taste and smell
5.     Able to achieve easier, longer, stronger orgasms
6.     Enjoyment of post-O whole lower body tingling sensation

HELPFUL TIP:  Want to forget all your troubles and manifest a complete full-body relaxation and sexual stimulation experience?   Combine Sex Soss® with our fabulous CBD Massage Soss™ during foreplay to escape into a world of calm and comfort and zero stress.

The combination is GREAT for reducing anxiety and keeping you “in the moment” sexually. 

Add in our all-natural Cowboy Cap erection enhancer for him, and we promise you will both enjoy a VERY special encounter (NOTE:  Cowboy Cap should be taken orally one hour prior to sexual activity to be most effective).

We have a special Couples Intimacy Kit that includes one bottle of each massage and arousal oil and a 3-pack of caps, available for one-time purchase or monthly subscription to keep your juices flowing.  Its not even on the website but message us on FB or IG or chat with us using the chat icon below and we will give you a link and discount code.

Cowgirl’s best-selling intimacy products are a comprehensive solution to initiating better communication, connection, intimacy and passion with your partner.  Get some Soss™ today and feel good!

Pssst: If you are okay with THC, check out blog post about cannabis strains to enhance sex?