Our Love of Health and Wellness

"They say the best things in life happen naturally. We not only believe it, but we are also living proof of it."

Paul & Tonya

We are proud co-founders of Cowgirl Soss™, a Colorado-based CBD and plant-based health and wellness company committed to helping you look, feel, and live better.

With our deep attachment to western independence, freedom and naturalism, and living with our boots planted firmly in the American West's frontier roots, we embrace an active and healthy lifestyle.

"Like so many couples, our path has been born from necessity."

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Our lives started over after our 20+ year marriages ended, eventually leading us to happiness together in a new relationship.

We playfully call ourselves "Cowgirl" and "Cowboy," but we are hard-working, busy parents of five children, a dog, a cat, and seven chickens in the everyday world.

We love to garden, entertain, go to country music concerts (the inspiration for the company name), and we both play competitive tennis––which is where the Sore Soss idea was born. We're both long-suffering insomniacs (Sleep Soss™ and PM Soss™) and long-term–forever–loving partners (Sex Soss®).

We researched, developed, and created our first natural, hand-crafted, successful products from these modest, loving beginnings. Now we're sharing the benefits with the world.

"What was born out of necessity has become a wonderful new frontier of innovation and discovery."

We work with Colorado family-owned organic farms and a talented Boulder scientist to bring to life a wide range of hemp-based recipes for "ailments and desires" we all experience every day.

As part of our commitment to the values of natural and sustainable self-care and health care methods, we are dedicated to organic and plant-based solutions over pharmaceutical drugs. It's a value-added lifestyle that we love, and we share it with our family, friends and loyal customers.

Today we make and sell a line of CBD products that help resolve the everyday health and wellness needs of millions of people: Sore muscles and joints, poor sleep, excess stress, pain management, sports performance, even the occasional hang-over. And, of course, sexual health and well-being. Plus, we've created a special CBD product for your pets––it tastes like bacon.

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