Sore SOSS™ 500mg


CBD Infused Muscle Melt. Sore Soss squeezes 500 milligrams of CBD into 2 ounces, making Sore Soss one of the most highly concentrated CBD oils on the market.

☆Sore Soss received a perfect score of 100/100 at the 2021 Connoisseur Cup. Read full review in comment section.


Sore Soss utilizes the power of CBD isolate along with menthol, camphor and a proprietary blend of natural ingredients to help ease discomfort in joints and muscles.

Sore Soss is fast-acting and felt even more intensely with the addition of ice or heat. Sore Soss can be diluted with any carrier oil and used for therapeutic massage or physical therapy. .

If your pain interferes with a restful night of sleep, try Sleep Soss, available here.

What’s in SORE SOSS?

  • Pure Hemp Isolate
  • 100% Pure Menthol
  • Proprietary blend of 100% Therapeutic Grade and Organic Essential Oils



“Loving that sore Soss.  I need a gallon.” It smells amazing."


“Everyone has a CBD something and yours actually works!."


“It works. I feel the warmth."


“1/2 strength- My legs don’t hurt anymore."


“The pain is gone. I have been putting it on my back every night to keep the pain from coming back."