Sore Stick 1000mg


CBD Infused Muscle Rub. Sore Stick uses the power of 1000 milligrams of CBD into a convenient roll-on format, making it among the most highly concentrated muscle rubs on the market.


Sore Stick doubles the power of our best selling Sore Soss™ spray bottle and comes in a convenient roll on format for your gym bag.  CBD isolate along with menthol, camphor and a proprietary blend of natural ingredients to help ease discomfort in joints and muscles.

Sore Stick is fast-acting and felt even more intensely with the addition of ice or heat.

If your pain interferes with a restful night of sleep, try Sleep Soss, or P.M. Soss™

What’s in SORE STICK?

  • Pure Hemp Isolate
  • 100% Pure Menthol
  • Proprietary blend of 100% Therapeutic Grade and Organic Essential Oils