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"This Stuff Really Works"

"Sex is off the charts. This stuff really works. Loved the silkiness and fragrance."




"I felt so relaxed and was able to have multiple orgasms. Where can I get more? Wow."



"It Lasts All Night Long"

"We have an undeniable attraction for each other now and it lasts all night long."



"A 5 Star Product For Sure"

"This stuff is the best! My girlfriend and I love it!
I’d totally recommend it to anyone. I think we’re on our 5-6th bottle and I’ll definitely be getting more. A 5 star product for sure and the owners of this company are great people too!"



"They Make Everything Better!!"

"Love the Cowgirl Soss products. They make everything better!! I can’t recommend them enough! I am a real Cowgirl Soss gal for sure!!"

-Lisa Marcus


"SleepSoss Has Greatly Improved My Sleeping Habits."

"SleepSoss has greatly improved my sleeping habits. Most nights I can get to sleep reasonably well, but I often wake up about 2’ish and toss and turn. With SleepSoss, I rarely wake up and, even if I do, I get back to sleep easily. Love this product!"

-Bobbi Barrow


"Best CBD Sleep Aid For Stress"

"Best CBD sleep aid for stress related insomnia I have tried. I like it over others that leave me groggy or less sharp for important work obligations."

-Eric Loof


"I Absolutely LOVE These Products"

"I absolutely LOVE these products! I swear by the muscle melt and the sleep soss really helps me sleep through the night. YOU MUST TRY THEM!!"

-Your Content Bestie


"Cowgirl Soss Is Such An Amazing Company"

"Cowgirl Soss is such an amazing company with terrific owners. I thoroughly enjoy working with them and would encourage anyone with the opportunity to do the same!"

-Timothy Swanson


"Great Stuff!"

"Great stuff! High quality and works just as it should."

-Zach Langer



"Amazing! Love the taste 😈"

-Paul Barrow


"Loving That Sore Soss"

“Loving that sore Soss. I need a gallon. It smells amazing."


"It Works"

“It works. I feel the warmth."


"Don't Hurt"

 “My legs don’t hurt anymore.”


"The Pain Is Gone"

"The pain is gone. I have been putting it on my back every night to keep the pain from coming back.”


"Yours Actually Works"

“Everyone has a CBD something and yours actually works!”


"Re-Ignited The Proverbial Flame"

"The CBD calmed my nerves, and the tingle re-ignited the proverbial flame.”



"Very Potent"

"Very potent compared to some other CBD topicals I've had in the past."



"Cowgirl Soss Fan!"

"Cowgirl Soss Fan! ❤️❤️"



"Trust This Guy"

"Trust this guy! 😋"



"This Saved My Feet"

"This saved my feet tonight!! After 3 days at Country Jam on my feet and Arthritis!!"