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Better sex and now better sleep too!
Better sex and now better sleep too!

Sally (mid-50s), California

I used to say, ‘My kingdom, my kingdom, for a good-night’s sleep.’ But alas, sweet dreams, deep sleep and REM sleep were a distant memory for me. My Oura ring scores were not good. I tried damn near everything, including a CBD sleep enhancer. It actually helped me the most. But my Oura still wasn’t giving me a good sleep report.

I should mention that despite the bedroom problems with sleep, I didn’t have any problems with the other important bedroom department, sex. We were all good there. And one of the reasons was Cowgirl Sex Soss. Like wow! A great enhancement in so many ways.

Then everything changed. I was browsing in the Cowgirl online shop and noticed Sleep Soss. I thought, hell if it’s even half as good as Sex Soss, it could help.

My Oura ring is now pleased to report ‘off-the-chart’ numbers in all my sleep stages and my vitals. And I’m sure if she could give a number for Sleep Soss she’d give it a 10-outta-10.

I slept through the night for the first time in a decade!
I slept through the night for the first time in a decade!

Mike (age 44), California

I’ve never been much of a bath guy. Maybe had a handful of baths in the last twenty years. I’m a shower guy. It’s a time-convenience thing. In. Out. Get going.

I work in construction. Which is where my problems started.

I have bilateral carpal tunnel. Plus my finger joints and tips throb. Plus my ulnar nerve is messed up in both arms. I’m not complaining but … geez, I’m a walking advertisement for Tylenol, Ibuprofen and galapentin. Not that they do me much good. Constant pain. Can’t sleep much. ‘Painsomnia’ is my life now. Next is surgery on both wrists and elbows. Physically, I haven’t been a ‘happy camper’ for over a year.

Then I took a bath. Yep. The shower guy tried a bath. And it was no ordinary bath. Full to the top, hotter than blazes (no scented candles … just so we’re clear on that), and a bottle of the highly recommended ‘champagne of bath salts’ – Soak Soss. OMG! No kidding. In three or four minutes I had complete relief in my arms. I could’ve soaked for hours. Was a noodle when I got out. So relaxed I fell asleep on the couch.

Good-bye Tylenol, hello Soak Soss – and the natural magic of CBD. No more painsomnia for me. I’m converted. A devote bath guy. A committed soaker – with my Soak Soss.

Amanda (50-something), Colorado

I read that some women don’t have much trouble with menopause but based on my journey, I think most of those stories are fiction. And as for post-menopause, well … I said, ‘Thank god that’s over.’ But, sadly, so was the sex. I was in the zero-interest group. Zero.

Then along came what my husband called “our little miracle.” A miracle in a bottle. Really! I wouldn’t have believed it, but we were at our wit’s-end – as in the end of sex – and we we’re on a search mission.

And then we found it, our first bottle of Sex Soss. And as they say, the rest is history. I’m an awakened, willing, engaged, present partner. Hubby’s right, it is a miracle in a bottle. Our very own genie in a bottle.

Sex Soss is our "Genie in a Bottle"
Sex Soss is our "Genie in a Bottle"
The "Secret Soss" that saved a 130lb. Burner
The "Secret Soss" that saved a 130lb. Burner

Maverick (age 10) Colorado

“We thought we were going to lose Maverick” said Tonya. “I call him my ‘dog nephew,’ I feel that close to this beautiful, humongous Bernese Mountain Dog.

Mary, ‘Mavi’s’ master and mom, tells the story of how he had to undergo surgery to remove a massive tumor in his neck, close to the jugular vein. “Fortunately,” said Mary, “they didn’t find any cancer cells and he was able to avoid radiation and chemo. But after the tumor was removed, things went from bad to worse.” The incision became infected, and the stitches were literally busting open in front of our eyes, which required an emergency procedure to drain the fluid. His fur lost all its shine and you could see the sadness, maybe fear, in his eyes.

“He's like family,” said Tonya, “so we jumped in to help. Mary and Mavi were done with all the vet appointments but he was still very sick.”

That’s when Zach, one of science guys at Cowgirl Soss rode to the rescue. He blended a customized, high potency CBD solution for Maverick: 1:1 CBD/CBG, 3500 mg. Tonya recommended that Mary put Maverick on a regime of 1 dropper a few times a day to ensure he received approximately 75 mg of CBD and 75 mg of CBG daily.

Mary is a homeopathic purist and she religiously made Mavi bone broth and added Cowgirl Dog Soss, along with arnica, Quercitin, a probiotic and turkey tail. She says, “It worked! I swear by it. When my husband and Mavi walk in the park people stop and ask what’s our ‘secret recipe’ for making him look like a 3-year-old again.”

Tonya said, “After Mavi tried to get his 130 lb ass up a tree to catch a squirrel, we wanted him to do a video testimonial for Dog Soss (coming soon)… but he’s back to running around like a healthy, rambunctious dog, so we had to have Mary tell his story.”

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