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Custom Web Development Company

AtZ Technology as a best custom web design and development company is known for their unique design and development for their clients with proper SEO optimize and mobile friendly web. 

A lot of researchers say that a website gets less than 4 seconds to impress a visitor. In that limited time, you have to catch the visitor or targeted audience’s eyes through your website. 

If you can grab the attention of the user at that very moment you will be a winner. With a drag and drop them all the work cannot be possible. 

However, if you choose a Custom Website design and development company like us, we can do all the work at a certain time.  otherwise, You will lose your potential visitor. 

The website plays a big part in knocking the mind of the visitor. Moreover, website owners need to look at a lot of things as well apart from design like On-page SEO, Site loading Speed, well arranged, Google ranking factor etc. 

And, We can do that part comfortably with our experiences we know the psychology of the audiences. What they need from your website and how to stay with them for the longest time. 

The question is who takes most out of us?  

Anyone can take our service without any doubt but we are best in custom web design for small business, custom web design for lawyers, custom web design for photographers.

Why We are The Best Custom Website Design Company, What We have that You Need Most.

  • Mobile-friendly website by which content will index fast 
  • We are known for to stay audience for a long time through our website design work
  • More than 100+ website has built for a small business owner 
  • Ensuring Google ranking factor which can’t harm website rather improve the ranking 
  • Help to build a strong brand through the website 
  • Conversion rate become high 
  • We have covered and given proper value in the search engine optimization for the website. 
  • Build a lucrative and eye-catchy website to create better engagement

How Much Does a Custom Website Design Cost

Mostly design cost depending on your need. However, the average cost of the website design is $ 1000 to more than $100,000 as well. 

There are various factors included in the price of web design like website size, font, style, navigation bar, functionality features and more. 

It isn’t easy to tell exactly the cost of the custom web design. Because everyone’s brand and interest and purpose are not the same.  

Though we are showing you 4 types of the custom website design price that cost it by which you can get some idea. With that price, you hire us as well. Generally, We take affordable custom website design prices less than the industry standard. So, let’s see the cost of the custom web design: 

Custom Website Design Cost or Packages

Custom web development packages

5 Pages

  • Business Website
  • Custom Design

from $2250

10 Pages

  • Business Website
  • Custom Design

from $4250

15 Pages

  • Business Website
  • Custom Design

from $6250

5 Pages

  • Blog site
  • Custom Design

from $1850

Ready to Get Started?

Process of Custom Website Design Service

We will whole custom website design within 5 steps, let’s see the steps: 

Step: 1 Find out Process 

Through communication with you, The Client, Our project manager and designers will start working with you in the “ Find out Process”. 

This means we will do a lot of sessions and interviews over phone or video conferences to find out what types of custom design you are looking for. 

We also give some of the advice from our experiences which can help you drive more traffic and engaged for a longer time. 

We will build a unique website by which it can represent your brand easily. After finishing the Finding out process we will move into the design concept. 

Step 2: Design Concepts 

After completing the Find out process, our team will jump to the design. Work will account for our finding out writer concept specifications. Definitely in step 1 will work in design plan 1, 2, 3 which means multiple. 

In between work sometimes design concepts can be changed for the better result. The changing idea can come from you or our expert panel as well.  But most of the time we go according to the plan. 

Step 3: Revise Time to Time 

In step 1 we will show some of the themes to get ideas before starting the main work. After that, according to the plan from time to time we will show work to get you possible and suggestion feedback.  

Step 4: Approving the Design and Start Development work

Once we get the green single from you for the website design. Now it is to live the website in front- end development work. It is time to see all the work actually on live.

Step 5: Integration with CSM 

When all the front – end work has been done. All the projects come in one single place through back – end development. To see the main website with your domain name need integration with the CSM platform. By that, you can search your domain name see the full website at glance. 

Why You Should Choose Custom Web Design Over Website Model

One of the debatable topics is should choose custom web design or ready-made template design. Most people will say it is best to opt for a ready-made theme as it will not take too much money according to their thoughts. But we should love to say that you are making a big mistake.

Ok! Give me this question’s answer: do you need different themes from others to value your brand? Do you need your web theme developer in your urgent time? Will you get proper security to use their templates? Now, Let me tell you the viable solution and advantages for building your websites with custom design.

High RIO And Conversion Rates for Custom Web Design

There is no arguable topic to discuss whether a custom website design will give you more ROI or pre-made models. A custom web design-build with a solid and concrete plan to achieve more leads and sales from the targeted audiences. This will drive more traffic, generate and increase more conversion rate in the case of ROII.

Visual Effectiveness And User Experience

It will increase more traffic, boost your sales options and play a vital role. You have a certain business plan for your targeted audience for that reason you have to have a well presentable and visually create a spark through your website. 

Customized web design always gives more flexibility and good user experience as you build your website thinking about your targeted audience. Building a website in the process of the customized way if you face any problem then can call your developer to fix this problem and he/she can solve this issue easily as he/she has made it. 

Personalisation And Localisation

A customized web page increases the conversion rate. The personalized experience makes the audience feel special and helps them to stay longer on your website.  Customization is letting the user speak the website what he wants.

He chose according to his interests like to select the language, to manage the settings, to include or exclude services, to choose the colors or layout. Personalization helps to reveal the customer behavior that he likes to click on the product: call to action button, and others can find out easily.

We can understand more about users by creating a custom website such as the user’s interest, age, gender, location, and demographic. All those things will not get in the pre-made templates.

SEO and Visibility

SEO and ranking factor is the main issue if you are highly interested in Google organic ranking along with brand visibility. Look, every single person wants to rank on the first page on Search engine am I right?  If YES! Then stay with me.

A premade template has to work a lot to do SEO friendly work, I am not saying it is not possible. But if you launch your website with a different look with customized design with proper SEO work then google will give your website more preference to go the top page as your design is not similar to other hundred websites. You have given a fresh look with rigorous  SEO work.

Cons for Custom Construction

One of the drawbacks of building a customized website is, it takes time to build according to the plan with proper testing so that it works perfectly without any issue. And, It is quite an expensive approach as it tests from time to time.

To build a custom website everyone thinks about the high expertise and professional developers who can do the best and smooth work as the Clients want.

The main reason to prepare the design by the business owner is that it can be created at a cheap price. However, They forget the very important part of developing.

It takes a lot of time to build a website for developers if any other design builds it in a complex manner. Thus, it is better to do everything in one place.

Here comes our role to establish and build an exact customizable website for your target audiences according to your goal to achieve your required profit through the website. We have a proper package for you so that you can get the most benefit out of it.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Develop a Custom Website

As a newbie in the business industry, it is very daunting to do the appropriate approach. To make it easier for you, we have some points so that you can understand better before choosing the custom web development services:

1. Unique Look That Matches with the Brand

Everyone who doesn’t want to build a customized website with any reason, definitely they will do procrastination. Though, he also knows back of his mind that it is important to build a custom website to give a fash look to the website.

Every business owner’s requirement is isolated from another business design. Your product or services have to meet the vision of your respective clients with a good visualization and matched perfectly with your Brand. 

On nline, every business owner wants to create a brand around his business. Thus, you have to go in a unique way and that will be starting with your custom website.

2. Flexible and User-friendly

Custom web design offers a user-friendly and flexible approach to the users and Clients, during the time of web development the web design and developers will aid to do your work accounting to business needs.

The cunning developers will fix the problem if you face any issue in the near future with the coding or unnecessary bugs with your website. Premade template development will not have the proper support if you need it. Flexibility and user-friendliness website is our key component that any web development company has to have and that should be the main priority.

3. Website Loading Time

Unarguably and most prominent need to be doing is website loading time or speed. Giving the highest focus on the website time as it is the main priority and ranking factor of every search engine. Cunning developers know very well how to improve website time with limited coding and maintaining every single thing.

4. Creativity

To grab anyone’s attention in the first look is possible through creativity. Custom websites will give more comfort and uniqueness to your website with better experience and navigation to the visitor. Sometimes to identify the band with their website design and easy to use options like Amazon.

5. Third-party incorporation

To involve a third – incorporation party sometimes is pretty expensive for the personalized website in a way to re-inventing the platform. Though, it allows you to implement a well -established website. You can leverage an exciting system used by top big companies such as  Salesforce, Google Maps, Authorize.net, and Various. It has some advantage if you choose the Third-party incorporation:

  1. You can gain an individual skilled team to access   
  2. You can save a lot of costs 
  3. You can gain a proper customizable web project 
  4. You are able to gain more functionality for your web project 
  5. You will be able to better SEO 
  6.  You able to get better service in your project 
  7. You able to get protection from unnecessary problems

Front-End Custom Development

Front – end custom development is the website front – end in which the customer will interact with it in various ways. Front – end is the main look of the website.

Custom development companies try to create a nice and catchy and dandy web look that can grab the attention of the customer. Moreover, it also gives a visualization with the full focus of UX and UI.

It is easy to customizable for the needs of the Clients. Our front end technology toolkit makes the website robust and efficient. We make sure that every single thing on the website achieves the goal of the clients.

We are dedicated, hard workers, and ready to do all complex work with full effort to make your dream project fulfill at your appointed time. We guarantee components of our front-end programming services, we provide perfect and more precise customized web designs that look dandy.

Back-end Development

Back – end development is more complex, tough, hard coding work to do which gives a fantastic front – end look. Common or visitors can not see those works. Top cunning and highly qualified developers do the work by taking the full responsibility of their shoulder.

Almost all the websites require the back – end work process to do valuable and visual work to show.  Automation supports the in-house introduction of dynamic data, system development, adds dynamic content, scalability, and keeps your data organized.

Our web arrangements are custom-made to your particular needs and prerequisites in accordance with all that we do. We don’t have a plan until we can fabricate your vision and thoughts.

We are the web solution to fulfill the requirements of the specific needs in the line with everything the Clients want to do. We are ready with a bunch of expert team members to bring the best and reliable work to be done for you. 

We are focused, well-documented, and created a safe framework that follows every single programming language required to do your project work.

E-commerce Functionality

Last few years the eCommerce sector is booming in the online industry. If you talk about this Pandemic time people have released the potentiality of E-commerce services which can bring more reliability and safe health process. 

In this year (2021), every small and big eCommerce company made plenty of money by giving the proper service to the targeted audiences. If you have products that are related to the E-commerce industry then it is high time to grab the opportunity and launch it right now. Otherwise, you will regret it very soon.

If you are ready to acquire your eCommerce project but could not find a trusted company then we are here to make you sure of every single thing you need to know to build your trust, feel free to call us to understand more. 

We will be happy to clear your doubt about our services. If you are thinking about who will do your work then we can tell you that the highest potential, dedicated, promising and certified cunning design and developer will do your work according to your framework. 

Finally, you will need both custom web design and development for your website building isn’t it? If you can get both in a single place then it will be much better for you to do all the work. 

What to say?  

We are a Custom Website design and Development company believe in clients ensurity with popularity. 

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