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5 Types of Experiential Marketing & Why It’s Important 2023

Types of Experiential Marketing & Why It's Important

Experiential marketing is simple to understand but to be able to absorb more about it you need to know the types of experiential marketing. 

Here’s a situation for you to comprehend the context. Suppose you are asked to buy a video game for you to play during your leisure hours. 

The producer or the developer informed you that this game has got everything that you would prefer, the sound system, the graphics, the storyline-everything will make you highly satisfied, at least the maker of that game thinks so.

Not only the producing party but the marketer also tried his/her best to allure you to buy the game. The price is reasonable, and the game is recommended by others as well.

Now, imagine, there’s another game out there, for this, the marketer did something completely different. Instead of giving you wordy speeches appreciating his/her video game, you are told to directly “experiment” with the game. 

That is, a physical setting of the game will be made, where you will get into and observe whether it suits your preferences or not? 

Sounds fancy? Well, of course, it is, and it works really well too!

Not only that the second video game has more possibilities to out-market the first one, it surely will create a buzz about it among gamers.

Can you tell yourself why exactly it happens so?

Easy! It works in this way simply because people are more likely to believe their own experience by experimenting with something rather than just blindly believing your words. 

And that’s why experiential marketing is the new form of the most effective and efficient way of marketing! 

What is Experiential Marketing?

When the brand will immerse the consumers themselves within the product or service to have the best experience possible out of it – we call it experiential marketing!

What is Experiential Marketing

Marketers out there around the world are all trying to harness this incredible power of experiences as one of the best ways to market their brands. 

There’s obviously something different about experiential marketing that makes it exceptional from the other types of marketing strategies. 

The thing is when you stop spending your precious time and resources after trying to persuade your customers to buy your product or service through a billboard or TVC advertising and rather try to immerse them in actual experiences, it just makes a very strong connection between you and your customers.

Don’t believe it? According to a study made by EventTrack, 70% of primary users have turned themselves into regular customers after they had attended an experimental marketing event!

Experiential marketing is truly an amazing strategy that surely will contribute to your brand promotion and sales increase once you’ve been able to engage your customers in it successfully.

Other Definition of Experiential Marketing 

Louis Falco, Head of Customer Relationships and Brand Loyalty, Cadillac via Limelight

Since there is no universally accepted definition of experiential marketing, you may have run across several different interpretations of the term. To make sure we’re all on the same page, let’s clarify what experiential marketing is not.

Brad Nierenberg, CEO RedPeg Marketing via Best Bosses

In experiential (loyalty), we talk about surprise and delight. If we happen to have tickets to a runway show, which we have for New York Men’s Fashion Week, we would send an email out to local individuals and say ‘Hey would you want to go see a runway show?’ Those are the type of experiential (loyalty) moments that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. When consumers think about leaving Cadillac for Mercedes, maybe they’ll say, ‘I remember Cadillac gave me this unique opportunity…

​​Sarah Priestman, Sense NYC via Adweek

Experiential marketing is a practical advertising approach that primarily focuses on consumers’ experience.

Shaz Smilansky, Director Blazinstar Marketing, “Why Experiential?”

Experiential marketing is the live, one-on-one interactions that allow consumers to create connections with brands.

5 Types of Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is just an event or campaign to involve and create more engagement with people to the interest in the product or service.

There are various types of experiential marketing but we will talk about 5 main sorts of experiential marketing. 

1. Event Marketing

Evert is a perfect way to do experiential marketing and both are interrelated with one another. The event is an opportunity for the customer and company to give information about what costumes they want to know about the product. 

On the other hand, companies get exposure by buying shares of their product features and interacting with them. 

Something’s company creates pre-launch events to get feedback about their new products and what people think about them.  To do that companies get more exposure from the media and various ways as well. 

2. Guerilla Marketing 

Guerilla marketing is another best experiential marketing. Generally, gorilla marketing starts with a marketing campaign where customers get the surprise, emotionally Tigard in a positive way. 

The best place to do guerilla marketing is crowded places where more people gather or they pass by those places like marketing, shopping malls, particular places. 

However, it is quite risky to do marketing if it is expressed in a negative way for someone, the whole business can be shut down. 

as Hubspot puts it, “experiential marketing…invites an audience to interact with a business in a real-world situation. Using participatory, hands-on, and tangible branding material, the business can show its customers not just what the company offers, but what it stands for.”

3. Product Display  

Visual impact sometimes is huge compared to other marketing strategies for example – every year the iPhone launches a new phone but before launching the phone when the iPhone expresses their new phone video that creates huge noise. 

Product Display

Big companies try to get feedback from the customer or interested people about what they thought about the product. 

As a matter of fact, they list down and display their product with various categories and colours so that the company can understand which one they should use for their marketing campaign. 

Customers can experience and know more about it features, benefits to get real experience from there. 

4. QR Codes

QR codes help to reduce work time for better interaction without even downloading the app and visiting the main website. 

Just open your camera and screen and you will be able to get more information about the product like – price, elements, features and how to use it etc. 

In addition, QR codes give the opportunity to get a better buying experience and sellers get all the data and quantity easily to their customers just by scanning the QR codes. 

5. Brand Activation

This works when a new service or product is getting the product in this case experiential marketing is perfect for that. 

To showcase their new products to the audience to give them more understanding about the product. 

In addition, for that create some mini-event and promotion to increase the interest of the products or product.  

The Basics of Launching an Event of Experiential Marketing

An experiential marketing event can only be executed after maintaining various moving parts such as proper planning, measuring, research, and then finally making it to the users presented. Let’s get to know more about these aspects:

The Basics of Launching an Event of Experiential Marketing
  • Budget

The first and foremost thing to consider- is the budget. Before you start materializing your experiential marketing campaign, first sit together with your team and calculate what amount of resources you will spend on which part. The more perfectly you can do this part, the more neat and clean your experiential marketing event will be.

  • Strategy

Plan the whole event, very thoroughly, and strategically. Gather all departments of your organization and collect insights and ideas from them, tactics, logistics, measurements, and so on. 

  • Operations

The whole work should be divided among all the teams appropriately and a course of action shield be devised. Strong communication must be assured among the teams so that there is a coherence of work. The organizers should be kept in touch as well. Proper supervision and enthusiasm will ensure quality and perfection.

  • Giveaways

This is important because customers love giveaways! By involving your brand in giveaways, you might have the chance to outperform your competitors and thus win the game.

  • Promotional Incentives

When you are almost there, now it’s time to promote your experimental marketing campaign or event so that people are aware of your campaign and feel interested to take part in it.

Remember that, the sole purpose of your campaign is to make your customers experiment with your new product or service, so it’s important that they participate in the event. Otherwise, all your resources and efforts will, unfortunately, go in vain.

What you need to do to avoid such bad luck is to create a buzz about your upcoming event. Make it special and attractive. If necessary, incorporate celebrity appearances or special prizes.

  • Measuring

Now that your event came to an end, it’s time to determine the outcomes. Have you met your expectations about your event? How much participation was there? What was the feedback from the participators? If you find any scopes of improvements, how to do that? Measure the overall success of your event and learn from it!

Why Experiential Marketing Is Important?

As Forbes has mentioned earlier, a lasting and strong connection can be developed between your brand and your customers through experiential marketing activities.

Why Experiential Marketing Is Important

Experiential marketing events can also help you find a significant amount of data about the customers’ participation rate, their preference, and so on, which you can then utilize to improve your strategies in the future.

This type of marketing will also contribute to humanizing your brand to a great extent, which will certainly leave a very positive impression about your brand on your customers.

At present, almost all the brands out there are trying to engage in digital marketing to maximize sales and brand promotion. 

With a view to improving brand visibility online, digital marketing tactics are applied by these brands, which can be enhanced even more if experiential marketing events are combined with digital marketing.

Experiential Marketing Strategy

Even though now at this point, experiential marketing events might seem extremely interesting, you would rather be suggested to take a breath and calm down. 

Experiential Marketing Strategy

Whether your events will be successful or not will depend on how strategically you plan them. So, here are some tips to help you out:

1. Taking Advantage of VR

Few marketing tools like virtual reality technologies or 360° videos are nowadays very much appreciated by people in general, attracting more of them. Try to use them in your experiential marketing event as well.

2. Finding People Where They Are Already

Don’t try to pull out people from where they are already in, rather try getting yourself there and bring some attractions with you as well.

3. Transforming The Space

Transforming The Space

A very usual space can be turned into something marvellously interesting and attention-seeking, only if you can think out-of-the-box and use some creativity.

4. Seeking Out Brands to Partner With

As long as both the brands are getting benefitted from each other, be open to co-branding or partnerships!

  • Teaching People Something

Since this whole experimental marketing strategy e about making people more and more engaged with the brand, what can be more useful to fulfil the goal other than teaching people something that people can relate with the brand?

  • Letting People Create Something Together

Apart from teaching people, give them a chance to get creative and do something on their own too. This will surely make it an unforgettable memory for them!

  • Adding a Digital Element

By doing so, it gets easier to share the experience with others for the people who participated, which ultimately contributes to promoting your brand too!

Final Words

Experimental marketing is something that connects people with your brand. So, don’t be afraid to think out of the box and get creative. Just follow the rules initiate your own experimental marketing event and taste the impressive power of it, best of luck to you!