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19 Field Marketing Event Ideas, Strategies, And Examples


Speed in business is very important. The world is becoming faster every day. You have to catch up with it.

It is what makes companies stand out apart from their competitors. In recent years, this has been especially true as the taste of people is frequently changing.

Your ability to respond swiftly to market shifts is the key to success. 

How can you cope with a fast-changing market?

The answer is field marketing event ideas. It keeps you updated with the market demand and shifts. You get to know what consumers are expecting.

By making the necessary changes you can make your business more sustainable and adaptable.

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What is Field Marketing?

Field marketing is a type of marketing in which a firm or organization places its goods or services in front of customers out in the field. It can occur in public spaces, shops, colleges, and other indoor and outdoor events.

One of a company’s most effective promotional weapons is field marketing. It allows you to communicate with customers in real time while being directly exposed to a product. 

It is a two-way communication tool since there is rapid feedback. Customers get the chance to make inquiries and suggestions.

Organizing field marketing provides you with the following benefits: 

  • Brand exposure
  • Boosting sales in targeted locations and
  • Boosting connections with loyal clients.

9 Field Marketing Event Ideas

It is always better to generate ideas before jumping into action. You can observe what other companies are doing and consider if they are applicable to your business as well, or you can come up with your own ideas.

Field Marketing Event Ideas

However, it is better to analyze and observe what others are doing.

Analyzing your competitors helps you understand the market better. Therefore, even if you are thinking of coming up with something entirely unique, you must know about the common field marketing ideas. 

Here we have described the most profitable field marketing event ideas that can help you understand the marketing policy better.

1. Hosting A Field Marketing Event for Your Brand

Consider a gathering that will support your brand.

Make sure the event is perfectly representing your brand.

Highlight what makes you unique and why you are reliable.

You’ll attract attendees and you may exploit the buzz to increase brand awareness. 

To ensure a large turnout, you only need to publicize the event aggressively.

Additionally, it should be memorable and engaging to encourage achievement.

You can arrange drinks and snacks. It works like a miracle for food companies.

If you are not a food company then looking for beverages that may complement your product is a good option.

This makes the experience more engaging. 

In addition, you can provide cooking lessons that demonstrate how to prepare meals with your product.

Customers will be more exposed to your brand when you highlight your product’s excellent features.

In short, do the things yourself that the customers will do with your products. Show them how easy and time-saving your products are.

Also, you can let them play if you make sports products. So, the theme is to let your audience use your products. It is worth millions of advertising costs.

2. Create A Networking Event For Field Marketing

Events for networking are helpful for both your business and other businesses in your sector. 

It fosters a laid-back atmosphere where people may learn about your product from one another. 

It demonstrates that your business is trying to improve the sector as a whole.

A frequent gathering at a lively location promotes maximum impact. Connections will be made by your visitors. 

Additionally, you’ll be able to establish connections with suppliers and clients. They’ll probably grow to love your firm more and suggest it to others.

Another effective strategy is to organize a convention. Being the event’s title sponsor validates your company. 

You will get the opportunity to communicate with your intended audience. Successful promotion of the event will encourage repeat participation from attendees. It will be a long-lasting success.

3. Be a Sponsor For Non-Profit Programs

Who does not love parties? Particularly if it’s for a worthwhile purpose. Look into sponsoring a charity or foundation-related fundraising event. 

It is beneficial to have relationships with non-profit organizations.

At first glance, this marketing strategy could appear to be wasting money.

However, you will be investing in your company’s long-term reputation. 

People who arrive in the non-profit programs will have a positive view regarding your brand and it will create sympathy among them for your business. 

Distribute free goods to the people who show up.

People love getting gifts and surely they will share them online thanking your company for being a sponsor.

People today have that tendency.

They like to share on social media any gifts they get.

If a thousand people show up, there is a possibility that more than a hundred thousand people will know about your sponsorship. Thus your brand’s reputation will improve.

Taking part in these events is essential for another reason.

You may gain access to many influential people in the community. The aim is to be approachable and casual. 

You will get a chance to meet and have conversations with influential people who can help you in expanding your business.

In addition, you may get a big business deal from them if you can present your brand properly.

4. Arrange A Social Media Buzz Event

A potent social media campaign can completely alter the situation. It gives you a reach to a wider audience at a very affordable cost. 

Arrange A Social Media Buzz Event

You get the chance to connect with clients all over the world. Making it interesting and enjoyable for the consumer is the ultimate goal.

Make sure your campaign stands out from the crowd to succeed.

Find strategies to differentiate your websites and content. To increase buzz, it’s critical to involve visitors by encouraging comments and sharing.

Look for a chance to get endorsed. With the growth in popularity of social media a completely new group of young celebrities has developed.

You might have a significant effect if you convince one of these influencers to promote your brand. They have a good connection with the Gen Z audience.

If your target audience is youngsters, it is certainly a good approach to marketing.

Ao, bring some celebrities to the event. People will love to see them live. Ask them to share their views on your product.

Their reviews have value since many young people consider these celebrities as their idols. Including as many interactive elements as possible in your campaign will boost involvement. 

You can arrange games for the audience or their opinion and suggestion sessions.

Customers enjoy participating in the selection process for products and having a chance to win prizes.

This will boost the attendance numbers. The more people attend, the more publicity you get.

5. Guerilla Marketing 

Sounds scary? It is named after a type of warfare known for its notorious hit-and-run nature. Guerilla marketing strategies are very unpredictable. 

Guerilla marketing requires a great deal of creativity. The plan is to advertise your products in the most unexpected ways.

You should target buyers in locations and ways that they never expected. For example, using “Graffiti’ on busy road walls.

Guerilla marketing is relatively inexpensive. It requires a lot of energy and imagination. That is the reason companies rely on ‘foot soldiers’ to execute their marketing strategies. 

6. Product Demonstration

Product demos are the most common field marketing activity. Freebies are used by businesses that deal with food and beverages.

Sales representatives of the company distribute free samples to people. You can arrange such events in different places including:

  • On the street, 
  • At shopping malls, 
  • In schools and colleges.
  • In hospitals and
  • Even in stadiums

Choosing the location of the event is crucial. You need to organize the event in such a place where you will find your target audience.

7. Direct Sales

Representatives from the company directly deal with customers in direct sales situations. 

Direct Sales

Most of the time, businesses combine direct sales with product demos to capitalize on the customer’s desire to test the product.

Pop-up stores and promotional booths at events are two more forms of field marketing that emphasize direct sales.

It helps you get a response from the customer of your new product. You can get feedback from them. It lowers the risk.

Bringing a new product to the market and making it popular requires a lot of planning and strategy. Running a direct sale lowers the risk. This safe investment is very important for small businesses.

8. Retail Audits

Not all field marketing projects entail interacting directly with customers.

A company can rely on field teams to conduct an audit. It helps them learn how their conventional marketing techniques are displayed in retail establishments. 

Field teams gather information during a retail audit. To gain insight into how their goods, signs, and marketing materials are displayed in various retail settings. The benefits of the retail audit are three:

  • It gives marketing managers a better understanding of how well their marketing efforts work in various stores.
  • It provides businesses with the opportunity to learn from past errors. You can maximize the success of their point-of-sale marketing strategies.
  • Connecting the data with Neuromarketing can make your products more engaging and attractive

9. Webinars 

A webinar is an event where you can specify how you want attendees to participate. You can reach a specific audience through this.

A webinar can improve your company’s experience. In a webinar, audience participation is not only encouraged but also welcomed. Questions can be raised by visitors. 

You may also invite other industry leaders using this online platform. You can conduct a roundtable, or accept consumer testimonials.

Encourage attendees to arrange a one-on-one conversation with speakers after the event.  This will make your webinars more engaging. 

Remember, the more interactive you can be, the better results you get.

10 Field Marketing Strategies

To get the best out of your field marketing, you need to have a proper strategy. Without a proper strategy, your campaign may fall short to bring the expected result.

Field Marketing Strategies

Here are some strategies that can help your field marketing:

1. Focus on Brand Awareness

Are you new to business? Are there already too many competitors? If so then it is tough to get customers interested in your brand. They already have relationships with older brands.

You need to intrude. 

And how do you do that? Obviously, through field marketing events. You organize field marketing events to distribute your products for free. That is not all. You tell them personally why it is a better product. 

There is hardly any chance that the audience won’t accept the freebies. They will apply or use your product and if the quality is good, chances are you have made thousands of new customers.

You can arrange for monitors to show ads in person. People will love that. You can combine field marketing with “cause marketing” to get more benefits. This will help your brand get a good reputation.

2. Go After Your Target Audience

Field marketing is the best for bringing in a target audience. Who is your target audience? Based on that you have to decide the location for the event. For examples:

  • If your target audience is Students then it is best to go to schools and colleges to promote your products. 
  • If patients are your target audience then you know that hospitals are the place where you should arrange the programme.
  • Do you make your products for officials? Visit offices, shopping malls, and conferences. 

3. Fight Customer’s Doubt

What happens if there are people who doubt or despise your brand? Your sales suffer.

People tend to listen to their peers’ opinions over what brands have to say. Therefore, you cannot ignore those who doubt your products. Rather, you have to set a mission to turn them into your customers.

To do this, you need expert field marketers who know your products out and out. Train them so that they can clear any doubts the customers can have. Send these field marketers to events to answer the queries of the audience. 

Distribute free samples and offer a challenge. If anyone can prove that your products are not good, announce prize money for them. Such a level of confidence is essential for the growth of the business. It will increase the confidence of your customers and also gain you respect from those who do not use your products.

So what do you think? Aren’t these things important to make your business better and bigger? You should think of it immediately.

4. Take Client Testimonials

The perfect tool to increase your ROI is customer experience stories. Positive testimonials, stories, and reviews increase visibility, produce leads, and merely foster trust

Take Client Testimonials

These tales not only personalize your goods but also give your prospect confidence in their choice. 

Assemble the customer’s account into a coherent tale that supports your goal by working with other teams in your company.

5. Create A Marketing Team

You cannot overlook this one. You must have a dedicated marketing team. Don’t think that you are a one-man army and can plan everything alone. The ROI for the marketing team is always multiple times higher.

Make sure you are putting the right men on the team. Regional marketing teams are frequently compact and quick. You should allow your marketing manager to hire the best personnel available to create this team. Give them the freedom to work freely, you can hold your power of final decisions though.

The team’s management must also ensure they have the resources necessary for success. Encourage your marketing team to focus on the set target. Giving mentoring and continuing professional development can also contribute to the generation of more ideas and plans that can help your business grow exponentially.

6. Hire Field Marketing Agency

Hiring field marketing agencies may sound costly but it brings results. Besides, it lowers some other costs. A field marketing manager uses companies to carry out activities that need specialized knowledge. 

For instance, they might collaborate with a company to generate press releases or carry out fieldwork. By doing so, the workload is reduced on your marketing team and they can concentrate on what they do best.

7. Make it Cost-Effective

You need money to promote your business. There is no denial. Field marketing can be cost-effective. This is the best part about field marketing. 

You can run campaigns on any scale you like. You can compute an exact return on your investment as you can accurately track each campaign’s success based on the number of people who purchase your products in the event. And the growth you witness immediately after the event.

It may be possible to only pay for the results the campaigns produce. You need an expert event management team to organize everything perfectly. If the campaigns are not organized properly, it can act as a boomerang and cost you a reputation.

So, feel free to hire an expert field marketing manager. It will not increase the cost. Rather, it will reduce the cost in many ways and increase the return on investment.

8. Talk to The Audience

The ability to interact directly with customers is another advantage of field marketing events.

8. Talk to the Audience

You can talk to people on a personal level and learn what they truly feel about your products and service.

You can chat with them on their doorstep or meet them in malls or in other public areas.

People frequently react more strongly to these one-on-one encounters. Your agents can talk one-on-one or to a small group of people and help them understand the benefits of your products. 

This way your field marketing will be more interactive and successful than generic internet campaigns, printed advertisements, television, or radio.

So, field marketing can do wonders for your business. It makes sure that people know your brand.  You get the opportunity to persuade them. They get to ask if there is any confusion. You can correct that. They feel safe using your service. 

It is easier to convince customers in real life while speaking to them directly. For this, you must train your field agents properly.

9. Make Partnerships with Brands

This may sound a bit strange but this is a very productive strategy to increase the exposure of your brand. Think about establishing a marketing partnership with other companies. You are not going to make partnerships with rivals. 

You need to find companies that complement your products. Both of you will get profit from expanding your respective audiences. Plan a strategy to combine your efforts. Sell both of your items at a package rate in the event. This will generate interest among the audience and reduce your marketing expenditure.

While making partnerships, consider how similar your target demographics are. You can develop a campaign plan together that will likely resonate with your consumers’ overlaps. 

10. Connect It with Neuromarketing

Suppose you launch a product and get a good response. That’s great but you cannot sit idly now. That is not how good business becomes global. 

You need to gather insightful information about the feelings of the customers. If they think there is even a slight improvement to make then make it. It will amaze your customers and their interest won’t fade away with time. Ask your field team to gather information regarding:

  • What are your customers’ feelings about the product?
  • Can you improve it?
  • Is your packaging all right?
  • Do the customers think you need any improvement?

You can tell this by their facial expressions. This is important data for Neuromarketing.

Neuromarketing helps you get connected to your customers’ minds.

You can set up boot camps and temporary stalls. Send experts along to observe. Field marketing research brings huge benefits for the future.

Field marketing vs Digital Marketing

Field marketing is not like digital marketing. Both have their pros and cons.

Field marketing vs Digital Marketing

Let’s see them at a quick glance:

  • Field marketing is an old but effective method. On the other hand, digital marketing is a new and effective method.
  • Field marketing takes place in real life. While digital marketing mostly happens through the Internet.
  • Field marketing reaches a small audience compared to digital marketing.
  • Field marketing can create a better positive image for your brand than digital marketing.
  • Digital marketing does not provide you with the opportunity to talk to the audience like field marketing.
  • Field marketing is sometimes more expensive than digital marketing.
  • Field marketing allows you to convince haters. Digital marketing does not.

This comparison is not to find out which is better. Rather, you can see the different advantages they provide. You can take advantage of both. Otherwise, you can research to find out which suits your business best. 

Examples of Field Marketing Events

Let’s see some successful field marketing brand examples. 

Examples of Field Marketing Events

1. Maggie

Maggie is a good example of field marketing. When they launched their 2-minute cup noodles, they targeted the youth. They distributed free noodles in schools and colleges.

Maggie was already popular among housewives. But the cup noodles were not for them. They needed to engage the youth. And field marketing helped them achieve that goal.

They ran a campaign and showed young children how easily they could prepare noodles themselves. You know the result was that the product became insanely popular.

2. Peugeot

Peugeot maintains a consistent schedule of events in malls, big-box stores, sports centres, and theatres.

As it is obvious that their target audience is wealthy people, they run their campaigns in such locations where rich people buzz around.

They display cars and reserve them for test drives. People can have their free test drives before the model is available on the market. As a result, Peugeot gets feedback from potential consumers and can work on them. 

Peugeot is also involved in charitable programs. They take sponsorship for fundraising programs and sometimes sponsor concerts. Their new models get good exposure from such events and when people share their positive experiences of the test drive, it helps them more.

3. Redbull

Redbull launches field marketing events regularly. They sponsor sports and concerts.

They give special discounts.

People who gather at the stadiums are constantly seeing the advertisements for the drink and also the field marketing agents keep trying to convince them.

So, it’s obvious they make the first purchase, and after that, it’s a never-ending loop for life.

Many sports teams in Ice Hockey, Nascar, and Soccer are sponsored by Redbull. It has helped them gain massive popularity among youngsters. 


Field marketing event ideas are for the growth of your business. They help you reach and read the audience. It also helps with other marketing ideas. It is less expensive but more effective.

The benefits of field marketing are also promising. You should try to get the best out of it. Make sure you have the best strategy before starting. Proper management is important.

A good field marketing campaign can boost your sales and popularity. Almost all the big companies do it. Why should you stay back?