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Best Web Hosting Service for Small Business

Web Hosting

Do you search online for the question-answer “what is the best web hosting service for small business in 2021?” and want a perfect small business hosting?

YES! You are in right place!

We are aware of your pain! Your website will be far better than before with our hosting service. We know the importance of hosting in terms of Google and search engine ranking.

We are dedicated and articulate to give small business owner the best web hosting service for small business.

You won’t regrade after choosing our hosting service! we can ensure that!

Web Hosting Service Packages

Here are the 3 types of hosting server, choose your interesting package of your wor. To see the deal:  

Shared Hosting Package

Basic Basic Plus Basic Business
Dick Space 20 GB SSD30 GB SSD50 GB SSD 
File Limite 300.000300.000600.000
Uptime 100% 100%100%
Bandwidth UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Hosted Domain 3UnlimitedUnlimited
Subdomain 30 UnlimitedUnlimited
Backup After 2 week After 2 weeks Automatic back up After 2 weeks Automatic back up 
Cloud Storage  NONOOK
Have Cpanel OKOKOK
Website Builder OKOKOK
Dedicated IP$2.00/mo$2.00/mo$2.00/mo
Free Apps 1 Click Install 1 Click Install 1 Click Install 
FTP User 50 Unlimited Unlimited
Personal Servers NONOOK
Email Account 30 UnlimitedUnlimited
Monthly Price $2.80$4.80$8.80
Year Price $1.40$2.40$4.40
2 Years price  $1.24 $2.24 $3.88

Best Web Hosting Service for Small Business

Get more control in your hand! Ideal for those businesses such as solopreneur, web developer, or e-commerce want to add more power and speed up to your website or company for online business. 

All the owner thinks about the hosting and probably the most curious and tensed object is hosting without any doubt. You may ask WHY it is important? 

A website hosting can down your website or slow it if you miss choosing a good hosting service. 

So, we are the only dedicated hosting service provider for small busienss as we give the web design and development service to our clients and we can’t break their trust as well. 

We are highly concertized about web hosting and the value of your website running time and google ranking factor as well. 

Best Web Hosting Service for Photographers

It is daunting to choose a good web hosting for photographers. Hosting determines various factors like the speed of your website and storage space. 

For the photographers, it is very necessary to speed up your website fast as in the website you show different types of images regularly. 

We know most photographers showing their good work through images and it takes plenty of space. For that reason, it takes time to load up the website.  

If you can show you work faster without any interruption then you can get a lot of good work from your clients. 

So, we assure and promise you that the website will not face any hard time with speed and storage. Without thinking too much you can choose our website service with website design and development as well. 

What is The Best Web Hosting Service for Small Business 2021?

in the market have various tyeps of hosting service like :

  1. Bluehost 
  2. InMotion 
  3. HostGator 
  4. A2 Hosting 
  5. Hostinger 
  6. GreenGeeks 
  7. DreamHost 
  8. SiteGround 

But the question is should you buy from them or will it be helpful for your business?

NO! it will not very helpful all the time, yes it can be if you are doing all the work by yourself otherwise you shouldn’t choose one of those.

for example, you are taking your web design service in this case, it won’t be a good option to opt for one of those hosings.

You may ask WHY?

As we know what will be best for your future business and what type of benefits and advantages they give. Only For small business, we have planned these small business web hosting services. So, our vision and mission is clear what I can do and what we can take from us.

Other Benefits 

  • Free SSL installation 
  • Domain name & Privacy Protection 
  • Unlimited Bandwidth 
  • Website Builder 
  • Free CDN
  • 31 days Money Back Guarantee 

Share Hosting Features 

To leverage your web hosting, you can see some of the key features:

Free SSL Certificate 

Right now it is highly valuable to integrate your SSL Certificate within the Domain. Otherwise, Google and other Search engines do not think it is a trusted website. Besides, Audiences don’t like to visit that type of website as well. 

WordPress and Cpanel 

Installing WordPress in 1 Click process to take little time to do that. Getting free Cpanel to control all work from there. without Cpanel, it is impossible to work. 

Personalized Email Services 

Enjoying a domain-based email which gives more professionality for branding the website or related business. However, you can Create 30 Business emails if you choose a basic plan. 

24/7 live support 

Solving your problem is a high priority to resolve in limited time. We are thriving our work more to give support within a moment. 

FAQ of Shared Hosting 

What is Web Hosting? 

Web hosting is a place or computer where people store their contents or website. Think like you rent an office where you set up all the tables, furniture, computer etc; but instead of those things in your web hosting you store HTML files, Videos, Audios, Images etc. 

The “Web Hosting” refers to the company which gives the rent out to their computer or server to store your data or files. 

What is Shared Hosting? 

Shared hosting is one of the chest hosting forms compared to the other hosting because it has little space and bandwidth. Besides, You can understand the word “share”, this hosting is used by multiple users on the same server.  

What is Cpanel? 

Cpanel is a control panel which works in a separate account, designed for managing your shared hosting service on that server. You can control all necessary things as well as can upload different files, create email accounts and check and other works in one single place.  

What is Cloud Storage? 

decorated to handle a variety of types of hardware and software – stack failures, with an extra layer of protection of the cloud storage reinforces your data carefully by distributing it in different services. Featuring highest performance and with zero downtime. It gives you the best utmost stability.  

Which one is Best for your Business? 

It depends upon your business. If your content is big and needs a lot of storage then you shouldn’t choose shared hosting. However, If you know that you do not need huge storage then you can start with shared hosting and after a few months, you can upgrade it easily. 

WordPress Hosting package

Basic Started Basic Plus Started Basic Business Started
Storage 10 GB SSD50 GB SSD100 GB SSD
Visitors month50k200K500K 
RAM OK1.5x2x more 
CPU Ok1.5x2x more 
Uptime99.99% Guarantee99.99% Guarantee99.99% guarantee
Email Account UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Monthly Price $3.80$7.80$11.80
Year Price$29.80$44.80$49.80

Other Benefits 

  • 1.5x WordPress website 
  • Database and SFTP access 
  • Easy restore and backup 
  • Highly safe and secure 
  • Installed less than 100 seconds 
  • Uptime 99.99% 
  • 3x quicker than the general hosting 
  • High support for any domain name provider  

FAQ of WordPress Hosting 

What’s the difference between Shared Hosting and Managed Hosting?

Managed hosting is a hosting which is specially designed for WordPress. Besides, there is no hassle of maintenance part your own. On the other hand, shared hosting is like sharing your hosting space with other people as well. If they get a lot of traffic, your website may face the downtime. In managed hosting/ WordPress hosting you are the single who is the owner of this hosting space. For that,  you can see the big differences. 

Does EasyWP include cPanel?

NO, it has not included cPanel. However, we have created a customised and single dashboard to manage all your WordPress websites without taking so much hassle.  All the necessary tools can get in your fingertips whether to connect a domain or manage your website backups. It can work with a few clicks. 

Can I use custom themes and plugins with EasyWP?

In our point of view, you can install any of the plugins if you want. However, do not install third party and untrusted plugins or themes which can be a big problem in future. So, it is better to buy plugins or themes from trusted sites. 

Reseller Hosting 

Basic Basic Plus Basic Business
Dick Space 30 GB 90 GB 150 GB SSD 
Uptime 99.99% 99.99% 99.99% 
Subdomain UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Hosted Domain UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
cPanel ( Control Panel) OKOKOK
cPanel Account 25100200
Personal NameserverOKOKOK
Dedicated IP$2.00/mo$2.00/mo$2.00/mo
Free Apps 1 Click Install 1 Click Install 1 Click Install 
Email Account 30 UnlimitedUnlimited
Monthly Price $18.80$32.80$48.80
Half Quarter $17.40$30.40$47.40
Year Price $16.24 $29.24 $45.88

Other Benefits 

  • Unlimited bandwidth 
  • Free Cpanel 
  • Money-back guarantee 

Reseller Hosting Features 

There are some of the essential features we have mentioned to give you some idea:

All The Essentials

Managing everything one single dashboard. Fast set up using the softaculous script installer of the content management systems ( WordPress, Magento, Joomla etc.). Controlling heavy traffic. Protect your potential clients with the antivirus software and built-in – firewalls, add unlimited domains and subdomains.   

Control WHM 

Web hosting Manager ( WHM) is a handy program that delivers you the best administrative access to the cPanel back end. You can easily create and modify your clients’ hosting accounts. 

Account Management tool

It is up to you whether you want to set up a brand existing cPanel logo with a customized one or client invoices, our suite of tools adds to make it easier for the work. You can take the advantages of SSL reseller program, WHMCS billing platform and white – label marketing tools, and much more. 

State-of-the-Art Technology

Ensure secure hosting for your clients, fast delivery, reliable, appreciate our juniper network. Here we do special work with the high – powered reseller that serves as 256GM Ram, RAID 6 pure SSD, Dell PowerEdge with 56 core Xeon CPUs.  

Powerful Tools 

We provide you with access to a wide range of tools to aid you to create and manage sites such as PHP version manager, FTP client, fancy File Manager, PHPMyAdmin, App installer and many more. 

Cloud Hosting Features 

Before knowing the profound idea about Cloud Hosting, you can see some dandy essential features:

Guaranteed Resources 

If you are still holding in the shared hosting and you have a lot of traffic then it is time to move in Cloud hosting. Our cloud hosting is dedicated for good resources and perfectly optimized with speed and efficiency that give your 99.99% guarantees the top performance of your site. 

Fully Managed Server 

Cloud account management and configure by the most experienced developers. Business needs more maintenance on all the aspects and we are willing to do that and doing it continuously. We take care of IT issues and we allow you to concentrate on more important business issues. 

Growing Business in an Easy Scaling 

We are on to serve our cloud platform. You can add RAM and CPU in a one-click at any time. If you like you can choose-out unique auto – option which automatically adds a lot of resources in a time of preventing traffic loss, unexpected traffic spikes and downtime. 

Easily Manage Sub – Hosting Accounts 

You host your client easily in the cloud hosting account. Our account has been designed in a way to manage the interface to create a different stand-alone hosting account under the cloud account and give access to their separate control panel. 

FAQ of Cloud Hosting 

What is Cloud Hosting? 

Cloud hosting is a sort of web hosting that uses various servers to act your web site uptime. Instead of keeping a single server so that it cannot “cluster” your website. Besides, it helps to protect your website as well. 

What are the benefits of Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting has some extra benefit that makes Cloud hosting more attractive: 

  • You will be able to scale up in real-time. 
  • You can improve your scale-up in between traffic spikes or when you need it most. 
  • You will pay the bill what you use. 
  • You do not need to pay high resource payments. 
  • In cloud hosting, there are customization options with limitless physical server restrictions. 
  • It will not compromise with the security as it is using multiple servers at a time. 

What are the drawbacks of Cloud Hosting? 

The technical expert team can maximize the most out of it. Without pepper knowable or team in place, you can not use it in a pepper way. If you don’t have Cloud hosting and how it is set up then it is better to choose another hosting service.