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Impact of Technology in Society 2020

Impact of Technology in Society

Today is 29 July 2020 and we all are in a situation like never before. Covid-19 has hit us so bad that for a time being it is believed that the world has come to standstill.

But I think it’s actually not! everything is not literally collapsed, it has just weaken the world’s functioning. Because the wonder of the digitalized world and its main weapon ‘Technology’ didn’t let that happened .It has not just relaxant the workload of human but also make it easier for people to do whatever he wants in a very easier way and this pandemic situation is the perfect example of all time.

In current situation when the society is facing the hardest time, in this time technology has become the greatest resource for the society to survive in the pandemic and go on to a certain level to at least survive. 

Education, agriculture, transport, communication, research, entertainment, customs and values, all these attributes of society are influenced by technology in some way or the other. And technology is so connected with every steps of our regular life that everything around us ,whatever is happening in the society is dependent on technology  for work, communication ,transport  everything.

Ray Of Hope!

The significance of technology on the society is most visible in the current pandemic situation where the world is the hostage of corona virus, technology is not less than a vaccine. The world has entered in the recession but tech has prevent us from starving.

Now the question is how ?It has provided us the opportunity to “work from home”, the world education system was about to get hampered but teach has given us virtual classrooms ,apps like Zoom, Google meet, Google classroom and so many websites to continue the institutional education .

Technology has helped us even before the pandemic with the help of the access of libraries in any part of the world, online assessments, MCQs, self-evaluation forms and exams.It has also given the students the scope of doing courses of their own choices of their preferred universities and professors, sitting back home without the cost of tickets and visa. E-learning has given knowledge to the students and education to the needy ones as well.

Experiments done in one part of the world is spread to another part of the world through internet and student gets newer and interesting ways to learn, know and grow .There is no boundaries on procuring the knowledge that the future leaders of the societies wanted to know only because of the technology.All the windows of knowledge are opened by technologies.

Leading The Society with the Impact of Technology!!

There was a time in our society when the village people were lagging behind and the urbanization was their only option but now it’s not the only option left to them .Now they can learn foreign language, speaking course, cooking classes, craft works everything is now introduced to them through the biggest token of technology “android mobile phone’’ and countrywide ‘internet system’.

Now they don’t need to go to  the only highly educated student of the village to read latters rather they can do Facetime to their beloved ones with the android phone by themselves and village children are not illiterate or backdated anymore .

 ‘Marriage’ which is one of the core traits of  social culture has also become easier nowin the processing by the help of the internet which has matrimonial sites, suggests us best weeding planners online without any need to look for ,we get so many  options of dresses ,jewelries ,photography sites etc. all in our phone/computer and all the headache of the arrangements are now way more easier. 

Tracking friends, children by the help of technology ensures the security .Young generations are not anymore clueless about their future studies and jobs, they had all the facilities to decide their goals, plan for future ,knowing about the abroad studies and everything just by few clicks. Even visiting holy places of any religion is not a though thing anymore and the elder people of the house don’t need to waste their energy to make the arrangements hotels, food, guide everything can be managed online with  several apps.

 Medical sectors are exploring every doors possible to fight newer diseases ,doing newer operations, surgeries etc. Heart, kidney, liver everything now can be transplant and there is ray of hope for people to live. Agro based societies are leading now using teach in the correct way and Brazil is an example .No aspect of society is left which doesn’t have the influence of technology in this century. Communication, education, transportation and what not?

Every field has witnessed the change in its fate and technology explored what not! It has made the hard work half  and the comfort multiplied in the last few decades and after that there is no looking back.

Isn’t it too Good to be Perfect?

Everything looks so just perfect. Is it really so perfect? Is there anything perfect even exits? No!, perfection is the word which  leads to create imperfect effects. Technologies has given us the easy and comfortable life which was beyond imagination, but it has also snatched the emotions, bonding’s, family time from us.

Kids now a days don’t play at playground rather they look for tablets or phone, youngsters don’t do any exercise, families don’t seat for the afternoon chitchat anymore, cousins don’t bond for shopping, students don’t try to solve any problems of their studs of their own rather they depend on teachers or online answer sheets.

Currently the world is facing an uncertain future for the dance macabre  of Covid-19 and it is needless to say that it is also a fruit from the tree of technology which was plant with wrong intentions.

The greenery of world has been turned lees than half ,ozone layer has become thinner ,forests are destroying, air is polluting ,lives under water are at treat for the chemical wastes, water surface of the world is going down and down ,animals are  on extinction and so on. Medical science has many debts to pay to technology for visiting newer doors but tech has also created death treats for people lining in society the by polluting the climate, the air, the water and everything.

The climate is changing drastically.and it is also a impact of technology to the society which is irreversible.


The impact of technology in the society is not only brings the bad conclusion but it is also hard to deny that the comfort zone it has given to the society is also going away for the side effects of it.

Each breath seems to be polluted for the excessive and unplanned use of technology for own benefit only ,foods we take are full of chemicals and formalin ,gazettes are making us physically unfit and making us eligible for diseases.

It is high time that we should learn the balance use of technology otherwise the comfort it has given to us is not far away to be interrupted terribly and it will be so late that we won’t be able to do anything. The society is grateful to technology for its advancements but it has also paid a lot by itself facing the consequences it brings.