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Landing Page Copywriting Service: Learn to be a Copywriter ( Samples + Secret Tips)

Landing Page Copywriting in 2020 (Guidelines)

Do you have a perfect website but still have no conversion? Are you getting a lot of traffic but yet no conversions? Do you want to design a perfect landing page? 

Well, you are in the right spot. But first, you must know that WORDS MATTER.

If you need the answers for the issues stated above, or you want to have a landing page that converts leads just like a perfect copy does, then you need to spend your valuable time and money on the best landing page copywriting. 

However, the current or prospective copywriters should not leave now. This article will talk all about best landing page copywriting and make sure everyone will understand its importance. Professional copywriters can enhance their skills after reading it, and businesses owners will realize their lackings.

Enough pep talk. Let’s Begin…

According to studies, 

“97% of potential consumers visiting your website will neglect it and search further. At most 3% of them decide to use your offer.” 

Also, “91% of consumers purchase goods and services from businesses they trust.”

In other words, trust is essential to increase sales for every company. The customer will always ask: “Will it be worth it?”. To make the customer believe that you are 100% legit and you do what you offer, you need to show that at the very beginning. Therefore, a perfect landing page is More than necessary for every business.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a page on your site that converts visitors into leads. It is the page that pops up when a visitor clicks on a link. It can occur from an Email, or ads from Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or related sites on the web.

Landing pages are customized to a particular campaign or offer and lead a specific audience towards a call to action (CTA).

Landing Page Copywriting Services?

If you are a digital marketer, business owner or launching a new product or trying to generate leads, then you definitely know the importance of landing pages. Most campaign success depends on their landing page.

If your landing page is good but copywriting has not caught the audience’s eyes or hooked them, it wouldn’t be helpful or create any value which you want to achieve. 

So, for that reason I am removing your headache from creating landing page design to copywriting all in one place. AtZ Technology is giving the best services which are already performing in the digital world. So, here is the service: 

  1. Landing page or Small Business Design Service 
  2. Copywriting Service 

Who is a Landing Page Copywriter? 

A landing page copywriter is an alluring and influence specialist who makes effective, high converting landing pages. This person is a trained professional who writes advertising and marketing copy. 

What is the Best Landing Page Copywriting

A landing page expert should possess valuable skills in research, customer psychology, diverse effects of fonts, formats, colors, buttons, locations, and similar significant elements. They also know the testing and notions to increase conversion.

Landing Page Copywriting Template?

Landing pages possess the ability to take advantage of trust factors. Landing pages have pictures, videos, and graphics that can draw the attention of the people and can obtain a long-lasting impression. According to a study, People can only memorize 20% of what they read, but people can remember 80% of what they perceive. 

5 Most Essential Components of a Landing Page:

  • Unique selling proposition (USP)
  • Interlacing 
  • Compelling benefits
  • Inspirational convivial evidence
  • A potent call to action (CTA)

The Elements of a Landing Page

  • Headline
  • Copy
  • CTA button
  • Lead capture form
  • Graphics
  • Trust indicators

A cleared landing page should possess a solid offer and can demonstrate the benefits in short and precise. The landing page title and subtitle implement the chance to support the usefulness of the proposition.

Types of Landing Pages

Landing Page Copywriting in 2021 Guidelines (Landing-Pages)

There are two types of landing pages, and each of them has different goals and functions differently:

  • Click-Through landing page
  • Lead Generation landing page

Click-Through Landing Page

The page displays only part of an offer and its benefits and leads the consumer to another page with specific information regarding the goods or services offered. The potential consumer may buy the product on the transferred page.

Lead Generation Landing page

After going to the landing page lead generation collects the buyer persona/ data ( Name, email address, phone number etc). The copy of the page grabs the potential consumer and converts into a lead.  

Businesses propose a discount for subscribing to their newsletter or give them free useful materials (eBooks, news, infographics) to people who will leave their Email addresses in return.

Landing Page Copywriting Examples

All the landing pages are not the same as the other. It depends on the offers or products or how landing page designer designers the best possible way to grab the customer to get more leads. 

However, the creation of a landing page for all the purpose is not the same. You can not guess your design is good or not until you’re texting and monitoring it. 

You have to look after that how many conversions you are getting after landing on the page. You can try at least 4 or 6 landings and do camping on it and see the date which one performs well. 

After confirming it you should continue that best performing landing page for your other campaigns and lead generation.

Here Are The Great Examples of Landing Page Design: 

  1. Lyft
  2. The Professional Wingman
  3. Muck Rack
  4. Cigital
  5. Khan Academy

What are the Landing Page Problems?

You always want to solve the issues of your target customer, and there is no better way than answering them on your landing page copy.

What are the Landing Page Problems

It will hit the right persons with your sights who are presumably going to discover your page after Googling about the solution to their problem.

3 Landing page universal problems are: (H3)

  • Unoptimized for mobile 
  • Unfamiliar
  • Unengaging

Unoptimized for mobile

The website and its landing page may look great on the desktop, but if it is unoptimized for mobile phones, you will lose a fortune. If accessing a website on a mobile uncovers many issues like the following issues, you have to optimize it first. Some issue titles are:

  • The page speed is slow
  • The components of the site are not readable
  • The page speed is quick, but the page seems messed up
  • Navigation Panel is disorganized

According to Smart Insights, “Mobile accounts for 50.71% of searches, with desktop dripping down to 45.53%. Consequently, the gap between mobile and desktop searches has continued, with mobile becoming the top choice for searchers.” That is to say, witnessing an unoptimized mobile site or landing page will not generate a pleasant first impression, and hence you will lose sales.


The color scheme, positioning of details, and overall branding deviate from landing page to landing page. Hence, it needs visitors some time to understand where everything is when they enter your landing page.

These additional seconds will provoke many visitants to leave before reading your page, and it will not receive the attention it deserves. That is why you need to build a landing page familiar to a potential consumer and make it easy to navigate through the page.


No one fancies filling out forms, reading long texts, and seeing pricing pages. Potential leads will have a glimpse at your landing page to determine whether they should proceed or not.

If it is a vulgar landing page design, then their orbs will glance over the forms, text, and images you worked so hard to optimize. Therefore, chances will drop in converting leads.

What is the Difference Between Landing Page and Sales Page?

A landing page is separated from a website’s navigation, designed for the single goal of converting a potential consumer to act (sign up, buy, download, etc.). A sales page is a kind of landing page and is tough to get accurate. 

What is the Difference Between Landing Page and Sales Page?

In fine, sales pages and landing pages have loads of elements in common. They are both concentrated on a single goal – Sales! However, a landing page does not have to include a sale. Your landing page may make people sign up for your Email newsletter or enrol for your webinar, or vice versa.

What is the Difference Between a Landing Page and a Home Page?

The home page is the core that unites you with all the separate pages on your website. It has a domain like (www.yourdomain.com), and it is the starting point from which customers will explore everything on your website. It consists of general navigation that allows visitors to move anywhere they require.

What is the Difference Between a Landing Page and a Home Page?

However, a landing page is separated from a website’s navigation, designed for the single goal of converting a potential consumer to act (sign up, buy, download, etc.). Therefore, the home page and landing pages are not the same as we may have imagined.

What is the Difference Between a Landing Page and a Squeeze Page?

A squeeze page is one type of landing page composed to concentrate on promptly delivering a single-core offer (download an ebook, watch a video, etc.). Squeeze pages are shorter and smaller than general landing pages, including little to no pictures and very minimal text. 

What is the Difference Between a Landing Page and a Squeeze Page?

On the other hand, landing pages are utilized to tutor users on a particular commodity or service. Landing pages can add various sections, present distinct types of content, and perhaps possess multiple calls to action buttons within a single page. Therefore, a squeeze page and a landing page is different in various ways.

How Do You Address A Landing Page Copy?

You can now understand all about the landing page copy and distinguish it from the others. Now it’s time to know how to approach a landing page copy and following the below stated steps, you will develop a landing page copy that converts.

The Logo

The person who docks on the site needs to know that he/she is on a trusted site or a trusted company. The logo is the component to prove that, and it will grow your company’s recognition.

AtZ Technology
AtZ Technology

However, you can use the logo for another purpose, and I bet that you did not think of it. Suppose a company is developing a new product, which is usually blended with huge investment and the risk that the product is unsuccessful. Now, they can design a landing page for a non-existent brand, with a logo devised only for this campaign. The landing page will then draw the target group to check their interest in this product.

That is to say, the logo does not only help you to attract your customers and makes them stay but also supports you to check your position in the market and analyze it for better strategies.

The Headline

The words in your headline are crucial for your landing page because they play a vital role in convincing a potential lead to click on your landing page link. Headlines are the things a visitor will see first. Its job is not to sell but to attract the reader to proceed after the headline. 

SEO Copywriting (Headline)

You have to appeal to your visitors’ sense of self-interest by dispatching your unique sale proposal. They need to understand why your offer is more reliable than your rivals. What is there for them? Show it in the bolded text of your headline. 

The Benefits

Copywriting must focus on what the product or the service can do for potential consumers to solve their problems. Highlighting the benefits the user will gain, refer to their urges that your product or service will satisfy. Your service benefits can stand out by inscribing them in a bulleted list and bolding them to make them even harder to avoid.

Landing Page Copywriting in 2021 Guidelines (Benefits)

Benefits are not similar to features. Product features have little to do with sales. Instead, it is the advantages of those features that persuade people to follow a call-to-action (CTA). Since the consumer has already noticed your offer, present it as attractive enough, and then the results will come.

The Targeted Audience

The first condition of marketing is to know about your targeted audience. You can begin by discovering basic audience demographics.

Landing Page Copywriting in 2021 Guidelines (Targeted-Audience)

Such as,

  • Are they mostly men or women? 
  • What is their age range? 
  • Where do they live? 
  • Are they married? Single? 
  • What are their interests? 
  • How do they spend their time? 
  • What are their shopping habits? 
  • How do they utilize the media?

Answering all these questions should provide a clear picture of your target audience.

The Customer Trilogy 

A lot of copywriters write for their cohorts, not for buyers. We are happy to leave terms like inbound marketing and KPIs, while a lot of customers will never know what it means. Behind our computer screens, it is easy for us to make that mistake. Therefore, the following questions will make your copy (our copy!) customer-friendly.

  • What is making my reader examine this product?
  • What are their aspirations and fantasies?
  • Why do they do the job that they do?
  • What are their biggest questions going to be?

You have to speak directly to your clients while composing landing pages and apply words that will resonate. You must be more precise, more targeted, and eventually more successful. 

Ninja Tip: Conduct surveys and interviews to understand the requirement of an ideal consumer.

The Call-to-Action (CTA)

It is the smallest catchword on your landing page, but you should make no mistake. 

Call to action

Generic “click here” buttons won’t make it. Your CTA should be actionable. Instead of going the conventional route by writing a sign-up or download, consider applying words that highlight the advantages of requiring your offer (such as: Click here to get your exclusive whitepaper for free.). Recall visitors what they are receiving if they click on your button.

The Photos and Graphics

A consumer purchasing over the internet makes a choice based on visible provocations. The consumer will lose reliance if the landing page contains only text or low-quality images and graphics. Therefore, it is essential to install high quality professionally made pictures and graphics. The image needs to be well imagined and should spur confidence.

The Photos and Graphics

Graphics should display all the benefits of the commodity and exhibit its most prominent plus sides.

The most successful video elements on landing pages:

  • Company presentation
  • Showing how you perform the service
  • A presentation about leaders and team
  • Product presentation or review
  • A presentation about the effects of the service

These videos can win the trust and reliance of a customer and convert the leads into sales.

The Counter

It can be a counter displaying the number of buyers or the number of products still available in stock. It can also indicate the time remaining to the end of any offer.

The Counter

Using the following words can provide astonishing results. Some influential words are:

  • Teraz
  • Sign up today
  • Limited time offer
  • Last items
  • Buy Now

Nobody desires to blow a great opportunity, and when the clock is ticking, and other consumers are purchasing your products, many customers will also purchase under the influence of time.

The Team

Swaggering about leaders or teams is mainly valuable for service companies because what the buyer is purchasing is the outcome of the work of these people, and their redemption with the acquisition depends on them.

The Team

You can attach pictures of the leaders behind the company, and the team on the landing page. It will exhibit that the company is not developed by robots, but by real people. You can also add designations or contact information of individual team members.


You should note down all the doubts the potent may possess, and answer them, and back it up with evidence. Show these at the end of your landing page and make sure that they are answered precisely on that landing page.


The doubts can be about the product or the delivery process or the amount or the discounts, etc. It will make the prospects think about their decision again, and most likely, it will be in your favor.

Following these steps and concepts, you can design the most effective landing page copy with your copywriting skill. The landing page developed by following these ideas can convert better than any other landing pages available because it has the utmost capability of seizing the attention of a potential consumer and converting that lead into a sale.

What Is The Effective Word Count For A Copy On High Converting Landing Pages?

Most copywriters choose to believe that each word they craft and every sentence they write over will be studied in great detail by their readers. Sadly that is not the truth. 

However, your audiences are not lazy, and also, they do not read the whole page word by word. They are examining your landing page for precise words and phrases to assist them in whether your offer is worth claiming. Therefore, words do matter for valuable copies like the landing page.

The word count for landing pages is 350-500 words for lead generating landing page copy and not more than 700 for detailed sales landing page copy. Moreover, if your potential consumers can make a purchase decision quickly, then the landing page should be product-centered. If they can not, then your landing page should be worth-focused. Accordingly, you need to know what mistakes you should not perform with your words.

The off-the-cuff way of marketing:

1. Crafting landing pages with all of the basics
2. Try to put everything on them

3. Assuming that you will do a better job of turning the lead into a sale, without knowing their decision-making method
4. Not driving your prospect based on their decision-making process
Dejectedly it is still very prevailing everywhere in the industry.

Landing page copywriting should not be about what you think their process should be, instead what actually their decision-making process is.

Understanding Word Use Depending On The Intention Of The Potential Buyer?

If the user wants to buy, then your task is mild. All you require to perform is provide them a CTA or call-to-action because they are there to convert. 

You should wrap up your landing page within 500 words. You may not even need 500 words as those potential consumers were only there to convert.

The user who wants to find out more information about the product secures the vast majority of click-throughs. Your advertisement may have attracted them, and they crave to uncover more about the goods or the services.

Consequently, your landing page is the site where they will find the answer to their inquiries. Therefore, you have to use more than 500 words and add detail about your products as much as possible. Be sure to add all the issues encountered by various types of consumers.

According to ConversionXL, “The best way to sell services and products is to add as much information about them as is possible. Pages and pages and pages, videos, and images. Indeed, 79% of people won’t read it all, but 16% read everything! That 16% is your main target group.”

In fine, more and more detailed landing pages will get more and more conversions and more and more sales.

What Advanced Techniques Are There To Be More Influential With Landing Page Copywriting?

It is very much imminent to be influential as much as possible with your landing page copy. Let’s have a look into some techniques supported by top-rated copywriters. 

1. Trigger your audience’s sentimental triggers and crucial hurdles.
2. Recognize people’s inclination to believe their obstacle will go away if they overlook it.
3. Remunerate your readers for being smarter than others.
4. Make people imagine themselves undergoing the prosperous
5. consequence of your product or service.
6. Highlight the prime advantages of your product or service.
7. Drive people utilizing the most powerful emotion – fear.
8. Invoke potentialities.
9. Apply a metaphor to address a binary choice: to accept your offer or not accept it.

In this way, you can demonstrate the persuasiveness you want to exhibit on your landing page. Good luck with making a ton of sales.

Where can I find a good copywriter for my landing page?

Copywriters can be freelancers, part-time, full-time, vice versa. You can find copywriters on Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer.com, etc. However, you can find some established best-copywriting services available on the following sites. Have a look at:

1. The Copywriter Club
2. Fearless Copywriting Club
3. The Cult of Copy
4. The Gary Halbert Copy Club

Also, if you desire to uncover more about copywriting as it employs specifically to landing pages, then I will encourage you to do some practical work just by yourself. There is nothing more valuable than self-learning and experience.

For some professional copywriting services, check out the AtZ Technology website to know more. They are an affordable and quite impressive copywriting service provider.


“Sell your landing page before you sell your product.”

Before your clients get an opportunity to use your product, all they observe is your landing page. Your landing page copy needs to provide information on the product but not out-and-out sell it. Unquestioningly convince your visitant that if they goof out on clicking the CTA button, they will be performing one of the gravest blunders of their days.

Your landing page copy serves as the path to lead your customer to conversion. It not only teaches your audience about your offer, but it also increases trust. Your persuasive best landing page copywriting can cause or breach a purchase or download.