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A to Z Marketing Guide: Definition, History, Examples, Types, Methods

A to Z Marketing Guide: Definition, History, Examples, Types, Methods

Marketing is playing a key role in every single business. You can’t think without marketing while you are in a business field. 

If you are interested in working on marketing then you should know everything about marketing one by one. You never know what marketing strategies will work for you. 

The main focus of marketing most of the time is promoting, selling, and lead generation. However, people think marketing’s only work is to do lunch advertising and selling. 

This is most of the time right because the ultimate goal is to sell a product or service but before doing you have to do certain types of strategies that people want to purchase.  

So, you need to have a good idea about marketing for that, with good patience just read this article to store good knowledge about marketing in your pocket. 

What is Marketing? 

An organization’s marketing strategy involves communicating with its customers through various methods to encourage them to buy its products or services. The marketing team creates a bucket system for catching the customer and converting them into potential customers. 

Philip Kotler’s definition of Marketing is – “Marketing is a social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and value with others”.

History of Marketing 

Before starting any of the things about marking, you should know the history of marketing to and how it evolve around the world.

Started The Concept Of Marketing 

The thought of marketing came out when the modern era started in the time of the industrial revolution. The time lasted long from the 18th century to the 19th century. 

As a result of the innovation of modern scientific and technological industries, society was greatly affected.

Consumers found it easier to purchase goods in the 19th century than to make their own.

Because of the Industrial Revolution mass production was created easily for a good number of consumers. At the same time, the consumer market is growing rapidly. 

The transportation system and infrastructure thrived on a regular basis. 

Crater has to make their products better and find a way to make the majority of its customers aware of them.

Begin The Competition of Marketing 

Begin the competition of marking

Key point: 

  • The 18th to 1940 competition was heavy/ intense in the business world. 
  • Selling was the main focus for the business. 
  • Develop a brand and market it to increase value.
  • Competitors focus on increasing the production and distribution of the channel in the industry. 
  • A major component of communication with customers was marketing, which had just begun.
  • It was the main goal of every company to provide both good and service at the same time.  In addition, every competitor was offering and ensuring better than another. 

Focus on Marketing In Business 

  • In  1960 marketing was the major involvement for each company to beat the battle. 
  • Companies feel they need specialists in the direct marketing area. 
  • This was the high time when every individual company’s sole aim was to do marketing for their products and services. 
  • All the things that happen when marketing management increases the complex necessary and important part to become a successful company. 
  • Then the marketing team makes a viable strategic plan to run for a longer period of time. 
  • Their involvement was highly effective to determine the cost, and how to improve the communication with the customer in an effective manner so that company gets the maximum output and more added. 

Having Thought About to Start The Building Strategies on Marketing

  • The whole marketing system was changed during the 1900 and started a new area of marketing.  
  • Companies were realizing the importance of the high quality product creating and building a better brand compared to others. 
  • Most of the companions were seeing the calculation money number is going higher with the good reputation. 
  • Because of the brand awareness and solid engagement with the customer some private label companies thrive with a market share of more than 49%. 

Flushing The Internet Marketing 

In the time of the 1900s the internet was booming and dot com became something. The Internet was flushing and companies had the option to create a simple website with HTML which is a text based website. Most of the companies gave their company’s product or service information on their website.    

After passing some time, some of the companies realized the importance of marketing as every one of the business companies has their own website. 

And having only a website is not giving a good number of revenue. So, for that reason they needed to focus on online marketing strategies to connect with the crowd. 

The first company which took the initiative to do online marketing campines was Bristol – Myers Squibb promoted their Excedrin product. 

And that company saw success with around 10 thousands of customer name lists.

However, today business competition is so high and we need to spend billions of billions dollars each year on business marketing campaigns. 

Organic Growth Marketing

The internet marketing has changed because of the web and search engine. 

The marketing pattern and strategy evolve around the web and search engine as it is the best free and organic marketing method. 

However, it was not that much effective on the back then. To take any of the websites on top the position was pretty easy and most of the time spammy. Because of that, most of the good organizations were not able to show up in the top position. 

Day by day search engine algorithms have changed to give the quality of the content for their audience. Now it is hard to crack down on rank on the search engine by doing spammy work. 

If anyone tries to do that the chances are that website can be penalized and disappear from the search engine fully.   

The Next Gen Business Marketing Will Be the next marketing strategy is changing and plenty of companies trying to shift to short videos, long videos, podcasts, and various young-age platforms are targeting. 

The test of a marketing method is always transparent and needs to make strategies according to demographic, age, area, country and plenty of things to observe before doing any marketing campaign. 

History of Marketing Timeline

History of Marketing Timeline

4P of Marketing

4p of marketing

1. Product

Every marketing campaign starts with a product around. With a solid product any marketing will not last long. 

So, the first and foremost thing you need to focus on will be “What Is Your Product?” 

It can be anything service like us “AtZ Technology” or it can be a product of bike or football. 

Before creating a product you need to identify what you are giving and why you are giving? 

For example, AtZ Technology provides  “ Managed  IT Services”, the purpose of providing all the services is that we find out there are a very few numbers of companies giving this service perfectly or completely. 

And most of the customers or clients want everything in one place with one company. And the case is higher when it comes to the IT service. 

So, start any of business of creating product or service you need to clarify clearly those questions answers: 

  1. Why are you creating this product or service? 
  2. What problem will solve this product or service? 
  3. Who are your targeted audience? 
  4. Who is your competitor? 
  5. What competitors are giving which customers are linking about?  

2. Price

Price is the number which determines the product selling cost and which amount a customer can purchase the goods. 

To give the price tag in the product, you need to do the market research about customers and what will be the best price they are willing to buy. 

Most of the customers want 2 things at a time of any company: Good product and less price. However, sometimes it is tough to provide the same thing at a time. 

Businesses can decide product prices in 2 ways generally. 

  1. As the product appears in the category of luxury or exclusivity, business decision makers increase the price.
  2. Or, you can make any of the products with less price tag so that many of the customers can grab it.  

Most customers want 2 things at a time of any company: Good product with less price. However, sometimes it is tough to provide the same thing at a time. 

In addition, you have to be aware of what your product discounts on various occasions, supplier discount ( if this physical product), what is the competitor price. 

If you talk to us like a securatade field, mostly they do not reduce their service price. However, they give some of the service free on a particular occasion day or big celebration day.  

3. Place

One of the ways to see the profit is where your product will be displayed. Will you showcase your product online or offline ( shop). 

If you are selling luxury products then your showroom should be in the luxury mall or where most of the rich people live there. 

In addition, you can make a website around the brand and sell it online. However, that will be a very bad idea if you are selling your product on walmart.   

On the other hand, if you are selling less price tag products then you have a target mess  audience. 

Your shop has to have a place where mid class and low class people can go there and not feel shy to purchase your goods. 

You can showcase your product online in 2 ways: 

  • You can create your own online ecommerce site or 
  • Use Walmart, Amazon platform to sell your product. 

For online service the case is slightly different, place matters less rather than the platform. Platform means to give you service by using Upwork or Fiverr  or you are using your own website. 

Creating a website by yourself where you can show all of your work portfolio and testimonial and client thoughts.

4. Promotion

If you have completed your 3Ps, now time to promote your product. This is one of the marketing methods to communicate with customers and show them what you are offering them. 

Promotion part is very important from all 4 parts, WHY? 

Because if you create an excellent product but don’t promote it perfectly then chances are nobody will know about your exceptional product and ultimately nobody will buy it. 

A bad product can earn millions and millions of dollars for good marketing. 

The purpose of the promotion is to generate a good amount of money. A few things need to know before you start your promotional marketing: 

  1. Who are you targeting Audiences? 
  2. What is  the location of your targeted audiences?
  3. What is the best place for your promotion?
  4. How to get maximum your revenu? 

Those answers will give a solid idea of what you need to do in order to promote your product. 

Top 20 Types of Marketing 

Top 20 types of marketing
  • Inbound marketing 
  • Outbound marketing 
  • Traditional marketing 
  • Digital marketing 
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing 
  • Article Marketing 
  • Video Marketing 
  • Voice Marketing
  • Email Marketing 
  • Social Media Marketing  

1. Inbound marketing 

Inbound marketing is a system or strategy created by the organization or company to give valuable and meaningful content to their audience according to their needs. 

Mostly, companies build a strong and long term relationship with the audience via content to solve their problems. 

Basically, Inbound marketing does nothing but provide their targeted audience problem solution.    

One of the good points about Inbound marketing is that you can track your audience. In addition,  according to that data you can create better content for your audience.  

What are very common process to do Inbound Marketing: 

  • Blogging
  • Vidoe 
  • Podcast 
  • Email 
  • Social media 
  • Newsletter 
  • E-book etc. 


You are reading this blog and trying to understand the message or information we have delivered for you. And you are one of our audiences to solve your problem by giving excellent knowledge about marketing. 

2. Outbound Marketing 

Interruption marketing or Outbound marketing is a traditional marketing model. When a company wants to convey the message in a large number they mostly use Outbound marketing. 

The 90% of the budget for the promotion as it is tuff track every single of the data. So, most of the time promotion costs are much higher than expected. 

Here is some of the Outbound marketing promotion ways: 

  • Direct call
  • Radio ads 
  • Television ads 
  • Ads on newspaper 
  • Ads on billboards etc. …..


Mobile phone companies utilize billboards as their marketing methods. They spend a large amount of money on TV, Radio and billboard advertising.

In addition, this is perfect fit for them to target a large number of people and be aware of their brand and new product so that most of the people feel interested to buy the product.

However, it is hard to mention and to find out the exact RIO of the traditional advertising methods. 

3. Traditional Marketing 

Most of what people call now-a-daysTraditional marketing is offline marketing. 

Traditional marketing

This means direct mail, broadcast, outdoor advertising like big billboards. 

It is helped to target mostly the local area people vai doing newspaper to radio marketing methods.  

Before the 20th century, traditional marketing was the primary marketing method to grab the attention of the customer. 

It is still the best method to target local customers. 

Traditional marketing plays a key role for the company brand marketing. 

This gives the extra boost for brand promotion. 

4. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing marketing is the new area of marketing and digital marketing works around online. 

In addition, most of the company appears by using paid marketing,Search Engine optimization email marketing, social media ads and PPC advertising. 

Digital marketing has become more popular because of the huge improvement of technology. 

Each and every brand wants to present themself of the online field. Digital marketing is much more cost – effective compared to traditional marketing. 

Now it is becoming essential and necessary from a capmany to do marketing and engage  more people in your brand or company. 

If you want to see excellent result in your selles and work in a data driven way to get more revenue then you have

5. SEO (Search Engine Marketing) 

SEO means Serach Engine Optimization.

However, it will not give you the clear picture, SEO gives the more visibility and traffic when targeted audience search for product, service or related search terms in Google, Bing, DuckDuckgo or other search engine in an unpaid result. 

If you have a website but don’t do SEO then you are missing a big chunk of opportunity to drive potencial traffic. 

With Search Engine optimization your website will be able to get more organic traffic compared to paid campaigns.

Moreover, the changes are high to drive that traffic for a longer period of time without spending any extra money. 

6. Content Marketing 

Content marketing is a method used for creating and distributing relevant, valuable content (blog, video, infographic, podcast etc) for engaging audience attention. 

In digital marketing or branding your company business \ need to focus on content marketing. 

Content takes some time to grow but once you do that your brand visibility will increase more than you can expect. 

One of the biggest advantages in content marketing is cost saving, in content marketing you need less money of money compared to paid methods.       

7. Article Marketing 

Article marketing is a method to promote the website to the targeted audiences on the internet. 

article Marketing

When people search on the related keywords on the search engine and that website writes those topics then easily can find out. 

The purpose of article marketing is to solve customer problems in written words. 

Those articles are written by most of the expected writers who know that niche very well, and are said to create backlinks to the site which thrive the search ranking in the search engine. 

Each and every marketing starts with the article marketing as most of the business with the website and website without article or content hasn’t any value. 

So, they begin to hire experts on that very niche to write excellent quality articles around the related keywords.  

8. Video Marketing 

Video marketing is a strategy used to promote a brand, various products, services, or massages  and most of the time for content marketing purposes. 

Video helps to educate, enggange and grab the audience’s attention easily. 

In video formats people understating anything most accurately. 

If anyone wants to explain anything and educate their audience there will not be a better option compared to video format. 

Now-a-days, brand marketing companies or organizations utilize video marketing as they know it is a highly effective way to grab the audience’s attention. 

9. Voice Marketing 

Voice marketing can be defined in 2 ways: 

One is, voice marketing is a strategy structured for connecting audiences who are basically using voice devices. 

The purpose of targeting voice marketing is to capture the growing growth of the voice – controlled device on a daily basis as people are interested in using it. 

There are many devices in the marketing industry like: Google home, Amazon voice device Alexa and many others as well. 

The second can be audio format voice marketing which we can call podcast or radio. Every big company now is interested in podcast voice marketing. 

Clubhouse started recently but it is becoming more popular right now. 

Podcast content marketing is preferred by small and large companies compared to video content marketing, because creating video content takes time and costs money.

You can say radio is also a voice marketing as organizations regularly give money to promote products or services on the radio show. 

10. Email Marketing 

Email marketing is a powerful marketing strategy and channel by which you can communicate directly with your customer, client, audience to promote your product, service or any information without any interaction. 

Via using email you can easily aware your audience of new updates of your content, product or drive as well. 

It plays a vital role in building lead generation, building good relationships, brand awareness, keeping them to your touch and sometimes helps them to make a purchase decision by sending various emails from time to time. 

Email marketing is one of the digital marketing secret weapons. Once anyone knows how to use it, each company will earn millions of dollars just doing email marketing.  

11. Social Media Marketing (SMM) 

Social media marketing is a way to connect with your targeted audience on a regular basis by giving them good content on the social platform. 

Social media marketing

Social media is used for promoting products, services, and engaging and communicating with them to understand their mind setup. 

Once the audience is engaged with the brand then the brand easily converts them as their potential customer. 

There are social media platforms but those platforms vary from age, demographic and interest as well and those platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Snapchat etc. 

12. B2B Marketing

B2B ( business-to-business) marketing is a strategy which works one company to another or one organization to another organization. 

Those companies sell products or services to the other companies, not to the mass customers like common people. 

The main purpose of B2B marketing is to connect with the various brands which companies need for your product or service. 

The purpose of any content you make or content marketing you do needs to be to grab the attention of the other company owners.

13. Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing is a tactic to engage with the audience via using a website. 

On the website, visitors can interact with each other one by one, resulting in a powerful dialogue driven activity.

In addition, only with the website you can use social media to communicate with them and get leads. 

Moreover, you can use PPC ads to start conversation with your chat and with the dialogue driven activity you can get on the boat. 

14. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a kind of social media marketing that promotes company products or services to their royal audiences. 

Brand collaborated with the influencer as he/she has the high trust value with their followers. 

Most Influencers build a portfolio around a niche on which he/she is already an expert and followers follow him as he shares knowledge information.

As a matter of fact, most of the time audiences believe Influencer and for brands find out according to their niche related Infuercer so that they get a good number of leads by promoting.       

15. Buzz Marketing

Buzz marketing is the strategy to focus on the word-of-mouth processing campaign around the product or service. 

Mostly those products or services known from their family, friends or neighbors and in this way that massage spreads around the country.  

Buzz marketing targeted audiences are mostly mess audiences. 

The place of buzz marketing can come from word-of-mouth marketing and it becomes viral as more people know that. Buzz marketing also called vital marketing. 

16. Contextual Marketing

Contextual marketing is a marketing method on which users see ads according to their search terms and his recent activities. 

Contextual marketing

Those data collected from the user’s own interest search website, other media and mobile browsing content consumption. 

Moreover, there are other factors included like history of the browser, recent topic etc. 

Based on that, an advertiser targets various consumers to display their ads on the advertising platform like Google ads, Facebook, Instagram ads etc. 

The purpose to collect the data is to show related and contextual content so that more people click that ads.   

17. Personalized Marketing

To create better content to grab the audiences or display targeted ads, businesses need to do personalized marketing. 

Personalized marketing is to collect the data and create targeted audiences persona for better understanding and their interest. 

Once you get the mind of the audience perfectly then it is easy to make them your royalty customer for your business. 

Sometimes, people use direct messages to know about a certain product or service so that you have to make sure you give him solid knowledge about the product or service. 

In addition, try to make a certain person so that you can list down those types of person for others as well.   

18. Brand Marketing

The purpose of brand marketing is to establish an excellent relationship with the brand to customers. 

To create relationships with the audience via solving their problem by using various content types. 

Those content can be text, video, audio, image, infographic or aiding them on the direct massing. 

In brand marketing won’t focus on individual products or services to sell more. 

Rather the aim is to build brand trust and communication with the audiences. 

A company’s value is more important than selling thousands of products. 

Because once you build a trust to the mess audiences, then one third of the people will automatically convert to your potential customers.  

19. Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth marketing is the best strategy which works without spending any money. 

Customers share their product or service experiences with their friends, family and neighbors as if the product is good or bad. 

In marketing , customer service or product which you deliver to the customer has to be excellent so that he/she willingly tells others to take the offer. 

80% of the people believe their friends and family when making the purchasing decision. 

Once you grab each and every customer and satisfy their needs then they will share about your company. 

Likely, he/she will be the brand ambassador of your company without paying.   

20. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a method where an affiliate or publisher promotes a service or product behalf of an advertiser or retailer to generate sales via using affiliate link. 

If a publisher generates sales, signs up or leads then the publisher gets a commission from the retailer for a particular sale. 

From the publisher point of view, by doing affiliate marketing  publishers can earn a good amount of commission by selling various products or services.  

From the retailer or advertiser point of view, the purpose is to promote their product or service in various ways and one of the paths is affiliate marketing by doing that to generate more sales. 

From that sales advertiser gives a small amount of commissions to the publisher.  

3 Benefits of Marketing 

In business without marketing you can’t imagine generating a good number of sales. It is quite impossible now-a-days. 

benefits of marketing

Marketing is the major part to promote your product or service and to engage with your targeted audiences. 

The concept is the more targeted people know about your product or service the more people will be interested to buy it.

Let’s see some of the benefits or marketing to develop your business: 

1. Thrive your Sales 

When you have good marketing planning chances are you will get more sales. 

People always think marketing is all about making more customers on board. The more customers come the better the result will be. 

However, the case is different marketing main purpose is to keep your existence customers keep with you. 

The ROI is much higher on the basis of old customers to new customers. Most of the time old customers buy more often than new customers. 

YES! Businesses do target both the people but intelligent businesses own more targeted old customers than the new audiences to thrive their sales. 

Existence customers buy from because the company and him/her have a strong relationship. So, most of them feel comfortable buying from existing companies or businesses.   

2. Earn The Trust of The Audiences 

Before going to the sales the most necessary part is to earn trust of the audiences. Once you gain the trust of them, they will automatically do the rest of the things for you. 

Marketers do some sorts of marketing tactics to do better communication and to build better relationships. 

One of the dialogue is very common: “ Once you love someone, you can die for her and you can kill for her’.  In the same way, marketing works. 

So, build a strong bonding with them. Solve the issue if you can without taking any money if your targeted audience faces any problem around niche or product.  

3. Understanding What Works Best 

To understand the best marketing you need to do some companies or A/B testing. 

For A/B testing you have spread some amount of money to get a clear picture. Mostly we do A/B in terms of PPC campaigns because it gives quick results. 

A/B testing you can choose any of the platforms according to the best suit for your business. And then start a lunch campaign.     

However, there are some obvious organic marketing strategies for content marketing. 

In addition, doing mail marketing and collecting potential mail for your customer. 

Once an audience visits your website in an organic website content marketing on that part you attempt to join in your newsletter. 

Moreover, from time to time send letters around various topic blog posts or some discount offers. 

Though, sometimes you may need to do other marketing companies which is very common.    

Best Marketing Strategies for All Time 

Best marketing strategies of all time

01. Setup A Brand Identity 

Value created by the brand identity. 

And how does the brand identity visualize? 

You audience recognize you brand 3 ways: 

  1. Single domain name 
  2. Logo 
  3. Slogan

So, you have set up those things first and foremost and it should be unchangeable. 

You can not redo and undo month after month. 

If you see the coca – cola use their red and white logo for 130 years all over. People know easily without them what it is even though he/she does like it. 

In addition, if you see Nike with one single logo and one slogan just do it. Sometimes, more than logo audiences recognize the slogan. 

 Now – a -day,  domain name is a key performance indicator. 

If anyone doesn’t know about your website then he searches google and tries to collect information about your company.   

In the digital world, before stating any of the business you have to consider these 3 things first with solid and concrete thought. It shouldn’t be altered day after day.  

02. Set Up Goals 

Another crucial act is to set up a perfect goal for your business. 

Your business goal must not be changed. 

However, it can be slightly modified or set up your goals in different sections. 

A single goal shows the path and via using this goal follow the process time after time. 

It will continue for a longer period of time. 

CoSchedul’s 2018 marketing strategies report shows , 429% get success marketers that set up their goals.  

Before setting up your goals, three question you should ask yourself: 

  • Why are you setting up your goals?  
  • What purpose will it serve? 
  • How will you implement it in your work?  (mostly talking about process or object). 

If you are confused about these 3 questions you can read Simon Sinnek The Golden Circle rules for the better understating. 

03. Create A Marketing Channel 

When you are preparing your marketing channel and thinking about it, it will be the best. 

Create a marketing channel

One thing you need to be very clear is that focus one first time and then add another and after that another not whole marketing channel at a time. 

This will be an awful decision if you make so. 

If you give your full focus on one marketing channel changes are high you will succeed . Addition, it will cut your cost as well. 

So, what channel you should go on first, before that you need ask yourself some question give the answer and then choose one: 

  1. Do you want to save your money? 
  2. Want to get organic traffic and most targeted traffic?  
  3. Do you want to get regular traffic? 
  4. Quick and first sales you need or you can wait patiently and give some time to see big and good results?  

After giving this answer you yourself will know which of the marketing will be best for your company. 

04. Build Trust 

Without building trust with your brand and audience you can’t grab potential audiences for a longer period of time. 

When your customer trusts your company they will come to purchase your products or service time after time. It will be a continuous process. 

To collect new customers you should have more old customers because customer retention is much higher. 

You can take an example of Apple, people trust their brand and because of that customers are willing to buy every year when a product launches. 

Apple has taken those types of marketing strategies that are why people are so connected with the brand. In addition, customer word-of-mouth marketing is so high which gives apple high promotions without spending any money. 

You get more ideas and knowledge about marketing strategies you should read this article.


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