Why does your company need digital marketing?

I  mean is it necessary to hire a company to do the digital marketing work? 

In 2021 people are understanding the importance of digital marketing as every single person locks down to its home. In this high time, we are the Best digital marketing company in the world which provides the services in the critical time as well. 

But every B2B marketing company is interested to understand about the pricing and it is important to know about digital marketing cost breakdown. 

Marketing has the term “catch the fish where you know has a lot”. To realize the phrase, the fish is now ready in the dish to the digital world and digital platform. 

So, it is a waste of time and money to do outreach traditionally. If you open a TV or computer or phone you will see various types of advertising to catch the targeted audience’s attention. 

Besides, the big amount of ads on online platforms has increased in the last  3 years. 

The reason is very clear, to grab more fish and put it into the bucket in a limited amount. OK! Let’s talk about the cost breakdown of digital marketing and how our company will assist to increase your company revenue every month with our digital marketing consultant. 

Digital Marketing Pricing Packages

Custom web development packages

Standard Digital Marketing

For Small Business

Starting at $999

Make a proper strategy to get Good amount sells and has a low risk In your business

Premium Digital Marketing

For Medium Business

Starting at $1499

Have an advanced feature to decorated the business with a wide rank of audience to get more sells and create a band in The industry

Custom Digital Marketing

For Large Business

Starting at $1999

Only the best of the best work do for your company from commencing to End all the way to attach with you.

Digital Marketing Cost Breakdown

So, the most relevant service that you want to have in your business to enhance the potential quality of sales is digital marketing. Digital marketing is an utmost and toiled process to take the business on the top roof. 

However, everyone locks up when the question comes, how much do digital marketing cost and small business owners find it difficult to solve and know in detail. So, to make it easier let’s dive into the information that you are waiting for. 

Website Design

63% of the online business companies build a website to interact and engage with the audience. However, this is not all, 48% of company loss the valuable customer 

Having a bad website design and development. 

If you want to do web design work for your website then you will need to be a web designer. The average price of the digital marketing web design service for a custom website is $5000 to $15,000 and for the customizable website is $300 to $15000 from a particular template. Besides, the maintenance costs for the website average $50 to $2000 every month.  

In this case, if you have any website properly then connect with us to take small business website service.  AtZ Technology is the prime company to improve website visibility with fast loading speed through the best website Design and Development service provider. 

SEO Digital Marketing

The core digital marketing starts from SEO work which gives plenty of traffic, leads, and sales than traditional marketing. So, What is SEO – basically SEO is Search Engine Optimization which increases the search traffic to your website in an organic way. 

The phrase “Long time benefit” is attached with the SEO, as 93% of online experience starts with Search Engine. To build an authority in the online industry there is nothing more than 

SEO to get more traffic, sales, leads. 

If you are intended to take the SEO service then On average SEO takes $220 to $2000  per month. Moreover. If you are interested in working on a small project then The agency can change you on average per hour from $60 to $220. 

Local SEO

Most local businesses under consideration of the importance of Local SEO. They think it can be covered in traditional marketing. But time has passed and it is 2002 and every single product or service is in your hand just go to the search engine and type like “best restaurant” near me” you will get a vast amount of restaurants that you have never thought about before. Local SEO builds the local arena authority and gets more sales, traffic, leads as well. 

Content Marketing Agency

Content is the king in any format. Content marketing can improve 54% of the leads than traditional marketing. Content marketing is the biggest asset in getting more sales, leads, conversion, traffic, and branding. All the things can be done by doing user-friendly content. 

There are various types of content can be blog posts, video, audio, infographic, landing pages, email newsletters, white papers, and more content to catch the eye of the People. Moreover, Content writing is the goldmine in the Search Engine. 

Valuable content is shared all around the online places to create a band authority. We have a cunning team to handle and build a promising band on the online platform to take our internet marketing company service. 

So, if you are interested in content marketing, the pricing of it could vary from business to business, but for SMB business it would cost on average $1000 – 20,000 per month, and for big business, it will be extended.   

PPC ( Pay – Per – Click) Marketing Services 

Search anything in search engines for any information and then click one of the top three search results, 97% of people do the same work as we do. 41% of three paid ads get more clicks and targeted traffic. 

Pay Per Click is a great way to call and show them how and What you have in your service, blog, or what your business is. The best part is you are having a good amount of most related customers in your company. Besides, do not need too much time to waste reaching the audience. 

Basically, PPC is a model of internet marketing which gives a fee when that particle ads clicked someone. Sometimes search engines reward those who can create specific and relevant targeted ad campaigns by changing them to less price for ad clicks. 

PPC ads create more visibility and increase the sales of your product or service. If you use Google Ads in that case the RIO increases to $8.

In traditional marketing, you can track all the data of your customers like how many come to your online shop, how click feels interesting, and some of them did add to cart but not buy now all things. 

On the other hand, you can do all possible aspects of PPC marketing. Even you can understand your ROI and how that particle company performance in PPC campaigns work.  

If you want to invest in your SMB and want to hire an expert then it will cost on average $8000 to $10,000.

Competitor Analysis 

Understanding the competitor’s every single aspect and drawing a blueprint with the analyses of weakness, strengths, opportunity, and how they conduct the website In a digital marketing perspective. 

Including what types of opportunities can gap and where we can take advantage of them. Suggesting how to improve performance and build a good Online appearance. We will provide you a digital marketing expert to do the competitor analysis. 

Email Marketing 

Email is the hook to sell or increase the business day by day. Through the website, we will create an email list to do the sales funnel. With proper digital marketing strategies, any company can enhance sales. 

Email marketing is the heart of any business plan if it develops in a Perfect manner. It can be a big chunk of honey. So, we are here to do all the necessary work to be done to get more profit. 

So, if you are interested in the service of email marketing, the average cost of the digital marketing service can be $250 to $2500 a month.  There are some extra factors that can be added like marketing, designing the email, copywriting, and how many emails will go every day. 

Social Media Marketing Company

2.5 billion monthly active users on Facebook and 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram. So, these two social media have that amount of audiences yet there are others to add. Just in facebook there are more than 40% Business to Business markets have clients. Social media like LinkedIn 40% of the business comes from. 

You have every reason to present on the Platform and get more sales and leads. To flourish the business use Social media influencer or start a paid campaign. on that platform if it takes little and gives the best outcome. 

If you are thinking in social media service in digital marketing, the price will be in between $800 to $20,000 every month. The range of the price can go up if you are interested in numbers of social media marketing.  

Facebook Campaign Setup

A huge ( 2.7 Billion) audience has Facebook. So, we can not abandon this vast market without pulling out targeted people. For that, Facebook campaigns are the best way to get engaged and more leads to sell or other things. Besides, Facebook campaigns are more cost-efficient than Google Ads. So, AtZ Technology is the digital media marketing

to conduct all the campaign In a specific Column. 

Optimization The Conversion Rate 

Do you have any idea how much visitors are converting to the website? Our Conversion rate 

the team will take all the necessary work to get more Lead – conversion on the website. We have assisted various companies to double and triple the conversion rate on the websites. 

LinkedIn Advertising Campaign

LinkedIn has good buying power. It works In the B2B marketing strategies to generate more high potential leads on the average web audience. Besides, four out of five ads get a positive response. In B2B marketing, LinkedIn is gold and its advertising campaign works great.

The person takes the business decision. Connecting with LinkedIn Ads is the best possible way to get it. If you can connect with them try to convince him/her through your good work. The chance is high, he/she will give the job or work to you if he has right now.

Strategy and Analytics Consulting 

Most businesses cannot see the profile as they have a lack of business strategy and analytics consulting solutions. In every business, it is highly valuable to do a better strategy to grow any business and after that when the business is increasing or running then need to see the analytics with experts who can tell the current position of the business. This major part always cuts off in a subconscious mind.  

Which process needs to be followed for any business owner!

Waking through the road on the side, suddenly, I clash with my old friend! I was ready to slap him but when I saw my friend I stopped my hand and hugged each other. I was very happy to see him and so did he. 

It was a long conversation with unnecessary things and other regular talks! 

You know what those are! 

At one point he was telling about his business plan and he can not open his mind to set a proper goal. 

As I already said in a regular talk that I have a digital marketing service on that point he wants me to give some ideas or advice on how he can build his business. 

For me, it was an opportunity to get new Clients as I know how to create a new business from scratch step by step. So, I told him how he can build a Digital marketing channel. 

I told him some steps that every business company should follow the rules and which already got success.  

  1. Build Awareness 
  2. Grow interest 
  3. Consideration 
  4. Intent 
  5. Evaluation 
  6. Sales 

This 1 to 2 point has to do with social media marketing and video marketing. Besides, 4 to 6 points have to work on PPC, Web design, Content Marketing. Also, 4 to 6 points have to be added to Email and remarketing work. In the final part, 1 to 6 points must have to do SEO and SEM without any question to build your business. 

After doing all the work and understanding the process he said, he wanted to put the bag on me which I know that will be after telling this.

So, he shares his plan with us. What is his business all about and tell his budget plan and then after a lot of meetings we ( AtZ technology) take the work and build his brand.    

So, right now it is your time to step up and give your hand to the trusted company to do the best work for your digital work and establish a new way of branding your business. 

Now for you which service is best for your company? 

It depends on your company position and how much you want growth or you can share your plan and we will develop your business step by step and which is depends on a few things: 

  1. How much budget you have 
  2. What is your goal/ plan 
  3. What do you prefer service/product 
  4. Who are the targeted audiences  
  5. Can I do more things? 

If you understand the Digital Marketing Cost Breakdown process then it is time to make your decision! If you don’t know anything about how to grow your business in the digital marketing area, we highly encourage you to contact us and ask any questions you need to know. We are willing to have you with us. 



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