For local business 82% of smartphone users use search engines and 97% of consumers like to visit online to find local services. Without any doubt as a small business, it is very hard to outrank big companies with their SEO experts.

 But we have a solution – with the proper strategies and a designed plan can make it happen. With proper technical SEO knowledge and expertise, you can gain the best organic search result within the limited budget. 

It is daunting to find Affordable Local SEO service for a small business for sure. SEO is such a complex field to understand which SEO service will be good for your company. To make it easier, we are giving you time and then you decide which service you should choose.  

AtZ Technology is a Local SEO Service provider that can aid your business to be found easily in your area. We ensure that you can get a good number of traffic on your website, more customers can know your shop location and that can increase your sales. Without Local SEO Service you will miss a huge chunk of sales and that can cost less than your traditional and paid advertising. 

Our Local SEO Service Packages

let’s check the Local SEO Cost below:

 Commencing at $599Commencing at $999Commencing at $1499
Google My Business CreationOKOKOK
Yelp Listing CreationOKOKOK
Bing Local CreationOKOKOK
Yellow Pages CreationOKOKOK
Additional Business Listings233855
Reputation Management Lite SetupNOOKOK
Feedback MonitoringOKOKOK
Executive ReportingOKOKOK
Initial Site AuditOKOKOK
Web Page CopywritingHomepage + 4 PagesHomepage + 7 PagesHomepage + 8 Pages
Additional Business ListingsNOOKOK
Directories and NOOKOK
Title Tag OptimizationOkOKOK
Meta Description OptimizationOKOKOK
Monthly Local ReputationNOOKOK

What is Local SEO? 

When you type on the Google search box or other search engine looking for “ Restaurant nearby” or “ a neighboring car repair shop?”. At that time what things do you need most? Don’t you search for a phone number or address ? 

Local SEO is local search engine optimization which aids your business in the local area or results on Google or other search engines. 

A Local business can take benefit from local SEO if it has a physical location or serves a geographic area. Optimizing your business with your related keyword in Google local park ( or map listings). We can help your company to: 

  • Improving your local online presence 
  • Outrank your competitors easily 
  • Able to more organic traffic to your website 
  • Increasing leads and sales within a specific service area

Think like today’s phone book directory or yellow page, same as local SEO can increase your phone calls and contract forms on your website. 

Why Local SEO is important ? 

Most of the Google search queries are on the Local Search based. Well from 2017 to 2019 the local search queries have increased massively. More than 900%  of local search phrases increased like “ near me today/tonight”.  Google has started providing geographical related search based on: 

  • Prominence
  • Proximity 
  • Relevance

That means, if your business is close to where someone is conducting their searching and people want  various Local related  services or products and they may be searching for those things related to your products as well. If you has optimized local business listings, then you’re more likely to be found by potential customers online. 

What Are the Benefits of Local SEO?

In order to get more visibility on Google search engine results page (SERPS), has a chunk number of advantages in small business. Those are: 

# 1. Grab more potential customers in small amounts of cost. 

#2. Increase your online presence 

#3. Reach a good number of people multiple platform 

#4. Generate more leads and sales 

#5. Becoming more competitive than before

#6. Increase your authority and trustworthy 

#7. Focus on local and increase the followers 

Who Needs Local SEO? 

Basically, any type of small or big  business which places in Google local listing can take benefits out of it from the Local SEO services. However, there are certain types of business which are booming in Local SEO mostly. If you have one of those you can contract with and we are ready to help you out and improve your search ranking. 

Medical Service: Local SEO perfect these various types of small businesses like dental Clinics, personal Clinics and all the other urgent types of small business. 

It is a highly demanded business around the world not in a single particular country. Local SEO can boost your business. For that it will be better if you choose a local domain and publish helpful posts on a regular basis. In addition, there are a lot of things you have to improve your business and for the work you have to take our service.  

Law Offices: Law firms have a lot of places to improve their Local rankings. The first work you need to do is set up Google My Business page. After that, focus on your website structure and selected content keywords. Is your keywords and contents relevant with each other or not. For local rankings to improve social media appearance as well. 

All Online business: Local and related with the small and mid types business have to improve Local SEO in order to get more leads and sales. Right now most of the companies are coming to the online field as people are interested in maintaining social distance. Those types of business are: 

  • Restaurant 
  • Digital Service 
  • Plumbers
  • Selling Goods ( shoe, T-shirt, Phones etc) 
  • Pet Services 
  • And many more..  

Local SEO Services for Small Business 3 Key Things

Most of the time these key things misstated by all SEO service providers and they do not know who arranges all the work in one-step process. If any of the small businesses try to focus those these key things most of the time they see good results. 

Keyword Strategy

In Loca SEO, choosing keywords and using them in a proper strategy can change the whole game for your business. From our experience, we have observed that ranking on local search results plays a big role in choosing the right keywords for the business around. 

As we have worked in this field for 8 years now, we know the game how to play without having a yellow card.  

Technical SEO 

We always miss out on this necessary part and that is technical SEO. Most SEO service companies don’t talk about that. An example of technical SEO is: Your website image is not showing, a lot of internal and external broken links are working, website speed, search engine crawlable, etc. 

Technical has a heavy impact on Google or other search engine ranking.  Without solving your website’s technical aspect, you can achieve the top rank in search engines.  

Link Building For Small Business  

Sometimes link building becomes the major part of search result ranking. Let’s see you are competing with a big company and they have done all the things that you have done. 

Now, who will get the top rank ? 

The answer is very simple: who has a better backlink. I said Better backlink not a number of backlinks, Better means which has high DA (Domain Authority)  and PA (Page Authority), and a backlink is from a relevant site it will be much better. 

To kick out from the top position for your small business sometimes you need to do link building. 

Local SEO Services 

Right now you have understood the importance of local SEO Services and the value they can create in the future for your business. However, We would like to give some brief ideas about our service and what we are giving here. 

Advance Keyword Research: 

Keyword research is a significant work to do in a  very careful manner; if anyone makes any mistake here your website will go down. Have to search for niche specific keywords so that it helps in SEO and further paid campaigns as well. 

Local Optimization SEO:

Local SEO is different from the general SEO for that we have an expert team who know all the aspects about Local ranking factors and how to do competitor analysis. You will get more traffic in your website store with various keywords and doing On -page SEO as well. 

Create Content: 

Optimize content with a local mind set and people. Our expert team knows all facts and in particular that need to grab the audience mind and the Google ranking. 

Landing Pages: 

Create a powerful local appearance with your locally optimized website. Our 7 years of web design and development expert team created various types of website with a great  structure according to the needs of local search ranking. 

Google My Business: 

Creating a strong local presence starts with your website. Our design team focuses on developing websites that are structured to accommodate the needs of local searchers. 

Local Citations: 

Create and fix all the problems for your local listings if necessary. Local directory plays a major role in the local Search optimization. We have highly expect the team that will work on it and do the necessary work to improve your presence in the local search engine. 

Paid Advertising: 

Paid campaigns can give an extra boost to dominate your local market. Our quality of expert team has done thousands of local advertising to ensure the local hand in hand domination. 

Schema Markup: 

English is an easy way that search engines can understand but we can aid you to translate your website into your own language so that search engines will understand easily. And that is Schema Markup language which is a coding language by which way it doesn’t matter which local language you’re from. Our experienced team will implement its search engine’s own language. For that it will be much clearer and boost your local ranking. 

Local SEO FAQ 

1. What Is Local SEO & How Is It Different from Regular Website SEO?

You might know about how it works in the search engine and you’re also aware about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that is how websites rank in Google and other Search Engine . 

However, Local SEO is slightly different. We will exclusively focus your website and Google My Business Profile page as well. Google will display Business Pages ( Alone with a highlighting map where you can find the location of your businesses) for many local search phrases.  

2. How Do You Force Google to Display Business Results?

One of the most frustrating parts is that Google does not show everytime business profiles pages in Local SEO in the search results. 

So, another most valuable FAQ is how can you show the map result on  Google instead of listing web pages in the result? 

The answer is: Unfortunately, you cannot force Google to do that. 

If your keyword is related to Search intent and Google is not listing your map with a business page, then there is no alternative way to do that. However, you can use regular SEO tactics for your web pages.  

For that case, you have to ensure and double – check the Google Search intent phrase with your pages before launching a Local SEO campaign. If for any reason Google is not ranking Google My Business pages, then  For you Local SEO is not a good approach. 

3. What Types of Businesses Can Use Local SEO?

Local SEO is not 100% appropriate for the e-commerce business. The reason behind is e-commerce business hasn’t any physical location for customers to visit and buy from the store. Here the Google’s full Guidelines for listing your business on Google. 

How it will be annoying to see e-commerce businesses listed when you search for a nearby coffee shop. You get an ecommerce site but you cannot grab your coffee from a nearby store rather order online.

The basic principle of Local SEO is to give opportunity for Local business that interacts in person with customers, Clients or patients. If you can’t meet physically that business is not related to the Local SEO. 

4. How Do You Compete In Cities and Towns Outside Of Your Physical Location?

In Local SEO one of the main factors is your business physical existence and for that ranking algorithm has been set up.

If You are searching for a restaurant in the upper West Side of Manhattan, then it doesn’t show those business pages which are far from your distance.   

In that case, you and your business have the advantage to rank higher on Google and other search engines with your related customer in the near location. The faraway people search your business related keyword the less chance you have to show in the first page. 

It is impossible to get entry in local search without physical location. Moreover, Google will not give you rankings or sometimes it will not index your content ase well. 

We are giving Affordable Local SEO Services for Small Business with full safety and security of your website. 



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