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Most of the internet users search on the online for their needed things to fulfil their query. It can be an e-commerce store, local resutures, any product review or any other information.

 All the things you see and come to the top of your search page because of good SEO work. Isn’t it? 

So, you need the SEO ( search engine optimization) service for your own business to fly to the top position of the search ranking. 

We are here to assist, boost your company, and take your business to the mountain Everest in search of results. We are the best SEO company in the world to resolve your headache.

However, one of the headaches of a small business is how much SEO costs for small business, we will give an idea about that so that you can make your decision easier.

Today 55% of the company is spending money on professional SEO services. Before showing the prices of our company, we would like to give the answer to What is SEO Services? 

 SEO Packages Pricing Plans 

We are the Best SEO Company for small business in the World with plenty of proof! Here are three SEO packages which can fulfill the requirement of your business purpose. It is up to you to add more features and upgrade the plan and remove unnecessary offers which are not needed for your company.

We give full flexibility to the Clients. Here are three SEO packages which can fulfill the requirement of your business purpose. It is up to you to add more features and upgrade the plan and remove unnecessary offers which are not needed for your company. We give full flexibility to the Clients.

Custom web development packages


For Small Business

Commencing at $499

A flexible, low – risk, modern SEO Solution with proper strategies at limited prices.


For Medium Business

Commencing at $999

A wide range and advance approach To rank on the top and get more targeted traffic


For Large Business

Commencing at $1999

Only do the best for your company to reach the mountain In your industry

What Is SEO Services? 

SEO service is typically offered by the SEO agency to aid the business to get rank on the top position on the search engine to the related topic or keyword. In SEO, your business goes to the top of the search result and increases the visibility of your company in Google and Bing. 

Example of SEO services

For example, a restaurant owner wants to be in the top position of Google or any search engine ranking in some related word or keyword like: 

restaurants near me

Best restaurants in my country 

Best restaurants in local area 

As google’s 200 ranking factors which determine the ranking on any particular related topic, it requires the best and professional expertise to do the daunting work for you. That’s why a lot of business owners hire good SEO expertise agencies to do the work. 

How Much Does SEO Costs for Small Business

There is no certain fixed cost price that every company or agency follows. The price of the cost fixes any of the agency with their work experience, expertise, and their success rate as well. 

Some of the agencies charge high prices for small things which look like the business owner giving big business service charge. And, some of the agencies are giving their big business service and the cost is not so high compared to renown companies. 

So, what is the difference between those two types of companies? 

The key fact with those companies is who changes more – they have more experience and know-how to ensure your sales and increase revenue. In addition, they try to ensure your popularity as well so that you can get long-term benefits from their service.  

However, it doesn’t mean that all under regular taking agencies are not good. We know some agencies who believe to give good service at a medium price so that clients can trust us and build a long-term relationship.  

There are some ways by which an SEO service can be chosen. And, That can be an affordable SEO service for small businesses.

Average SEO Cost Per Month

Many of the agencies work on a monthly basis. For example is: you have given a project to complete and with the continuous process we will charge you on a monthly basis until you complete the work. 

Mostly Clients like this method as you can see you work from time to time and guild them and review the work process. If you need to solve any problem we (the agency) will do that without any doubt. 

Now the question comes how much should SEO cost per month? 

As we have already said that there is no fixed amount but the average SEO cost monthly will be $1000 to $3000 and at the highest rate can be $5000 to $10,000. You can say this is the average cost of SEO for small businesses to do the per month work. 

One Time Project based 

Some of the small business owners like to take one-time SEO service work. It can be every year like every small business owner checks their website and to fix all the problems within 3 months under an amount or they give the fixed amount money to complete all the work whatever time they need. 

The average cost of the one-time project is $5000 to $30,000. However, it depends on the type of project and how much work needs to be done. 

Average SEO Cost Per Hour 

Some agencies believe that hourly change is best for them and the client. As some of the clients are just consultants for their website regarding SEO. For that, it doesn’t need too much time or simply work to be done. The average SEO service pricing per hour is $60 to $350. However, this is not fixed because you may be taking consultants with good personal experience. So, the value of his/her time will be so much.   

SEO services that we (SEO agency) offer

Search engines like google and bing are changing their algorithms day by day. The SEO expertise is always up-to-day with all of the things. That’s why we (SEO company) offer the service to help you to succeed in your business. 

An example of the SEO services we provide: 

  • Local SEO 
  • E-Commerce SEO 
  • Technical SEO 
  • SEO analysis 

10 Step to the Road to Success in the SEO 

Before working with our profession and expertise will talk with you and know about business, aim, need and targeted audience, how your service or product can help your customer or buyer. 

  1. Aim your Object \ Gola 
  2. Site audit 
  3. Do a perfect competitor analysis 
  4. Proper and in-depth keyword research in your related business or work
  5. Mapping optimization ( put the keyword on the in the exact pages according to the plan) 
  6. Implanting all the things in a precise way ( on, off and technical SEO) 
  7. Monitoring traffic and ranking 
  8. See the old data and update the SEO work
  9. Create needed content tp accrue the business 
  10. Reporting and refining all the old work 

Which SEO Services will be Perfect for You? 

We were working with SEO for the last 10 years, with that experience we know what things need to know and use for your website. 

If you want to improve your ranking, establish your brand name, and boost your business definitely you need SEO. 

Whether it is a new startup company or already existing business. If you want to take the high fly. Then, our excerpt team willing to work with you in every single possible way. Let’s see the services. 

  • Local SEO 

Local SEO boosts your business in the local arena. Google is continuously changing local SEO as they have a big plan around the local SEO. For your business, it is undoubtedly important to sit down viably so that you can get a vast amount of potential customers in your local area.     

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO refers to the process of optimizing your content ( website) for online visibility or appearance in the search result for the local relevant search intent. 

Let’s see an example: 

You need a new shoe and you type in google best shoe store near me …. 

In a microsecond, google will do a lot of things all at once including: checking your email, your area, data, your location based on IP, Wi-Fi or GPS data… it does all the algorithms things to understand your intent for the “best shoe store near me”…

Within a moment it will show the best result in the top position in the search engine, the best result means who have already worked perfectly in local SEO. 

Ok! NOW what you will get in Local SEO service to rank higher to your business. 

1. Optimize for Local

Search engine optimization targeted your local community with certain strategies. Our local SEO pro expert team drives traffic in your store or e-commerce site through keyword and on-page SEO. 

2. Content Creation

Optimize content locally, we have a highly expert team to write perfect content for you and pitch your customer and have a deep understanding of creating the local content to grab more customers for your business. 

3. Landing Pages

Building strong visibility commencing with your website, Our web development team will create a powerful website giving the preference to local search results. 

4. Google My Business

To maximize your banned profile and search result to create a GMB profile and give the location of your business in the google map.  

5. Schema Markup

Your website is full of English written content is great but for google understanding coding language is perfect. So, our team will use coding language in the Schema markup to make it clear for google understanding about your website more.  

6. Managing Reputation

After doing hard work to come up in google top page and building brand authority. Now, the main part of your site is reputation and for that, we will look after your website and monitor your website. If you face any issue, we are here to help you out. 

7. Local Citations

Enlisted your business in the local citations. For more appearance and clean image in google and search engine, we list your website in all the (70+) local directories which will play a major role in search engine.  

8. Paid Advertising

Paid advertising boosts your website and pushes forward in the local area to get more traffic and create brand value. Our team has done a lot of paid champaign to fulfil the requirement of the client for the paid advertising.  

Ecommerce SEO Services

For your online shopping turn on your favourite search engine and then search “clothing” in the search box and one eye blinking gets the needed product to purchase. 

An E-Commerce website is a process by which way optimize the products for search results so that anyone can find out your website products easily and purchase from there. Whether you have a new online store, struggling with the selling or increase the performance of the online then that can Ecommerce SEO. 

Ecommerce SEO Service

Through experience for a long period, we know how to build and do the best Ecommerce SEO. 

We have an e-commerce SEO team who are doing and working with multiple projects already and we get enormous amounts of success in this field.

However,  we believe every E-commerce website is different from others and has a different framework to do and has a different vision. 

Besides, if you want to build an e-commerce website from scratch then we can do that as well. We have a web design and development service also.

1. Website Audit

  • The initial step starts Ecommerce planning to know band, your targeted audience and goal. 
  • Our expert team will optimise all the work with full clarity with a certain object. 
  • For that our team audits your website for better understanding and finds out strength and weakness and then customize all the things according to the plan. 

2. Proper Keyword Research

  • Detailed keyword research for your e-commerce website. 
  • Effective and critical SEO plan to optimize the site with related keywords which will rank higher in google and other search engines. 
  • Build a list of keywords for your store so that you and we can realize what will work for your band perfectly. 

3. Site Structure

  • Site structure plays a big role For proper crawlability and Google’s bots can easily read.
  • It aids the search engine to understand in a way that what you are selling in your store. With that, they can show your product to related customers. 
  • A proper site structure improves the UX and easily navigates for the user. 
  • It increases the usability to get better information and perfectly evaluate more content. 

4. Increase Ecommerce analytics

  • Ecommerce analytics allows you to explore more about the customer and shopping behaviour metrics on a whole website. 
  • It enhances the advanced features of the checkout process, product performance, product performance, abandon cart rates and more. 
  • Analytics can help to soar the selling by raking your product.

5. Schema Markup

  • It will improve your website click-through rate (CTR). 
  • Schema markup is a coding language, so it will aid the search engine to give a clear vision for your website. 
  • Giving more information about the buyer result. 
  • Enhance the data visualised in search results. 

6. Content Marketing

  • Content is the key to any industry. Our team will publish your product information in detail so that it will rank on the search page and a customer gets the proper idea of the product. 
  • With quality content, your band will show in a different eye from the competitor. 
  • Input the relevant keyword phrase for the best industry practices with quality content. 

7. Ecommerce SEO Platforms

  • WordPress 
  • Shopify
  • Woocommerce
  • Bigcommerce
  • Magento
  • Wix
  • Squarespace
  • Volusion

Ecommerce Marketing Services

An online E-commerce Store should grow continuously, and it is daunting to do that every single day. For proper strategy and planning to compete with your competitor, you need to do marketing. 

In your E-commerce store customers won’t go to find out every single product. So, you have to promote those products which are not selling as those godowns or are covered by the other products. 

If you reckon you can take benefit out of it then discover more about our eCommerce SEO services. 

1. Technical SEO services

  • Technical Site Audits
  • Penalty Recovery
  • Website Migration
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Structured Data Markup
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Image Optimization
  • Backlink Analysis

2. Content Promotion

  • Gain more exposure for your content 
  • Improve the presence on the online 
  • Connect with a vast amount of audience  
  • publish your content of social media Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, etc 

3. Social Media Marketing

  • track your audience 
  • Create a brand awareness 
  • Engage Your Audience
  • Grow Your Audience
  • Advertise to your Exact Audience
  • Boosting your post 

4. Google Shopping Ads

  • Promote your inventory
  • Enhance targeted traffic
  • Get more Leads 
  • Increase your product impression 
  • Increase more traffic on your targeted audience 

5. Ecommerce Web Design 

  • Custom design different from others 
  • Mobile optimize 
  • Improve your security 
  • Increase your website speed 
  • Upload as many as the product you want 
  • Having a mobile shopping ability 
  • Payment and shipping integration and more ….

SEO Analytics 

Now – a -days it is very challenging to sell anything online if you don’t know your targeted audience and their motive. 

It is very important to have the proper data of your customer so that you can retarget and the up-to-date particular customer when you upload a new product. 

What do You Need? 

Proper analytic implementation in the website. No doubt it is the high priority to get more data of the visitor. However, we will do make sure that your website has to be lightweight, not full of junk code. 

So, What types of SEO Analytics we use: 

1. Google Analytics (GA)

  • Visualization of dashboard 
  • Accurate report 
  • Tracking Ecommerce
  • Precise data analysis  
  • Where rank in search Engine 
  • Set a goal 
  • Identify user location 
  • Know more about keyword 
  • Competitor analysis 
  • Tracking one or multiple social media targeted customer 

2. Google Tag Manager (GMT)

  • Managing all the tags 
  • Different event tracking 
  • Increase performance 
  • Testing tools 
  • Build-in tag templates
  • Proper security 
  • Flexibility added 

We tend to do business for a long time with the benefits of our clients. With that in mind, we are giving affordable SEO services for small businesses. And, you can determine we are taking plenty or less after knowing the SEO costs for small business on average service cost. 



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