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Everything About Online Marketing in a Brief

Everything About Online Marketing in a Brief

According to Hubspot’s article, as of 2018, over four billion people around the world used the internet, and since there is no confusion about the fact that the rate did not decrease after that at all, we can assume that the not only it grew more and more, it will continue for the upcoming days as well. And that’s why online marketing is getting more and more relevant in our lifestyle. Just the way our online activities are getting increased, so is online marketing.

Our existence in a virtual world is getting more and more significant, the world of business is also being closely connected with it. In fact, an organization should not even consider to be totally absent on the web, because that will certainly impact the overall performance and output of the organization. The reason behind it is that the internet has already become almost an inseparable part of our lives. Whatever we do, we mostly rely on the internet. We get to know new stuff, we justify our opinion, we eradicate our confusion-all of these with the help of the internet. This situation ultimately created a whole new platform for marketers to advertise their products and services.

We know that marketing has always been about telling people about the new product that is going to be introduced in your product line or the service that you will start performing from the next month. It doesn’t really matter what you want to market, but it matters which platform you are going to use to market. And considering all the factors and potentials related in the scenario, one thing needs to be agreed upon that online marketing is the concept that every person in the marketing world requires to know about.

What is Online marketing?

Online marketing, which is also known as internet marketing or web advertising, is basically the process of doing marketing by using the internet or online platforms. For example, a person is trying to start a new business and of course will try to advertise about it. In traditional ways, TVCs might be considered to be an option for this situation but since days changed, the more impactful strategy that should be looked into by that person is may be search engine optimization process.

Now that we have an overview about online marketing, let’s see what are the ways to do online marketing.


SEO or search engine optimization is the process where the motive is to draw the greatest amount of traffic possible to the website so that the website is shown to the top of a search engine result page.

Since we all want to maximize the visibility of our website, as being a part of the competitive business world there is no way we can represent yourself in front of a large number of people unless we take initiatives regarding SEO procedures.

What business persons can do is to hire SEO specialists who will implement different strategies to maximize organic traffic, and this is the type of traffic that is not the outcome of any paid system but the natural way of traffic production. SEO is highly appreciated by marketers to survive in the virtual world and of course, it’s a combination of several methods. 

For example, at first, we have to have to use keywords or widely used phrases related to our site and its purpose. We will consistently have to be updating our websites with the course of time.

The basic usability and design of the website must receive proper attention from us. We might also have to find ways to have other websites’ links to ours. These are some of the basic things that will be needed to be kept under supervision. By maintaining SEO strategies successfully, we can expect that our marketing activities online will certainly reach a new level.

Social Media Marketing

We all know it very well that one important aspect to keep in mind while doing marketing is the factor that we must connect with our audience. Nowadays, since people are really comfortable and active as well in different social media platforms, online marketers must utilize this new trend. Basically social media marketing is nothing but the effective use of social media platforms to create a connection with the customers to build our brand, increase sales and drive website traffic. 

Social media marketing can be done when you publish a great content on your company’s social media profiles, when you listen to your followers and engage with them, analyze various results and run social media advertisements. Five core pillars are considered to be  of social media marketing:

  • Strategy
  • Planning and Publishing
  • Listening and Engagement
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Advertising

With the course of time, the trends are changing, so are the tactics appropriate for social media marketing. So we must try our best to keep ourselves updated regarding the evolution of social media marketing that takes place all the time.

Email Marketing

Being one of the most useful online marketing strategies, email marketing refers to the process of sending emails to prospects and customers, with the motive keeping in mind of converting prospects into customers and making the one-time buyers to be loyal, raving fans. There are several reasons for which you should consider email marketing to implement in your online marketing strategies before any other alternatives.

According to optimonster, 99% of consumers of different products check their emails on a daily basis. There are very few communication channels out there that have such a higher rate of being checked as email.

Moreover, while doing email marketing, you are the one who owns the email list, no one else, which basically means that others cannot take those leads away from you. Also, don’t forget the fact that email marketing generally has a returns on investment of 4400%, which is absolutely huge. So from the discussion, it is clearly understandable how much potential email marketing holds.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is another way of online marketing, to increase the visibility of a website in search engine result pages. It is also known as paid search, or pay per click (PPC) in some cases.

So while analyzing this particular online marketing process, at first we need to agree with the fact that, since the internet facilities have been accessible to a large number of people, they can easily do research on products before buying them online. In this circumstance, search engine marketing has really been a crucial online marketing strategy. 

In fact, it is believed that the majority of a website’s new visitors find it for the first time while performing a query on search engines.

For search engine marketing, results are really immediate, we don’t need to wait for it, it’s one of the fastest ways to drive traffic to our websites. Now even though the outcomes and the efficiencies seem alluring, we better keep in mind that the whole process of search engine marketing is not really as easy stuff.

There are complicated algorithms that are used here so that it can be ensured that the results that are most relevant are returned for each search, including location and other available information.

If you want to set up a campaign with a search engine marketing network, as a marketer, you are suggested that, at first, conduct your keyword research properly and then select only a set of keywords related to your website or the product for which you are doing all these marketing.

Then select a particular geographic location so that the ad of your product or service is displayed within. You might also want to consider to create a text-based ad to be displayed in the search results. Finally, bid on a price that you are willing to pay for each click on your ad.

Content Marketing

To answer the question of what content marketing really is, it’s a strategic marketing approach which focuses on creating and also distributing content that are valuable, relevant and consistent. The motive is to attract and retain a clearly defined audience and ultimately, driving customer actions that are profitable.

The business goals of content marketing includes:

  • Brand awareness and reinforcement
  • Lead conversion and nurturing
  • Customer conversion
  • Customer service
  • Customer loyalty/retention
  • Customer upsell
  • Passionate subscriber

Video Marketing

A lot of us have heard the saying that a photo’s worth a thousand words. If that’s true, is it really necessary to elaborate that what’s the worth of a video? That’s why the marketers nowadays are so much focussed on video marketing, which is a forward facing marketing strategy that integrates engaging and mind blowing videos into marketing campaigns, so that the audience can have a clear view of the purpose of the business.

Now let’s get to know how we can develop our video marketing strategy. At first, we must allocate our resources, that is, designating some budget for the video, might be for decent equipment, good editing software etc. then comes the part of telling the stories. Brainstorming the core ideas and presenting them in front of the audience in a way of telling a captivating story is absolutely necessary.

Also, we have to make sure that those for whom these videos are being made are actually getting themselves engaged with the videos. Another key thing to remember, try your best to keep the videos as short, concise and easy to interpret as possible.

Now the most important part, publish your videos throughout as many platforms as possible, to assure the utmost promotion of the products through these videos. Finally, keep a track of the thorough analysis of the overall outcomes of your video marketing activities.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is another wonderful way to increase your publicity through online marketing and making the whole process way easier. It manages all the marketing processes and multifunctional campaigns, across multiple channels, and the most significant thing about this is the fact that it is done automatically!

There is no denying the fact that there are always some time-consuming responsibilities of the marketing roles and seems like in the modern days, the amount of these activities got only larger in size. Fortunately, a modern solution is also out there to serve this modern problem, which is nothing but the marketing automation process. With the help of it, you won’t be needing to press the “send” button each time you manually send an email, message, campaign, or post after creating.

 Moreover, efficient and effective marketing automation tools will also enable you to identify correctly your audience, designing the appropriate content, automatically trigger action based on schedules already done or depending on customer behavior. The thing is, whatever you are supposed to do to be a successful marketer, a marketing automation tool will help you out in the most critical hours and in general as well.

Final Words

The significance as well as the size of online marketing is getting more attention from people day by day. Almost all the business persons know it very well that if they want to survive in the ongoing competition in the business world and make a place for them, then there is no alternative out there for online marketing.

So, everyone out there who is planning to do some marketing for a product or a website, don’t be late to get into online marketing or you are only going to lag behind.