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19 Popular and Best Copywriting Podcasts for Copywriters

Podcast Copywriting

I know that you are really worried and desire to know, acquire podcast copywriting content. 

I  will reduce your tension in a very short time and a very simple way.

In this context, I am going to tell you about the details of best copywriting podcasts from where you may know that you are learning a lot about copywriting. 

What Is Podcast Copywriting?

A podcast copywriting is an episodic series of spoken word digital audio records that a user can download to a personal project for easy listening. 

Streaming appeals and podcasting aids provide a comfortable and open way to manage a personal using line across many podcast references and playback tools.

A podcast copywriting series regularly highlights one or more recurring hosts employed in a discussion about a special topic or current case. Analysis and content within a podcast can change from carefully scripted to fully improvised. 

Podcast copywriting combines elegant and artistic sound reproduction with thematic interests ranging from experimental research to slice-of-life writing. 

Many podcast series present an associated website with links and give notes, guest records, copies, extra resources, commentary, and even a neighborhood forum devoted to explaining the show’s content.

19 Popular and Best Copywriting Podcasts 

Recently, podcast copywriting blasted onto the marketing view as a popular method of content, but, just like blogs and books, they aren’t just steps to market. They can also serve as valuable resources for copywriters and marketers.

Here are 17 popular and unique Copywriting website content site and marketers that will assist you to stay up to promote:

1. Hot Copy Podcast

Hot Copy is a  podcast copywriting entertained by Belinda Weaver and Kate Toon.

They have excellent Australian accents! 

What one really appreciates about their program is that they take on other professionals and strong writers to interview.

Some of their guests include:

  • Glenn Fisher (Direct acknowledgment copywriter)
  • Cindy Childress (Ph. D. ghostwriter)
  • Steve Folland (Host of Being Freelance podcast)
  • Steve Slaunwhite (Author, speaker, copywriter)
  • Ami Williamson (E-commerce conversion copywriter)

They also cover an extensive variety of exciting topics like SEO writing, generating evidence, gaining money as an artist, and more.

You will receive a lot of new information about various fields of copywriting from specialists who accompany the walk.

2. The Copywriter Club Podcast

Don’t boot out on The Copywriter Club Podcast entertained by Rob and Kira. 

Their aim is to give you “Think about your business in a BIGGER way. We’re talking about T-Rex-kind-of-BIG.”

Learn about skilled copywriters and their progress, frustrations, habits, techniques, and more.

Some of their new episodes have discussed the issues of pricing rules, business launches, document exchange letters, and storytelling.

Overall, Rob and Kira will introduce you up to build and develop a lucrative writing company through their information and guests.

3. Copywriters Podcast

This is a classic podcast on copywriting that I managed to attend to all the time when I’d go for the Twilight series.

It’s beaten back, sweet, and the crowd Garfinkel—is a sharp writer with oceans of information to receive.

His story begins in high school where he recorded for the school newspaper described The Montgomery Tide.

He saw how to write copy by giving out personal mail to parents asking them to contribute to Tide.

They did. And he performed some good bills while he was it.

Nowadays, David operates with millionaire copywriters and managers.

His podcast teaches you how to get more money from copywriting along with hidden techniques and methods.

4. Copyblogger FM

Copyblogger FM, as could imagine, is produced by none other than the famous copywriting website Copyblogger.

It’s entertained by Derrell Vesterfelt (Co-founder of Authentic Hq) and Tim Stoddart (Copyblogger associate.)

Their podcast concentrates on quickly absorbable bite-size episodes.

The first is stable while running for long hours while the opposite is nice when you require to learn something lightning quick.

Some of their original episode topics include:

  • How to Utilize Pro as a Freelance Writer
  • Marketing Segmentation and Personalization
  • How to Perceive More of the Right Stuff Done
  • Why the Future Is Yet Email
  • How Smart, Nimble Businesses Are Using Webinars Today

So, technically it isn’t just about copywriting.

But the other issues like segmenting, email, webinars will all serve you greatly.

5. Good Copy Bad Copy

Good Copy Bad Copy has been writing B2B relevant podcast episodes since 2013.

Some of the various copywriting hosts incorporate:

  • Nick Prescott
  • Katy Eddy
  • Ben Philpott
  • David McQuire
  • Priya Khotan
  • Benjamin Clarke

They plunge deep into themes, such as managing research in B2B copy, writing checklists, obstacles to good literature, and how to sign for specific audiences.

It has a center on B2B, so if you are a B2B copywriter or often write to businesses, don’t need their appearance.

6. Copy That Pops

Copy That pop is entertained by a wandering lover, lecturer, and entrepreneur Laura Petersen.

Laura’s entrepreneur journey started after learning the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. 

She attempted a few exciting adventures forward the design, too. These included a balloon animal expert for hire gig, a cut-up shirt apparel company, and marketing a pack of cards that explains to you how to count cards.

Anyways. Her podcast will guide you about copywriting therapy, editing, and self-publishing.

7. Geniuses Of Copywriting

This is a surprisingly cool idea.

Geniuses Of Copywriting takes on a new copywriting inspiration every episode to hear about their story, ideas, and plans at growing a talented writer.

Some of their original customers incorporate:

  • Chris Haddad (Author of Monerfingers and fiercely successful copywriter.)
  • Drayton Bird (David Ogilvy once said “Drayton Bird apprehends more about personal shopping than anyone in the world.”)
  • Brian Kurtz
  • Caleb O’Dowd
  • Justin Brooke
  • John Carlton
  • Michel Fortin
  • Dan Ferrari

Not only do you determine how to write top-notch representation from some of the best authors in the world, but you understand their story and how they’re just like us.

8.The Writer Files

The Writer Files explores the ways, habitats, and brains of famous writers to learn their codes of fertility and creativity. Learn how proficient writers make the work done. Original episodes hold“The Writer’s Brain on Productivity vs. Creativity” Part One and Part Two.

9. Copy Chief Radio

Today Kevin is one of the best-renowned purposes in marketing and copywriting perspective. He has worked with various canopies to increase success. They’re to explain the success story of any brand. In the interview, all of the people and in his podcast show share his markient and copywriting things. 

10. High-Income Business Writing Podcast

High-Income Business Writing Podcast copywriting is received by Ed Gandia, co-author of the book “The Wealthy Freelancer.” The successful show presents advice and techniques on expert writing from authorities. 

Find out what’s fighting for other business writers in case you learn from the field. Original episodes hold“Eight Simple SEO Tweaks That Boosted Matt Olpinski’s Website Ranking on Google” and “Conversational Copywriting with Nick Usborne.”

11. The Wise Business Podcast

However, I’ve begun to really appreciate podcasting and producing episodes so I needed to give my presentation to you.

I’ve often concentrated on my blog, but YouTube and podcasting is a bigger center this year.

The Wise Business Podcast received its name from a bearing some of my entrepreneur friends and I began several years back.

We started labeling designs and company’s with “Wise” or “Wyse” in the name as a joke.

The podcast includes topics about effectively on copywriting and content writing.

It will show you the plans to write more compelling copy, get freelance clients, and further up workflow.

12. Sales Copywriting and Content Marketing Hacks 

The purpose of their podcast is to help the entrepreneurs to get more sales with less stress. In their podcast, they cover content marketing, advertising, website sales letters, email marketing, sales copy ad writing, and more. 

13. Marketing over Coffee

John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn converse clearly on ‘both classic and current marketing.’ The events are only twenty minutes so you can hear ‘over coffee.’ They also do discussions with notable personalities in business and marketing.

14. The Lede

Backed by Rainmaker Digital (previously Copyblogger Media) through their Rainmaker performance, The Lede acknowledges questions on ‘copywriting, content marketing, email marketing, conversion optimization, mindset and more major.’

15. PnR with This Old Marketing

Described as the ‘flagship exhibits on the Content Marketing Institute Network,’ this podcast serves a strict pattern of discussion on content marketing legends, short bombast or rant about a hot topic, and a valuable content marketing lesson.

16. This Old Marketing

This Old Marketing is a podcast about content selling and telling tales to bring and retain clients. Each chapter includes (i) content shopping in the news, (ii) rants and raves on content marketing results, and (iii) an instance. This Old Marketing is a member of the Content Marketing Institute’s podcast system.

17. Conversion Cast

The Conversion Cast is a podcast specially dedicated to traffic, metrics, and the media and policies which drive both. They produce a type of guests who discourse from their own life.

18. The Fizzle Show

The Fizzle Show is for directors and company builders. Entrepreneurs, several times, act as their personal marketers and copywriters. However, it’s great for marketers not just to understand marketing, but the connection between making up a business and building up a mark.

19. Grammar Girl

Whether you’re a copywriter or in any variety of selling or communications lines, the English style is your business. These episodes are responsive and try to address you as a ‘more successful writer.’

Take use of podcasts for copywriters and marketers to assist you in your office and increase the means you do to complete your job well.


Podcast Copywriting is one of the most beneficial ways to acquire the next level. We have given the list of Best Copywriting Podcasts that you can do everything in a glen. 

You don’t have to read a 3,000-word report word for word or remain down and view a video.

You can be making, cleaning, working, or doing anything else and listen.

You can hone your composition skills and discover how to create more money from the pros by harmonizing into the podcasts I suggested today.