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7 Benefits of Proximity Marketing & Strategies

In the age of wireless technology, people are more engaging on the mobile and people love those things which have personalization. In proximity marketing gives that personalization feel by setting up the digital marketing campaign. 

The benefits of proximity marketing are far better compared to other advertising campaign systems or promotions. 

Before digging into the main rule of thumb of the proximity marketing advantages let’s know the definition of proximity marketing.  

What is Proximity Marketing?

Proximity marketing is basically targeting a customer based on his/her location and then sending that person personalized adverts, expecting that he/she will be enticed to make a purchase!

What is Proximity Marketing

As you might have already noticed, a person’s location is very important in this proximity marketing so that product or market can be marketed successfully. Of course, there is no need to advertise a product or service existing in New York to a person who lives in Portland!

To identify a certain individual’s location, a marketer might choose to use various mobile location technologies that are available in modern smartphones such as Global Positioning System Technology, Cell Phone Triangulation, and so on.

To further enhance the potential of proximity marketing, Bluetooth technologies and WiFi technologies are also utilized broadly

There’s another name for it- proximity marketing is also known as hyper-local marketing. The naming is justified because after all, this marketing is most effective in a particular neighbourhood, maybe a city block or a store or specific areas within a store.

Marketers target consumers and then advertise to them about their products and services, all within a local, small area.

However, to make proximity marketing most effective, marketers should better not forget about making the advertisements highly personalized for the consumers and use detailed tracking for it!

Who Uses Proximity Marketing?

Basically, all types of businesses that are managed from a specific location might want to use proximity marketing.

Who Uses Proximity Marketing
  • There are major retailers that can successfully use proximity marketing. For example, consider Macy’s, which can choose to do it. If they send store maps or coupons or offers applicable for their credit card to their customers nearby, it will fall under this proximity marketing. Not only these, but retailers can also attract people to enroll in their rewards or loyalty programs as well.
  • The loyalty or rewards programs are often done by hotel owners as well. They also inform their guests about various types of promotions or on-sight events.
  • Even restaurants can play a part in proximity marketing. Using technologies and thousands of useful applications available online, restaurant owners can keep their customers busy while waiting for food by making them engaged in games and similar fun activities. And of course, they can let their customers know about their special menu, offers, promotions, coupons, discounts too!
  • When these restaurants show attractive discounts or menus, passers-by might decide to try those restaurants out, and thus it can be really beneficial for the restaurant owners. Also, the existing customers should be considered important as well because by letting them know about the upcoming sales or discounts or special events, you can ensure that those customers will be interested to come back to you in the future!
  • Shopping malls can effectively utilize the power of proximity marketing by compiling coupons or discounts available out there and presenting them to the nearby customers.
  • The real estate business is another sector where proximity marketing can be applied in search of creating high value. Those who are realtors can easily find it out who is in need of new homes, office spaces, rentals, etc., and then show him/her advertisements that will be helpful. In this way, both parties get benefitted.
  • A charitable organization can also manage to have donations in particular areas by implementing proximity marketing.
  • Last but not the least, proximity marketing is absolutely useful for the ones in the travel business. Business owners in the travel industry display information and details about nearby events rewards related to specific destinations, deals, best accommodation options, most attractive local tourist spots, transport hire farms, etc. to people.

Benefits of Proximity Marketing 

Benefits of Proximity Marketing 

1. Easily Tracking Via GeoTargeting in Proximity Marketing  

Proximity marketing can be beneficial for you in lots of ways.

For starters, this is a type of marketing that can help you customize the way you interact with your customers and the types of content that you present in front of them.

That’s because you are constantly knowing about the past, present, and future locations of those customers which helps you a lot to modify your marketing approaches that are most effective and efficient.

Ultimately, your sales get increased and you boost your profit!

2. Improve The Engagement

If you are the owner of a mobile application, then you can use proximity marketing strategies and increase your customers’ engagement with your mobile app. By using geo-tracking you can send push notifications according to the location. 

3. Cost Effective 

Proximity marketing is really cost-effective, considering the fact that here. In this case, you don’t have to advertise your business to all of your customers. 

Cost Effective 

Rather, only those who are nearby, are the ones who gain your attention and by focusing on only them, you can increase your chances to make those customers persuaded to make a purchase from you or take a service from your business.

The result? Your sales increase!

4. Help to Find Out a Competitive Edge 

To build the best interactive app which helps the customers more. Moreover,  that improves more engagement and retains a good number of customers.

However, it is bad to send too many messages and push notifications even if he/she doesn’t love that.

For that reason, you need to have a strong analysing team that gives more relevant content and messages on which he loves to purchase something. 

5. Proximity Marketing Gives The Immediate Result

Improving the app engagement proximity marketing advertising aid to give you the certain convection.

Through proximity marketing, you can make a proper and accurate camping setup according to the situation so that the audience wants to purchase from the particular brand.

Retailers can promote and give more enticing offers and discounts via push notifications. 

6. A Better Personalised Experience  

The key aspect of proximity marketing is better customer experience in one to one.

A Better Personalized Experience 

The business app sends personalised messages with better offers to the customer.

In addition, for a royal customer turn on other offers in the store experience to regular customers from the store staff. 

7. Increasing The CTR

The average CTR can be high on your app more than 80% if the push notification can be set in a perfect way. The more people say on the app the change is more to improve the selling ratio as well. Moreover, the push notification works better than the Google ads and Facebook to improve the CTR. 

4 Strategies for Successful Proximity Marketing

Strategies for Successful Proximity Marketing

# Step 1: 

The first one is promoting your customers about proximity marketing and how it works. Since Bluetooth or WiFi technologies are an absolute necessity for proximity marketing to function, if your customers don’t have them in with them, then your whole marketing effort will go in vain! 

Apart from that, your customers’ consent is crucial too. So, find out ways to create such content that lets your customers know about these factors and be interested in them.

# Step 2: 

The next thing that you will need to run a successful proximity marketing campaign is data.

Although it’s quite necessary for almost all types of marketing strategies, data analysis is exceptionally important for proximity marketing since without properly having it, user behaviors or tendencies cannot be known and so marketing strategies cannot be crafted perfectly either.

# Step 3: 

You will also need to remember that sending too much information might create a negative impact on your business.

Yes, it’s true that a very significant part of proximity marketing is sending notifications but always maintaining a limit for it.

# Step 4:  

Finally, you have to follow the current context. Remember that the context of space and time and also the content’s message play a very important role in your proximity marketing activities.

Final Words

In this stage, you are quite aware of the benefits of proximity marketing and its own potential. No one can deny how significantly it can be beneficial for your business. So buckle up, gather your resources and start your own proximity marketing campaign as soon as possible!