There are many Custom Web development services in the market and have a lot of people who do not know what they do and give their services.

Every single day, you read a dozen articles and visit websites. It does not take too much time to quit the website if it will not look as organized and arranged properly as you want.

Thus, You leave the website and go to others which drags you more visually. Here comes the development services importance.  

For proper understanding let’s talk about some services:

Custom ECommerce Website Services 

If you are thinking about building an E-Commerce website then it will be pretty confusing to choose the path of creating an E-Commerce website. Should you choose a premade theme and work with WordPress CMS or a custom way to build a website? 

Calm down, Don’t need to take the stress! We are Going to help you to make your decision easier.  

Firstly, If you think differently and in an easy way then maybe you can choose Shopify or WooCommerce but It will not be efficient for your work.

Those Third-party companies take a lot of money from you with limited work and poke you every time to upgrade the plan. 

Then, You deleted that and thought about the WordPress CMS platform which is using most E-Commerce companies in the world.

Custom ECommerce Website Services

I Would say! Good idea, go ahead but If you are creating a small E-Commerce website it is good but if you are going to make a big site then you can face a lot of problems and lose your flexibility. 

However, If You have made a decision to build an E-Commerce website on WordPress eventually then we can help you to develop your website with your requirements. Feel free to ask anything. 

Thirdly, Customize ECommerce website development gives you the highest most benefits. we would love to see spending your money in the right place. There are a lot of advantages to building a Customize E-Commerce Website and they are: 

  1. You have the ability to customize your product as you want. 
  2. Capability to specialize and unique shopping options. 
  3. Make specific rules according to your problem and solution. Example: You are facing problems in a particular product, it can help you.
  4. Shipping for multiple vendors.
  5. You can use Coupons and Promo codes on a specific occasion or specific products. 
  6. You can integrate backhand with software. Example: maybe you need to track all the data. 
  7. Can give a customer-specific option for their card which is not available in every country or your local area. 
  8. Can improve your security problems. 
  9. Customers can see their reports and buying list products easily. 
  10. Have the ability to add new features on your site so that customers get more engaged on your site.

Are you ready to build your Customize E-Commerce website? If Yes! Then you have made the right decision. Now, the question is from where should you create your E-Commerce website, is it? As you already know that we know all the pros and cons of E-Commerce. So,  You can understand that we have the ability to build a Good Customized E-Commerce website for you. 

We have expertise in different programming languages in Magento, Drupal, WooCommerce, 3dcart, Shopify, etc who have worked with international areas and build a lot of websites as well. Feel free to ask anything. 

Web App Development 

A web app development is built on the website and works with browning. Don’t need to download simply go to the address and anyone can interact from a long distinct.

For web app development you need to have HTML, CSS, JS, which stores files and databases and can manipulate the data. Google docs, Mailcheap, Airtable are the web application’s beliefs or not. 

Web App Development

AtZ Technology ( Custom Web Development Services) has experienced experts in the web app development sector. We are a development company that is highly motivated, fully focus, and determined to grow your business.

We have the most strong technology knowledge around web app development with vast amounts of skilled partners. Highly problem-solving ability with the best satisfaction.

We always care about you and your business. Moreover, If you are happy with our work, We will be happier.  

Give the best preference and consult with you. We will aid you to improve your work with technology experience as we have gained from a long time of work. We have the credibility to do work with a wide range of frameworks including React, Angular among many others.   

Mobile Backend and APIs

We create mobile application program interfaces or API and backend that will provide the value of anyone’s and will take it to the next level. 

If you are in the mobile app development world then you know API. Things like social networking and e-commerce are the main purpose to stay engaged and connected with people.

Mobile Backend and APIs

It is necessary for mobile apps to stay relevant and convenient through the use of APIs. 

The application program interface is a technical development environment that allows other party’s platforms or applications. The most popular and often used by mobile developers is Facebook’s API, Twitter, Google maps.

Mobile backends help to store customer’s data in the cloud store place and protect their information in a certain place where the owner can send a notification, message, file storage, social integration, configuration, monitoring, etc. 

We will do all the work for your moline backend and APIs by which we know all information about your customer and make it more secure.

CMS Development

CMS acronym is the Content management system that will give you the value and permission to manage the content, information, or data, of a website project.

CMS Development

Through the CMS platform you are able to publish and edit, craft, share, delate, information, or take information with the help of the plugins and can do many more things.

Even if you don’t know anything about HTML, CSS, or JS still you are able to do that. In the market, there is a lot of CM ready-made platform like: 

  • WordPress 
  • Zoomla
  • Drupal
  • Modex
  • SilverStrips And more. 

If you are interested in building your website around that CMS platform then we are here to help you out with taking one of the choicest themes or building new themes for your website.

Custom CMS Development 

Custom CMS Development system doesn’t for every single website. It depends on how big your website and the security do you need.

Custom CMS Development

If you want to create a small website like uploading content and giving information then it will be better to use the CMS platform which I have already told you about above.

But, If you want to create typically enterprise-level or e-commerce sites then you may need the Custom CMS development. Because to build a Custom development needs a lot of time and cost which a single and simple development doesn’t need. 

So, If you want to create a custom CMS then we are here to solve your problems as we have a lot of expertise in this area with vast amounts of experience. 

ERP Solution

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning which allows an organization to use the system to integrate applications to manage the business work and automate many back-office functions related to human resources, services, and technology. 

ERP is a sort of Enterprise software application that works with the big company and for their needs, customized design, and a dedicated team to analyze data and have to upgrade from time to time. 

ERP integrates with a lot of things and you need to think about whether you like accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), inventory and management, and money more or not. Handle all the types of projects run in a single system.

If you are ready to drive an EPR then we have a smart solution for you, You don’t need to take that much pressure. We are here to help you out with experts.

They can build ERP software according to requirements. We have a rigorous of how and what needs to be done to build an ERP software as we are having in the industry for the last 7 with the happiest Clients.

CRM Solutions

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management which is tools, strategies, or a process that will help the customer for better understanding, organization, and easy customer data.

CRM Solutions

This CRM has started in handwriting notes but because of booming the digital, it becomes a part of it as a database store on an individual computer. 

After the new digital process, it becomes more complex. handling the relationship between customers. At present, every industry needs to build individual CRM software systems to maintain the relation with custom. 

CRM is a place that connects your various activities, departments, from marketing to sales to customer service, metrics into one cohesive system, and organizes their notes.

Every user is able to do direct access in real-time Clients data easily if they need it. It is far more important than you are thinking.

Thus, If you have made your decision to build this software. Come and join us to get the best and proper work requirements from highly experienced persons. 

Our Suite of Web Development Frameworks

In the market, there are several types of web development frameworks available. All the web development frameworks do not use it all the time.

However, If you want to be given your work by any company then it is necessary that the company has a variety of web development frameworks experts to do your task perfectly. 

I reckon you have understood what I have meant by that. If you agree with me then you can believe me and give your work to AtZ Technology to do your dream work perfectly.

We care about your work. If you are not believing me, you can choose another company. We have no problem with that. We are not like other posh companies, rather we are hard workers and fully motivated to do our work perfectly like our own work. 

PHP Development

PHP was originally created in 1994 but it launched in 1995 by The PHP Development Team. It is an open-source and server-side web development framework.

PHP Development

We call PHP open-source which means you don’t need to depend on any kind of manufacturer to release the next version and need to upgrade your plan. 

There is a vast amount of databases supported. In addition, PHP is platform-independent, and that why it can use most of the platform.

Moreover, Low maintenance costs with the best performance quality and low development needed.

Then, An object originated programming with extended support and has the error-handling model which makes it the best. 

WordPress Development

According to web tech, around 30% of websites are built using WordPress. WordPress is one of the top-notch and posh companies in the CMS platform.

If anyone wants to build a single page website, blog, E-commerce, finance, little social media site, creating various tools and many more things can do in WordPress.

WordPress has a lot of plugins that will make work much easier like Yoast SEO can help you to rank in google. 

If you have designed your customized theme, you can use it. In addition, it also has a lot of free themes and paid themes which you can buy from different market places.

A lot of people will say WordPress is a little bit complex but I would love to say complex works at best if it will give a valuable profile for your business. I see a lot of business owners who started by using different CMS then come to WordPress ( you will find a lot of videos on YouTube). 

Codeigniter Development

Every client wants to build their website in a lightweight way as we know if a website is lightweight it will load faster and Google will give the most value of it.

Thus, a lot of development companies suggest using Codeigniter to create a simple fast-speed website. There are a lot of advantage if anyone builds a web application in Codeigniter: 

  1. Getting the attention of the user interface and can handle errors and bugs easily. 
  2. Can easily customizable 
  3. Ensure the security performance 
  4. Most user -friendly interfaces work perfectly
  5. Migrate easily without hard and fast hassle 
  6. Quick development process. 
  7. Much better Search engine optimization 
  8. Have a big community support 

Laravel Development

Laravel is a fully free and open-source PHP web framework. It was created by Taylor Otwell in 2011 and has a plan for the web application development following MVC ( model view controller) architectural pattern and based on Symfony.

Laravel Development

Laravel made developers work simple and easy to deploy code with minimum bugs risk.  Laravel Development has a lot of advantage which makes Laravel far more advance and easy to use and those are: 

  1. It prevents unauthorized persons access to the web application
  2. After various, mail service send a various notification to the user 
  3. It integrates with Tools for Making Web Applications Faster
  4. To Fix the Most Common Technical Vulnerabilities in web application 
  5. Exception handling and Error is already configured for each new Laravel-based project
  6. Laravel is inbuilt with testing mind
  7. URL Routing is automatically loaded by the framework 
  8. It does the Scheduling Tasks Configuration and Management

AngularJS Development

For dynamic web apps, is a structural framework. It gives the HTML templates language to extend and it’s the syntax to express the application component clearly and succinctly.

AngularJS Development

It is a lightweight delivery solution. In addition,  for both the web and mobile it is very beneficial at creating solutions.

Moreover, In Angular JS has the opportunity to be able to reuse the code and have the capability to do multiple projects in a parallel way by having full control in the developer’s hand. 

NodeJS Development

NodeJS is most often used as a back-hand and front-hand hand development which is based on Javascript. NodeJS is a rigorous and viable alternative to java.

NodeJS Development

It can be implemented as a software development project which is the main advantage of it. NodeJS is all code built within the same principle in mind.  NodeJS development has some sort of advantages those are: 

  1. Having High processing capacities
  2. Having an active community 
  3. It is perfect for microservices
  4. It allows the developers to use JS for the backend and front-end.


Through this custom web development services list, you have understood the significance of it. If you are an entrepreneur, blogger, and want to create e-commerce then you must need to know about those companies’ services so that you can give your work the right hand. 



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