The CBD industry is comparatively new but it is becoming a fast-growing industry day by day. Many companies are coming to him online to sell their product. However, they are facing a huge difference to expand their business and showing the world of their product.

The owner of the CBD company spent money on the PPC ad camping to grab more customers. Though, they have a good opportunity to make their website SEO friendly and come to the first page of the search engine. 

With that people can find out easily about your website and you can get more sales and leads without doing paid camping. Also, you will get regular visitors to your website by which you can convert them to regular customers. 

AtZ Technology is the top-notch Cannabis, Hemp, and CBD SEO Company. Whether you’re setting up your business or already operating the business still we can help to boost your website and rank in the search engine. 

CBD Website SEO Packages

See our CBD SEO Packages if you want to customer your package we are willing to do that. We are working with mutual trust and Clients’ benefits. So, Look at the package and then decide which one you like for your business.   

ServiceBasic PackageStandard PackagePremium Package
Business SizeSmall businessMedium BusinessBig Business
Focus Keywords2050100
Google My Business CreationYesYesYes
Yelp Listing CreationYesYesYes
Yellow Pages CreationYesYesYes
Reputation Management Lite SetupYesYesYes
Social Media MonitoringYesYesYes
Executive ReportingYesYesYes
Initial Site AuditYesYesYes
SEO RoadmapYesYesYes
Technical SEOYesYesYes
Onpage SEOYesYesYes
Off page SEOYesYesYes
Agreement Duration12 Months 18 months24 months
Price$499 USD Monthly$999 USD Monthly$1499 USD Monthly
SEO Packages for CBD Website

Custom Offer for the CBD SEO

If the above package is not a good fit for you, please tell us your requirements. We will send you a custom offer as per your requirements. 

How We Are The Best CBD SEO Company for Cannabis, Hemp & CBD Oil Website SEO?

Best CBD SEO companies have some categories by which you can easily recognize them. 

  1. Good Company is not focusing on just one project, just grab it and then don’t think about your profit like freelancers. 
  2. They will give value and make strategies for your work improvement. 
  3. They believe in work for talk not talk for work. 
  4. They will show you the result, not what they have done for you. 
  5.  They will have refund options as well which shows they are confident with their work. 
  6. In the CBD SEO Agency there will be an CBD SEO specialist team who are already experienced in their work. 

We ( AtZ Technology) is the Best CBD SEO Company that has experience working with almost 30+ CBD companies and various problems we have faced and solved within the time limit. From there you can guess how experienced we have and those clients still working with us.    

Cannabis SEO

Cannabis  SEO is a critical element in the marketing strategy of the product, dispensary, brand, and other business and with their niche. 

For that, you need to have a professional-looking website and have to be active in various social media as well. 

Moreover, you have to have business profit to rank in local Google maps. In addition, by giving content information you can rank your products. 

Here comes our Cannabis SEO Company service and Cannabis SEO Expert team who can aid your business in an organic way. With that other strategies to grow and increase the value of your company and get more sales.  

Hemp SEO

If you want to stay competitive in the digital era, you have to build a strong and successful Hemp SEO ( Search engine optimization) website or and CBD SEO strategies for organic results.

Hemp businesses are facing a lot of difficulty in marketing their products in paid campaigns like Google, Facebook ads. It is natural that those are very sensitive products, sometimes your paid camping gets rejected.  

So, it is a big opportunity to leverage your website with Hemp SEO company service to grow your business without a huge investment in paid marketing.  

CBD Oil Website SEO

To gain visibility Marijuana SEO is the ultimate tool for CBD Oil related businesses. 

Drive organic traffic and aid to acquire a lot of new customers. Doing a good CBD Oil SEO strategy for your website, brand, dispensary, and product will aid to grow your business and take it to the next level. 

So, we can help you out and expand your business to the apex. 

What CBD SEO Service Agency Must  Do ? 

  1. Ensure the Good amount traffic 
  2. Help to build trust with customers 
  3. Create your organic Brand 
  4. People will know your website and refer to others also 
  5. Long time marketing strategie
  6. Getting more leads and sales  
  7. Crating a good relation with customers 
  8. Most of the article will rank in 1st page

Why SEO is Important for CBD Marketing

Do you need to showcase your product for a long time? 

Do you want more traffic to your website? 

Do you like to get more leads and sales? 

Interested in creating a brand of your website and people know that? 

Best CBD SEO Company

SEO will do all work for your website which you have wanted for a long time. We are giving this service and will make you get the best of the best result. 

From all the CBD marketing strategies one of the main marketing hands is CBD SEO. The Digital Marketing industry mostly works around SEO as it is the unpaid process of marking. 

If you want to do marketing in your local area how will you do that? Maybe in 2 ways: 

  1. Paid Campaign 
  2. Through SEO  

Let’s think the number 1 option is off then which one you will choose? Definitely, the number 2 option isn’t it? 

So, in Cannabis SEO is mostly the only method to do marketing online.   
SEO will do all the work for your website which you have wanted for a long time. We are giving this cannabis SEO agency service and will make you get the best of the best results.

Increase visibility on Search

It is very common that if your website’s Search engine optimization is good you will get more visibility on the search result. 

For example, you have written a good article about your product which people want badly. So, you write the product content in a detailed manner and do SEO work in your article and do on-page SEO as well. 

After doing that, You will see after some months your article is getting more traffic to your website and increasing more visibility automatically. 

Organic Hemp Business Branding 

SEO is the only organic way to branding your website. The more people get to your website or visit your website the more brand value will create. 

Always remember SEO works in an organic way, not a paid one. For SEO it takes time to rank on any search engine. The more your product page comes to Google search results the more organic brand value will create. 

A lot of websites get 1 million views by doing just SEO and they have already created their brand name in that particular niche in an organic search result.  

Achieve CBD Products Sales Goal

Achieve sales goals will be very easy when you send a lot of visits to your website and design your website with the mindset with which the sales originated. 

The more your product gets ranked in the search engine the more you will get sales or leads. In addition, to rank on Google you need to have a good copy of that article so it can rank on the top page. 

Cannabis Increase ROI

In paid camping Managing the ROI is quite tough but in SEO it has a lot of benefits. 

As once you can rank your page/post on the first top 3 number then you will get regular visits to your website which means getting sales on a regular basis. Moreover, you have a good opportunity to increase ROI.

SEO or Paid Advertising: Which is Best?

Both the marketing strategies give sales and leads but it depends on how you want to run your business in the long or short time. How do you want to sell your products?  in the free method or paid method. 

Paid advertising gives you immediate sales or generates leads, but it will be stopped when you end your ad campaigns. 

So, the best option you have is SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) to get more traffic for a long time and get more revenue. As a matter of fact, we are here to give cannabis SEO agency service to ensure your popularity with security.  

Long lasting Marketing: SEO

There are a lot of marketing strategies in the digital arena but most of the marketing is not long-lasting. 

However, from those markings, SEO is the prime marketing procedure by which you can get long-term service in various ways that I have talked about already. 

If you want regular base traffic and sales or email/ lead generation then the perfect and only one solution is SEO. It will work slow and steady but give the benefit for a long time like a long racehorse. 

Why Should You Choose Our CBD SEO Service 

As a CBD SEO service provider we will ensure 3 things: 

  1. If you have already built your website then you will do an SEO Audit first and find the problems. However, If you don’t yet build your website, we will highly suggest you create your website from us. 
  2. Give better keywords so that you can rank higher on Google or other search engines. 
  3. Closely monitor your website performance and if the website is not performing well then find out what is the problem with it and solve it according to Google ranking. 

Point of choosing us as a hemp SEO agency. 

We have been giving SEO service for 8 years in the USA, Canada, and the UK  and particularly in the CBD field for 6 years with a solid CBD SEO service expert team. 

Other than that, we especially work with various eCommerce websites and we are well aware of plenty of things that a normal SEO expert doesn’t know. 

Almost 90% of our clients are happy with our work process. As expense shows the working steps. So, If you’re still confused about taking our service then you at least contract with us, we hope we will not let you down.  

No doubt every  CBD SEO Service Agency or company will tell you they are the best, but we believe in work not talk. For your security you can talk with us and choose a basic package if you like and see the result then you can continue again.  



We give extensive SEO services for CBD for your business. We have a specialist team who have long-time experience in various niches and they know how to do your eCommerce CBD SEO so that it can rank on Search Engine. 


Past few years CBD industry was booming a lot, after seeing the growth it has been assumed that in the next 2 years this sector alone is expected to represent $ 15 billion in the USA. around the world, Latin and European countries are increasing day by day as well.  

After seeing the growth most of the countries are most utilized as there are some sorts of tread that are happening in an illegal way. So, before jumping into the business you should know all the rules and regulations of your government. 


The CBD is a brand new industry that is flourishing almost every day worldwide. New entrepreneurs are searching for new methods and ways to market their product, with SEO increasing CBD product sales and getting more leads through emails as well.  



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