The popularity of the E-Commerce industry is booming around the world. It is high time to build a business with your niche or broad audiences and drive to the  eCommerce business.

Certainly, For that,  a lot of work to be done. Website design, Development, is it user friendly, Mobile optimize, is it fast or slow, work with full security or not and many more things to be done. To make it easier we have done an eCommerce Website Development Cost Breakdown so that you can get the full the at a glance. So, check it out:

eCommerce Website Development Cost Breakdown

At present eCommerce is a booming industry and most of the business mind thinkers like to invest in it to earn a good amount of money. 

But before taking eye of the cost breakdown we need to know what type of ecommerce website you want to create? 

The cost of the ecommerce website mostly depends on how product catalogues you need to show up 20 – 30 takes $500 – $1000 like a simple website. 

But cost will be increased if you want to create 100 page product catalogues which means you need some extract function, better hosting and thinking of SEO matter so the cost will be $2000 to $5000. 

In addition, if you want to create a big ecommerce website then definitely the price will go high.

It is not still the end, 

Experience and expertise means good work aids to increase your profit margin. You can get more profit. 

Experience and expertise takes an extract price to do your website development rather than amature web developers or cheap freelancers. 

The cost will be more to create a customer website if you do search on google “ what is the cost of the website development” and “how much for website development” you will get the idea. 

If you are starting a business from the fast time or you are an entrepreneur you should consider choosing a good website development agency. 

A good agency which assures your benefits and profit in future. 

Compared to other website agencies we have 8 years experience and created almost 100+ websites around the world and our price to charge is less than the Industry. 

We believe in Walmart business police less price good quality. 

In addition, in our e-commerce website development package we have breakdown all the things, you can get ideas in detail as well.    

eCommerce Website Development Packages

Follow the below price list of our E-commerce Website Development Packages:

 Commencing $999  Commencing $1399Commencing $2399
1 page   2 pages   5 pages   
4 Banners 6 Banners   10 Banners   
Design for
1 page   3 page   5 page   
6   12  18   
Number of
55  210  550
12 images   24 images   45 images   
OK  OK  OK  
Newsletter Subscription
OK  OK  OK  
(3rd Party
OK  OK  OK  
(3rd Party
for Customer
Status And
History for
the Order 
OK  OK  OK  
OK  OK  OK  
OK  OK  OK  
products on
the page 
OK  OK  OK  
Account At
OK  OK  OK  
Blog PagesOK  OK  OK  
Import /
OK  OK  OK  
NO  OK  OK  
NO  OK  OK  
& Sign In
NO  OK  OK  
Customer ManagementNO  OKOK  
Multivendor  NO  NO  OK  
NO  1 year   2 year   
NO  60  Unlimited  
& Updates 
30 days   60 days   140 days   
on CMS  
60 Mins   80 Mins   120 Mins   

eCommerce Website Basics

eCommerce is a type of business that deals with the internet and selling the product or service online. When we think about eCommerce websites, the first that comes to our mind Amazon, Aliexpress, eBay etc. Amazon sells goods online when customers buy products after sometimes it comes to customers hand very easily.

An eCommerce business can be goods or services as well. For example, You love to read literature books and now you want to sell all the literature books online, for that you have created a place or eCommerce website where people can buy those books after seeing 10 pages. 

In this pandemic, plenty of business-minded people started their business In F – Commerce and a vast amount of people already have in F -Commerce with a similar product. 

Now, The question will be in your mind how many people have been doing their business in F -commerce for that how much time it takes and how you can compete with them as a new business owner? 

Perhaps, you are thinking of spending more money on Facebook ads and how you can sell a number of products and cross the F-Commerce other Brands. Does it help you?


You may spend a huge amount of money on Facebook page likes but those likes will not be valuable as the Facebook algorithm is stopped by organic traffic.

So you have to do a paid promotion on every single product. Otherwise, your product will not be visually present to your Facebook audiences. And with that cost, you can build an eCommerce website.

After building an eCommerce site if you do Facebook paid ads a little it will be more valuable. As after spending a few dollars people will know your website as you are driving all the audience or traffic to your site.

Besides, a little while later maybe you don’t need to pay for advertising if your eCommerce is a particular niche. If you want to be an industry big player, you should have a business with eCommerce, not F-commerce. 

If you want to sell anything online, you should focus on eCommerce websites, not social media. Social media can be very helpful and profitable if you build your audience around your eCommerce website site-based business.

Before making the decision to choose an eCommerce Website Development Company, we love to tell you the features of E-commerce Website Development.

Prime Features of eCommerce Website Development 

  • Management Category 
  • Management Products
  • Management Product Inventory 
  • Management Order and delivery 
  • Management Promotion and Discount 
  • Management Account and Profile 
  • A easy way to checkout process 
  • Optimize Search engines to rank higher 
  • Give sales Reports 
  • Integrated article page and blog 
  • Integration Email Marketing
  • Enable SMS System 
  • Enable Multiple Payment options  
  • Comments rating & Product management 
  • Regular customer Feedback 
  • Do a perfect design for your site or buy theme 
  • And More …

Advantage of eCommerce Website Development 

Every man or woman has a plan to grow their business day by day. Because of the internet era, most of the people are spending their time on online platforms.

And if you want to thrive your business from traditional to digital you should drive into eCommerce. So, let’s see the advantage of eCommerce website Development. 

1. Save Cost

If you are selling your product in a traditional way then you have to give rent to the shop with that you have to do marketing as well which will cost you more.

On the other hand, If you create an E-commerce website it may take less amount of money if you do a niche-specific E-commerce site.

Besides, You will be able to know who the potential customers are so that you can do better marketing and make better decisions. 

Have a high chance to sell more products, one popular  Quote is “ Once and more you invite them home they remember your address for a long time”.

E-commerce websites are like that once people know your address they certainly visit your site and have the possibility to sell more. 

2. Create a Band

To create a brand you have to have a particular place where people will know about your brand and buy from there like Amazon, Aliexpress, etc. 

If you are interested in a particular thing like a cat then you love to talk about it. Maybe you have created a Facebook page about it and giving advice to people for a long time. Now you want to make a business around it. So what will you do? 

First, create an eCommerce website in a customized way if you have some extra money in your pocket. If not then you can buy a theme and develop your website by giving us the E-commerce work to be done. 

Yet, We are telling you that buying a theme is not good for an E-commerce business that has a lot of coding errors sometimes. 

After building a brand with a good amount of product, now you are ready to do marketing to take your business to another level. However, If you do an F-commerce store on Facebook, it would not be shown as a brand. Sometimes People call F-commerce a cheap business. So, stay away from it. Though, You can do little marketing there.  

3. Get Free Traffic and Sell More

Set up the website in a way which can help in SEO Ranking. That SEO ranking can boost your traffic 2x and increase sales. Technical SEO plays a big role in E-commerce websites. People are always talking about only on page and off SEO but in E-commerce websites, your sites are created with a focus on technical SEO. 

We have experienced that if any website improves its SEO then that site can increase most of the traffic and sales. So, we have ensured and built a website with Technical SEO optimized and mobile-friendly. 

eCommerce Website Design

Keeping in mind E-commerce website Design is the key to giving a friendly and easy to use the option so that visitors can find products in one click. Before doing all the work, you have to identify your business pattern and how your website will engage with your audience. 

We call it a road map, to build a viable E-commerce business you have to make sure that after completing everything, you will not regrade it. Because of this, you have to design your website. 

In the designing session, you can add or remove whatever you want. To focus on UX and UI also. Most of the time your website design makes your brand for example Amazon, Aliexpress, eBay etc. 

If you see anyone or copy their website theme surely those people can tell from where you have copied. So, it will be a big loss for you if you developed an Ecommerce website by buying a theme. Create a theme in a way that tells you what is your brand theme. 

So, Here comes our part of work to do all the designing hard work for you. Instead of hiring from fiver or other marketplaces, you can hire us. 

5 Advantages of eCommerce Website Design

E-commerce business is on the skyrocket. Every big retailer or small business retailer wants to enter into the E-commerce industry as most products are dealing online. 

This pandemic time online buying and selling has rapidly increased. Besides, a lot of E-commerce websites have been built during this time. But the result of productivity relies on website design, in which people can interact with the website. So, it plays a big role and here are the best 5 advantages of E-commerce website design. 

1. Build Trust with your Brand

One of the popular quotes is “People will know and remember for your design”. Every unique design increases the brand value. People can remember that websites are different from others.

Easy to use eCommerce website having the high possibility to get more sales. So, some extra investment can thrive your profile double. 

2. Increasing Conversion Rate 

A better website design assures where and which place will be better for the audience to get the product of their choices in minimum time.

It aids to do call to action (CTA) first and second placement and uses various colours which add extra functionality. Besides, Easy to add to the cart and payment check out process. 

3. Return Customer 

Customers will come to your site again and again not because of your brand name instead of your website design and easy to navigate with it.

If any website has easy to find good products as they are wanted to be then customers will be highly encouraged to come back to your site time after time. 

4. Attracted through The website

Your customer would spend more time if they could find out that the design of your website is good. More they stay on your website the chance is high to get buy some products.

Take an example of Amazon: people say that the amazon website has been designed in a way that people are willing to stay on for a long time and before lever from a site they certainly buy some from there. 

5. Showcase your Product to Catch the Eyes

To catch the eyes of the customer you can present your product in such a manner so that everyone will be interested to buy your product. Besides adding some extra pictures or giving extra discounts to sell more. For better design can surprise the custom and be willing to buy the product. 

The well-arranged design gives an additional boost to your website in a way that can grow the hipe to buy the product. So, You have to concentrate on your website design when you want to create a website. 

eCommerce Website Design Company Service 

We have expert people who can do your work in the proper manner according to your need. Through your guidance, we will do all the work. We have been working for a long time with a high success rate. So, You can trust us. 

Your design will be your brand. Having proper uniqueness on the website so that everyone can remember for a long time. We also built various types of E-commerce websites for the last 7 years.

We give the high priority with the price and work formate how he/she wants. So, we are motivated to work with you very soon. 

And for more comfortable we have done a Custom e-commerce website development cost breakdown so that you can make your decision easily.


This is very easy to know, will you give a big project to any tom, dick and harry or you would love to give your work to a prepared team to do all the work with strategy and with a new design mindset. 

The market place has a vast amount of themes where you can buy a theme for your E-Commerce website. Those themes we do not prefer as those themes have already used a lot of people on their website. For that, it has a chance to break the code and hack your site. 

Though, If you want to create, we are willing to utilize your website in a proper manner. Besides, it has plenty of other templates, From where you can choose your best one to develop your website with the mind of SEO optimized and Mobile friendly. 

eCommerce Website Development FAQ

1. How Long Does It Take To Develop An Develop eCommerce Website?

To build a custom website takes 3 to 6 months approximately with basic functionality. If you want to add more features and more complexity, the timeline to start takes more time, 6 to 9 months or more than that. 

However, if you want a simple niche based e-commerce website, it won’t take more than 2 to 4 months. 

2. How to Take Payment? All in One or Step by Step Process?

We take payment in a 3 step process. One is the after agreement and then in the middle of the work when we give an update to you of the work and you are happy with it and last after completing the full work. 

You can give payment via Paypal, Payoneer, Mastercard also.

3. Which Is The Best Platfrom for My eCommerce Web Development?

Well, It depends on how you are willing to build your website. Moreover, there are some other factors that are related such as your design options, integrations, pricing, payment and scalability and more. Besides, how big or small your business size will be is a big matter. 

Most the time we prefer WordPress as it is mostly used around the world and SEO Friendly.

If you are confused to choose which platform will be better for your business. without any hesitation, you can contact us and take our excerpt suggesting. 

4. Do you only create WordPress websites?

No! We can Create from various according to your need but as we have a good experience in online website industry we know which be better for you that why we love give suggestion. for that, you can more benefits.

4. How Many Costs It Will Take to Build An eCommerce Website?

It depends or varies from agency to agency. But mostly the cost of the eCommerce website building relies on your project needs and requirements. eCommerce website cost is determined on some factors like integration, design, functionality, development, support and maintenance, SEO and marketing and more. 

To get the best value out of your eCommerce Website you can get in touch with us and have the experiences experts advise. 

5. Is There Any Limitation The Size of The Product or Customer Database?

NO! There is no limitation. One of the biggest benefits of eCommerce stores is that you can add multiple categories and products as much as you want. In addition, you can increase your customer base as you require. 

6. What Type of Developer Hiring Models Do You Offer?

Generally, we work in a deductive method as we found out this can increase the value, reducing the cost and the suffering from the Client. However, If you want to work in a different way then we love to hear from you. 

7. I Want To Hire eCommerce Web Development Experts. So, How It will Work This Out?

First, you can share your plan of how you want to see your project live. Then our expert team will overview your project and rearrange it by finding out the lope hole of your sharing thoughts. After that, We will run the horse. 

8. How To Choose The Perfect eCommerce Development Agency / Company for My Requirements?

You can take note that eCommerce development is not short term work to be done. It will take a long process to go with continuous maintenance and updating. So, you should make sure to hire an eCommerce development company that can fulfil all the requirements. 

Remember in the back of your mind the company or agency needs to have expert people who can do your work and can get some additional suggestions from them as well. We can help out from this trouble if you are willing to work with us. 



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