Website maintenance is a regular process of checking unconventional issues so that it performs well and keeps it updated. For the Small business website maintenance is highly important as it has plenty of things like payment methods, customer information and many more.

This could be done regularly month after month for keeping the website well health, security improves, better SEO result on Google and other search engines. 

To make a website active and run for a long time, it is important to do regular checkups like a human. If you observe in human or animal life you can see in their life they need maintenance like to go to doctors for check-ups. The same option applies to the website. 

For that, it needs maintenance too like an animal or human doctors.

What is Website Maintenance? 

Website maintenance is regularly checking your website problem and keeping clean and up-to-date. All the work should be done on a regular basis for making your website healthy, continued traffic growth, SEO and better search engine ranking.  

To keep your customers taking a long time it is important to make your website attractive and solve the problems so that it doesn’t affect your website. It is highly important for the small and the big business owner to update from time to time even if it takes some of the portions from money to maintain it.    

Website maintenance doesn’t make an immediate problem for the website. Like the human body slowly losing its strength also the website day after day will be bad if it doesn’t solve the problem. 

Why do I need Website Maintenance?

To ensure proper security, increasing traffic, getting more leads, improving the website speeds etc. For regular maintenance and updates it is necessary to see your website, is it working in a full rhyme or not.

Like the bike or car, a website needs proper maintenance, updated, security ensuring, website structure is running well or not and many more things for which will ensure your search engine ranking to get more leads and traffics. OK let’s check the Website maintenance Packages and know how much does website maintenance cost per month:

We are a website maintenance company who have had 7 years of experience with multiple websites. We know how to do all the work. We take the average cost for website design and maintenance which will not harm you a lot rather increase traffic and sales.  

let’s check the Website maintenance Packages below: 

Website Maintenance Cost per Year

 STANDARD Package:
per year
Package: $450 USD
per year
CUSTOM Package:
$1200 USD
per year
Supporting Time 6 Hours Monthly20 Hours Monthly60 Hours Monthly
Roll –
Back Update 
Install Theme OKOKOK
Update Plugins OKOKOK
Optimize Database OKOKOK
Revision and SPAM Cleanup OKOKOK
Scan Security OKOKOK
Monitoring OKOKOK
Performance Look after OKOKOK
Monthly Report OKOKOK
Chart Support OKOKOK
Email Support OKOKOK
Phone Support OKOKOK
From Remote 
Migrations NOOKOK
Time to time ConsultingNONOOK

Website Maintenance Cost Per Hour

Features Support & DesignMarketingDevelopment
Billing30-min. increments30-min. increments30-min. increments
Minimum Service 1 hour1 hour1.5 hour
Online Customer Support Systemokokok

Website Monthly Maintenance Packages /Cost

Basic $15.99/MonthSTANDARD $24.99/MonthPREMIUM $99.99/MonthCUSTOM $199.99/Month
Backup MonthlyBackup MonthlyBackup DailyBackup Daily
Update Website MOnthlyUpdate Website MOnthlyUpdate Website WeeklyUpdate Website Daily
Email, Chat & Phone – Customer Service Email, Chat & Phone – Customer Service Email, Chat & Phone – Customer Service Email, Chat & Phone – Customer Service 
Reporting Every monthReporting Every monthReporting Every MonthReporting Every Month
Security Checking Security Checking Security Checking DailySecurity Checking Daily
NOMonitoring Time to TimeMonitoring Up -TimeMonitoring Up -Time
NONOTicket – 1 Maint. Ticket – 2 Maint. 
NONOConfigure Google Search ConsoleConfigure Google Search Console
NONOMonitoring Daily Performance Monitoring Daily Performance 
NONOCrash Protection 24/7Crash Protection 24/7
NONORemove Malware Remove Malware 
NONONOConfigure Google Analytics
NONONORepair Broken Links
NONONOOne time WHole report 

What is a Website Maintenance Plan

A website maintenance plan is an ongoing process to maintain and aid your website. For that need to have in-depth knowledge about the work so that work can be done on time. You or your agency can make use of one excel sheet which will share with you. 

How Much Does Website Maintenance Cost? 

Anyone can’t say exactly how it will be website maintenance cost, mostly it depends on the categories which one chooses. So, here we are giving the average website maintenance cost for your better understanding: 

Hobby sort of Website Cost ($3 – $25/month): 

In here mainly, domain and hosting will play the key sorting of your website as you are doing all the things by yourself.  

Personal Blog or Website ($3 – $25/month): 

The maintenance cost of the person is most likely similar to the hobby website. Some Website builder fees are similar to Squarespace, Wix or Weebly.

Small Business Website Maintenance Cost ( $15 – $2750/month): 

The most cost takes or needs is the category of the domain, hosting, email marketing, graphic and technical maintenance.  If you search delicately for some agency you will find upper to lower range. 

eCommerce Website Maintenance Packages ( $25 – $6000+/month): 

Most of the cost takes or pay for those things on your site: Domain, hosting, graphic, email server, email marketing, security, tracking, analytics and technical support. However, it can go up if your shop size is big.   

Enterprise – Level Website cost ( $5160 – $9750+/month): 

This type of website is the most expensive to maintain. For that definitely, you need top-notch and best features and architecture which will cost high.  

How to Do Website Maintenance? 

Every small and big business owner wants to know how we do website maintenance or the rest of the good companies. For that we have given a list: 

  1. Repair broken links 
  2. Improve the page speed 
  3. Install software updates 
  4. Improving the accessibility 
  5. Improving and increasing the security 
  6. Ensure the accessibility 
  7. Inform types of content that need
  8. Improving the mobile accessibility 
  9. Improving the SEO
  10. Testing the functionality 
  11. Improving the social integrating 
  12. Overview of the analytics section 
  13. Optimise the metadata 

8 Best Website Maintenance Checklist

One of the questions I have found is “what is a website maintenance process” to understand the website problem. For that reason, we love to tell you the 8 steps you should take to maintain a website. 

1. Fix Broken Link 

It is unusual to have a broken line on your website page and see the 404-page error. For that, You may lose the value of your content and the trust of the visitor. It looks bad and conducts the traffic away from your site. 

Making conform to have broken links or not to the sites, it is needed to check from time to time. If Broken links have then it is better to replace the link or remove the link so that your potential visitors do not have the trust issue with your website or blog. Do not need to check every single day, look after it one or two months late. 

In marketing, there is a lot of software and plugins available in a free and paid version. So, you can choose from any of them. 

2. Make Security Updated 

Of any website, the main part is security as like the bank. Anyone will not deposit money if their security is bad. Like that website, security is a vital issue. Hackers can hack your website and take all information on the Clients and that will be harsh. 

In E-commerce websites, undoubtedly security has to be an open lever with noticing that without this your business can not be run. Some big and small E-commerce companies have special groups or services to look after their website to assure the security undated. 

3. Testing your Site 

From time to time Google has changed its rules and regulation to get a higher score. From those principles, one of them is the site structure. What do I mean by that? 

At the beginning of 1998 website design and structure was compromised because of thinking of the audience utility. So, without any discussion, we can say it is important and helpful to test your site from time to time. At last once in a year. 

A lot of things are included here like is your traffic comes from mobile or laptop or tablet. Is your site mobile friendly and optimized with it or not. All questions and those answers can be found if you look after them in a proper way. 

Sometimes the website design needs to be improved or changed as the necessity of better performances. It is the best initial step to take after testing a website every 1 year if needed. 

4. Regularly Backup your Site 

Hacking in the online arena is a part of regular life and it is essential to take the necessary steps for your website to back up your site content and other important stuff. 

Your site can be down because of heavy traffic or some hacking attract without notifying you. At that time probably, you can not do anything without raising your hands up as a robber comes to your house without knocking on the door. 

So, it is better to do a regular back up for your site. If somehow you lose your website fully. Perhaps you will not lose your main heart that is content. In future, you will be able to create another website with the same content by making sure high security and backup. 

5. Testing Your Website Forms 

If anyone asks me what is the key part I am looking for and make sure it is working perfectly that will be all the websites form. Why? 

Good question! Let’s reckon you have built a website with the purpose of giving services through the website with valuable content. Once they are satisfied with the service then where will they contract with you? Definitely to submit their information from the contact form or email subscription or some other ways. By which they can know about your next content or take the service that you are giving right now. 

So, without any doubt, you should make sure your website forms are working in the same manner as you are contracted in a traditional way for your friends and family. 

6. Website Speed

Right, one of the major ranking factors is website speed. Not only for the desktop version but also the mobile version as well. If any website takes 3 seconds or more than that website may rank lower in the search engine and users don’t like that website or blog as well.

After waiting a certain time( less than 3 seconds) they come out from the link and go to the other website for their necessary searching. 

Besides, mobile speeding is also urging the search engine as in the world mobile users are huge and day by day it is going to the apex level. As a matter of fact, it is needed to give the best focus on the mobile. 

7. Analysing Website Performance

Without analysing a website it is daunting to know everything regarding the website performance. Google Analytics can assist in improving better performance and solve the related issues faced on a regular basis. Data aids in making a proper decision regarding the website health and performance. 

Another free tool is the Google search console giving ideas of your website ranking how it performs in the search engine-related keywords. Besides, does your website have any link problems or not? 

8. Updated Content Time to Time 

Is it necessary for updating content from time to time? YES! Why? Have you seen an English Grammar book or Technical writer book which is updated every year because every passing year’s author tries to add value to his book and remove other basic or unwanted things? 

The Same path or to more important web content to update. If you’re wise and want to rank in the first position or 1st page then there is no other way to update content and add value to the reader. 

Visitors will not love to see the same content over and over again. If you don’t then you will see the bounce rate is going high and your ranking level is low. Probably, you have seen the pro blogger who has updated their content every 6 or 1 year late and they do not have too much content. Most of the time they attempt to create high potential value through the content so that the visitor comes to their site again and again with the same motive. 

Website Maintenance Service

It will be hand in hand daunting work for a long time. We know the importance of your website for you. After reading above all the words you do get the idea why you need the website maintenance service if I am not wrong. 

Ok! Let’s talk about why you should choose our server, not others.

  1. We know what you need and what does not. 
  2. Don’t force yourself to continue to work with us if you don’t like it. You can cancel the contract at any time. 
  3. Try to reduce your cost in the maintenance process. 
  4. Trust is the BIG YES for us! The main motto of our company is to trust each other. 
  5. In maintenance time we will look after your website structure, design, SEO ranking, leads and where the most valuable traffic is coming and many other things which will be added to you in the near future.    

WordPress Website Maintenance Service for Small Business

Reap of the cost of the website maintenance if it is a small business. If a business knows the targeted audiences that are the best part of a small business. 

It depends on how many visits will come to your site every single day. And have you arrange your content with a related keyword and with the needed content for your audience which will be interested to come to your website time after time.

Besides, the best way to get more leads for small business is through the website. More than 126% of small businesses get leads if you focus on the content. So, for proper value for money what we need to do for WordPress small business website maintenance: 

  1. Create nice, neat and clean website design and development so that it will catch the audience’s eyes or if you have already built it then we will track your website and see if it needs to be rebuilt for better business or not.  
  2. Set up a leading page by which gets more leads and sells. 
  3. Make sure all the website security and loading speed work the same motion as it has to.  
  4. Set up all necessary tools to observe and grab all the data to make a better decision in future. 
  5. Write or update SEO friendly content which will help the search engine to rank on 1st page. 

Website Maintenance FAQ


Answer: Our Website Maintenance deals with Installing theme, Update plugins, Update, security, fix problems, marketing and migration – everything you need to have for your website. 


Answer: Updating your website with various content ( text, image, video, podcast etc) regularly can thrive your traffic and give the high value of your targeted audiences. Besides, If they get regular information then they will be willing to subscribe to your website through mail.


Answer: It depends how big or small your website is and which CMS you are using. If you can not do it  then we’ll talk about it and convert the website into a perfect CMS (Content Management System) platform through our package plan.


Answer: Our Website Maintenance Services covers all aspects that a website needs such as day to day update contents, Ecommerce integration, add new functionality, contract and customer from creating, add additional pages and many more things.


Answer: YES! We have limitations and restrictions but this is not the technical work. It is all about language barrier, If Your website may have been built in some other language rather than English then we found some difficulty in that area.


Answer: It depends on how much changes you need to do for your website. Once you have decided or we ensure your website problems after that we can tell how much time it will take. However, usually we do all the work in 24 hours. 


Answer: There is no restriction to do long term agreement. We offer each plan for a minimum of 3 months as  if your website is working well or not. For that it needs some time. You can cancel any time before the 1st day of next month. Otherwise, It will automatically renew on the 1st day of the month. For more you can contract with us.


Answer: NO, a single website maintenance can include in a single plan.


Answer: We accept almost all types of payment methods such as PayPal & all major debit/credit cards.

Your website is your business, don’t procrastinate with the website maintenance. Especially highly encouraged of those who are doing business particularly big and Small business website maintenance is the necessary part. So, for all the detail lets, 



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