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A Complete Social Media Copywriting Tips & Full Guide

Social Media Copywriting Guide 2020

Social Media is becoming a vicious battleground for every business, and it is crucial, now more than ever.

 to seize the attention of potential consumers on social media platforms. It is time for you to enhance your copywriting skills by getting the opportunity of learning Social Media Copywriting tips and the full guide.   

It is time for you to stand out. Learn it once and for all.

Therefore, we are here to help you out. Social Media Copywriting is not as simple as most people believe. It is an art with captions that motivates people to click through.

Social Media platforms were developed to be primarily visual by its creators. With these platforms, your copy has to promptly seize attention and then pack in the blow with a significant, exciting, or deeply illuminating caption.

You have to linger amazingly accurate and trustworthy posts to go over fine on social media platforms. 

If you want your social media followers or audiences to convert, you have to conserve their attention. It implies that throwing up random words won’t make your audiences engage.

That’s why your tool had better be cleared and swift. Otherwise, your copies are not going to have any effect. Remember, there is too much cyclic content out there to get through it all. 

Enough prep-talk. Let’s Begin…

What is Social Media Copywriting?

What is Social Media Copywriting?

Social Media Copywriting means composing, proofreading, and publishing appealing copy for several social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and vice versa.

Also, it includes optimizing social media posts (language, tone, message) based on target audience responses.

Social media can generate more leads than anything else, and thus social media copywriting is a crucial position for any business.

Who is a Copywriter?

A copywriter creates a distinct and compelling copy or sales copy to sell products and/or educate and engage consumers.

They increase brand awareness, scribe blog posts, product descriptions, email blasts, banner advertising, e-newsletters, white papers, PSAs, articles for social media platforms, and vice versa. 

In other words, the person who does all the writing chores for you and your marketing campaign.

Who is a Social Media Copywriter?

Who is a Social Media Copywriter?

A Social Media Copywriter modernizes a company’s social media pages with the newest company news, traces user engagement, and answers to its patrons promptly. The terminal of a social media copywriter is assuring that the brand and online voice resides effectively and consistently with its marketing goals. 

Social Media Copywriters use their time composing prose for the advertisement to promote and sell goods and services. A social media copywriter is recognized as a “creative writer” because they make up the catchwords or copy that drive social media ad campaigns.

Who Hires a Social Media Copywriter?

Who Hires a Social Media Copywriter?

Agencies that have nothing but copywriters for the evident interest of advertising and marketing hire social media copywriters.

Car dealerships, department stores, internet websites, and so many more companies need the assistance of social media copywriting because they have to have social media advertisements to maximize their profit. 

These might be for a new set of phrasing for their websites or writing the product descriptions for the new items they are adding to their online stock or print catalog.

In fine, social media is the place to generate the most amount of leads and thus, any type of business needs perfect social media copywriters to not only maintain their online presence but also seize the broad range of consumers before their competitors. 

What Are The Responsibilities of a Social Media Copywriter

The responsibilities of a social media copywriter include:

  • Write, proofread, and publish appealing posts for different social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Optimize social media posts (language, tone, message) based on our target audience responses
  • Choose or create useful pictures and videos to complement the writing.
  • Coordinate with in-house partners to generate promotional posts (e.g. for events, open roles, and product releases, etc.)
  • Track and report on social media perspicacity (traffic, engagement, shares, conversion rates, etc.)
  • Implement advertisement techniques to expand brand awareness
  • Respond to inquiries and remarks on social media pages in a convenient manner

However, there are two basic concepts you must get right in social media marketing. The first one is that your copy must converse to your target audience, and the second one is that it must capture their attention, so they don’t just scroll away.

What are The Requirements for a Copywriter?

What Are The Responsibilities of a Social Media Copywriter
A Complete Social Media Copywriting Tips & The Guides

The general copywriter required skills are as following:

  • No formal qualifications are needed. However, they do require some fundamental skills, and then they are good to go. It is important to understand whether you are ready to become a copywriter or not.
  • A high level of English language skills is necessary for a copy with the correct sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, and so on. Comprehensive lexical resources are essential for a sturdy headline.
  • They understand how to proofread and edit their copy by themselves. Each copy needs to be error-free and compatible as per your requirements before being sent to you.
  • Persuasive copy demands curious minds to write about it. A copywriter will always try to discover more about the product features, advantages, and freakish selling points. They will develop new outlooks to address the campaign from their inquisitive perspective and knowledge.
  • Once a wise man said, “Research, Research, Research”. Grasping excellent research skills by using the internet will make the cooking copy process more agile and more apparent.

Finally, they will hear you out utilizing their Great Listening Skills to find the best angle to write your copy.

What are the Additional Requirements for a Social Media Copywriter?

The requirements for a social media copywriter include:

  • Proven work experience as a Social Media Copywriter or similar role
  • Hands-on experience using various social media platforms to advertise
  • Solid knowledge of SEO, keyword research, and analytics tools (e.g. Google Analytics)
  • Familiarity with online paid advertising
  • Ability to deliver creative web content (text, image, and video)
  • Excellent communication skills

You must understand the copywriting essentials for social media marketing. These are the basic requirements for a social media copywriter.

Steps for Becoming a Social Media Copywriter

A social media copywriter is all about the proper skill assortment, which combines digital media savvy, communication, and writing. The steps to becoming an effective copywriter include:

  • Get comfortable with the dominant social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram 
  • Use personal social media accounts to determine what works and what does not, as well as the diverse styles of communication each platform features
  • Amplify social media skills
  • Follow the tips and tricks for social media copywriter, and practice them by yourself
  • Understand the graphic design, analytics interpretation
  • Scrawl humorous and short social media posts that have the potential to “go viral” and seize a wide audience
  • Hurray! You are now ready to acquire advanced knowledge about social media copywriting and consider it as a profession

The appropriate guidance can assist learners to sharpen these skills and also proffer them attractive to future employers.

Why is Copywriting so Important on Social Media?

You use copywriting to market your goods on many platforms, while excellent social media copywriting will assist you to capture your consumer on social media platforms.

Social media platforms possess the power of making sure that your copy gets spread among potential consumers within a short time. People will like or follow your page, comment on your publications, and purchase your product.

However, your audience is likely exhausted from continuous advertisement and endeavors at sales while sailing on their social media accounts.

Your goal should be attempting to make them perceive that they are unique by using social media copywriting.

Treat your brand and your public as if they were the same person. You can get a buyer to take action by combining emotionally with them.

Copywriting Hacks Depending on The Social Media Platform

Social Media Platform

Each social platform is diverse, with its hidden details and pros and cons. These platforms are massively complex, not only in the actual formation of the sites/apps but in how they are used and the overall tone and vibe of the users.

Based on that, we present you the hacks along with valuable descriptions to develop better copies depending on the social media platform you are on:


  • 63-206 Characters
  • Allow hashtag, but they are unpopular. Avoid them on Facebook
  • Sends more website Referrals than any other social media channels
  • Readied toward both social media and entertainment
  • Future Outlook Places strong emphasis on video content
  • Short texts that can be read fast to lure the attention
  • Multimedia content taking advantage of all the potentialities that Facebook brings (Videos, images, or Facebook live)
  • Links to share any content related to your page


  • 140 Characters
  • Insert up to 3 hashtags, if appropriate
  • Spectacles itself as a news platform as much as a social network
  • Retweeting and curation are encouraged.
  • Well-suited to brands sharing blog posts or promoting website content
  • Use an organized and clean copy. If it is already hard to inform in a few words, you probably won’t get any interaction if your text is dense and messy.
  • Hashtags are your best ally. They will help you to reach more people. 
  • Give people something to chat about and let others get to know you through RT’s, likes, or mentions in conversations.


  • No character limit
  • Allows hashtag. Use up to 11+ (relevant)
  • Highly visual network for static images and short videos
  • Not optimal for a driving blog or website traffic
  • Best suited for strong visual brands.
  • Clear and concise messaging. Instagram is meant for photo galleries, and the audience does not stop to read a text. The perfect union is a striking photo along with a simple text.
  • Be careful by attaching links as they do not work on Instagram. You can use Metricool’s link for your Instagram BIO to solve this problem.
  • If you can hit the target with the proper type of content, you will win.


  • 600 Characters 
  • Hashtags are not popular in this network.
  • Professional network. The content you share should reflect this.
  • Used heavily for sharing industry-related articles and general professional content by users
  • Launched LinkedIn Pulse in 2015, a built-in content publishing and promoting platform.


  • 500 Characters
  • Use no more than 2 per pin.
  • The highly visual platform lends itself well to strong imagery.
  • Often used to find inspiration for projects.

If you want to get more sales, leads, likes, and followers, you have to follow the algorithm of every social media platform, and your copy should be in favor of the algorithms. You are now halfway there to start your journey as a social media copywriter.

Social Media Copywriting Formulas

Social Media Copywriting Formulas

Following formulas or methods are not only applicable for social media copies but also generic copies.

However, you have to compose a short and precise copy for social media platforms while also following the formulas. You are welcome to apply any of your strategies.

PAS Formula

PAS formula assists you to compose texts to influence your ideal customer. It is very efficient for social media and also writing emails.

The formula:

  • Problem – It is all about discovering your audience’s inadequacies.
  • Agitate – This is the most formative part. It mixes up a bit of that difficulty.
  • Solve – It is all about giving the audience a solution and highlighting your product.

It is essential to recognize and manage your readers and their concerns. By doing that, the PAS formula will work.

UUUU Formula

You should retain in memory that when you start copywriting, you must adhere to the point.

The Formula is:

  • Useful
  • Urgent
  • Unique
  • Ultra-specific

UUUU is one of the most conventional methods to apply to short texts. It is defined by signifying concise and valuable.

Bridge After Bridge

Bridge After Bridge method can pursue everyone to use your product. 

The formula follows:

  • Explain to your audience what life is like right now (definitely not impressive yet).
  • Then, describe how your product can make the world better. 
  • Next, convince them that your story is not a story but a near-future reality.

This formula is all about convincing your audience by illustrating how the world with your product is better than any other existing world.


AIDA is like the first two ones we have observed but presents a clear track from getting someone’s attention and guiding them toward a precise action.

The formula as follows:

  • Attention – Get your audience’s attention. This could be with your post copy or headline.
  • Interest – Stoke their interest. Provide some details to get them interested in learning more.
  • Desire – Generate desire. Show your reader how much life could be better if they just use your product.
  • Action – Give them a clear call-to-action to learn more.

It is an adequate method for social media copywriting.

4 C’s (Clear, Concise, Compelling, Credible)

It is a simple formula, and it explains what most social media posts should be.

This formula is as follows:

  • Clear – Avoid practicing integrated language or sentence compositions.
  • Concise – Keep it brief. It is excellent information for composing on social media, in general.
  • Compelling – Be exciting and appropriate to your audience.
  • Credible – Make sure you can back up your assertions. Moreover, create posts around topics that you have authority in.

4 P’s (Picture, Promise, Prove, Push)

The 4 P’s formula is as follows:

  • Picture – Set the view. On social media, you can do this with your post picture.
  • Promise – Pledge to give your readers something they are fascinated about.
  • Prove – Then, demonstrate that you can deliver on that commitment.
  • Push – Next, give them a mental shove to click and exert the next step.

The “Open Loops” Technique

Open loops are rooted in psychology. We need cessation in our lives, and when we don’t get this cessation, we feel stress, which encourages us to get closure, to discover more, to keep studying.

In other words, do not narrate all of the stories in one social media post. Alternately, create a notch that creates uncertainty using “open loops.”

It involves providing people with a clue about the origin and the conclusion while leaving readers prying about how you acquired from point A to point B.

The Want Effect 

Customers do not buy stuff because they NEED it. They purchase anything because they WANT it.

And this “WANT” effect is created by the copywriters.

Advance Knowledge (Secret Tips) for Social Media Copywriters

Advance Knowledge (Secret Tips) for Social Media Copywriters
A Complete Social Media Copywriting Tips & The Guides

You know that not everything on social media is about solely retweeting something. The growth of your social media alliance is not an outcome of divination.

You must entertain your audience with high-quality content by giving some valuable pointers. These are helpful components that you should cover in your marketing tactics.

Let see how to get closer with your customers through social media platforms:

Understand Your Audience

You must know about the targeted audiences for whom you are composing the copy and how you write the copy for them.

Following it makes you spend attention a little more on what is being said by you and how you are saying it.

You aim to deliver that kind of relatable and attention-grabbing social media copy all the time for your readers.

Learning about your audience is only achievable by active study and analytics. Make sure you know the eminent crowds of individuals who lead to follow and interact with your account.

You have to look after the distinguishing constituents while researching are as follows:

  • Gender
  • Age range
  • Socio-economic status
  • Part of the world they live in
  • Types of professions they have
  • What their daily lives look like
  • What needs they have
  • What desires they have

Once you know who you are conversing with, you can craft copies that are straightforward and signify the insights and concepts they might already be thinking.

Keep it Brief and Gentle

It is no mystery that people’s attention spans are short. In the digitally-focused society, people are not proceeding to use time reading anything too long-drawn, and they may never read it at all.

You will encounter a lot of competition and will receive a small window to seize your audience’s consideration.

Therefore, keep it concise. Social media is not the spot for long-winded tales, comprehensive descriptions, or incoherent statements.

You have to dispatch your message in as few words as possible and plant the most relevant news at the opening.

Your audience is browsing social media by scrolling, so you have to state what you require to say as quickly as possible.

Show Yourself

If your copy is too corporate, you won’t be able to entertain, teach, or connect with your audience.

Thus your copy demands the full of your personality. During writing your copy, consider being concise and humorous.

You can ask questions or apply interjection points or examine out a joke or two.

The more pleasure you have in writing it, the more pleasurable it will be for your audience.

Utilize Hashtags and Emojis

Hashtags and Emojis are things that you can utilize on social media platforms only. Hashtags and emojis can create your copy even better.

Emojis can give your copy more temperament and execute it as funny. Do not insert emojis in each post, and do not overdo it.

Hashtags are a great agent to include your brand in wide-reaching discussions on social media platforms.

If you are posting about a trending topic or event, apply the official hashtag to acquire more eyes on your post. You can also create your hashtags for broad campaigns.

Establish a Goal for Every Post

Your copy will always have an impact on the followers. You need to define a goal by analyzing your brand, and your social media copy should help you accomplish it. 

Some goals to acknowledge by social media copies:

  • Awareness (expanding your brand’s circle of influence)
  • Action (buying your product, signing your petition, etc.)

During composing a copy with the goal of awareness, your target audience is people who don’t know about the brand yet.

Therefore, you have to seize their concentration in the opening sentence, or they may not read further. 

During an action-based goal, your target audience is the followers who have already been engaging with your social media.

These people already recognize you, thus do not spend too much time on your foundation tale for these social media posts.

Provide them with all the data they require to feel confident while taking that leap. 

Seize the Curious Minds

One of the most valuable features of human beings is that we abide by asking questions.

It means that the least relevant article will appear exciting if it covers the right question. A well-formulated enigma is an appeal to debate, an offer to readers to react and cooperate.

It will be a confirmed victory for a Facebook post, Tweet, or Instagram photo. For example, ask them about their opinion on a product or ask them to comment on their experience with a particular product.

Be Intimidate

Make consumers perceive themselves recognized in your content. The best way to this is to narrate something personal.

Generally, stories about failure and disappointment serve well, but you should always attempt to do different types of personal narrative.

You can compose a thriving case associated with your product that will convert the most beneficial “call-to-action” on your social media channel. 

Make them Focus

You should always post unique and engaging content and offer appealing goods to support the alliance that you have built over your social media channels.

Also, if your ideal consumer is in agreement with you and you communicate with them through comments and messages on your profile, you will gain their faith, and they will convert to your buyers.

Inspire everyone to Connect

Many businesses endeavor to engage their viewers on Facebook and Twitter are reluctant to hook up to the fact that social media platforms are not just about self-promotion or advertisement.

Social media platforms are all about being social, which demands one-way to two-way interaction (i.e. conversation). 

Pictures should Say it All

The average user passes 21 minutes per day, scrolling by photos and videos on Instagram. On such a visual-driven platform, compactness is the style of the game.

Social media is a visual world, where pictures and videos get more eyes than text. Utilize your captions to glorify your images and videos by dispatching a note that summons emotions.

It is reliable for all the social media platforms out there. It could be the distinction between someone clicking on your post or not. 

If you post a picture of a dog, this is not uncommon, but your captions can make that dog special, along with your content.

It will encourage engagement as the reader will take any further steps driven by emotions, not logic.

Teach your Audiences

Professional social media platforms like LinkedIn tend extra towards content distribution and consumption, amidst 94% of B2B marketers utilizing the tenet as a content dissemination channel.

Moreover, 45% of the physiques seeing this content hold upper-level designations (e.g. C-Suite members, directors, managers).

These people regularly want to discover more about the industry, so your copy should attempt to meet this need by ingesting the following:

  • Sharing industry news
  • Sharing quotes from industry leaders/influencers
  • Sharing industry statistics

It will make sure that you will be on those high-level physiques watch.

Customer Satisfaction should be at All-Time Higher

Keep your readers satisfied by gratifying them with appropriate and helpful content. It doesn’t inevitably have to be about prevailing issues.

Nevertheless, make sure that your content doesn’t appear like a continuous ad trying to convince them to purchase on your website. You can also draw more traffic to your website or online store by attaching a link to your content.

Call To Action

It is one of the most misunderstood methods of social media copywriting and is often dropped from social media posts by many social media copywriters.

However, it can readily be the swiftest way to boost social media engagement.

It is not a linear sales inclination. You can swiftly do it by asking for a comment, to follow, an Instagram story shoutout, or to tag a friend on your newest blog post.

These calls to action should strive to be candid and comparatively simple to do so that participants will be more inclined to support you.


The Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) is a compelling motivator that combustibles our various social media practices.

A survey by MyLife.com shows that 56% of social media users are frightened to be apart from social networks because they might fumble out on events, news, and valuable status updates.

FOMO can be an excellent choice for your social media copy to grab attention mostly if it applies the following components:

  • Exclusivity – Copy reflecting exclusive access or first “dibs” on an offering
  • Urgency – Copy communicating an offering available for a limited time only
  • Scarcity – Copy communicating limited availability on an offering

It will spread on social media platforms very quickly, and you will get your desire within due time. 

Social Media Copywriter Salaries

According to the PayScale data of October 2019, the median annual salary for copywriters with social media marketing skills is around $49,800.

The bottom 10% earn around $35,000, and the top 10% around $72,000.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) includes social media copywriters in the public relations specialists category, who earn a median annual salary of $60,000 as of May 2018.

Employment Opportunity for Social Media Copywriters

The BLS states the job market for public relations specialists includes 270,000 jobs as of May 2018. It predicts the employment of these professionals will grow 6% between 2018 and 2028, which is somewhat above the national job market average (5%) and equalizes to 17,300 new jobs in a multitude of industries.

As of 2018, the largest employer of PR specialists was advertising, holding 13.4% of the market (36,300 jobs).

Educational services employed 12% (32,500 jobs), the government employed 9.3% (25,100 jobs), and healthcare employed 7% (18,900 jobs). The BLS proposes the job market for PR specialists in healthcare and social assistance will grow by 3,100 jobs between 2018 and 2028.

This 16.5% jump is the largest increase in any one industry during that time.


One of the most challenging and frequently neglected sections of the social media content production process is copywriting. Before scheduling and aggregating any social media posts, you have to be confident that they are conveying the exact words. You have to identify an aspect of your product that will converse with them. Intend to provoke an agitation like rage, happiness, or relaxation through your social media copywriting. After all the hard work, after adequate all social Media Copywriting Tips and guides, you can now declare yourself as a social media copywriter. Kudos!!!