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Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing Services

Knock, knock! Are you still there as you are ? 

6 social media 3.395 Billion active users! What are you missing? 

Hundred thousands of brands become million to multimillion dollar companies by using social media marketing. 

Are you interested to go to their position if YES, then press the Contract Us right now.  

Social Media Marketing Services Packages 

Posts per Month Up to 16 Up to 50 Up to 80 
Custom Images per Month Included with Posts712 15
Boosted PostsUp to 2 Up to 7Up to 10 
Custom Contests Included per Year001
Social Media Marketing StrategyOKOKOK
Competitive Analysis of Social MEdia OKOKOK
Brand Reputation AnalysisOKOKOK
Social Media Audit  and other RecommendationsOKOKOK
A Dedicated Social Media Account ManagerOK OkOK
Daily MonitoringOKOKOK
Monitoring of Boosted Post Comments in week Mon, Wed, Fri, Everyday Everyday
Customer Response Time 40 hours or LessOKOKOK
Monthly Reporting and AnalysisOKOKOK
Optimization & Network SetupOK OKOK
Cover Photo Design/OptimizationOKOKOK
Campaign Status Update (optional) 400$ monthly 400$ monthly 400$ monthly 
Investment on ongoing Monthly Campaign1200$ monthly 1800$ monthly 2300$ monthly 
Spend on Ad in posts 100$ – 200$300$ – 500$500$ – 800$

Improve Your Social Media Apparence Better Than Before with Our Social Media Marketing Service 

Do you want to expand your business or increase your brand awareness, more new customers and website traffic? Then there is a perfect way to be in social media. 

Check out our service and build your strong and powerful presence in social media. 

Build a Brand Awareness (Likes or Followers)

On a regular basis growing followers or likes will aid you to increase brand awareness in the word of mouth references. Our social marketing service is aiming to get more followers or likes with your product or brand relevant people.

 Ok! Maybe you are thinking you need a particular age, people or areas people aren’t  you? No worries! We are ensuring you that your followers will be your brand related, demographically matched, highly targeted interested and behaviour matched people focused for your typical customers. 

Build a Strong Relationship ( Engagement) 

It is highly demanded and evey brand wants to connect with their audience, if anyone can do that a regular audience becomes a profitable customer. We will help you to increase your social media post engagement ( comments, likes, share etc). 

The more you can engage from different posts ( for that you may need text copies), the more you can build strong connections with your audience.  

Increase Website Presence ( Traffic & Conversion) 

You will be benefited when you can get sales and leads from your website. This is the best way you can get benefited from our social media advertising services.

Here we focus on the social media advertising campaigns which drive more traffic with highly interested audiences who can convert into int the conversion. In addition, we will see the date and retraged who was willing to buy but some reasons he/she could on that time. 

You will be connected with our interested customers through a retargeting process. For your brand is the proper value for money. 

Is it Necessary to Active on Social media in the Twenty-First Century? 

People like or follow those types of brands that are more connecting with their audiences. And they like to buy from there as well. So, if you have a brand and more customers and sell more, what should you do? 

It is always said that if you are not in the area of social media Marketing or SMM then you are missing a huge chunk of honey. Why are we telling these things, do we know the best possibility and how much audience do you have in those platforms? 

66% of users give likes or follow Facebook brand pages and 74% of users check their FB account every day. 

90% of users follow instagram social networks. 

83% of pinterest audiences buy products from brands which they see in the post. 

53% of Twitter’s audiences discover new products before purchasing. 

89% of online marketers say Instagram is the best for the influencer marketer. 

Linkedin has 90 million senior level influencers. 

Cheapest Social Media Marketing

Most of the time the audience doesn’t think about how your business is big or small more than that they like to engage with your content. So, it is quite definite that your content has  to be sport on every time.

If your targeted audience likes your content most they like to buy rather than buy from a big brand.So, in single content is the main key to overtake the big brands. 

A lot of small businesses become big by working on just social media marketing. We have known a good number of small business owners who targeted a specific niche and targeted those people by using social media and paid marketing methods that added good strategies. After one month they earn a lot of money. We are giving the cheapest social media marketing service with quality content and work. So, don’t be let start your social media marketing head right now. 

Why Do You Choose Our Service? 

Simply facebook, instagram, twitter etc are a part of our life and it is using billions of people every day. We spend a lot of time on them without thinking so much. So, you are a new and old brand in traditional and want to present your very business in the SMM platform then we are giving you the best service that you need with limited cost. 

Attract Your Audience

What makes your audience connect your brand? It is very crucial to get the targeted audiences but often brands ignore social media marketing rather only focus on SEO. one of the best and good ways to find your targeted audience is to use social media marketing. For tha you need set up some capminge so that you can identify your brand related custore and in  further your convert them. 

Engage Your Audience

One of the keys is to increase post engagement by using your content in various posts. People like or follow your page or group or business profile because they like the content you are producing everyday rather than only publishing and selling products. Yes! You will publish your selling products but in a specific time frame. Our team is well aware of which content will work for those particular pages, groups or ect. We do different different strategies to post your brand related content. 

Grow Your Audience

To cultivate audiences online is more hard than before. Every single day algorithms are changing and various restrictions come one after another and so many problems, it’s very difficult for the owners to find time to post and keep updated audiences. For that here is the part of ours to do all the works for you in a single hand. 

In this we have a specialty team who is doing all the work for a long time and those companies have seen success through these methods as well. We know very well how to do that.

Social Media Marketing Service FAQ 

Why Should I use Social Media? 

Let’s tell the trust: the whole world is going social. More than 30% of paid advertising spending in social media. If you want to present your brand in front of people with good targeted audiences, social media is the best way to do that.

What social platforms should I use?

The answer is very simple: it depends. However, you can start with Facebook as it has a huge audience. It is not necessary to have an account of a brand page on facebook. If your service or products need other types of social platform; you can choose that for the better results. 

How often should I post?

On most of the platforms, it is better to post twice a week. But if you have a big team like us social media platforms like pinterest or twitter good to post frequently. There are some country times when people love to interact on those days or times. Stories have only 24 hours where you can post various daily post accounts to your choices. 

How often should I post non-self promotional content?

The world is connected with social media, what you get, and what you give. It is vital to share your industry related content so that people think this content is also helpful. In addition, you can generate content in real-time and on a regular basis. One person can connect with different types of brands that show this you are a perfect human persf.

How can I schedule social posts?

Scheduling posts reduces a lot of time. We use scheduling posts for Facebook Business Manager and for Twitter for TweetDeck. To maintain other social media we use Hootsuite like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin. But for Pinterest and Linkedin we like to use real-time posts which are best for right now.