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Building a better, fast, smart, and automatic managing system of custom web application development takes the business to the next level. Leveraging a web application is easy to create without knowing anything about the cost that takes.

However, It takes a lot of work to begin an initial idea and then show the website. It will not aid the company and if you are unaware of the fact that how much money it will take to do the project successfully. Before knowing about the project cost, We would like to show some pros of Web Application development.

Advantages of Web Application development

Compared to the office-based solutions web application delivering plenty of business benefits:

  • Do Not need to install 
  • Reduced the business cost 
  • Data will be secured as it works in centralized 
  • Easy to backup 
  • Reach anywhere in the world 
  • Available 7 days and 24 hours 
  • Can do direct access 
  • Smartphones or Low spec PCs  can be used
  • Pocket-friendly web applications

Our Web Application Development Packages

We have three options where you choose your comfortable and likeable package. The basic packages started at $3000 to $15000. However, you can add and delete some unnecessary things if you do not need to add. The prices can be low if your project is not that complex work. As you can understand it relies on how easy and daunting your work.

Custom web development packages

Basic Web Application

Info pages

from $3,000-$15,000 USD

Medium Web Application

Info pages

Users Accounts System

Admin Panel


API & Third Party Integrations

from $15,000-55,000 USD

Complex Web Application

Info pages

Users Accounts System

User Roles

Admin Panel


API & Third Party Integrations

High User Load

Custom Statistics

from $55,000-250,000+ USD

Ready to Get Started?

What Factors Affect Web Application Pricing?

What is the main reason that any big and professional companies can tell the exact figure of the project cost after hearing the idea? Time to move and tell you about the fundamental reasons for that:

Step# 1. How much scope do you have to do the work?

To build an app functionality the very first thing that comes is cost influencing. It does create an effect on whether you are creating a simple online store or want to build a unique and more complex software according to your own way. 

If you are interested in creating something more sophisticated and advance then it will take more time and increase the cost as well. So, It depends on how the work is. 

Don’t need to think about the code quality. If they give the time for building your work that means they know how much time it will take to complete your work. However, something might take extra time if by any chance they found a bug or issue. Otherwise, The work will be done in a sharp time. 

Step# 2. Сomplexity of UI/UX Design

The same things happened here as well. If you are interested to build a custom UX and UI design then it will take some good amount of cost to handle and there is no doubt about it. Moreover, it will take extra time to build depending on how complex your work is. It may be up or down relying on your work. 

The developers are highly encouraged to do an eye pleasant customer website to built so that visitors know easily and can interact with the website comfortably. The developers do all the hard work to live a perfect business originated website as the clients get the most benefits out of it. 

Yeah! It is trust, you can get enormous pre-made templates to buy from the marketing in some bucks. However, to do that you are taking a big risk for your website security and banding. Possibly you go one step back to start in this way. 

3. Business Niche

It is a big matter which work or project you choose and how complex or flexible it is. You need to create an e-commerce store or web journal, giving the responsibility to do the work of a newbie company at a cheap price. They may be done so but will be perfect as you don’t know anything about it? 

A project like an easy blog, portfolio, or one-page work doesn’t need too much work to do. Further, it is not that complex as e-commerce types of work or your required work. Your unique work has to be done through the expert web developer and management team. And those two things are very important for web development. 

4. Developers’ Location

Local development is much higher than the offshore. Most of the USA, Canada, Australia, and other top-notch web developer companies take hourly $80 – $250 which is the highest paying rate in the world. 

For example, From our survey, in the UK there are vast amounts of firms that are giving their web development service in for $50-99/per hour. On the other hand, The Eastern Europe web developer giving their service much lower than them which costs $20 – $50 per hour in Ukraine or Belarus.

Yes! It may regard as a big difference with the budget or cost. Better the budget prices and better job responsibility. The big companies always take a lot of money to do your work for instead they are highly dedicated to do your work in a perfect manager so that you will not face any problem in the sooner future. In addition, they are ready to help you all time. 

Ways to Approach Your Idea

Describing the peculiarities of your product is complex enough, especially if you’re not sure what tools or technologies to choose. Luckily, there’s a couple of working approaches that simplify the process and make presenting the idea to a development team much easier.

Approach 1: Think of the End Result

This one of the popular concepts to estimate the cost of web app development. Began with imagining the end result is a step by step manager where You can ask some questions to touch the finishing line such as what should we do to get the final step? But remember it that it will not work with completely new products —  there is too much work to do to get the final destination. 

Yet! How to reach there? This is only you have to ask yourself. The developer certainly needs a lot of understanding to build the concept clearly. For that reason, questions like: I want an app like Uber will not work. 

To build an app like that you need to have a good and detailed idea to establish it. 

What types of things make a product more unique:

  1. Resolve the problem of the customers 
  2. Have to be more precise so that the developer knows what types of technologies they need to use. 
  3. Marketers have to be familiar with the targeted customers. 
  4. With a certain, clear concept and vision of UX and UI 

What I am telling you is that you have to be ready to change your original work at a certain point in the future if you need to. You will not get all service at the same benefit if you stick to an old and slow plan. Thus, you can find out the exact number every time. 

Approach 2: Take Someone’s Idea, Replicate

This is much less work and dreaming option.

Take an example: You have a good idea to build an exciting app but a simple change in the coding and functionality. In addition, You may know all the technologies developers need to use in their project’s time, doesn’t it will reduce the cost to build your web app? 

It may seem simple to think but in the time of coding and functionality, the slight change will not work as original. Thus, the app turns out more Daunting and complex in the time working. at the time you will not be able to tell what the problem is, you are yet not clear of the technologies to use.

Cutting Web Application Development Cost

Let’s think about the work requirement is too high and takes a lot of costs which are out of your hand. Though they are a good web developer. In that case, what can you do anything about it? 

Yes! Obviously you can do a lot of things. You can search for other web Developer companies with the same work or services they have. Do not force more on low cost where developers do the work in a careless manner. In that case, you may lose all things. 

Then if you are interested in working with them now it is time to review their options. 

  1. The web app requires to deliver with a minimum viable product. To get the real customer idea and then get feedback to go to the costly implementations.
  2. Looking for the alternative solutions to estimate items in a cheaper substitutes 

AtZ technology is offering the fixed price model when it is about a short term project work like 3 – 5 months and has the utilizing option to work in a specified advance. However, this work only includes projects which don’t need too much research and development with particular features and a clear idea of the end project. 

Cost Estimation at AtZ Technology

AtZ technology gives all the web development service that anyone requires to fulfill the dream work in one place. As a matter of fact, The steps go through these stages: 

  • Planing
  • Design
  • Developing
  • Testing 
  • Deployment  

A project is always looked after by the project manager until it is done with the satisfaction of the clients. And, We have the flexibility on the designers and developers numbers in project work. 

We are always ready to work with you. After telling your project work with us in detail and how you want to see your work to be done in a presentable way and negotiate the cost to do your work. If We both agree then good to go with more desiccation around your work. Moreover, If you have any suggestions then you can give it to us, we will look at your idea whether it is fit for your work or not.