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Word of Mouth Marketing: A Marketing Strategy You Must Take Care of

Word of Mouth Marketing: A Marketing Strategy You Must Take Care of

From the very name of this marketing strategy, it’s pretty obvious that it’s all about words in conversations. The way we talk to each other in our daily life can actually influence a brand’s sales and revenue to a great extent. Word of mouth is the way through which it happens.

What is Word of  Mouth Marketing?

Word of mouth marketing refers to the situation where the likelihood for a particular company of a person is reflected through words or conversations or daily life dialogues. Consumers do it only when they are absolutely impressed or influenced by the company or its products/services. 

When a customer is truly satisfied with a product or service, that person tends to share the experience that he had with others. Through various platforms, the sharing of the experience might be done. In this way, another person who did not come in touch with that product/service might get to know about it and consider having it.

No need to say that word of mouth marketing is absolutely beneficial for brands or companies that want to create a longer and better brand image. Even though traditionally a consumer might contact another through real life conversation, nowadays, the situation is not really the same. 

Apart from direct conversations or discussions, someone can participate in the process of letting others know about a brand through digital communication, internet, social media platforms etc. Even thousands of brands today are very aware of the fact that online activities can contribute a lot in word of mouth marketing. So they execute marketing strategies online to accelerate word of mouth marketing as well.

Word of mouth marketing is one of the most powerful marketing strategies and advertising forms, since, from research, it can be seen that 92% of people out there are more likely to trust their known ones other than media and their advertising. 

Why Should Marketers Care About Word of Mouth Marketing?

It’s very natural that people tend to believe more who they know or related to. There are so many TVCs out there, so many billboards, so much effort to attract new customers. But do all of these can actually make a difference? Hardly it does, at least not significantly when compared to word of mouth marketing.

Even research shows that 64% of marketing executives believe that word of mouth marketing is the most effective form of advertising for brands or companies. No matter how much effort you put together to attract a new consumer base, you must do something that can create a buzz about you among people, only then can you expect to survive in the competitive world of today.

Advantages of Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth marketing can be beneficial for you from various perspectives, let’s put some light on those:

1. Word of Mouth Marketing is Impactful

Before you start considering some other kind of marketing strategy or advertising form, you should know that when it’s about the Americans, 50% of them directly would prefer word of mouth only if they had to choose only one source of information to have some insights or ideas regarding a particular product or a service. 

2. Word of Mouth Marketing is Free

When your loyal customer is talking about your product/service to his/her family members or friends, you don’t need to make a payment for this recommendation. However, to reach such a place where people will actually consider talking about your brand, you do need to spend some of your assets. Your word of mouth marketing strategy is obviously going to need some currencies, whether you are willing to include SEO strategy, ad campaigns, content marketing strategies or something else.

3. Word of Mouth Recommendations Are Highly Valued 

As already has it been said, people may have a look at your TVC, but if you can make people recommend your company, your chance to attract new consumers increases to a great extent. In fact, research shows that 84% of customers believe the recommendations that they get from friends and families more than anything else.

4. It Goes on, and on, and on..

There are so many marketing strategies out there, but word of mouth is totally different than those. The reason is, the previous ones require continuous effort, time and money to be invested, otherwise, those won’t be fruitful. On the other hand, word of mouth marketing is a self-sustaining process. If you can manage to maintain the quality of your product/service, then you can be sure of the fact that through word of mouth, your brand will surely attract a great number of new customers.

5. A Convenient Campaign to Start

Compared to the other types of marketing campaigns, word of mouth marketing campaigns are really easier to kickstart. You will need to make sure that the campaign involves and engages people and let them taste the essence of your brand image successfully. Of course there are options where your costing might be a bit more, but the thing is with the assistance of your creativity, you can initiate your own word of mouth marketing with a whole less budget plan.

6. Building a Community

A successful word of mouth marketing campaign can create a community that will be loyal to your particular brand image. It increases the possibility to have extended sales and revenue, ultimately ensuring the success of your venture.

Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy

Here are some suggestions to give you some guidelines how to initiate word of mouth marketing:

1. Starting with the Employees

There is no one as a better fit than your employees who can have the potential to effectively spread the words. By making your employees’ workplace convenient and cheerful, you can keep your employees satisfied, which can contribute to influencing them to share their experience with your organization. And no need to elaborate the fact that once they start sharing their happy thoughts of your brand with others, the word of mouth can make a great difference then.

2. Providing Something worth Talking About

Whether it’s for the employees or your customers, you cannot expect them talking about an experience that seemed just okay. They will be sharing their thoughts only when they consider something interesting enough to let others know.

3. Generating and Emotional Response

Try to incorporate something that relates to people’s emotions. An emotional touch is more likely to initiate and provoke word of mouth sharing. Emotional touch can also inspire people more to put themselves in certain scenarios more conveniently and be a part of it.

4. Engaging as much as Possible

One important thing to remember is that you can accelerate your word of mouth campaign to a great extent by engaging yourself. Being a part of the campaign itself can affect others to be interested in your brand more. What you need to do is to listen carefully about what your customers are talking about, what are their necessities, requirements, wants and so on. You can also try to represent yourself where your customers are going to attend.

Word of Mouth: Is it Always Positive?

No, it isn’t. It is possible that sometimes your customers might not be really satisfied with your service and choose to defame your brand image by spreading negative words about your brand. There is no way you can prevent a customer if he/she chooses to refer to your brand as unworthy. But you can take constructive criticism into consideration to further improve your brand. Also, a 100% positive word of mouth is also very unrealistic to be honest, it seems almost unbelievable to a lot. Sometimes, negative word of mouth can actually prove your authenticity.

Final Words

Every marketing strategy comes with its own drawbacks. Word of mouth also can sometimes be a bit harmful to your brand image. But that doesn’t cancel the immense scopes of success that you can have in your business once you are done with your word of mouth marketing perfectly. So gather all your resources, put your creative efforts and start making your brand famous among people.