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Nowadays, Every small and big company wants to build their business on the online platform to get more sales. I reckon it is pretty good and should do that. However, a small business owner may not know which CMS he/she should use to build a website. As a matter of fact, here come our duties to help you opt for a beautiful website guiding through a good CMS platform.

WordPress is the best CMS development platform that can help you a lot in SEO on google and search engine as well. Now let me tell you, Why should you give your work to us? What makes us more special than others?

  1. To build a customized beautiful and dandy website for your business 
  2. Mobile-friendliness website to index fast in google
  3. SEO and highly optimizable build website to rank higher in google 
  4. Install essential Plugins 
  5. Backup database and files 
  6. On-time work done 
  7. Help anytime Clients need 
  8. Friendly communication to ask anything if have any doubt 
  9. Low-cost price than other companies

Our WordPress Web Development Packages

Our WordPress Web Design and Development project is mainly working with a number of hours needed to be done with the very projects. It more and less takes 4 to 6 weeks to do the work according to your direction but in the back of mind considering the time limit how complex your project it is. We merely take $60 per hour. To take a precise idea about the project cost, we have a free consultation over the phone. After knowing all the nuts and bolts about our company if you are ready to go then we are prepared to launch your dream project.

Custom web development packages

Business Starter

Parent + Child Theme installation

5 - 10 pages

Slider (w/ 3 slides)

10 Testimonials

1 Contact Form

Security Plugin

Caching Plugin

Backup Database and Files

1 hour of WordPress Training

SSL Installation + Setup

from $3,600 USD

Blog, Portfolio, Business Directory, Knowledge Base.

Business Standard

Parent + Child Theme installation

10 - 25 pages

Slider (w/ 5 slides + animation)

10 Testimonials + Testimonials page

1 Contact Form + 2 Additional Forms

Security Plugin

Caching Plugin

Backup Database and Files (w/ 1 offsite backup)

2 hour of WordPress Training

SSL Installation + Setup

from $6,000 USD

Blog, Portfolio, Business Directory, Knowledge Base, Shopping Cart, Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Learning Management Software (LMS), Booking, Event Calendar, Affiliate, Multilingual (WPML).

Business Enterprise

Parent + Child Theme installation

25+ pages

Slider (w/ 10 slides + animation)

20 Testimonials + Testimonials page

1 Contact Form + 3 Additional Forms

Security Plugin

Caching Plugin

Backup Database and Files (w/ 3 offsite backups)

5 hours of WordPress Training

SSL Installation + Setup

from $9,000+ USD

Blog, Portfolio, Business Directory, Knowledge Base, Shopping Cart, Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Learning Management Software (LMS), Booking, Event Calendar, Affiliate, Multilingual (WPML), Job Board, Auction, Forum, Question & Answers, Online Community.

Why Does Your Business Need a Custom-Designed Wordpress Theme?

We know you are thinking that why should I need a custom-designed theme as WordPress already has a lot of free theme building in there is it? Maybe, you are thinking that they are taking an extra amount of money without any reason.

If your brain is knocking like that then you have a wrong idea. And, we are going to tell you why you will not opt for these free themes after showing the reasons. Before that, let me give an example to show you more.

If you look at a physical car showroom where there are a lot of cars. Have you ever noticed that every single showroom looks different than others? What is the reason behind it, will the other owner hate him or design? NO!. We always want to be different from others as people can know and relate to my business with this arrangement or design and that will create a brand value of the company. OK! Let's come to the main and technical points:

  1. WordPress free themes already used a hundred thousand times in various websites 
  2. WordPress free theme is easy to hack and crack the code 
  3. Google doesn't like to see the same theme again and again. It has little ranking factor, not a big amount.  
  4. Free themes will not create your brand value, isn’t it? 
  5. Those themes take a lot of time to load and need updating from time to time and it can change and rehash bad effects on your website.

I think you have already understood why you should use or build a customizable theme for your website. For your better knowledge and for reducing your research work now we will give the reason why you need to build a Custom-Designed WordPress Theme.

A Custom Theme will Meet Your Business Goal

There are a lot of premium themes in the marketing which you can buy easily. Modifying their appearance, layout and doing all the hard work you will realize that this hasn’t met your perfect business goal as you wanted to. There is a list question to be asked before you create your business theme, it is not merely coding and design. It must be more than that:

  • What type of business do you expect to use this theme? 
  • Is it your selling products/services, generating leads or for representational purposes? 
  • What types of people are you targeting for your business?

A Custom Theme will be Different from others Niche

If you create your website by any of common free or premium themes, your visitor can't remember your site once they go to your site. YES! You are uploading good content and changing their layout and visibility. Though, people cannot recognize it as other business owners doing the same things as you have done. Those themes don't have that much option for you as well.

A Customized Theme will give You more Security

One of the shocking news is more than 90% of hackers hacked WP themes last year. Their most favourite site or place is WP sites as it is so popular. Thus, If you take a free or so-called premium theme for your valuable business then it might be hacked anytime. Because, They all have broken those themes coding already, so it will be much easier for them to unlock your site. Without any doubt, customized themes give more security and relief to your business.

An SEO - Friendly Customized Theme

You all do the hard work to rank in google so that You can get the organic traffic from Google isn’t it? If YES! Stay with us. Outsource themes from the market places needs to be rearranged for SEO friendliness by using some hard and fast tools and brain work.

After all the hard work you may miss the things which haven’t any hand of your like coding is too much that’s why your site isn't loading fast. Moreover, Google does not like to see the same visualization design again and again. So, Come up with google’s eyes and rank on the fast page you should choose a customized design theme.

Getting Fast Hand Support from Developers

If you design a customized design theme then you will get fast hand support in a short period of time. It is quite natural that you can face some issues with your theme. At that critical time, you can recall the developer to help you out eventually if you choose a customized theme from any company. And, they will do your work happily. If you buy premium themes and face any difficulty can you call them? IT IS BIG NO! There is no relationship with you and the theme developer. You have bought the theme and are facing problems that are none of their business. They will not care about it until a big amount of people will have the same problems.

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