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Advantages of Wireless Networks

Advantages of Wireless Networks

In today’s world, ICT and wireless networks, in particular, are part of our daily routine. For example, we are becoming more and more dependent on the internet. Whether it be watching the latest TV shows on Netflix, reading articles on Buzzfeed, or scrolling through Insta, we all spend a lot of time online.  One of the reasons why we’ve grown so much more accustomed to these services and use them so much more is because of how convenient they have become. Go back 30 years back or even 15, we all had that one computer that had a LAN cable that the entire family shared. The internet was slow and god does we NOT miss that annoying sound dial-up connections made. Now, it’s literally in the palm of your hands. You don’t need cumbersome wires to be connected to your device unless you’re doing some heavy-duty gaming but good wifi can give stability close to that standard too. This is just one of the several advantages of wireless networks. We’ll be talking about all of them in-depth but first…..

What are Wireless Networks?

Wireless networks are exactly what it sounds. They are a way of communicating without wires. How does it work? To put it simply, WIFI is relying on your router which distributes the signals you receive from the cable connected to the ISP’s server. This is a flimsy explanation and won’t be passing you any computing majors. But it’s all you really need to know to understand this article. But you must be wondering: “ Wait you’re using a cable? Isn’t that a wire?” Well, yes…But you don’t need that cable either. A lot of wireless networks use routers that receive signals directly from the servers but it’s much more expensive and one wire isn’t exactly making it super inconvenient. Also, if you’re looking for loopholes, the servers are powered by wires and there’s no workaround for that. This is our closest approximation to wireless. Notice how I said WiFi. Wifi is not the only wireless network. Phone networks and satellites are what you could call truly wireless communication. There is no LAN cable stretching to the international space station or to your phone from those giant cell towers. But again, those towers and communication centers for satellites are expensive so a close substitute is good enough in my books. But what are the advantages of wireless networks? Why am I advocating for them so hard?

What are the Advantages of Wireless Networks over Wired ones?

Ah the coveted topic, the reason why we’re all here. First and foremost, I almost don’t even want to talk about phone networks and satellites because wired systems are not even possible or practical there. What are you going to do? Pull wires to space and have literally millions of interloping wires just so you can call relatives in another part of the world. I didn’t think so. Let’s face it guys; wires suck. We live in an advanced society and they are becoming more and more obsolete. So we all know that not having wires is super convenient but do we know why?


I’m sure I’m not the only one who can’t go anywhere without my phone. Almost all of what we do on our phone is wireless networking. Do you need to call your family? Text your friends? See what Brad from high school is up to? Watch Brad’s vlog on bread making? Read his blog about sourdough bread and its benefits? You need to find names other than Brad and actual interesting hobbies for an article you’re writing? Do you need to do all that on the go? No problem, wireless networks have got you covered. You need a wire going into your bathroom. You don’t have to consume all your media in one location without the ability to move. It’s worth noting that satellites can’t function without mobility, wires would defeat their entire purpose. Do you know who else has trouble functioning? Clumsy people.

The Clumsy Man’s Lifesaver

If you’re a total klutz like me, you’ve found yourself tripping on more than one wire in your lifetime. Yes, you can keep them bundled up in a corner but some parts of it will always be exposed and some gawky fella will find a way to have an accident there. Also honestly how many people buy those zip ties and labour to organize those wires for hours. Most wired systems I’ve seen have about as many tripping hazards as a war zone and you can’t blame the owners, installing those wires is insanely hard which brings me to the next advantage.

Easy Installation

You literally need no technical know-how for setting up a wireless network. All phone networks need is a sim card and voila, you are connected. Satellites are a different story altogether, insanely difficult setup process but way easier than installing wires to the moon.  The initial setup for WiFi is also a bit complicated in some cases because, shocker, wires are involved. It’s still no rocket science ( see what I did there?), once your ISP brings that cumbersome 15 m cable to your home, you’re done. It’s as simple as plugging in your router. Imagine this process with more wires. Each device would need a separate wire connecting to the internet. Technically, the internet is a wireless network so you’re not even allowed there if you’re gunning for wired networks, just drag a wire to New Mexico to Brad’s apartment to ask him about his baking temperatures. I don’t even know a Brad… See how annoying and tiresome the installation of wires is? I’m creating fictional friends to cope with the stress of just thinking about it. Besides, with my amazing handiness, I’d be lucky not to get trapped in a web of LAN cables if I tried to set up a wired connection. Those wires are kinda expensive too. That’s a clever segue to the next advantage. if I do say so myself.

Not as expensive as you think

While wired connection supremacists may have you thinking differently, WiFi is way cheaper than it’s made out to be. Sure, the initial cost is high but if you can afford to pay internet bills every month, a router isn’t going to run you broke. Also, buying a separate 15 m for each device you own isn’t exactly making you a financial Mongol. In the case of a wireless network, once it’s set up, there is no additional cost. The wired connection however often needs a change in wires because of extensive use. And as I said, the internet is a wireless system. Let’s just say it was a wired concept. Somehow, you got enough wires to connect the entire world. How expensive is that? Do I need to bring up satellites and mobile networks here for the win? Those systems can’t function due to the rigidity of a wired connection. Man, I’m on fire with these segues today.


We’ve established that wired networks are hard to install and by no means a bargain so that brings us to a very reasonable conclusion; you can’t change your mind. You have to stick to a specific ISP for life unless you want to buy a million new wires and run out your local departmental store’s supply of zip ties. You picked a spot for your pc, be ready for it to die there, or get your installation team ready. In sharp contrast, WiFi gives your indecisive side a treat. Does your ISP suck? You don’t need to worry, just throw that wire out the window and get a single new one from your new ISP for the entire house. Voila, no more slow internet, while your wired neighbour is enviously looking at you and trying to guess the password for your new fast network.

Just as secure

If you put thought into your WiFi password, someone guessing it is just as plausible as someone stealing the wire from your house. There are several online password generators if your main concern about getting wifi is people leeching off of you. Don’t worry, a professional hacker isn’t going to try to hack into your LAN. Even if you are a company and entice hackers with your super-fast net, hacking isn’t a common skill you know. A couple more people who miraculously hack your password won’t slow down your network. Chill. If it bothers you too much, the Police take this issue seriously. Password hacking is a criminal offence so if security is a priority for you, the law is protecting you. They can trace these hackers down and help you remove them from your network. I hope you, the reader, realize how ridiculous the thought that a hacker is labouring to get into your wifi network is. Just get a tough password, you’ll be fine. Or learn to share.

More users, less hassle

The fundamental benefit of WiFi is that you can connect to multiple users at once at low cost and effort. Every family member using and neighbour leeching off of your router will be connected to the same network without needing separate wires for each device. This makes the process that much easier. You don’t need to go through the whole process for each new user, you just give them the password and they’re in. It’s that easy. There’s a reason why mobile networks and the internet are able to connect the world together. I can listen to Brad’s podcast about pita bread from France while he records in the comfort of his home in the gold ol’ US of A. The content is literally travelling halfway around the world. This global connection between billions of users would not be possible with wires. You’ll simply run out of connection ports and wires if you were to ignore the financial aspect completely.


The world has already adopted the system. If you haven’t, then you’re only missing out on a system that is globally used and enjoyed. Unless you’re a hipster and you have some weird traumatic childhood that makes you want to be different at all costs, then not switching is the same as not changing your views with a progressive society. This is very important if you are a business. Nobody carries around LAN cables and most phones don’t have a connection port, so you’re missing out on valuable business by installing WiFi in your bakery, Brad. What are we supposed to do in lines? Talk to the people around us? Your shop would be empty if your bread weren’t this good. But not all companies have products of such high quality and it is simply unwise to assume your product sells itself.

Neat and Organized

Where is my OCD gang at? Wires are incredibly messy and if not managed properly can give you a headache. A wireless network is not only easy to set up but there won’t be any tangled LAN cables in your home. Wired systems however often looked incredibly sloppy and make for poor presentation. You can buy all the RGB light you want Brad but your gaming rig will never look good with that LAN cable stretching across your room. Why do you even need a stable connection anyway? “I Am Bread” doesn’t have an online mode. Whatever your passion is; whether it be gaming, online blogging or video editing; an idle brain is the devil’s workshop..wait wrong proverb…a clean workplace is an efficient workplace.

Some more advantages of wireless networks

There are quite literally hundreds of advantages of wireless networks in general and not in comparison to the wired variety. Here are a few of them


The online market has not only been a quick source of income for the sellers but they also don’t need to have large amounts of goods in showrooms as the products can be viewed online or even have huge stocks as products can be made post orders. Buyers can buy things from the comfort of their home and can choose millions of options. It’s a win-win.


Content writing, copywriting and graphic designing are jobs that are contract-based and thus you are basically your own boss and making money at the same time. This job market has really saturated the effect of the recent pandemic as people are still being able to work in this brutal job market.


Are you bored with this article? Just click away. Watch a video on Youtube or text friends on Facebook. There are so many other activities you can enjoy on the miracle that is the internet. It’s hard to run out of things to do in this day and age.


You need to learn; you’ve come to the right place. There are millions of articles, books, and wiki entries online giving you plenty of information. In fact, I just used the internet to research for this article. Online classes and this availability of information have made their foray into academics and in my opinion, elevated their standards.


You might not find the internet everywhere yet but cell reception is available almost in every corner of the world. Unless you’re in a creepy Amish society, in that case, run to the closest sign of technology.


Satellites. Enough said. Without satellites, we could not observe the unknown and discover stars and plants. In fact, we couldn’t even have proved those flat earth conspiracists wrong. Yikes. 

The impact of the internet makes it hard to notice the immense advancements the other wireless networks make. Mobile networks basically pioneered communication technology before the internet perfected it and satellites are helping us understand our universe and the planet we live on in ways we never did before.


Was my article biased? Certainly. What’s ironic is I’m writing this article on a wired connection for one and one reason only. Stability. Although wireless networks can compete with wired systems in terms of stability, the price is where they fall far behind. At the same time, my prime argument for why wired networks are obsolete is the internet is wireless. I’m using wires to connect to a wireless network, it isn’t exactly the same as using a wired network, which suggests every client is connected using a wire. At the same time, wireless suggests the opposite. Terminology aside, what would you prefer a world where you can only use wires or use both?  Wireless networks basically give you the best of both worlds. Checkmate. So to answer the question you had in mind when finding this article; do the advantages of wireless networks outweigh those of a wired system? My answer is yes, in every definition of the word. Unless you’re poor and stupid like me so you built a PC without built-in wifi and can’t afford a good wifi dongle. I hope this article has helped you understand the advantages of wireless networks.


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