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Technologies to Learn in 2022


Technology might be the most heard word of the 21st century. We’ve been using it knowingly or unknowingly about it but it indicates a vast array of meanings.

Our life has absorbed different technologies such that we can’t say, we want to go back to primitive life, far from technology. Some  love these innovations and some of us, just simply don’t like it. But what’s bad in knowing what this terminology means and how it works actually!

In this article, we will dive deeper into the meaning of the phrase “technology” less than to sound geeky, but enough to talk over tea! 

Sounds somewhat interesting? Even if not! Be with us!

Not too easy, also not even complicated!

Let us disseminate the whole thing for you!

Technology, as a phrase can be the knowledge of science, technical knowledge, process, or any machine embedded in a system. This is not a definition, but quite nearly what you should understand about the word technology. 

Hence, you see phrases like medical technology, business technology, artificial technology, educational technology, or, even out of the world, space technology, and so on. These are commonly known technologies from the extensive list of technologies. 

Don’t worry! we will be discussing more specific technologies afterward.

But for example, what you should actually understand by the word business technology/ technologies; is anything that empowers business will be falling into this category. That can be a mobile application, a complicated computer software, or even smaller like a geo-tag that that locates your important files. 

Still, struggling to understand? Well, you are just there to get the full picture of “Technology”!

The idea of the renaming of technologies after the sectors was necessary so that it gets easier for innovation and development of that sector. Technologies are all about innovating and discovering newer ways to solve the same old problems. Just in newer and modern ways. 

Technologies are not always complicated and not always include complex machinery. Hammer, a carpenter tool, was a new technology before it was invented. Likewise, you know the story of the invention of the calculator. Which included a big room, thousand of resistors, thousand meters of wires, and whatnot.

In different cases, canned food like canned corns, canned tunas, or canned mushrooms as part of food technology and the can opener, popularly known as the tin cutter, is also a carpenter technology!  

So far, we wanted to confer upon the fact that, technology is the study of a newer way to solve the problem of a sector. And, now lets dive in sector-specific technology i.e. this technology and that technology! 

Is it getting boring? We know! Sometimes tech-talk may turn out sounding boring. 

But hey! we may need technology for not getting bored while reading! 

Why so many sectors of Technology!

So far, we talked about what technology is. Moreover, until now, it is quite understandable that technology can be a set of studies or a tool or a machine. 

We use lots of different tools, machines, and things in our daily life along with comfort. For example, you got up from bed in the morning by the sound of an alarm clock or phone, then freshened up and get a fast breakfast, healthy but easy to make. Then you get into your car, bike or transport; in that, we want comfort too. In short, in every aspect of life, we want convenience and comfortability with cost-efficiency. 

And, these can be only achieved with innovation, study, research, and testing on different particular things, like for nutritious and easy breakfast we need food technology, for convenient transport we need automobile technology; fir faster and affordable phone calls we need telecommunication technology. 

The more we divide sectors, the easier to specify a subject and research it to come with innovation. Because, its the simple rule, the more we divide something, the more simplified it gets. 

And in this world, when we all need technologies every day, technology needs to be innovative in every simplistic place and action. 

For this the betterment and comfortability of entire mankind, the entire technological sectors have been divided into microlevel sectors which we may discuss sooner in this article.

Is Technology too important for me to know?

Technology is something that everyone should know since we need to use them every day. We believe you need to be updated on the recent trends of technology. Because the more you\ll know the more you’ll be able to know what’s out there to help you out.

Maybe you are just struggling to solve a small work at home or maybe updating a database for your office. When you are updated with the technology, you know that there are “Mopping robots” and “Microsoft Access” to assist you in both works!

Since you don’t know which technology is out there to help you so be updated with all technologies!

Let’s get to know some Technologies: 

The names of technologies are a hell of long that we can not cover up all of the names of technological sectors and their examples! 

But surely, we can name out a few of the sectors and their innovations with the tools they use to work. Some would be:

Agricultural Technology

It starts with bringing new hybrid seeds to grow more grains in difficulties to hyper-tech mowers. It includes pesticides and fertilizers too that do less harm to land and habitat. 

Technologies for Energy

We all know that the Earth has limited resources but the population kept rising. These technologies cover mining natural resources in bringing hybrid energies. 

Telecommunication Technology

All the technologies of this sector innovates clear voice call, extended network system, and further smooth cellular connectivity. 

Network Technology

This includes internet connectivity and innovating machine and devices so that the internet is uninterruptedly distributed with better bandwidth.

Art and Musical Technology

This is a fantastic innovative sector that comes with devices, online or offline tools, and gadgets to make arts and music easier. Artists need technologies to make their art piece more usable than analog systems. 

Technologies for appliances

This includes the improvement of home appliances so that living becomes smarter and easier. The domain for appliance technology are mainly dominated by robotics and microcontrollers. 

Because housekeepers love automated systems!

Technologies for clothing and accessories

With updation of days, people wanted more comfort with reliability and fashion. 

Clothing and accessory technologies work on the creation of newer types of clothing including threads, zippers, and fast – less fuel consuming machines that take less space. 

Leather Technologies

Leather is the recent day fascination for people and giving them the finest type of leather is the main goal for these technologies. Creation of new machines, tools and ways to process raw leathers. 


This technological sector is so advancing these days that engineers are making Robot Cheetah. 

Robotics has taken over all the factory works controlled by humans. Because it’s cheaper and more useful in the long run. 

Artificial Intelligence

Today, when you search for a certain type of chocolate bars, you see suggestions relevant to it.  Artificial intelligence is the coding or system relying on behind the system. 

Artificial intelligence allows machines, like computers to understand human behaviors or human traits. So that humans may come to point to being able to communicate with the machines. 

Internet of Things

This is probably the most heard thing over the internet from last year. Most advancements include examples; google drive, databases or examples like Gmail but not limited to the remote control system of an entire home. 

The Internet of Things or IoT made things such easier that now you can access your necessary files from anywhere. 

Constructional Technologies

This includes different ways to construct infrastructures and innovate cost as well as effort effective machines. 

This also includes the technologies required for resource mining. In the emerging world, mining is one of the most valuable technologies. 

Space Technology

Being scared that the living place on earth for people may shrink, people started exploring the space. Being hugely funded, this sector requires the most advanced technology. 

And, undoubtedly this sector is one of the most emerging sectors of technology. 

The Evolution of Technology

Enough of describing! Let’s get informative now!

The world of technology was never like this before. It evolved with time. The more people faced problems the more they dived in to find out solutions to do the work easily. 

But there were trends at different times in different ways. With this trend, you may understand the history of technology and which way it may go. 

Though it’s not possible to categorize the information of any sector but still we will be doing that. We believe that making a class may help you to understand better. 

Though it may not be a textbook example it’ll enrich your knowledge about the history of technology. 

The Primitives

As we have always said, technology is a new idea for old problems. It started developing from people at the very primal time of humankind. When they had developed arms to kill with and spades to dig soil, the advancement of technology had started. 

At ancient Mesopotamia, 539 BC, was the first civilized society, it had the very advancements. Historians saw them using advanced tools to kill or to clean fields. Later on, these advancements were used by different other “Organized Societies”. 

Then Greeks and Romans at 700-480 BC and 510-30 BC created massive development in all the sectors of food, cultivation, weaponry. construction, leather – textile, stones – ceramic, and research studies. 

This was how the ancient time was initiated and the technology was cultivated. 

The Earlies

1700 – 1800 is the time when universities and people in all sectors wanted research to solve their problems easily. 

In 1700-1800 world saw their first industrial revolution. Electricity was discovered with its full potential. Mills and factories found motos and conveyer belts. Tungsten bulb got discovered in 1887. Trains were introduced and coal engine was discovered at around 1712. 

Cast iron mining started, the world saw the power and possibilities, iron possesses. The construction sector got their iron rods, they started building storey buildings. 

The first engine got introduced for a single motor car in 1885 est. The world saw speed empowering people. 

Radio got introduced and telecommunication had its giant leap. The medicinal sector had its own paradigm shift towards the future. Penicillin got introduced. Remedies of cholera, black fever, plague came near people. 

1700-1800 gave people what it was necessary to live a life, a proper life. 

The Unbelievable 20th Century

The 1900s started everything that we see developing today. In this vast period of time, we saw fast steps in the development of television. Television channels opened up. The era of entertainment began. 

The whole new sector of entertainment got developed and got started. We saw the development of the camera, recording, music, videography, and whatnot. 

The car industry began to produce cars on a large scale. Even race cars were the newer industry with a great market of race.  

Discovering the internet, took everything where people may have never imagined. The sector of Computer technologies overthrew all other markets.

Communication became unbelievably easy and cell phones or landlines became the heart of modern days. 

The necessity of entertainment was so much felt in the 20th century. Another whole new industry of cinemas, series, music, and artists began. 

Scientific research got into a whole new level. Countless researches approached and got developed. 

You may ask then why the 20th century is so different than any others!

Is because the 20th century gave us new markets to thrive and trade-in. It made sectors organized and people organized so that they can work particularly thinking about what they want to trade-in.

The 20th century combined all the innovations of different sectors, people from different sectors in a similar sector. And people then turned the sectors into a growing business.

The golden era for innovation

Though it’s not an era yet but much has happened so far. 

The 21st century is all about the update of IT industries. Software companies booming up, electrical technologies, the whole new innovation of mobile phones, computers, and other IT-related components are becoming the core of technological development. 

Any sector, whether agriculture or medical, everyone wants automated systems because it creates more precision. 

No wonder, why you hear Artificial Intelligence and IoTs so often, surfing through the internet. The innovation of semiconductors made the price of processors cheaper yet faster. 

Robotics is also the fastest growing technology market whereas all the sectors are running for it.

Search engines, availability of websites and databases made it so easier that the entire world seems so much inside hand right now. Anything is accessible, connectable and even it doesn’t take long to look for something on some street in a different world. 

The innovation of nanotechnology and microtechnology gave the medical industry to achieve things that were too tough to even imagine. 

Satellites made impossible weather forecasts come true. And, private aerospace companies like SpaceX made it real quick to make people of the world to dream to live on Mars

How to keep yourself updated with technology?

To use the technology at the fullest, you need to be updated about the technology at the most. 

It wouldn’t be a tough thing to know what’s out there to help you out with your work. You just need to read about it and start using it.

Don’t worry!
It wouldn’t be a piece of cake, it would be easier than making a cake even!

There is no hard and fastened rule on ways of updating yourself with technology. But we will be talking about few steps you may want to keep in mind while knowing about technologies;

Have a Google search!

Be a person who goes to search in Google for a search. A search result shows a list of

different findings. So that if you don’t want to go with one result, you can choose any other result. 

Even if you feel it’s too silly to look for on Google. Bur hey! There’s no one looking at it, is there!

Start taking glimpses on ranked search result

You need to take a few search results in account. You can’t always reply on the first search only. 

So you need to go through more search results and look into it. But reading an entire article of a few search results might be time consuming so you need to start taking glimples. 

Hence, take glimpses of what you are looking for.  

Start using a service

Just not searching and taking glimpses, start using any services. Though you should not be using everything that you may come across but yes, if you do not use any service, you wouldn’t understand about it.

Whether it be a software or a service, we recommend you to start using it, even at a small scale, just give it a try.  

Breaking prejudices and boundaries

There are different prejudices regarding usage of Technologies. People sometimes get skeptical believing that it is wrong to use technologies. 

People believe that it somehow lessens the workability of people. Though few implementations of technologies have replaced people. But still technology is the most usable and efficient thing that we should be using. 

We should be breaking this boundary that makes us feel technology is not safe for us. 

At last, it’s all about technology

Technology, a whole new different sector that gave us power, made us efficient, took us through speed and created our entire knowledge base of today’s world. 

There are always some drawbacks even for the best things, it always depends on the aspects. But talking about technology, there are more silver lining than rain.

I am not trying to sound biased but I believe we should thank technology because of the advancement even because of it, you are reading this article!

Rather than the product itself, it’s always about how you use it. Hence, use technology but with caution. So that, it brings welfare to you as well as empowers you to help the world!