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Refund Policy

Service Agreement

Every client who seeks to avail the services as mentioned on this website must agree to the Service Agreement provided by us upon primary understanding. Once a client requests the Service Agreement; we send that and request the client to read and understand each term and condition thoroughly to avoid any misunderstanding. The client must send the Service Agreement back to us with his/her sign and formal approval of the terms and conditions within a business day.

The signature that the client will use to sign the agreement must be legally identifiable and admissible.

Please be advised that the Service Agreement does not warrant that we are subject to start a project. It is only a formal agreement between us and the client.

Upfront Payment and Initialization of Service

After the agreement is signed by both us and the client, we request an initial upfront payment as a token of the client’s interest and our formal obligation to start working on the project. The upfront payment is 50% of the total project value. For example, the client must pay $500 as an initial fund if the project budget is $1,000. We usually allow the client to send the upfront money within 1-2 business days using the payment method available on this website after the Service Agreement is signed. However, we request the client to make payment on the same day the Service Agreement is signed on because it allows us to take the time to prepare for and start the project.

Completion of Project and Payment

As the project is completed and approved by the client, we ask for the rest of the payment which is the balance remaining after the upfront payment. We request the client to make the payment within 1-2 business days using the payment method available on this website.

Additional Payments

If the client wants any additional resource which is mentioned on this website but beyond our standard service or package, the payment for that additional resource shall not be included to the amount charged for the service for which the Service Agreement has been made. The payment for that additional resource must be made prior to the delivery, and there shall be no installments for that.

If the client requests for any extra service or support other than what is required by the Service Agreement, extra payment(s) must be made by the client, but no changes to the original Service Agreement is required. In that case, we may ask the client to fill out a particular form prior to that additional support. Both agreements are independent and are not liable to any effect caused by either of them.

Domain, Hosting, and Other Applications and Supports

AtZ Technology does not sell any of these products or supports. However, we can provide all of these services to the client upon request. In case, the client requests us to get those supports and we agree accordingly, the client must make the payment for those services in advance. AtZ Technology does not guarantee the availability or uninterrupted state of those services or supports. Upon the termination or unavailability of those services or supports, the client shall not hold AtZ Technology responsible for any loss. In addition, we cannot be accountable for any change or modification to the pricing or policy or terms of those services.