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Automotive Technology

Automotive Technology

In one line, Automotive Technology is the main face of today’s developing mechanics. Mainly the maintenance of a vehicle’s with mechanical and electrical systems. The cars, motorcycles, trucks, plain is the common type of  Automotive Technology. We called the  Automotive Technology as “Automobile” or “ Car technology”.

Invention of Automotive Technology

In 1886 German inventor Karel Benz invention his car Benz patenta Motor waged. In 1908 For produced MODEL I In 1911 Electric ignition starters were invented. In that way in – 1930 car radio,1949 car keys,1951 power, steering,1953 first air condition,1988 airbags,2000 hybrid cars, and finally In 2020 we see the self-driving car which projected release data of google’s set- driving a car, the waymo.

Why do You learn about Automotive Technology?

This technology study is the most demandable thing in today’s era. And for a person of this new developing world, it is important to learn about it.

  • Superabundant benefits: As a car, technology is developing day by day so the opportunities are build up very fast. New concepts arrive. Can u believe it? There was once a time where one had manually roll down the car window put the key, now it is a remote control thing.
  • Feasible salary: Due to technology significance the automotive technician’s entry-level pay is increasing too. If one gains their experience in this sector and adds it in his curriculum it will be more weight full at all. And there is also the opportunity to earn a certain certificate.
  • Job security from redistribute: Many outsourced in recent years added with this technology. Such as- software development, customer service representative, and some manufacturing positions.

The New Era of  Automotive Technology

As we see today advanced technology is all robotics-based.The auto car is invented. It drives its own self through advanced technology. As a matter of fact, cars have changed so much in the past few decades that they change the role of the mechanic system.  

Major Industrial in Automotive Technology 

The industry of Automotive Technology is the main industrial and economical strength worldwide. Every year 50 million+ cars and trucks are delivered worldwide and practically half the world’s consumption of oil. The car industry is connected directly with the other industry.

All kinds of parts in a car comes from different countries also. If we talk about Automotive electronics, it is the most important part of automotive technology. Because electronic systems have become an increasingly large component of the cost of an automobile, around 1% of value 1950 to around 30% in 2010. Car’s all need engine electronics and the many purposes are dependent on the engine such as- Fuel injection, NOX control, oxidation catalytic converter, turbocharge control, cooling system control, throttle control. And those occur in diesel engines.

In a gasoline engine all are connected with – lambda control, OBD, cooling, ignition, lubrication, fuel injection, throttle control.

Economic Impact

Direct, indirectly and induced impacts are gets by Automotive Technology. Those impacts are in employment, personal income, revenue, state government, and sales. And there is some report of the value of incentive per job in the sector of Automotive Technology.

Incentive Per Job in the Sector          


Top Automotive Assembly Companies

Vehicle Sales Per Year (Millions)Revenues ($US Billions)
General Motors9.17192.6
PSA/Peugeot Citroen3.3970.4
Hyundai Automotive3.2838.5


We see how  Automotive Technology developing and how important this is in our technical life. This is not only needed but also the most effective part of our life. We should work together for developing more in the future.

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