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We have developed a lot of websites over the years! You are not confident about us? Check out our work examples to decide about us. You can check all our work. Check out our Small Business web designs, Doctors websites, Law Firm websites, Author websites and others. Even if you don't see your niche in our portfolio, don’t worry, there's a really good chance that we can create something great for you. Our Web designers, Graphic designers, content writers, videos creators, SEO specialists, Digital marketing specialists and Web security experts are highly skilled and intelligent in Bangladesh.


web design testimonials

"AtZ Technology did a wonderful job of translating my rather inchoate thoughts about what I wanted into a live website. Thank you so much!"

- Sophia Elizabeth,

CEO, The World Book

web design testimonials

"What more could I want? A beautiful website that's sensitive to my aesthetic; elegant execution; I am so happy with my new website. Thanks"

- James L. Stormer,


web design testimonials

"I am beyond thrilled to have found AtZ technology recommended by so many of my colleagues, and I knew I was in great hands the moment I contacted them."

- Mary A. Legrand,

Head Of Marketing, Reety Tex

web design testimonials

"Great Work! Very patient and work efficiently. We are very happy about the services. Already refer to friends!"

- Sophia Kauffman,

CEO, Organimed usa


Have you been facing problems to create a website and you are yet confused? Are you trying to find out the best web developer in Bangladesh with a cheap price which can fulfill your requirement?

Or maybe, it is not simply just a website, you need an eCommerce site for your business and searching for a good eCommerce Website Developer in Bangladesh?

Do you have trust issues? Maybe, we know why!

We have a beautiful solution for you to remove your headache - and we ensuring you 24*7 we are with you!

You don’t need to be broad in our service, just tell you the problem and we love to solve your problem anytime.


One of the main services of AtZ Technology is website development. We have worked on various websites in top trayers countries entrepreneurs and businesses owners to develop their website. For the last 8 years, we are giving the service around the world. We know what a website owner needs for their website.

However, sometimes it depends on their requirement. So, we here to help you out with solid work. In action, we believe loyalty and trust through building a strong relationship. We are the best web development company in Bangladesh.

Best Web Designer in Bangladesh

The industry needs good web designers in every section in teams of online appearances. We have been giving service for a very long time, maybe when most people don’t know anything about web design in Bangladesh.

Our client satisfaction is high in areas like the UK, USA and Canada Cinets. We believe in long term relationships and with that purpose, we are here to solve your problem. For making sure you can use some of our clients portfolios as well.

Responsive Web Design

One key Google factor is ranking. You can not rank until your website is not fully responsive. A responsive website gives more mobilization for the visitor. Visitors can visit access within any device like mobile, laptop, tablet in shape and size. We make sure that our clients website is fully responsive and helps to rank to the first page.

User Friendly Web Design

Creating an attractive website design means more engaging, more than that you can convert your regular visitor into a profitable client. The user-friendly mobile version can boost business sales, generate more leads as well. If your website is user friendly then you will have the good chance to win more traffic instantly.

SEO Friendly Web Design

SEO website design is the best practice to build websites that are easily indexable and accessible by search engines. Keep in mind the search engine by which you should create a website around it. And we provide the SEO friendly web design that you are looking for.

Best Full Stack Web Developer in Bangladesh

To be a full stack web developer you need to know various programming languages. We have been giving this website service for a long time. We have an expert team who are best in their business as we have given our full stack service in top counties in various niches as well and they are satisfied with our work.

So, we know what types of websites need and choose Programming will best for you and your company.

Wordpress Developer

If you talk about in Bangladesh which one is best for your website, I can undoubtedly say this is wordpress. Most websites around the world build in the wordpress as it helps to give SEO boost in the search engine. But remember before creating a new website, don't choose freelance as they mostly things about website crating once you build it may be you will not be able to get it touch next time.

Laravel Developer

If you are not a lover of wordpress unlike me, maybe you can choose a laravel programming language. It gives the top line security, flexibility in the devices, better performance, an open source community and other advantages. So, we have developed a lot of websites by using laravel programming language.

Javascript Developer

To make a more interactive and dynamic website javascript is the key language without any doubt. JavaScript gives the programmer the advantage to build a wide - scale application in a simple way. Developers create web pages which work perfectly in various devices, platforms and browsers by combining HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript. Our web developers are highly experienced in this field as well.

PHP Developer

For website development, there are a lot of technologies available in the market but maximum developers love to use PHP for website development. The use of PHP results has been raised significantly. The core reason to use PHP is, the access is free to web developers. Our team has good knowledge about PHP and creates a lot of websites by using it.

Python Developer

Python is a soft and good programming language. Do you know YouTube has used Python in their programming language? Python is more flexible and easy to conduct but it is the most effective language around the world. If you want a python website then we highly encourage you to give your wok to us and we will give our best short to build your website. We have created a varios websites within different niches.


We are providing full web design and development service in Bangladesh after giving the 8 years of service in the field of the USA, UK and Canada and still we are working with plenty of clients as well. Working in the best places in top level countries, we think we should give service in our country as we have seen a lot of loopholes and people are getting good service.

So, we are here to help you out if you want a customer design website and then to do development part all in one, we can do that with your interest as well. AtZ Technology is one of the prime web development company in Dhaka.

Best Website Design Company in Dhaka Bangladesh

Dhaka is becoming one of the IT in the country and various business owners and business minded people need a website design service. YES indeed! Business men are facing a problem as they cannot find the trusted company to design their website or have good experience around other countries.

We are the best web design company in Bangladesh as we focus on the Client satisfaction abroad and in our country and their dream project becomes our own project. If you need an eCommerce website design, we are here ecommerce website design Bangladesh company in your location.

Best Full-stack Development Company in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh there are n't many full - stack development companies which can create a good website by using laravel or Python or javascript. We have an enormous experience team who are well aware and known in various programming languages.

You can see our previous work to ensure our company work so that you can understand our service more.

Website Design Price in Bangladesh

Website design price will vary from 20K to 500K which means starting from 20 thousand taka to 5 lakh taka to design a customer website for you. To make it easier we have defined which will cost what. You can check it out down below.

Blog Design

It depends on how you need to take the blog site if you want to build a customer blog site for you. It will take 20K to 100K which 20 thousand to 1 lakh taka to create a custom website design. You can choose your website according to your need.

Law Firm Website Design

The essential website design needs for law firms. We give the best terms to work perfectly to build the law firm web design for your website. It will take 20K - 100K taka depending on your need. Your website will be upto date from time to time. We work with the new technology advancement and other legal changes.

Doctor Website Design

Doctors are the front head for any critical situation, so it will be much better if you have a website. A professional website can build your own brand value and get more clients. If you are still confused whether to start or not, I think you should and from where you design your website? If YES! Then we are willing to help you out. It will take 30K - 200K depending on how you design your website.

News Portal Website Design

There are various types of newspaper websites online. If you want to make a newspaper website in a unique way then you need to do customer design. It is better not to follow any other newspaper website. It will cost up to 30K - 500k relying on how big and you want your site.

Hospital, Clinic & Diagnostic Center Website Design

Most of the time hospitals, Clinic & Diagnostic centers need high quality websites and a lot of features need to be added. In addition, for the Client service maybe we need to add live chat or video conference on the website. The cost of the website design 50K - 500K depends on your recruitment as well.

Cleaning & Pest Control Website Design

Cleaning and pest control website design is the most profitable business. To create a website with proper design is the key to this type of service website. There are other extra features or plaguire need to be added for better client services. The cost of this type of website will take 20K - 100K and it can vary depending on the website design.

Garments & Buying House Website Design

To increase more sales in the garments or buying houses website plays a main role. If you have garments and you want to grab the buyer then you should have a website with all the details and other things as well so that they can find out easily and you can get more sales also.

Fashion or buying a house must make money with the website because online they can more than the traditional way. To build this type of website will take up 30K - 500K depending on your website design and other things as well.

Restaurant Website Design

In restaurant website business a lot needs to be done like creating eye catchy portfolio, location direction, online order option and many other things can be added if it is necessary for your business. To create this type of website will cost 30K - 200K.

Export Import Website Design

For export import website business consider the most is a catchy ( which can grab buyer and seller) mobile friendly and optimize website. We can build a unique website for you with your recommendation. This type of website design costs 30K to 200K.

Online Learning Website Design

Now - a- days, an online learning website is a profitable business. its website has to design in a different way so that students are engaged more and feel interested to buy your courses. For that a lot of features and functionality need to be done. If you want to build an online learning website design then it will take 30K - 500K taka to complete your website.

Educational Website Design for School, Collage, university, Coaching & Training Center

To create an educational website design website, it will take a lot of things to add like students enroll, showing results, form fill up and others. For this it will cost 30K - 500K as per our knowledge.

Personal Web Design: Professional & Public Figure

Personal branding or professionals work need a website to showcase their work. It gives more exposure and helps you add more clients or other things which you want. The website design will add value if it is different from others. So, it will cost 20K - 100K each website built in a dedicated way.


We have been giving eCommerce web development services for a long time. We know the innes and out to create an eCommerce website. Having a long time giving service we have faced a lot of problems regarding the eCommerce website and solve it in a quick manner.

In eCommerce web development we have a strong expert team who have already worked with world top notch companies. We have developed various e Commerce websites around the world. We know and our clients believe that we are the best ecommerce website development company.

eCommerce Website Development Company in Bangladesh

We have more than 8 years of experience in the digital industry and have finished on time more than 150 + eCommerce websites around the globe market like USA, Canada, UK. Right now we are giving our service in BD ( Bangladesh) so that with working we can feel the internal vibe.

Our expert team has a strong knowledge about coding and is able to develop both hand - coded ( PHP/ASP.Net) and various CSM platform based eCommerce websites.

eCommerce Website Price in Bangladesh

There are various types of eCommone websites, some owners want to build niche based eCommerce sites and some like to work all in one product service website. As a matter of fact, it depends on your need and interest.

The cost to build an ecommerce website design price in bangladesh up to 50K - 500K. We can give a certain price but I wouldn't do that as we are the best ecommerce development company in Bangladesh to help our Clients in cost cutting if possible.

Small Store with Wordpress Woocommerce

Creating a small store online with Woocommerce in Wordpress will give a lot of benefits. It will cost 40K to 200K depending on your needs and choices.

Row Coding eCommerce Website with Laravel, Javascript & PHP

One of the high benefits and more secure to eCommerce to create with raw coding. This is one of hard work but owners get most of the benefits out of it. With raw coding your are not depending on any other third party templates, you can give a different look on it. The cost will be 200k - 1000K and relying on your choices.


We are providing full web design and development service in Bangladesh after giving the 8 years of service in the field of the USA, UK and Canada and still we are working with plenty of clients as well. Working in the best places in top level countries, we think we should give service in our country as we have seen a lot of loopholes and people are getting good service.

Because of the bed maintenance you website traffic can drop at any time. You can take our service as we are giving and solving problems around the world mostly in the USA, UK and Canada and the clients of those countries are happy with our work. Price will be 10000 taka to 30000 taka yearly including domain, hosting & SLL.

If you are facing a problem to create an eCommerce website for your brand with the mid set of UX and UI design and development. We are serious to help you out with your recommendation and our suggestion to build the best website. We are the ecommerce website developers in Bangladesh who believe in client 100% satisfaction.


We are the World best web development company for SEO friendly design and working together as a committed web development company in Bangladesh. We are offering you a variety of web design and development services including all types of digital marketing services all over the world. We provide Web design and development services including all types of eCommerce store, Mobile App design & development, Graphic design, Content writing, Video creation, SEO, Digital Marketing & Web site maintenance services in the global market. You are not sure what you need? Don’t worry; contact us to make a Schedule for a free consultation. We will discuss it in detail. We are always ready to answer your questions and help you understand what you exactly need. We will help you in every step to make decisions that can help you to grow your business.