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7 Best Operating System for Laptop, Desktop & Gaming PC

7 Best Operating Systems in Today’s World

In today’s world, everyone has a common idea about the best operating system. But if you want to know details about the best operating system, this article is for you. I will tell you all the information about the best operating system.

The best operating system means the best hardware or software for providing services for the best operating system for laptops or computers. Your computer utilization, from report production software and browser software to the most specific demands, relies on your OS as a basis for their accommodation and performance. 

Your desktop is like your charge controller, in short. So buying in an interface you can take and grow on is as important a choice as any in the software field.

The preponderance of store-bought individual machines comes with modern operating systems now connected. Mobile games also have their personal information on the OS. In many states, you can place a separate OS on top of the installed rules that issue with your machine. 

The best operating system market has increased by leaps and bounds in the preceding two decades, and every offering has a single user interface and set of characteristics and terms. If your business requires a specific level of representation or special devices and health in your device, there is possibly an OS that is ideal for you.

7 Best Operating System for PC and Laptop

When I personally talk about the 7 best-operating systems I just want to talk about the top best operating system on my list. I hope that those top best-operating systems will help you find the perfect best operating system for yourself.

Best OS System for PC or Laptop or Computer

Here is the some of the best OS operating System around the world.

  1. MS-Windows
  2. Linux
  3. Mac Os
  4. Fedora
  5. Solaris
  6. Free BSD
  7. Ubuntu

1. MS-Windows

Windows is the most common and best operating system on that record. From Windows 95, everything the system to Windows 10, it has been the go-to operating software that is servicing the computing operations universal.

It is user-friendly, and lights up & returns operations securely. The most modern versions have more extra built-in protection to have you and your data secure. So, download the Windows OS system to use your computer.


  • A strong User Interface assists in more natural exploration, with a start list on the left-hand side by placing out benefits and representing importance.
  • The Task View article lets the users change among many workspaces at once, by performing everything on the open Windows.
  • Two separate user interfaces, one for mouse and manual, and the ‘Tablet Mode’ created for touchscreens.
  • Multi-Factor authentication technology for greater protection like BIN, PIN, Fingerprint identification, etc.
  • Automatically reduce files to reduce the area track.


The most important use of Microsoft Teams is how large it combines with all the different Microsoft 365 collaboration apps and devices. You can do Companies as a primary hub, using the functionalities of various apps such as Director, Outlook, and SharePoint externally giving the app’s interface.

We’ve noted the benefits of Microsoft Teams in more extra feature:

  • Combination of all tools in a particular place: Microsoft made Teams so available. You have a chat agent that has all the other apps in it. You can get a video or audio signal, go on data externally starting a chat, and record a conference or give a business with somebody from a race.
  • No extra cost for Microsoft 365 users: Extra costs can be a deal-breaker for some businesses. The great message is that if your business now has a Microsoft 365 license, the Teams article won’t cost you money. On the other side, standalone chat messengers like Slack or Google Hangouts can expect an extra cost for your order. Moreover, if you don’t need the attached functionalities, you can always use a free account of Companies.
  • Useful chat additions: You can add third-party devices to your courses. Using Companies doesn’t mean you want to read up on the other devices you usually use. For instance, you can add Trello and rack room programs like Google Drive or Dropbox. Notice a complete list of combination apps you can continue to your Partners. There are also several fun opportunities like emoticons, gifs, and stickers. It may not seem like a big deal, but emoticons can really change up your performance day.
  • Seamless data search, backup, and collaboration: Each course has its own data warehouse. You know those places when you have to scroll endlessly to find a particular file? That’s when the Data labels come in convenient—you don’t need to scroll for all of the ways. There’s a rather good bet you will want to clean up some old paper you dealt with a team period ago. Microsoft keeps your backbone and lines up your data. Even if you remove a course, files remain saved in a SharePoint position, so you didn’t lose them.
  • Valuable bots: Bots will assist you with the tedious, dull, daily jobs and spare you some time. You can build your own or use real ones. Review the list of all possible bots. A bot looks exactly like any other team part you communicate with besides that it has a hexagonal avatar image and is constantly online.


As much as Teams is an inclusive tool that Microsoft gets more normal the next day, users may still cope with the loss of some functionalities. Hither are posted some of the Microsoft Teams problems that we pitched against while utilizing the app.

  • Too many related tools: The most important stumbling rock for Microsoft Teams is, surprisingly, other Microsoft tools. With plenty of choices, people are still very unclear about which tool to do in which condition. It’s up to Microsoft to teach its users about their devices. Verify our infographic here to get close to some of the most common Microsoft 365 apps.
  •  No unified search for all products: Even though Microsoft suggests doing Teams for special team-related conversations, and Yammer for global business news, people are still doing both platforms mutually. Since there are no centralized research means for all Microsoft 365 interviews, it may become a bit difficult if you don’t get where you had a certain chat.
  • Unnecessary consumption of storage: By failure, everybody in the company can build a company. It can happen in an additional piece of teams and filling up the storage area. The good advice is you can check team-creating support to a collection of users, but making so needs a bit of design. First, you want to build a separate protection organization with the people who you need to build teams, and then run a bit of PowerShell commands.
  • Lack of notifications: Should you try to create a new company with a name that now survives, you won’t get any ends up on it, so you can finish up with the two or more identically named teams. Not only does this produce excitement, but it also accidentally consumes your support.
  • A limited number of channels: The amount of races is restricted to 200 public and 30 private courses per team. Although this may not be a difficulty for more modest companies, others can find themselves in a secure place. If you exceed this purpose, you will have to delete some of the ways. Note that received files reside in the SharePoint site as a backup area.

2. Linux

Linux is one of the best-operating systems so far. Linux partitions, or distros, are open-source working methods that work on the Linux kernel, indicating they are compliant moving operations and usually free, which is useful if you are on funds. However, Linux can be challenging if you are less tech-savvy, due to the center on the right line to check all uses of the way.

If you are an expert user, the power line can display a very easy-to-use and capable tool. Because the Linux kernel is a free source, it is very customizable, and there is a kind of user interface possible that you can pick from on any device. 

If you are a developer, Linux distros are worth seeing because of their versatility, but for business plans, or even just the basic individual user, it can be difficult, and oftentimes it does not provide a way on exclusive software, which can be inefficient for companies claiming that functionality. Linux is based on Unix, an operating system beginning back to the 1970s.


  • Portable − Portability means software can products on various types of tools in the same way. Linux kernel and employment records confirm their investment in any sort of hardware program.
  • Open Source − Linux source system is easily accessible and it is a community-based construction design. Multiple teams work in collaboration to improve the ability of the Linux working system and it is continuously growing.
  • Multiprogramming − Linux is a multiprogramming way that involves multiple forms that can run at the rate time.
  • Hierarchical File Mode − Linux presents a regular file building in which system files are provided.
  • Shell − Linux gives a special editor application that can be done to execute instructions of the working system. It can be used to do different kinds of services, called treatment plans. etc.


  • Stability: Linux doesn’t have to be forced to be rebooted regularly to take care of production levels. It doesn’t stop up or bog hair over time as a result of vision decreases.
  • Network friendship: Linux was produced by a bunch of programmers over the net and has thus given a robust guide for network functionality; user and server operations are often just excited on any pc working Linux.
  • Linux uses statistics as the firewall
  • Linux is very everywhere and it is generally recommended.
  • Linux has good center support and hardware maintenance.


  • Linux is allowed under GPL. They stop the spread of the binary-only source.
  • Linux has government support limitations.
  • Linux is just a kernel, thus in line to use Linux as an OS, we’d like to decide on any of the characters like RedHat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu.
  • With Linux, there are some problems while maintaining a policy. Since the various elements saved will be from various sources, Linux developers need to collect them into collections having the corresponding Linux tools from GNU, due to this its currency is established.

3. Mac OS

The Mac OS has been the best operating system staple of nearly all Apple things as we can get. It has grown with time to incorporate the stories that first and first define change.

In recent years, the MAC working methods have been totally free with the occasional free upgrade by its developers. For Apple users, there is no other choice besides the MAC OS.


  • The new secret method provides your desktop interface a more exciting look which is more comfortable in the eyes.
  • A powerful desktop that helps to automatically make your desktop data by class, date, or tag.
  • An action camera that looks or photographs a certificate near your iPhone and automatically looks on your mac.
  • Discover handpicked apps with the MAC app store.
  • New iTunes that enables users to seek for numbers with few lyrics.
  • Prevent websites from following your Mac by creating your form more secret online.


  • Comes With Useful Free Productivity Apps: The collection of free Apple-developed apps pre-installed in a Mac machine or free for download in the App Store is added in support of macOS. For instance, there are office fertility apps such as Sheets, Numbers, and Keynote that are free, unlike the Microsoft Office Suite apps that are usually marketed individually.
  • Simple and Cleaner User Interface than Windows: When piled up on Windows, macOS has the benefit of becoming a user interface that is easier and more upfront. Those who are close to the iOS mobile operating method utilized in iPhones and iPads will get working macOS very easily. Apps are usually downloaded via the App Store and can be located in a prime area called the Launchpad.
  • Has Dedicated Features for Multitasking: Some multitasking pieces are essential to macOS and Mac games. The operating system has a point for managing multiple workspaces that are related to opening many desktops or home protection. Mac games have restricted keys and other device information such as signs for changing within apps or workspaces.
  • Less Susceptibility to Malware and Security Issues: Consider note that macOS is still sensitive to malware. However, when connected to Windows, there are few examples of malware produced especially for the macOS. It is also essential to note that Apple usually gives safety updates for the entire working of its apps. The evidence that apps can be regularly downloaded via the App Store suggests that there is less risk of introducing other apps from suspicious developers.
  • Compatibility with Other Apple Devices and Services: Apple has created and marketed goods and settings that are seamlessly compatible with one extra. Both macOS and iOS have a near-related user interface and workflow logic. In computing, apps produced by Apple and those from third parties have reports ready for both macOS and iOS. Data or data are synchronized across devices due to dedicated and free cloud assistance from Apple.


  • Limited and Restricted Availability of Apps: One of the disadvantages of macOS is that it still has a short amount of apps. Note that Glasses enjoy a huge range of apps from various levels and it also has a broader range of games. macOS is not ideal for gamers. It is worth considering that Windows machines are more open than Mac games. Hence, developers prioritize production for Windows because of the larger market scope.
  • Inflexibility for Hardware Upgrades and Customization: Although not a primary control or lack of macOS, it is still necessary to consider that Mac games have a short title for device upgrades. For example, the CPU or RAM of a MacBook laptop or iMac desktop package can not be followed only because these elements are deeply united with the complete hardware mode. A number of Windows computers give a better level for customization and grades.
  • It Can Be Very Expensive to Own a macOS Device: MacBook laptops and iMac desktops are very high when connected to Windows-based matches with comparable or better device specs. Take note that macOS is particular for Mac devices. Hence, the different key problem of this ordering system is that it is very rare to own. There are workarounds for installing macOS on non-Apple machines, but this is prohibited.
  • Lacks Appeal for Hardcore Gamers: Get that macOS has short game names and limited opportunities for hardware grades or customization. What these laws suggest is that both the operating system and Mac games are not interesting for gamers. Although high-end Mac games have intelligent hardware pieces, the lack of game names and the fact that those devices are more costly than their Windows-based equivalents prevent both gamers and game developers alike. Primarily, macOS is not a negative quote for gamers. 

4. Fedora

Fedora is a different Linux-based operating system policy that gives Ubuntu’s open-source leaders a way for the money. Fedora is safe, user-friendly, and goes for the best operating system for any laptop and desktop machine.

Fedora is the best  Operating system that is for random users and provides to students, hobbyists, and experts working in corporate settings.


  • A smooth new user interface that enables the developers to concentrate on their key on Gnome 3 conditions.
  • It gives a full open-source toolbox with words, tools, and services in all just a click or rights continuously.
  • Bears follow into great virtualization tools to get practical tools up and working.
  • Containerize your own purposes or deploy forms out of the box with OCI image post.


  • Backed by one of the biggest Linux kernel contributors: Fedora is supported by RedHat, the 2nd most important Linux kernel donor in the world. Using a combination made by RedHat suggests that it will be fine-tuned to work as efficiently as feasible since it’s done by the identical people who work largely on the heart and understand its ins and explanations.
  • Focuses on innovation: By doing bleeding side software, Fedora provides for a change to take place by testing out something that other distros are not ready to work due to concerns of having anxiety problems.
  • Integration with GNOME: It possibly has the best combination with GNOME 
  • Fast and constant updates
  • Circuits and Labs
  • Frees developers from some dense harmony restraints: Fedora has a comparatively short life series: version X is maintained only until 1 month after account X+2 and with about 6 months within accounts this indicates that a version of Fedora is maintained for about 13 months. This develops leading-edge software because it frees developers from some stupid congeniality instructions.
  • Strong dedication to free software knowledge
  • Fast production
  • A large array of binary units ready to install
  • Very good integration with Flatpak and Snap Packages
  • Can still be installed in a bad area on the hard disk
  • Design user after the installation
  • Linus Torvalds distro of stock
  • Daily updates to latest releases of software, so quick security and other bug problems: The latest version of software often involves fast bug fixes, more useful articles. For example, for a regular user of TeX, the most modern TeX distro is a must. It’s also helpful to be able to use original outer tools such as USB Wi-Fi dongles or printers.


  • Refreshing to a new statement can be problematic: While there are a few vehicles on offer that will improve an old Fedora statement to the newest, there can often be difficulties with these systems. Some may not even crop up at first but will give later under the road. Meaning that upgrading can be an investment, it can be increased by the fact that Fedora updates every six months, which involves twice a year there is a risk of bodily borking one install.
  • Exclusive drivers are unsupported: Fedora does not support established drivers, suggesting that users may have difficulties with a lot of tools when using Fedora. The software to perform that kind of plumbing work can be fixed, but it can be done only by third parties and it’s not clear for the common user.
  • Unstable: Some cases may break because there isn’t an opportunity to examine them before throwing them out.
  • Not for beginners
  • Slow: It is very slow on any computer.

5. Solaris

Solaris is a UNIX-based operating system that was basically produced by Sun Microsystems in the mid-’90s. In 2010 it was renamed Oracle Solaris, later Oracle got Sun Microsystems. It is recognized for its scalability and many other characteristics that made it likely such as Dtrace, ZFS, and Time Slider.


  • Presents the most advanced safety leaders in the world such as means and user rights control, thereby enabling you to secure mission-critical data.
  • It offers certain special services for web, database, and java-based assistance.
  • Produces high-performance networking without any change.
  • Infinite capacity for assisting in maintaining file operations and databases.
  • Provides seamless interoperability for doing hundreds of hardware and software difficulties.


  • If practiced on the same hardware and including maintenance, Solaris is typically less costly than Linux.
  • Solaris usually wins the rate game with Linux, particularly when considering many CPUs and cores.
  • Solaris 10 is approved as a safe program.
  • While answers to add-on difficulties with Linux may want to be solved by a community request, Solaris problems can be solved by talking Service IT Direct.
  • DTrace gives the chance to diagnose difficulties within the production system without having to close its hair.
  • Separate boxes can be installed in one way rather than having to purchase separate policies for the creation, testing, and construction of databases.
  • Solaris has proven its skills into the rigorous examination in a wide variety of environments
  • Grown on specially created hardware, Solaris works well on large hardware orders.
  • Powerful points for alcohol servers and databases are accessible through Solaris software.
  • Establishment, support, and updates are very easy to manage.
  • ZFS snapshot features include the abilities to rollback config, data, and tables, as well as the capability to add and separate storage space.
  • Solaris enables users to separate and clone relationships.
  • SMF guarantees that relationships remain strong.
  • DTrace makes it feasible to observe everything and diagnose any problems from a part to an app.
  • Solaris software innovations make it feasible to hire a Service IT Direct professional for all Oracle Solaris software maintenance problems.

6. Free BSD

FreeBSD, as the name implies, is a free UNIX-based open-source best operating system. It is harmonious with a diversity of programs and mainly concentrates on characteristics such as agility, and security. The most interesting part about this software is its heart. It was established at the University of California by a large area.


  • Excellent networking, unity, and security leaders are still dropping in many OS today.
  • Model for internet and intranet settings and can manage large amounts and controls memory efficiently to have good answers for multiple simultaneous users.
  • First embedded platform catering to higher-end Intel-based devices.
  • Simple to fit using CD-ROM, DVD, or right over the network using FTP and NPS.


  • BSD Permit is less definitive and it permits the combination of the binary-only source.
  • FreeBSD is completely free software.
  • FreeBSD is a full operating system by itself.
  • FreeBSD uses ipfw as the firewall.
  • BSD methods boot and reboot more securely than Linux.
  • FreeBSD developers can control the basic operating systems remotely and efficiently.
  • A lot of basic tools are free which are wholly controlled by the FreeBSD Team.


  • Less area support particularly for newbies.
  • Loss of driver assistance.
  • The file method is old.

7. Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a Linux-based OS that happens with everything that you are watching for in the best operating system. It is excellent for businesses, schools, and home use. It is free to download, control, and divide and that individual should be worth investigating this app out.

It is supported by Canonical which is the best operating system for business, and now by the first Ubuntu service providers.


  • Ubuntu is an Open Specialist software, which enables it to be freely downloaded, managed, and administered by its users.
  • It begins with a built-in firewall and disease security software, by making it the most reliable OS throughout.
  • You see five years of protection applications and updates.
  • Ubuntu is fully turned into 50 various styles.
  • It operates and is agreeable with all the latest laptops, desktops, and touch screen projects.


  • Simplified Installation: Ubuntu was not the first order to offer a simple installer. By the time of Ubuntu’s first statement in 2004, graphical installers had been common for about five years. However, Ubuntu has made more to order and polish basic power than any other number. Not only does the most advanced variant of its installer enter simple checkboxes for different options, such as whether to download updates while connecting or encrypting your home paper, but the expression of the installer has been improved to the time that it has reduced much of the fear of establishing an operating system.
  • An Emphasis on Localization: Before Ubuntu, few orders involved themselves with writing help. Most were Anglo-centric, and even changing manual designs and fonts to help Western European languages was challenging. Ubuntu’s first statements gave graphic switching among multiple words the average.
  • Launchpad: Ubuntu’s Launchpad was originally uncertain because a section of its system was established. However, over the years, Launchpad has developed as one of the great websites for receiving FOSS plans, along with SourceForge, Google Code, and The GNU Project.
  • Regular Release Cycles: FOSS designs have ever considered worth scheduling. Lately, for example, Fedora held its latest recorded statement by two periods, and just last year, openSUSE delayed its release plan for several periods so that the relief team could re-evaluate its strategy. The worst part is Debian, whose security and software collection has often been paid for by gaps as long as many years within releases.
  • Encrypted Home Directories: Encrypted home records are higher safety and privacy suspension. Unfortunately, the means for creating them require a level of expertise. Ubuntu was the first major order to overcome the complexity of home directory encryption to the choice of a checkbox and giving it an opportunity for desktop users. It’s the regard that few other relationships not obtained from Ubuntu have tried to include, even though the delay in the beginning and stopping the operation is least on a modern machine.


  • Increasing Insularity of Development: Traditionally, populations have relied on so-called upstream plans like GNOME for many of their stories. However, while Ubuntu remains to concentrate on GNOME technology, over the past few years it has become more distanced itself from the GNOME design. The real debate is difficult. On Ubuntu’s part, it appears to have included anxiety about the pace at which GNOME combined new offerings, as well as disagreements about the course of the design.
  • The Commercial Controlling the Community: Various community-based relationships, including Fedora and OpenSUSE, are connected with marketing partnerships, just as Ubuntu is affiliated with Canonical. However, in most instances, the relationship is stored in the past. The corporate supporters are well served on the executive committee, and key population figures are used by the sponsor, but differently, the group commonly bypasses direct collision with the population.
  • Designing for Mobile Devices: Unhappily, mobile computing typically requires using — leisure pursuits, or tasks quickly finished. On the other cards, desktop computing also covers fertility — dangerous tasks that may take some time to finish.

Identification Of The Best Operating Systems

OS NameComputer Architecture SupportedTarget System DefaultSecurity ThreatBest For priceDownload Link
WindowsX86,x86-64Workstation, Personal ComputeHugeApps, Gaming, Browsing$119 – $199Windows
Mac OS68k, Power PCWorkstation, Personal ComputerNegligibleApple Exclusive AppsfreeMac OS
UbuntuX86,X86-64,Power PC,SPARC,Alpha.Desktop/serverNegligibleOpen Source Downloading, APPSfreeUbuntu
FedoraX86,X86-64,Power PC,SPARC,Alpha.Desktop/serverNegligibleCoding, Corporate UsefreeFedora
FreeBSDX86,X86-64,PC 98,SPARC,others.Server, Workstation, NAS, embeddedNegligibleNetworkingfreeFreeBSD
LinuxAMD 5×86, K5, K6, Athlon Server, WorkstationMore secureAll$99 and $199Linux


1. Which is the Best Operating System for Gaming?

Almost all gamers love to play games on their desktop or pc. So, for that reason, gaming PCs or Desktop operating systems have to be properly supported. As far as our research says, the world’s best gamer prefers the Windows operating system for gaming, more precisely Windows 10 operating system. There are statistics of 2020 Date From statistics.com:  


2. Which Operating System Is Best for Programming?

Linux is far the best operating system of programming and  best OS For Data Scientists. Most of the programmers prefer linux operating systems in their pc or desktop or laptop. 

The Linux OS system has been built in a way that it avoids malware and viruses. To keep in mind the security issue, compared to windows linux is less vulnerable to viruses.  

3. What Operating Systems Do Hackers or Ethical Hackers  Use?

What Operating Systems Do Hackers or Ethical Hackers Use?

Out of 100 question answers in quora, most of the users prefer Linux for their ethical hacking work. As it is more secure than the windows. 

4. Why is Mac OS The Best Operating System?

One of the most common reasons to use Mac and Its operation system is the security and its simplicity of the functions. Mac never compromises the customer’s private information and its security.  And they have built their operating system in a certain fashion. The Mac operating system is best for coding compared to Windows. 

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – macOS Version Market Share


The best operating system is a combustible that is needed to run your computer at your preference. There are many OS out there that perform it reasonably. Choose the best operating system that satisfies your requirements and satisfaction.

If you are watching for private use like gaming and browsing, then Windows is excellent for you. If you own an Apple device then you have no other choice than doing the MAC OS.

For companies, there is the possibility of Linux and UNIX based OS. Whatever you want, the high list will help you explain any trouble and make the best choice.