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Best Free Social Media Plugin for WordPress 2021, Free & Premium

Best Free Social Media Plugin for WordPress 2021, Free & Premium

Do you want to go viral? Well then, you do not have to get so many followers or viewers for that. In this social media era, you can naturally get viral by doing something ordinary. Do you know how?

Well, you can integrate a social sharing plugin into your WordPress website. But as there are lots of options available, it is not easy to find the suitable one. Most of the time, you want at least one social media plugin for your website.

In this article, I’ll provide you the best solution for selecting the best social media plugin for your WordPress website.

Best Social Media Plugin for WordPress 

There are lots of features and facts that matter for a suitable social sharing plugin. It may vary on the type of your website. So, in the next section, you will learn what types of social media plugins you need for your website.

What Types of Social Media Plugins Do You Need? 

A social media plugin must have some following system to be the most suitable one – 

Social Sharing Buttons: Social sharing buttons help your visitors to share your recent posts or blogs instantly with others. If any visitors find something interesting in your posts, they will share that through those buttons.

Icons with Page Links: It shows the customers that you have pages for your services or businesses. Those types of icons will redirect you to the social pages.

Login with Social Accounts: Mainly, it secures your site and minimizes spam comments from AI and Robots. It makes the visitor sign in without typing usernames and passwords.

Social Feeds: This function helps you to present your recent posts. You can share them from your social media pages on your website.

Now, we know all the purposes of having social media plugins. So, it’s time to jump into the main content of our article. 

Best Social Media Sharing Plugin for WordPress 

Here is the list of top WordPress social media plugins you can install for your website.

1. Novashare

If you want a fast and lightweight social media plugin, Novashare is the perfect one. It never slows down your site. It is a simple plugin developed to provide simplicity and better performance. 

Novashare: Best Social Media Plugin for WordPress

The great thing about the plugin, it can be initialized within a minute. No bloats are found and run perfectly on all devices. You can also set the breakpoint if you want.

Now, let us talk about the key features you will get with this plugin.

Key Features: 

  • This plugin is super light. It is only 5 KB on the front end. Also, the plugin uses inline SVG icons. No 3rd party library required.
  • You will get 15+ different social network icons.
  • Will be able to display share counts.
  • Easy to select where you want to display the share button.
  • Shortcode is available.
  • Novashare updates share counts based on content modified date.
  • The UI is pretty simple. It follows the default WordPress styling.
  • It matches your website branding. You can change the color, shapes, and sizes quickly.
  • You can attach and customize UTM parameters. Also, you can enable link shortening as well.
  • Unlimited license support with WordPress multisite setups.


  • It is a premium plugin. No free version is available for a try.
  • You may not find all the advanced options as it focuses on simplicity and performance.

Price: $24.95 per year for a single license.

Download: Novashare

2. Easy Social Share Buttons 

Easy Social Share Buttons is an inclusive solution for social media integration for WordPress. Several styles are available with the plugin. You can design your social sharing button as you want. 

Easy Social Share Buttons: Best Social Media Plugin for WordPress

Moreover, you can choose where and how you want to display the buttons of sharing. You can also switch on or off social counters. It comes with a social widget. So, you can place it into the sidebar if you want.

Key Features: 

  • It costs pretty low rather than another social sharing plugin. However, it provides far better features than another premium plugin.
  • You can link your social profiles through this plugin.
  • You will have the counter reveal option as well.
  • Create shareable quotes in your blog posts.
  • Provides a simple button for users to subscribe to your newsletter.
  • You can share your top content to get more visitors.
  • Inspect social analytics and metrics to detect the type of content that works best for your site. Run A/B split tests on your social button.
  • Select from across 50 social media buttons, 28 display locations, 50 templates, and 25 eye-catching animations.


  • You might find things are pretty complicated if you are a beginner.

Price: $22

Download: Easy Social Share Buttons

Demo: Easy Social Share Buttons – Demo

3. Social Warfare

Social Warfare is a responsive WordPress social media plugin. This plugin enables beautiful and deeply customizable social media buttons for your website.

Social Warfare: Best Social Media Plugin for WordPress

It also grants you an option to upload Pinterest-specific images and descriptions to help any blog drive traffic. Also, it comes with a widget service that will allow you to showcase the top shared post of your website.

Furthermore, you will get a fast and reliable experience with this plugin. You might have a question: How fast does it go? Well, It loads only three scripts, and all of them are under 10 KB.

Key Features: 

  • It’s one of the most eye-catching WordPress social media plugins. 
  • It’s a lightweight like the Novashare plugin.
  • More than 5000 style combinations are available.
  • You can display a sharing button in a floating share bar or above and below the content area.
  • Directly upload the image to Pinterest.
  • Make shareable quotes from the blog post.
  • Extensive sharable Twitter cards to prompt users to read.
  • You can use shortcodes to integrate the social media button.
  • Only display social share counts after reaching a minimum threshold.


  • It has no one-time payment system. It’s a yearly subscription-based plugin.

Price: $29

Download: Social Warfare

4. Grow Social 

Grow Social is a great social plugin for WordPress. It’s a simple plugin that integrates with websites smoothly. It will also help you to increase your content’s engagement.

Grow Social: Best Social Media Plugin for WordPress

You can customize the share button, change the color, size, labels, and so on. You can also choose the place where you want to put them. Besides, the floating bar will allow your readers to share your content instantly.

Though it’s a free plugin, you’re always welcome to try the premium version. Without any doubt, one of the best free social media sharing plugins for WordPress.

Key Features: 

  • This plugin is seriously lightweight and fast.
  • The UI and icons have an elegant-looking design.
  • It includes social share counts.
  • Offer different button positions. Such as inline and floating.


  • You won’t find good options like UTM, share button, link shortening in the free version.
  • Other plugins might offer more social media networks than this one.

Price: $34/Year

Download: Grow Social 

5. Monarch

Monarch is a user-friendly social sharing plugin on the market. The plugin is developed under the supervision of Elegant themes that deserves your attention.

Monarch: Best Social Media Plugin for WordPress

It comes with over 40 social sharing platforms. So, you can add any number of available networks to your website. 

The Elegant Themes hasn’t changed the plugin much since it was first released. However, it comes with regular updates. The top features will make your website surfing experience better than previous.

Monarc is a part of ElegantThemes membership. You will get top flagship themes like Divi and email opt-in plugin Bloom at the same time. So, if you are looking for a value for money social sharing plugin, then Monarc is the suitable one.

Key Features: 

  • The plugin offers a large number of locations where you can place the sharing button.
  • The UI & UX of Monarch is mind-blowing.
  • Multiple button designs are available.
  • Automatic Sharing Pop-Ups
  • Automatic Sharing Fly-Ins
  • Display Networks & Follow Counts
  • Build & Track Follows & Shares
  • Responsive Across All Devices
  • Highly customizable Monarch Settings Dashboard


  • It comes only bundled. You can’t buy Monarch separately.
  • It may not work on its way without the Divi theme.
  • The subscription is a little pricey.

Price: $89

Download: Monarch 

Demo: Monarch- Demo

6. Shareaholic 

With many 5-Star ratings and a high number of active users, Shareaholic stays on top amongst other social media plugins for WordPress. 

Shareaholic is a suite of site engaging tools that combine the Share Buttons. It enables you to insert both floating and in-content share buttons.

The plugin upholds the Google Analytics combination and accompanies share counters that work for more than 20 web-based social media networks.

These Share Buttons are lightweight and make it simple for readers to share posts with their friends and family. So, social engagement is super easy with Shareaholic.

Key Features: 

  • The loading speed of the plugin is pretty fast. It adds only 14 milliseconds to load time.
  • 100+ social integrations for free. (WeChat and WhatsApp included)
  • Pinterest-specific advanced controls.
  • Privacy features to assist GDPR compliance.
  • Official Google Analytics Technology Partner.
  • Social Share Count Recovery.
  • Optional Monetization options.
  • Branded URL Shortener.


  • No button to Tweet.
  • As a beginner, you might find it difficult as there are lots of features and settings available.

Price: Freemium

Download: Shareaholic

7. ARSocial

ARSocial is a complete online social media plugin that will satisfy all of your necessities. This plugin offers highlights like social sharing, social media follower counter, social locker, and so on.

This plugin upholds more than 42 various social media networks. It offers you sitewide just as the section-wide position of the social sharing catches to amplify the transformation. 

It upholds a programmed show of online media buttons in specific areas. Content Locker is another feature of the plugin that helps boost transformations. 

ARSocial offers you styling choices with the goal that you can change the plan of your catches as per your necessities. You additionally have a built-in analytics feature that assists you with realizing how well your social sharing is performing.

Key Features: 

  • The plugin comes with a great features list.
  • 35+ social share networks to select.
  • Automatic display of share buttons at several locations.
  • Share counters.
  • Custom position for the mobile device.
  • Native button for like/follow/subscribe.
  • 10+ social networks supported for like options.
  • Fan Counter.
  • Increase your social engagement by locking your premium content.
  • Several themes are available for the locker.
  • Easily configure and style the plugin for your website.
  • Built-in analytic facility.
  • Translation and localization ready.


  • Not beginner-friendly as there are tons of customizable options available.

Price: $20

Download: ARSocial 

Demo: ARSocial – Demo

8. Social Share & Locker Pro

Social Share and Locker Pro WordPress is a complete answer for advancing your posts via social media sites. 

The plugin serves you with setting your social icons precisely in the ideal spot with only a couple of clicks. 

You can also protect your content by locking, permitting it only to be opened after the visitor shares the post or content via social media. 

The plugin accompanies ten predefined themes, and all of them are retina-prepared. It worked with CSS3 and the best font styles on the planet.

Key Features: 

  • Fast Social Buttons Loading
  • Responsive Social Themes
  • CSS3 Hover Effects
  • Custom Box Position
  • Display based on page type
  • 2 Social Buttons Align type (horizontal/vertical)
  • Social Share ShortCode generator
  • Social Locker ShortCode generator
  • Realistic Share Counts
  • Visual Composer integration


  • I’m not a fan of the design used in this plugin.
  • All the button designs seem pretty faded to me.

Price: $10

Download: Social Share & Locker 

Demo: Social Share & Locker – Demo

9. Social Media Share Buttons Popup

Are you looking for the highest-rated social media plugin on WordPress? Social Media Share Buttons Popup plugin makes placing social icons on your site with just a few clicks. 

Social Media Share Buttons Popup: Best Social Media Plugin for WordPress

You can insert buttons either as a widget or floating sticky before or after posts or pages or anywhere you want on your site. You can pick from 20 designs.

You can animate your icons in various styles so that visitors notice and share them. Give your social icons one or several functions and find exactly which text and pictures should get shared or tweeted for your pages. 

You can use counts to show how many times your side got liked or shared popup. To invite your users to like, share or follow your sites and optimize them. So, are you serious about getting traffic to your site? Get the highest-rated social media plugin now.

Key Features: 

  • In terms of button visibility, it’s one of the most customizable plugins.
  • People need not leave your site to follow your social pages.
  • Some of the design styles are amazingly unique. 
  • Compatible with all Themes & Page Builders
  • Giving you some innovative possibilities to make your site look futuristic.
  • The plugin offers some rare buttons like the Better Business Bureau, Github, and Xing.
  • Pinterest “Save” icon over pictures on mouse-over


  • You will not get enough features with the free version.
  • You only get the best support with the premium version.
  • There is no method to set minimums for social share or fan counts.

Price: Freemium. The Pro version costs $29.98

Download: Social Media Share Buttons Popup 

Demo: Social Media Share Buttons Popup – Demo

10. Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed

This plugin was previously known as Instagram Feed. It’s one of the most popular WordPress social media plugins for the website. 

It has some unique filters that will enhance your picture looking interesting. This plugin is used as an Instagram feed plugin. You can display your Instagram posts from your account.

You can use multiple different feeds to show your post on the website. It’s a fresh-looking plugin you will get for free. however, if you are interested in a pop-up photo lightbox, hashtag filtering, or support for photo captions.

Key Features: 

  • It’s a great plugin for adding the feed to your website.
  • You will be able to customize everything for your social media plugin.
  • You can use multiple Instagram feeds.
  • Will get the follow button provided on your feed plugin.
  • You can customize the CSS and JavaScript.
  • You can add a header at the top of the feed.


  • Limited options in the free version as you can not use the photo captions.
  • The plugin does not have aid for any other social network feeds.
  • The setting page of the plugin is pretty long for such a simple plugin.

Price: Freemium

Download: Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed 

What is the Best Social Media Plugin for WordPress that Suits You Most? 

There are lots of plugins available for social media. Among all, we select the top 10 suitable website plugins. However, most of the time, it depends on your website’s nature.

Though, if you ask for a suggestion, I will suggest you use Social Media Share Buttons Popup by UltimatelySocial. 

It’s the most premium-looking social media plugin. The important part is, it can offer all the things you need to attract your potential customers.

If you are a Divi theme user, Monarch is the only social sharing option for you. It’s clean and beautiful, and the popup service is good for engaging new visitors.

If you need an optimized social media plugin that runs fast, Novashare is the one for you. It’s super fast and lightweight at the same time.

ARSocial is one for those who want a content locker on their post. So, give it a try if you’re a big fan of that kind of feature.

Conclusion :

Ultimately, we reach the end of our article on the best social media plugin for WordPress in 2021. Yes, I know there are a few good plugins that are missing. As we can see, all the plugin’s purposes are pretty similar. So, it’s tough to decide the top one. 

However, our expert team will always be there for your queries. Feel free to comment anytime and share the article if you find something interesting. We will be proud if this article will help you in the long run.