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Copywriting Service

Copywriting Service

AtZ Technology is a professional copywriting service provider who knows all the aspects of content to pitch to the audience and get more sales through copies. We do a lot of methods and tests which work in the copywriting field. We do the best for you.

Let’s see the copywriting service plan:

Copywriting Service Packages

Custom web development packages

Standard Copywriting Service

Starting at $100

Writing for your blog content and Email copies were ensured on-page SEO and a lot of methods to get engaged with the audiences.

Premium Copywriting Service

Starting at $200

Including home, about page, one landing page, Website taglines

Custom Copywriting Service

Starting $300

Doing a zoom meeting call where we will discuss on your website which places you want to show your copies.

Difference between Copywriting and Content Writing? 

People are often confused about copywriting and content writing. But both are different at some point. So, here is the deal: 

What is Copywriting? 

Copywriting services are related to writing copy. 

In copywriting there is a certain purpose and that is to convert a normal audience into a profitable customer with an action. 

Copywriters used a lot of techniques in their copies so that the Brand can generate profit or audiences get interested to purchase the products. 

What is Content Writing?  

Every written copywriting work is a content writing copy and Every content writing related to writing content. 

Every piece of writing text content with the intention of info, review, guide, entertainment or in a particular topic is content writing. 

What Types of Copywriting Services do We Provide? 

There are a lot of copywriting areas but we focus on those places where we know we are the best. And, where we have succeeded through our work process with various tests. 

SEO Copywriting Service

When we talk about SEO, On-page SEO plays a big role in the SERP without any doubt. According to Google ranking factor, right now On-page SEO rather SEO writing is one of the best ways to outrank your competitor. 

Through SEO copywriting you have to ensure how much in-depth article or content you are giving on the website or blog. Because of that, You can easily rank in the top 3 positions in the page of the Search engine. 

Everyone cannot write an SEO copy, for that You have to choose some expert SEO Copywriter who can rank your post on the search engine on that particular keyword of your new website or old site. 

In SEO Copywriting service we are ensuring quality content and those are service pages, news, blog posts, white papers, etc.) to your website to improve SEO ranking and get more traffic. 

Social Media Copywriting Service 

People say Content is the King but we say Good Quality content is the KING! 

Now – a -days, social media is a top-level industrial branding place where any brand can build a good relationship with their targeted audiences. But for that, the brand has to understand the mindset of the audience.

A lot of people publish on social media how many get viral on the internet or touch the audience’s heart. So, here Social media copywriter makes a new dimension and knows how to get more engagement with the people. 

We work with 3 things: Voice, Engagement, consistency to satisfy the audience with different types of post. We ensure brand preference and give brand-related content posts. As a matter of fact, the audience can understand what your brand wants to tell or sell so that they can easily grab it. 

Web Copywriting Services 

Web copywriting is a prominent work to be done on every single website. As research work says, a small business with a blog gets 126% more leads than a huge company with no blog site.

Web copywriters help to boost your traffic and increase more sales. In Web copywriting there are certain types of copywriting comes: 

  1. Info writing 
  2. Review writing 
  3. Sales page writing 
  4. Privacy policy 
  5. About us 
  6. Contact us and others as well. 

For those types of writing definitely, you need an experienced expert with a limited price so that you can get a good amount of benefits. We have been here in this industry for the last 8 years and get a lot of success with good reviews. 

Online industry experts say do not take a risk with content. if your content is bad then your website is in a dead zone. So, we are willing to aid you and concerned about how you are able to get more benefit from our written content.  

ECommerce Copywriting Services 

E-commerce content should be precise and sharp for showing the buyer journey. Whether you are looking for product description or landing pages copywriting, woocontent for any agency. 

E-commerce copywriters have to have good experience and expertise so that copywriters can understand the brand persona. Further, according to that band, he wrote his copy with SEO friendly. 

An E-commerce copywriting content can be like an owner having an E-commerce site or he/she is a small business owner and wants to publish a product on Amazon. If he/she wants to publish products on Amazon then copywriters have to write product description in a way that product rank in Amazon E-commerce site 1st page and Google 1st page as well. 

In E-commerce there are three types of content: 

  1. Product Description 
  2. Category Content 
  3. Evergreen content 

We have been providing an eCommerce copywriting service for a long time. As we are also an E-commerce web developer company, we know how to rank your product or band in search engines or any particular E-commerce site home page or search page. 

Email Copywriting Services 

Through email subscription, you can create a good relationship with your audience by fulfilling their requirement. Email copywriting is a big thing in the present time as it can increase your earning double.  

If anyone subscribes to your blog, website or come to a landing page for which he/she will get something for subscribing right. So, now the question is how you can convert that particular person to business lead. 

First, understand the audience need and then according to that send a perfect email. Do not send the same mail to everyone, for example, you have multiple articles written in your blog and one article is not related with the other, no that case you will be in a big problem if you send the same email. 

However, research sees single personal email work better than the same email to everyone. 

Now, You need to know that every mail doesn’t go in the primary email box even if the audience subscribes for your blog or website. These things are well aware of a perfect Email copywriter and how to use hooks and get engaged and increase interest to drive your subscribers as you want. 

So, for your email copywriting, we ( Copywriting Service)  come across to you to help your brand and improve your website traffic and sales also, we have an expert team who know how to write those copies. 

What types of things we ensure in our Copywriting Services and your need to ask? 

We have ensured some of the things which can make a wall and create problems in copywriting services. So, we always ensure those particular things and check it 5 times. If you are taking anyone’s Copywriting service your need to look after those part, So here is the deal:  

Write Easy Words

A good copywriter has to know how to use easy words in the copy. Those copies are better if 6 and 7-grade students can understand easily. 

Short & Simple Sentences

You always feel bored if any writer has a long paragraph with a lot of complex sentences. People love to read and get more engaged when it is written in a short and simple format. In research found those websites get the less bound rate in their where to write in short and simple sentences. 

A good copywriter should know all the aspects when he is going to write. Otherwise, your content will look like dust. So, be careful before choosing a copywriting service from anyone. 

No Grammatical Mistakes

This needs not to say “ Content has to be Grammatical Mistakes free”. Without correct grammatical content is not a perfect content rather that is not a content to be published. It will not only be a problem for humans but also google will not give rank as google algorithm are well aware of grammatical mistakes. 

If any copied content has a grammatical error then on that page bound rate will be automatically increased. For that audience will not stay on the page and they will not be able to understand what you are saying. So, We (AtZ Technology) do not compromise with that at all. 

Ask About SEO

As all the copywriting work is related in SEO. So, without any hesitation, you can ask if the company or copywriter does know about SEO or not. Ask about On-Page SEO and how they fill Google ranking factors in their writing. From there you can get a good idea if they are the best person or company to handle your work. 

Copywriting or article writing and SEO is the same coin of the back and front.   

Ask for a Sample

Above all the things you can understand from the sample work. As a matter of fact, it is very important to look at previous work. From sample work what you can find: 

  1. Are there grammatical mistakes or not? 
  2. Is it short, an easy and simple sentence written? 
  3. Is it SEO friendly content? 
  4. Is they/ person used a hook or not? 
  5. What types of words the copywriter used? 
  6. Try to understand what types succeed that copywriters have got from his/her content. 

Above all work we are experienced and expert that’s why we use all the aspects in the copywriter area. And because of that, we are giving our best shot in the copywriting service. Now, you can take this and succeed with your brand.   

Copywriting FAQ

What type of writing do we do?

We are web-based copywriting service provider as we have talked about all aspect above.  

How will you deliver the copy?

We share google drive with our Clients so that clients can easily look and observe how content is going right now. If we need any kind of editing we do that google drive for the final draft.  

How do you start working with a new client?

It totally depends on the client’s mind if he/she wants all the pages to be done then it will be different from other plans. But most of the time we suggest starting with the Standard package. As the client feel confident;  we tell him/her to choose an advance or custom plan.

Are you available for retainer plans?

In a simple word, YES!. If you choose the custom website plan; most of the time do all your website work but if you are willing to post a weekly based blog or sending emails then we willing to help you and discussed on that.  

What if I don’t like what you write?

We give 3 times revision for our Client in between if they don’t like they can cancel it. However, after 3 times revision, it won’t be counted or can’t cancel as far as our policy.

How quickly do I receive the copy you write?

It depends on how quickly you can arrange your idea and send the email. In addition, if your work is difficult then it takes some time. But we generally take 1 week to deliver the content. In case, you want less than 1 week then you have to pay some extra.