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How to Hire a Freelancer on Fiverr in 2023

How to Hire a Freelancer on Fiverr

To give the monthly salary of IT company people for small work is too high. So it is better to hire freelancers to do those small or mid types of work with limited cost. However, sometimes it is tuff to find good freelance on online something.  

The pain you are having right now, I have faced too. From your requirement, I like to refer you to choose the Fiverr platform. I know you are still in dilemma, but one question in your mind that is “how to hire a freelancer on Fiverr” I mean good and expert freelancers. 

No problem I am here to guide you through every step to tell you how to hire someone online for online work. 

How to Hire a Freelancer on Fiverr 

Sometimes to find a perfect person for the project is hard. 

However, plenty of good freelancers are available if you can choose the right way. 

Ok. I will show you some of the steps on how you can hire the best person on Fiverr for your work. 

So, let’s get started: 

Just go to the Fiverr main page ( Home Page) and log in to it. 

Fiverr Home Page

If you are using it for the first time then join the platform. On there you will see the popular categories.  

Fiverr Join

After doing the part you can see a search box where you can write down which service you want or you can scroll down to the bottom and you will be to see the categories. 

Fiverr Catagories

Now choose which according to your need options. To click the categories you will move the subcategories to a new tab. 

subcategories Fiverr

From those options choose the needed option which you want to work. 

For example, you want to improve your website ranking and you want a Page SEO expert. 

So, now click on Search Engine Optimization and there are other options will become. 

Fiverr On-Page SEO

In  the top have according to your and other people need options like this: 

  • Off-page SEO 
  • On-Page SEO 
  • Technical SEO 
  • Keyword research 
  • Full SEO Packages 
  • Competitor analysis 
  • Video Search SEO

So choose any of the options that need to do right now. 

In this case, you need on-page SEO, now just click on the On-Page SEO options and you will see the number of service people or freelance will reduce from the total number.  

Now you can hire any freelancer for your website. 

How to Hire Someone on Fiverr to Do your job. 

Sometimes it is complex to discover an exact and good freelancer for your project. Then though, How to Hire on Fiverr a better freelancer.  

So, don’t take stress I am here never fear. 

Ok, let’s start where you are right now. 

You are in the main job option and you can see plenty of freelancers. 

You can do more filters to find the exact freelancers. 

Here, there are some options where you can filter more. 

If you don’t have that much time then can go right side of the page which has a short of best sellers or recommendations or the newest arrival (which means someone new joins Fiverr). 

From left to right there are some options where you can do more filtering and they are: 

Service Options

Under service options, there are other options to sort. Here you can choose industry-based, languages you love to talk and the service includes choosing before any freelancer. 

Fiverr Service

Seller Details: 

What types of sellers do you want for your project is it top, what types of languages do you want and live on? 

Fiverr Seller Details


You have the option to filter your budget and according to that, you can hire the best freelance under the amount. 

Fiverr Budget

Delivery Time: 

Definitely, you have a dateline to complete your work. If you want early to complete the project then your pricing rate will be increased indeed. So, be aware of that. 

Now there are other 3 options. Those work for: 

  • Pro Services: With the adjective “pro” you can understand what it says. If you like to have pro freelancers who are many experiences just click it and it will be green and you will see all the pro freelancers. 
  • Subscriptions Services: if you want to work monthly bases then click on the subscription services and look at all the freelancers. 
  • Online Sellers: If you want online with whom you can talk instantly about your project then just click online sellers then all the active sellers come to your screen. 

After filtering, all the options according to your need now see them one by one and open your eyes to some of the things like: 

  • How much review rate did he/she get? 
  • How many gigs do they have right now?
  • How much gig has been completed at that time? 
  • Average response time he/she takes? 
  • See the portfolio and try to understating if he/she is good or not. 
  • From when he/she is on the Fiverr platform? 

Top Selling Best Gigs on Fiverr in 2022

How to Hire a Freelancer on Fiverr in 2022


What is Fiverr and How Does It Work?

Fiverr is an online marketplace where freelancers give their services. The service cost starts with the very basic $5.00 for each project. The platform gives the opportunity to connect with freelancers in a wide range of industry  

Does Fiverr really work?

Certainly indeed! Most of the buyers love Fiverr because they can do their work in a limited time schedule hundred and with limited cost. And buyers can do it there in an affordable price range. Limited risk involvement compared to other platforms.  

How do I log in to Fiverr?

This is very easy. Just go to the home page and top of the right side click to log in. 

Is Fiverr safe?

Definitely! Fiverr is 100% secure for the buyers.  

Is Fiverr available in India?

YES! Fiverr is available globally all most every country in the world.  

Does Fiverr charge buyers?

YES! Fiverr charges buyers 5.5% of the service fee per gig. This 5.5% charge is for $50. There will be an additional $2 charge for small orders under $50. Fiverr always take this charging fee from the buyers whatever you are buying. If you are a seller then Fiverr will take 20% of the commission fee from every gig. 

How can I create a Fiverr account?

To create a Fiverr account just go to the home page on top of the right side and click the join button and then fill out the form. The process is very simple. 

How can I edit or delete a project on Fiverr?

Buyers don’t need to post a job post for your project. Freelancers or sellers post a job post according to their experts and buyer will hire from there. 

What are some Fiverr alternatives?

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer 
  • LinkedIn ProFinder 
  • PeoplePerHour 
  • Behance 
  • 99desings 
  • Toptal 

Final Thoughts

You can easily find the best seller on Fiverr and the most important reason is that Fiverr is a recruiting platform rather than a sales platform. Fiverr is also better for potential clients because there is a greater selection of freelancers to choose from. And more importantly, your dollar goes further because rates are typically lower on Fiverr.

Still, need help deciding? Here are my recommendations.

If your budget is lower, then Fiverr is more likely to be suitable because freelancers at the lower end of the fee scale often head there. Also, if you’re not exactly sure what you need, give Fiverr a try because the bundled approach can give you ideas.