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Digital Learning: Use of Technology in Education

Digital Learning

Digital learning is changing the formation of education in the passage of time. In this modern world, the term digital learning has become a global phenomenon, which is a great medium for both teachers and students. Learning online through digital tools and the medium has brought a great deal of change in terms of education, especially in the time of crisis that we are in 2020, it has made our life easier in terms of education.

In this article, I will try to provide information about digital learning as use of technology in education, with the description of what digital learning is, how it works, what are some important features of it, and its pros and cons, all that you need to know about digital learning as a means of using technology in education.

What Digital Learning?

Digital learning is known to be any kind of instructional practice that enables students to learn effectively using technology. It ensures the use of a wide range of technology, digitized learning strategies. Many may think that digital learning is only about taking education online or using digital tools but actually it is not only about that but learning itself. Digital learning is mostly meant to enhance the learning process of learners.

How Digital Learning Works?

  Digital learning or E-learning is the future of students. During the process of online learning, you have to have a clear idea of some methods, how it works, how you should take online classes, different kinds of online platforms, required technologies. The probable first and foremost responsibility of a learner or a teacher is to be aware of the responsibility of mastering the course materials and methods.

Online programs generally come in two forms of programs, one is synchronous programs, where students learn in a specific time with other classmates and the teacher in a fixed schedule. Another is asynchronous programs, that allow students flexibility to listen to their class lectures and homework according to their own schedule.

Moreover, online learning accesses you to the mobility of browsing through the upcoming module and missed module, academic reports, doing online assignments and submission online, all kinds of benefits of staying home, and completing your tasks and learning. Though there would be some restrictions in case of browsing through the course materials, such as tests for upcoming units, exam material for the semesters, etc.

Tools for Digital Learning

  Online students most of the time have to have their own computer and are responsible for arranging the necessary equipment required for the courses. A typical basic list of required hardware and software are:

  • A Windows Computer or Mac with reliable operating system requirements.
  • High-speed cables to support online learning through the internet without buffering.
  • Compatible web browser, that mostly is provided by the school.
  • An E-mail address would be needed to be enrolled.
  • Presentation and PDF software, to view study materials or making class assignments.
  • Chat platforms, such as Skype or Zoom, would be needed for video conferencing or class.
  • Headphone, microphone, and webcam, these are must for presentations and video chat meetings.

Once you have all these necessary equipment and software ready, you are ready to enroll in an enhancing method of learning which is digital learning.

Digital learning in the Classroom

  Other than digital learning used as distance learning it also can be a medium of effective learning even in traditional classrooms. While in the classroom known as the traditional classroom or physical classroom that we attend we can use technology for learning as digital learning. Presenting a study topic in a multimedia platform, animated video, showing pictures through projectors can be very effective for all kinds of learners.

While learning rather than listening to lectures and reading textbooks different types of multimedia processors can make learning more acceptable through presenting it in the form of pictures and mostly in videos.

Different data, scientific research videos in labs, colorful charts can attract the attention of the learner and make them more interested in the topic. Different digital media can be used to conduct digital learning in classrooms. 

Benefits of Digital Learning

Digital learning is a revolutionary form of traditional learning. Many students, parents even teachers are choosing online or digital learning over traditional physical classroom learning because it gives flexibility to both learner and teacher. The biggest benefit of digital learning can be realized in this kind of pandemic situation that we are facing in 2020. It enables us to continue with or learning or education as physical teaching programs are all banned. Otherwise, there are many more benefits that you can get through digital learning, such as:

1.     Recorded Lectures

This is one of the most popular benefits of digital learning. Because if for any reason you miss out on any class or later you realize you don’t understand you can always go back to the class recording and listen and get your answer.

2.     Any Time Access

In the case of digital learning, you don’t have to worry about the lab or library being closed to get your study material. You have all time to access opportunities to get your materials, whenever you want to study or keep on extra study.

3.     Flexibility

You have flexibility in choosing which module you want to study whenever you want. Even if sometimes teachers hold classes via Zoom or Skype, in case of group study you can choose your own method of working that works for you best.

4.     Being Familiar with Technology

In this hyper-connected world, the world is based on internet related. Important meetings of different global businesses, jobs are now held online for the difficulty of traveling. After graduating you might need to contact different global companies and industries or even different people, that will get easier because of your familiarity with technology that you are now getting used to. 

How to Promote Digital Learning?

If you are the one to provide digital learning then you might want to know how to promote digital learning or how to promote your teaching methods. To make yourself better and to promote digital learning and provide efficient education to learners you must follow some methods. Such as, 

  1. Know your audience: For providing education and giving your learners what they want you must know about your audience, who they are, about their educational or professional background. Holding different kinds of surveys may help you in this term. Knowing about your audience leads you to the method of solving their problems.
  2.  Developing a storytelling method: Telling the learners about telling a story always catches their attention. It helps to attract attention and make them understand easily. Moreover, storytelling makes a complex term simple and easy to understand. 
  3. Being motivating and inspiring: Try to motivate your learner through your teaching, it helps them to inspire to learn and try more. Motivating your learners through a word or sentence may help them to do well in the future and also in your course too.
  4. Solve problems: To convince the learner about the relevance of your training, you must let them know how you are going to help them and solve their problem and how they are going to get benefitted.     

Obstacles for Efficient Digital Learning

Everything has its own pros and cons. Digital learning also has its own, and among many the most impactful obstacles for digital learning in case of getting effective and efficient learning is lack of time getting attached to study that students used to do during the school day. The lack of physical guidance through mentors, the study environment of the school is big.

In a study, it has been found that both teachers and students are concerned about lack of parental involvement which is very important for students, especially for kids’ learners.  Other than some of these problems all in all digital learning is a great method of efficient learning.

Digital learning is mostly about the use of technology in education for more efficient learning that traditional room-based learning and by the time being it is becoming popular around the world. While learning, students and professionalism of teachers play a big part. Whether it is a personalized classroom or social media-based education system is getting fertilized day by day by means of digital media or technology and it will continue to grow further. In the case of digital learning, if both learner and teacher stay promised and focused on their duty any kind of obstacle can be avoided. In the year 2020 digital learning has turned into a global phenomenon all around the world, as everything is getting internet-based. The importance of digital learning as an efficient education process will continue to grow.

I hope this article has helped you to get an idea about how digital learning: use of technology in education is getting implemented around the world, and how it is getting beneficial for both the learners and teachers day by day.