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Educational Technology

Educational Technology

When we think about Technology our mind reaches in the developed media, like – Mobile, Laptop, camera, Television, VCR or any kind of Web site. And when we talk about Educational Technology in our mind comes that – “ The developing of our learning system with digital tech”. But in today’s Educational Technology is not just about developing education. It’s all about the main operation of analyzing, implementing, and expand the learning and teaching substance.

In this era, we get our learning essential just in some clicks in our device and it is possible for the developing Educational Technology.we to know that nowadays all kinds of international, national programs are basically held in technology-based. But if one doesn’t know about the Educational Technology system, what can we do then?.si, for that case, we will award them first for Educational Technology.

Because, if they don’t know about the positive side of this, they are not able to know about Educational Technology. And then we will guide them about the technology, about the current educational system. And it’s really essential for every person.

Let’s talk about the kind of Educational Technology. In this generation, there are Three kinds of Educational Technology. 

Synchronous and Synchronous

Synchronous means instructor-led learning, it about what you learn from your instructor. Asynchronous means what you learn from your self and in one-word self-learning. Learning can be many kinds of, it will occur in or out of the classroom.

Synchronous Learning makes mention of idea explore. In this method, one can exchange ideas or information with other clients during in same time period. Just like- chat room, virtual classroom, skype conversation where everyone is online and working cooperatively at the same time. By this one has listened and learned from their peers.

In Asynchronous learning, we used the technology like- email, wikis, blogs as well as Ebooks, Audio, video, and social networking using the web. In this section, one should proceed with their own peace.

Linear Learning

Linear learning is directly connected with computer-based training(CBT).CBT is an online course of teaching whose fundamental means of delivery is a computer. And this section is the best thing about Educational Technology. Such as reading a book online is more interesting than reading a manual book. Computer-based training is conceptually similar to web-based training(WBT) which is dispatch via the internet using a web browser.

Collaborative Learning

Computer-supported collaborative learning(CSCL) is the most common teaching way where people’s swotting takes place via social interplay using a computer or mobile through the internet.CSCL is similar in the abstract to the terminology,” E-learning 2.0” and “Networked collaborative learning”(NCL).

In the technology web, 2.0 people may build up their connections in multiple networks in a very easy way. And using web 2.0 social tools into classroom students and teachers both are working together very effectively. and so to say, the collaborative tools make students and teachers more successful in their today’s technical workforce.

Final Thought

So, after all of this kind of discussion we all understand the main theme of Educational Technology and how much positive effect has grown up by this digital development. Beyond all this, we must pay attention to the best and pragmatic use of this Educational Technology.