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Best Free and Paid Graphic Design Softwares

Graphic Design Softwares

Appealing to the audience through writing content and grabbing their attention it’s quite tuff. Before starting reading any article it is needed to have a good and solid image which can drag the moment on the spot. For that reason, you need to reckon about graphic design and which are the best graphic design software you can use for your content and other purposes. 

Don’t be panic, If you want free software then we are here to give you the best idea and suggestion to get the best free and paid Graphic Design software. Thus, you can make a decision which one will be better for you. 

Best Paid Graphic design Softwares

1. Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop has changed the digital marketing visualization idea. How must catchy an image be?. When we talk about image editing software then most people will talk about Adobe Photoshop automatically without giving any pressure to the brain. If you see a fantastic image on Instagram and Facebook you will think that it has some kind hand on Adobe Photoshop. 

A lot of people have been popular and earn a lot of money just doing Image Editing with Adobe photoshop. It has been in the market as a top Photo editing software for 30 years. You can do simple work colon mas, background removal, social templates, including typography, 3D modelling, and drawing, for all of these along with the advanced work. This software is also available in Windows and Mac.  


  1. Neat and clean Interface with easily customizable options.
  2. Packed with various types of photo editing tools alone with a Lightroom, photography-focused sibling, Photoshop offers the most assistance for raw camera files. 
  3. Face-Aware Liquify (individual facial features)  is one of the best features that has been included in Photoshop. 
  4. Camera-Shake reduction rehashes a new dimension in the adobe. 
  5. Anyone can install the app on mobile, do design and see the art and preview.
  6. Adobe Stock is a giant library where you will be able to get 40 million images, vectors, illustrations, and video clips with 30% cut off.  
  7. Photoshop continues getting better and better at fonts and including several types of fonts day after day. 
  8. This software can also import HTML or CSS code colors from a website. 
  9. Photoshop has the capability to do 3D image editing with fast performance. 
  10. It has image adjustment to convert with video clips including cropping, filters, and exposure. 


  1. Advance functionality and highly improve performance 
  2. Various Photo correlation and Tools 
  3. All the tools have for web design and mobile 
  4. Incredibly flexibility and  & practicality 
  5. Smooth video edition 


  1. Complex app and sometimes overwhelm with it
  2. Lack of progress bar visibility 
  3. Not available perpetual-license option.

2. Adobe Illustrator

For several years, Adobe is the top marketing industry software and from Adobe multiple software Illustrator is most popular for its vector graphic. Adobe drawing vector graphic software has been released in 1987, day by day it gets upgraded with its various tools. Now, If you want to create a Facebook cover photo, YouTube thumbnail, advance and catchy logo, T-shirt, Mobile design, website design, Infographic, icons and more complex things you can do in here. 

For vector graphics, there is no alternative like Illustrator at the pro level. It has the best advance and tools and Plugins like Creative cloud making the software a different experience. It is available in windows and Mac as well. It has a brilliant interface with solid white space to start your drawing. It also has in the mobile version. 


  1. Its interface is similar to Photoshop 
  2. The tools panel is on the left side and a different option is on the top. 
  3. Create cloud gives access to Adobe’s ever-expanding collection of pro applications.
  4. Appearance panel is the main backbone of the workspace.
  5. One-click automate the application to an object 


  1. Advance vector graphic design available
  2. User -friendly interface and workspace.
  3. First Touch Type feature  
  4. various enhancements to existing features.


  1. Complex and still learning curve to understand the software
  2. A perpetual license, Can’t buy a single. 
  3. uniformity of commands in the shortcut 

3. Affinity Designer

It is a vector graphic design created by Uk based serif lab. Affinity Designer has come up the recent year and already holds the market in the graphic design industry.  As far as I can remember, Affinity has two product Affinity photo and Affinity designer and it was free for a limited time. 

I have used it on the computer. If you are, how can you learn this software then I can? On Youtube, there is a lot of videos available . You can realize that it has grabbed a vast amount of buyers. It is available both Windows and Mac ( added recently). IT is one of the chest prices in the graphic in work available 49$. It is aimed at professional designers.


  1. Satisfactory work on windows and mac
  2. a modern and intuitive user interface 
  3. Can convert PSD or EPS files which adobe can not 
  4. Speed is the main key of Affinity Designer 
  5. Short workspace
  6. Content easy and comfortable zoom experience 


  1. Value for money 
  2. A lot of features with short workspace 
  3. In-depth Professional working tools


  1. No coding or plugins 
  2. No interaction or  animation 

4. Sketch

Sketch has overtaken photoshop for its interface prototyping tools and to the point edition work makes it easier. It was built with the purpose of interacting and looking at the satisfaction of the client. Clients look at your live work from desktop, laptop, mobile, phone and they can click, swipe, or tap your design.MAC has only a vector design option. 

It was released in 2016 as part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud for Mac and Windows. It has  UX and the UI looks more advanced. It is available only operating system.


  1. Provides clean UI and UX interface 
  2. Apples’ dark mode support 
  3. Have Typesetting and Drawing  in Sketch
  4. Have Prototyping and Responsive Design
  5. Have Collaboration and Output 


  1. 30 days of a free trial 
  2. Easy to learning 
  3. Automatic interface
  4. Valuable collaboration features.


  1. Only the Mac operating system
  2. Only license for one device

5. CorelDRAW

Do you want to be a graphic designer and looking for software from which you can learn design without any hard effort and most interesting way? then might love this software. It is the most popular vector graphic design industry stander with some cool productive features and tools. 

This software gives advanced and dynamic tools that will make work easier. Professional graphics and layout, font management software and illustration. This software is also available on both Mac and windows. Share your working idea for the review in the Cloud and invite Client to give comment and annotate directly on your CorelDRAW by using CorelDRAW app. You can use this software if you have windows. 


  1. It supports Windows 32 and 64 bit with 2GB Ram
  2. CorelDraw users have specialty workspaces
  3. You can create multi-axis, kaleidoscopic art—in real-time
  4. Tools and new, useful and customizable 
  5. Corel’s includes a new PhotoCocktail feature
  6. Design file can be shared on CorelDRAW Cloud 


  1. Easy to use and user friendly 
  2. Easy to customizable 
  3. Different types of features.
  4. Competent professional-level features.


  • Only in Windows 

6. Paint shop pro

Paintshop Pro is one of the easiest and best alternatives for Adobe. You can do Paintshop both raster and vector image formats both in the Paintshop Pro. However, Adobe’s Creative Cloud apps need to do that. 

The Paint Shops interface is soaring every year. If you are not familiar with Photoshop and find it complex then it will be best for your work. Though there is no comparison between Photoshop and Paint Shop because Photoshop takes too much cost with the subscription-based but Paint Shop takes one free and you can use all the time with much low cost which is like a perpetual license. It is only available on the Windows operating system. 


  1. easy interface with vast, touch-friendly controls
  2. Simplified interface 
  3. Have the ability to choose the interface
  4. It has included new patterns and picture tubes, brush tools, gradients, color palettes.
  5. New features 360-Degree Camera Support
  6. You can Customize UI 
  7. Added new Tablet Support Stylus


  1. Powerful features with low price 
  2. Have powerful editing tools and effect 
  3. Free Tutorial
  4. Have Vector drawing tools


  1. Only available in Window 
  2. The interface can become cluttered

Best Graphic design Software for free

1. Canva

Canva is perfect beginner-friendly and easy to use web-based design software. If you have a blog and you don’t know anything about image editing and you need simple and pre-made template size for your blog, social media then Canva is one the perfect place for you. It is simple to drag and drop work. To learn this you will need 20 to 40 minutes not more than that. If you use your brain properly you can make a T-Shirt design on Canva as well. 


  1. Pre-made templates for  Facebook, Instagram, YouTube art, logo, blog images size and many more. 
  2. Having free ample images to use without giving any credit. 
  3. Thousands of free icons to improve your image like a pro.
  4. Write anything in the image and use a simple effect on it.
  5. Cropping image, Blur Your Photos one side, image adjustment in various elements. 


  1. Easy to use 
  2. Having a nice choice of templates 
  3. Plenty of free and paid image stored 


  1. Don’t have advanced tools 
  2. A lot of elements are premium only 

2. Photopea

If you have a heavy crush on Adobe Photoshop but you can not buy as you don’t have money right now. Then I have good news for you. If I tell you that you can do adobe photoshop fun in Photopea, will you be happy or happier? You don’t need to download it on your computer as it is a web-based and free open source software where you will get almost everything about Adobe Photoshop. From my point of view, premium software is totally free. 

Photopea is a carbon copy of Adobe Photoshop. It earns some money from ads but ads will not distract your work. However, you can upgrade your account if you don’t want to see ads on your desktop or right side while you are working.  


  1. Upload any types of work like PSD, JPG, PNG, DX, RAW,  GRM software file XCF. 
  2. Have different sorts of tools like brush, pencil, colon stamp, Erase. 
  3. It has basic, advanced, and smart tools to make editing easy. 
  4. Have a vector graphic tool and around with other stuff like Photoshop. 
  5. A lot of tools like Adobe Photoshop or around it.  


  1. Can use in various browser 
  2. Multiple tools and feature 
  3. Free doesn’t restrict to your work  
  4. Don’t need to download it 


  • Performance can stumble during edits

3. Pixlr X

It is an online web-based photo editing app, Do not need to download on your laptop. If you are attempting to find an easy and fun online photo editing place then it will be your time-saving work. A lot of features are still in beta. 

They are doing hard work to involve more features in their Photoshop app. If you want to work fast with the most complex elements in an effortless way then it will be the most trustworthy and comprehensive online tool for you. 


  1. Can upload an image from your desktop or using URL you can edit that. 
  2. The interface of a toolbar of icons on the left side. 
  3. A lot of new features which I haven’t seen before. 
  4. Pixlr X also incorporates a selection of cutting tools – drag, lasso, shape, and magic as well as cropping and resizing. 
  5. You can do fine-tuning, contrast, brightness and in advance have tweak vibrance, highlights, and shadows.  
  6. There are layer panels on the right side.  


  1. Much clear interface 
  2. Advance editing tools work best
  3. Supports layers on the right 


  • A lot of tools still in a beta version

4. Gravit designer

Gravit Designer is an HTML based application for the high quality best vector design solution for the product solution, Graphic designer, and web designers. It is a free software anyone downloads or uses it on the web browser. It is compatible with the different types of the operating system on computers like Mac, Windows, Linux and Chrome. However, Browser-based is more comfortable and up to date in regular time to time. 

It has a lot of powerful tools to utilize and this can unleash creativity as a designer. The tools add structure, layout, vector, style, precision, text, and many more. It has a free and pro version, If you like this and continue to do editions then can go pro or upgrade it. 


  1. This is main advance Features of Gravit designer
  2. Smooth Curves around the points of a shape can be created through the Bezigon tool. 
  3. You can shut down an incomplete path or add multiple points. 
  4. Include as many as the effect per layer you want to add. 
  5. Include multiple borders and fill to shape according to you. Don’t need to tense, every border will function as a separate layer.  
  6. Make a text path along with any shape or text, after that set out of the path or the inside path.  
  7. Automatically takes the next text once and gives the related text. If you write “ lorem” and give space it will automatically take “lorem ipsum” full work. 

Basic and full-Scale Features are: 

  1. Anchors 
  2. Text Engine 
  3. Auto-layouts Fills 
  4. Bleed Blending 
  5. Booleans 
  6. Google Fonts 
  7. Effects (shadows, overlays, mirror, etc.
  8. Frame 
  9. text tool 
  10. Many more.


  1. Multiple tools to use
  2. Have free and pro 
  3. It has web and desktop version 
  4. Upload different types of file and export 


  1. limited image and ram size file types. Could not handle the image properly. 
  2. Do not have real-time collaboration features. 


Gimp is a free open source platform. It will give much more than editing experience. It has a lot of features like adobe photoshop fully free. Gimp is an entirely professional edition software that comes with multiple features. Once anyone is comfortable with this software doesn’t need to go paid software.

It adds filters and automatic image – enhancement tools, layers, high customizable brushes, and support for an enormous amount of plugins.

It has an active community to do updates. If they found a bug on it they solve it in a limited time frame. They are trying to make it the best free graphic editing software around the internet palace. 


  1. Have a customizable Interface 
  2. Different types of fill formatting 
  3. A lot of Graphic design elements 
  4. Have a filtering option 
  5. Digital retouching 
  6. Having the hardware support 


  1. open-source code software 
  2. Have the capability to change the functionality
  3. Packed with advanced tools and features
  4. Get the developer support easily 
  5. Have option work with a various files size


  1. Need more improvement on the online and mobile version 
  2. Sometimes freeze in between work 
  3. A minimum functional packed  

6. Inkscape

Draw anything as you want to art. It is a professional level software and it can be used on both MAC and Windows along with GNU/Linux operating systems. For Adobe, Illustrator users it is a learning curve to learn new design software without paying any money. 

It is an open-source core build-in software so that other developers make rehash it more advanced. In addition, anyone can help if the user has faced any types of problems in that. It is totally free for everyone and anyone can download it and use it. If you are unable to buy Adobe types of software then you can use this software with a lot of advanced features and tools. 


  1. Various Fills can be upload 
  2. Simple node editing 
  3. Full-Featured Vector Managing Tools
  4. Advanced Filters and Effects
  5. Text Processing Functions and Tools 
  6. Unrefined Formatting Functions
  7. creative gradient color


  1. Available all the operating system 
  2. Use in the cross-platform
  3. Good path tools and placement
  4. Fully free features with advanced tools 
  5. Helpful website.  


  1. Face some problem MAC version 
  2. Need a visual interface 
  3. Hard to learn 
  4. Weak text format 

7. Fotor

You would opt for this application if you want simple types of work. It has both collages and works properly with the desktop with RAW editing version and an online photo editor. Fotor has several versions. If You are an online person you will like the online version most or you can download to your laptop and utilize it according to your wise.  

RAW files work perfectly in the desktop software but use a lighter version then choose online. There are many more elements which can not be used until you unlock and upgrade the plan. When you open the first time, you will see three options to choose one “edit” , two “collage” and third “Design”. 


  1. Have the option of Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, and of course Sharpness.
  2. Choose a nice frame image
  3. Adjusting Exposure – Fine-Tune
  4. The perfect balance of color and temperature
  5. A little advanced feature like Vignette. 
  6. Have the option resize, crop, various effects, and beauty. 


  1. Easy to understand for a beginner
  2. Upload different types of the RAW converter 
  3. Nice effects and filters 
  4. Easy collage and photo tools 


  1. Can not start with scratch 
  2. Not more tools and features like GIME
  3. Not useful for various creating Art

8. PhotoScape

PhotoScape is free software, easy to use, and simple interface. This software gives the basic and smart elements and tools which make it simple to adjust within a limited time. It has almost all the primary tools like cutting, GIF animation, color adjustment, resizing, and printing, etc.

It has some extra features along with and a number of filters and effects, an image viewer, a batch editing function, a built-in screen capture tool, and a number of filters and effects. It is basically simple to buy more powerful software to use with various options on which you try out different types of elements and let’s see what happens with your image. 

In previous years I used it a lot for my normal image edition and I found this very interesting.  


  1. Create GIF animation 
  2. Adjust, resizing and printing option have 
  3. Have various filters and effect 
  4. An easy and more powerful element 


  1. Can edit RAW images
  2. Adjust with software with a few minutes 
  3. Easy to navigate with it 
  4. A lot of basic types of tools 


  1. Not have advance level of tools 
  2. Complex layout

9. Photo pos pro

Photo pos pro is known for its different types of functions. It is fully free to use. Though, most of the tools are old and slow to use. It allows tools for colour correction, business cards for web pages, creating collages, etc. 

It can carry through retouching utilizing headlining tools and custom brushes, layers, pimples, eliminate acne, and red-eye effect. Moreover, You can use several types of texture,  gradients to create projects from scratch, artistic effects. There is no advanced function, but regular use tools. You can work with JPEG and RAW files as well. 


  1. Support for various types of l Existing Formats
  2. Work with customizable workspace
  3. Have the artistic editing by using custom tools
  4. Easy one-click browser tools
  5. Identical filters and effects and uninteresting
  6. primary toolset for work with layers


  1. Easy Customizable interface for expert and beginners 
  2. Supports JPG and other various types of RAW files
  3. Start any project from scratch
  4.  Easy editing and functionality


  1. Takes time star editing 
  2. Difficult  to understand at some point 
  3. Works slow and some need to improve 

10. Krita 

Krita is an easy to use and customizable interface with a certain function. It is a free painting software that has more advanced equipment and functionality. It can be both a newbie and expert. 

It is an open-source and layout platform which is the best alternative for the best-paid software. It can convert with the line-up aid software like Illustrator, concept designers, visual effects creators, and 2D/3D artists. It has been found in the filmmaking and video game industry as well. 


  1. Can import other brush and texter package 
  2. Proper layer management 
  3. Support HDR
  4. Support PSD 
  5. Have training Resources
  6. Have different types of color palette  


  1. Easy to use and comfortable interface 
  2. Simple digital painting 
  3. Good performance in every PC 
  4. A lot of brushes to choose 


  1. It finds a lot of errors when they update it 
  2. The software takes a lot of space and takes time to run

11. Blender

This is in marketing for a long time. Most of the time I could not stick to marketing for long. Blender is a free animated suit and 3D modeling. It is completely free, no hidden charge in there so you can use it without any doubt. 

This software has been utilized for the video game, movie animation, 3d painting model, and most dandy artwork. Blender software has a vast amount of elements, tools, and functions from this software anyone can use. It has been decorated with the most advanced functions. Thus, You don’t need to buy new software. 


  1. Have 3D Design Capabilities 
  2. Help to know python script 
  3. Fast rendering 
  4. Good video effects 
  5. Perfect Object Motion Tracking and camera  
  6. Easy customizable UI


  1. Creating 3D art
  2. Best Modeling tools
  3. Free and powerful software 
  4. Well developed and worked to improve time to time


  1. It is hard to learn
  2. You will be intimidating when you see the first time

12. Infogram

This is a web-based application with the purpose to create nice and dandy Infographic for your business, marketing, information, easy to understand the idea, and many more. It is more about data visualization applications or software invented for various purposes as told already. 

Infogram takes high attention through its visualization data and states showing works. It is easy to simply drag and drop work. It has 500 maps, 35 charts, 20 per design templates, and a lot of icons. It has both free and paid options. In paid there are four types of options you can see but I suggest you should start with free.  


  1. Can create a Facebook post 
  2. Can create Infographic by showing long data  
  3. Can create slide 
  4. Can create reports
  5. Can create a single map and chart


  1. Easy to drag and drop 
  2. Create multiple things in one single place 
  3. Have pre-made maps, charts, design templates 
  4. Anyone can work in here


  1. Page sizing can be really fiddly
  2. Optimization Printing size is poor


Finally, rigorous and interactive websites, T-shirt, Facebook cover, logo,  effective video needs some tools to do that. To catch someone’s eys when they see anything for those things do designers. Moreover, dreamy work comes to reality with different types of tools. 

The expert knows which best software will be best for his/her design but as a beginner don’t so We this step and make a list of Best free nad paid Graphic Design Software you need to know before start your journey in Designing field.